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<Adibek> And i'm on #Radxa :)
<Adibek> Hi Radxa fans :)
<hipboi> hi Adibek
<Adibek> Hi my dear hipboi
<Adibek> I upgrade my ubuntu to 13.10 on Radxa :)
<hipboi> Adibek, how is the performance?
<Adibek> my radxa is server console without X but the performance is great , speed of kernel compilation is really fast i will try to run minecraft server on it today
<hipboi> oh, you compile kernel on it :)
<Adibek> yes
<Adibek> kernel with actual wifi driver
<Adibek> wifi drivers from Git working ok and the instalation is simple
<Adibek> i have test darkice to stream audio from rk1000 via alsa drivers and working great
<Adibek> using interal microphone
<Adibek> but i have problem with kernel booting , no every power up of radxa is booting :( sometimes i have to 3 or 5 times unplug and plug power to start linux
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<Adibek> does anyone have problem like me ???
<hipboi> you can just press the reset key
<hipboi> the power will be hold
<hipboi> and then press the power button
<hipboi> to boot
<hipboi> no need to plug and unplug the cable
<Adibek> yes i know but sometimes i need to restart via ssh and system stops
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<naobsd> Adibek: which kernel are you using?
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<naobsd> I noticed mmc doesn't work well after warm boot(reboot) on RR
<naobsd> I guess it needs reset properly as like as ethernet I fixed some days ago
<naobsd> I got a hint about serial console hang issue. I'll try to fix it too.
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<ganbold_> naobsd: does rk3188 loader check size or something for kernel? sometimes I had to add/delete some printfs in kernel in order to boot
<naobsd> ganbold: header added by "rkcrc -k" has size information
<naobsd> and CRC. bootloader should check them, but it should be correct
<naobsd> are you sure your kernel.img is smaller than 0x4000 unit... well...
<naobsd> 8388608 byte
<naobsd> (if you're using 0x4000 as a size for rkflashtool
<naobsd> ganbold: is it really bootloader issue? is there alignment issue in FreeBSD/arm?
<ganbold_> naobsd: I don't know yet
<ganbold_> it is smaller than 8388608
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<Adibek_> naobsd i use Galland kernel
<Adibek_> i have Galland recovery on recovery part of nand a use rkflashtool to flash kernel part at 5000@4000
<naobsd> Adibek: probably there is issue on ethernet and mmc on reboot
<naobsd> ethernet repeats link up/down, mmc gives error while detecting
<Adibek_> but why kernel not boot every time ??? this is the mmc errors ???
<naobsd> did you see serial console when it can't boot?
<Adibek_> no i have to wait for new usb -> serial interface my is broken
<Adibek_> i try on 3 kind of mmc cards and every time is the same
<Adibek_> maybe the mmc reader have errors in kernel driver
<Adibek_> naobsd do You have error on boot like me ?? or You use your own kernel not from Galland
<Adibek_> ?
<Adibek_> can i boot radxa using kernel from this ?
<Adibek_> naobsd when you make kernel You add cpio file as ramfs from rk30_linux_initramfs ?
<naobsd> what is rk30_linux_initramfs???
<Adibek_> this is a ramfs file added to Galland kernel on build with nand drivers
<naobsd> answer is no
<naobsd> well
<naobsd> is exact copy of kernel source for radxa rock
<naobsd> other kernel source is other's, not radxa's
<naobsd> I just use radxa's kernel source, I just talked about radxa's kernel source...
<Adibek_> ok thx i will try but with config use to radxa ?
<naobsd> rk3188_steak_defconfig
<Adibek_> yeahhh i have already start build the kernel image :) THX
<naobsd> please keep in mind I don't talk anything about someone's Linux distro
<naobsd> you may need something not in radxa's source
<Adibek_> ok i will , you are right
<naobsd> there is no source for NAND driver, it's binary only
<naobsd> of course there is NAND driver for radxa, but outside of kernel source
<naobsd> you should have NAND driver in shipped rom
<naobsd> and this ramdisk contain copy of NAND driver from radxa
<Adibek_> ok thx i will use
<naobsd> in general Linux(distro, e.g. ubuntu) can be run on Android kernel, my multiboot ramdisk support someone who doesn't have kernel source
<naobsd> but there is kernel source for RR, you can make Linux(not Android) kernel from it
<naobsd> you may use both Android and Linux kernel
<naobsd> and picuntu is not only distro which can run on RR and other RK devices
<naobsd> you may use any distro (I use linaro, basically same as ubuntu)
<naobsd> it needs some workaround for Android kernel (e.g. add groups to use network)
<naobsd> if you don't use NAND, you may run Linux without ramdisk
<naobsd> sorry, if you don't use NAND as for rootfs, you may use Linux/Android kernel without ramdisk
<naobsd> you may make rootfs on SD card or USB storage, you may put NAND driver on it
<Adibek_> naobsd you are my menthor the Yoda of radxa
<naobsd> using Linux distro on RR(and any other RK devices) is not special at all. you may use someone's special distro, but you may use any other distro
<naobsd> no, I'm not special person.
<naobsd> I just do simple, general thing
<naobsd> if you try my ramdisk, please see /init, it's very simple shell script
<Adibek_> i see ok
<naobsd> if you make Linux kernel and tweak boot command line, no need to use my(and any other) ramdisk to run Linux distro rootfs on SD/USB
<naobsd> Android kernel needs workaround, so I made that ramdisk, but it's simple workaround
<naobsd> main work of /init in my ramdisk is, mount disk which has rootfs, run switch_root command to run /sbin/init in rootfs
<naobsd> that's all. my /init has some more lines, but it's for multiboot and fbterm for minimal shell environment
<naobsd> core part is "mount rootfs and run switch_root" only
<naobsd> Adibek: if you use USB SD card reader, and if reboot problem is gone, then you have mmc problem
<Adibek_> so what i have to do with zImage from my kernel if i want to use SDCard
<Adibek_> flash to kernel part on nand ?
<Adibek_> and make linuxroot on SDCard with kernel
<naobsd> no, multiboot.img is ramdisk image, please flash boot or recovery partition
<Adibek_> super
<naobsd> you need to flash kernel.img to kernel partition
<Adibek_> ok
<naobsd> and yes, you need linuxroot directory on SD card (or USB storage such as flash memory and/or HDD)
<Adibek_> now i understand
<naobsd> you may use HDD image file named linuxroot.img on SD or USB
<Adibek_> big thx i will try in one hour
<naobsd> is a example
<naobsd> you may not follow my rules in my /init, just mount rootfs and run switch_root :)
<naobsd> ah, mount --bind is also necessary if you put rootfs under subdirectory (e.g. linuxroot)
<naobsd> no need to put rootfs under subdirectory, you may use top directory of SD/USB
<naobsd> then mount --bind is not needed
<naobsd> using linuxroot directory is just an example
<naobsd> I'll go to bed soon
<naobsd> sleepy...
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