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<naobsd> RR serial console is very unstable today :(
<naobsd> I guess kernel driver issue...
<ganbold> naobsd: what is the problem?
<naobsd> serial console sometimes just hang
<naobsd> RR is still alive, I can do anything via USB key/mouse
<ganbold> when that happens?
<naobsd> anytime
<naobsd> currently I don't know what causes it
<ganbold> naobsd: can you ssh and do something when serial hangs?
<naobsd> it should. I tried X and fbterm with USB inputs, it worked fine
<naobsd> so I guessed it's kernel driver
<naobsd> it doesn't accept BREAK after hang :(
<naobsd> I cannot get any information
<naobsd> btw
<naobsd> bangold: I'll talk something about RR at local study meeting today
<naobsd> grr
<naobsd> ganbold :)
<naobsd> can I hear status about FreeBSD on RR?
<naobsd> did you solve timer issue?
<ganbold> well, I think for now mpcore timer seem to work
<ganbold> but there is another issue
<naobsd> hmm. need more work to get login: ?
<ganbold> naobsd: currend dmesg is like
<ganbold> it hangs there
<naobsd> thanks
<ganbold> naobsd: it seems something wrong with some address or so
<naobsd> memory layout?
<ganbold> naobsd: seems so, like in this case I tracked down to subyte/suword functions which is called from init_main just after this trying /sbin/init
<naobsd> I guess virtual address space can be same as other FreeBSD/arm
<ganbold> naobsd: if I disable first subyte() it goes further
<naobsd> what happend if cache is disabled?
<ganbold> naobsd: didn't try that yet, but without early enabling cache doesn't even show boot messages
<naobsd> ah
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