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<Adibek_> Hi
<Adibek_> Hi naobsd , i add fb console function to kernel but still no efect , and i can't logon on hdmi
<Adibek_> i have CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE=y in kernel config
<Adibek_> whene a set root to /dev/mmcblk0p1 in CONFIG_CMDLINE boot is really fast
<Adibek_> can someone know how to enable system console on linux kernel
<tonikasch> It's a bit tricky, I remember you have to enable also lcd1 (or perhaps lcd0, I'm not sure)
<Adibek_> i have CONFIG_LCDC0_RK3188=y
<tonikasch> perhaps you should use lcd1 instead
<Adibek_> naobsd i have small question , why hwclock -r on your bootloader small system have no error on read time and on kernel build hwclock -r display error ?
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