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<mnemoc> moin
<BusError> Hmm think i remember a mnemoc from another channel, can't remember :-)
<hipboi_> BusError, mnemoc is in many channels :)
<hipboi_> naobsd, the nand.ko refused to insert
<hipboi_> i am just wondering which module is the rk30xxnand-3.0.36.ko from
<BusError> so any idea when/what price this board will be?
<hipboi_> BusError, the price will be 89$ for the full version
<hipboi_> 69$ for the lite version
<hipboi_> dinner, back in 20mins
<BusError> and availability when?
<naobsd> hipboi: which kernel and nand.ko are you using? radxa's SDK should be ok
<hipboi_> back
<naobsd> currently I'm trying yesterday's up-to-date SDK
<hipboi_> BusError, if you don't care bluetooth, you can buy engineering samples now
<hipboi_> naobsd, let me try again
<naobsd> I'm preparing update.img...
<naobsd> I want faster build machine to build Android ;)
<hipboi_> btw, i found in android root, there is only insmod /rk30xxnand_ko.ko in init.rc
<hipboi_> so insmod can find the right file name, rk30xxnand_ko.ko.3.0.36+ ?
<naobsd> RK's init is extended to try to find xxx.ko.(kernel ver) too
<hipboi_> so they modified it
<naobsd> yes, but only in init (insmod command in init.*.rc)
<hipboi_> ok, the toolbox, right?
<naobsd> there are some other modules in /system/..., some of them will loaded by outside of init, it will not append .(kernelver)
<hipboi_> i see
<naobsd> well, not toolbox
<naobsd> only /init does "append .kernelver if normal one cannot be found"
<hipboi_> ok, the init program itself, i see...
<naobsd> system/core/init/builtins.c:insmod()
<hipboi_> naobsd, thanks
<naobsd> /system/bin/insmod (=toolbox) should be different(only try normal name) but I need to check latest source in RK SDK
<naobsd> system/core/toolbox/insmod.c seems to be normal
<naobsd> I want to check diffs between AOSP 4.2.2 and RK 4.2.2...
<hipboi_> naobsd, huge task...
<naobsd> hehe
<hipboi_> when i prepared the factory image for the RR i want to do this
<naobsd> split single big repo and put them onto AOSP, then it's easy to get diffs :)
<naobsd> if I have time, I'll try it
<hipboi_> naobsd, i figured out why nand ko crash
<hipboi_> it's my partition
<naobsd> wrong setting in parameter?
<hipboi_> yes
<naobsd> I see :)
<hipboi_> i only setup two partitions
<hipboi_> boot and root
<naobsd> oh
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<ganbold_> github down
<ganbold_> nice time they do that
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<naobsd> hipbot: about SD boot, you tried both "upgrade card" and "boot card"?
<naobsd> I'm sure "upgrade card" works, but "boot card" still doesn't work :(
<hipboi_> naobsd, yes, i have tried boot card, it doesn't work...
<naobsd> ah, I see, I thought both ok
<naobsd> then, only "upgrade card" works, right?
<hipboi_> yes, for now
<naobsd> OK. enough for now. it runs recovery, but we can replace recovery.img freely :)
<naobsd> actually, SD boot can be possible only when NAND bootloader is really missing
<hipboi_> you mean the sd card boots the recovery kernel?
<hipboi_> i think yes
<naobsd> sorry, "upgrade card" load update.img in FAT, then runs recovery.img inside it
<hipboi_> i see
<naobsd> well
<hipboi_> why there is no kernel output booting recovery kernel
<naobsd> correction, misc.img in update.img says "goto recovery"
<hipboi_> so sdboot will look the misc.img in update.img in fat
<naobsd> we can replace any parts in update.img including misc.img, so we can use "upgrade card" for any purpose, but it only works when NAND bootloader is missing
<hipboi_> so nand less boot will be possible
<naobsd> hipboi: currently it's just a my guessing, but NAND bootloader checks misc partition, it should be same when SD boot
<naobsd> only when NAND bootloader is missing, it's difficult w/o RK tool for windows(erase ID block or erase all block)
<naobsd> ah, some device may have "kill NAND" switch for update, it goes mask rom mode
<hipboi_> yes, on some devices, the recovery pin is connect to nand ce
<naobsd> but most case device only has "go recovery" switch
<hipboi_> yes, on RR the recovery pin is connect to an adc key
<naobsd> it needs bootloader to read state :)
<naobsd> hm
<naobsd> ah
<naobsd> probably "upgrade card" flashes bootloader stored in SD card into NAND
<hipboi_> yes, not only bootloader but the whole update.img
<naobsd> after "erase all block" I get mask rom mode, then run "upgrade card", recovery program runs, but it doesn't flash update.img(I don't know why)
<naobsd> now I get bootloader mode. so I think bootloader is flashed outside of recovery program (maybe sd boot function restores bootloader automatically?)
<naobsd> to try sd boot, I have to erase/kill NAND again ;)
<hipboi_> i think sd boot priority is higher than nand...
<ganbold_> yeah, bootloader was restored when I tried to flash 40MB kernel
<naobsd> hipboi: ah, yes, sorry, I was confused :(
<naobsd> very nice
<naobsd> NAND-less board can be made, and we can use SD-boot prior than NAND too
<hipboi_> naobsd, yeah, sd linux boot is possible
<naobsd> update.img(sdupdate.img) sit on FAT, it can change easily
<hipboi_> naobsd, we can get rid of the stupid nand.ko
<BusError> hipboi_, engineering sample, the BT module is not fitted, or it lacks a driver?
<hipboi_> BusError, because we did not think that so many people want BT modules...
<naobsd> for me RR ES works very nicely w/o BT to do development work, really happy
<naobsd> hm. for "upgrade card", kernel/ramdisk need to be packed
<hipboi_> yes, because ota can not upgrade the separate kernel partition
<naobsd> well, sorry
<naobsd> I said about update.img, not recovery.img
<naobsd> because I need to update my rkutils to make update.img more easily
<naobsd> (I know update.img can be made by RK windows tool and there is some other tools on the net)
<hipboi_> yes...
<naobsd> and, well, I just made update.img with only parameter/misc/kernel/boot(ramdisk-only)
<naobsd> to try sd-boot linux
<naobsd> it will not work if sd-boot only support kernel+ramdisk recovery.img
<naobsd> let's try
<naobsd> RKUpdateBootRecovery -1,0
<naobsd> SD Update ERROR...
<naobsd> POWER DOWN...
<naobsd> hahaha
<hipboi_> :D
<naobsd> and I noticed "upgrade card" erases NAND
<naobsd> it's not good if someone want to keep NAND ;)
<naobsd> so
<naobsd> it's only for rescue ;)
<naobsd> we need "boot card"!
<naobsd> I should try "PCBA card"(? not sure)
<hipboi_> that should run a test program from recovery
<hipboi_> it will not affect nand, should
<naobsd> if it boots w/o erasing NAND, it's ok ;)
<hipboi_> it's a mini gui based
<naobsd> did you try "PCBA test card"?
<hipboi_> i forgot, i think yes
<naobsd> if it's booted, it's very interesting... I'll try it too
<naobsd> oh, sorry
<naobsd> "upgrade card" do not erase NAND at this time...
<naobsd> maybe I erased NAND by windows tool,
<naobsd> it detected "unformatted" and erased by sd-boot?
<naobsd> lets make update.img which includes recovery.img
<hipboi_> i have a quick question, how can i stop the ramdisk and go to the console in ramdisk
<hipboi_> by adding some kernel cmdline?
<hipboi_> ok, add break=top can stop it
<naobsd> which ramdisk?
<hipboi_> the one used in picuntu
<naobsd> hm
<naobsd> are you making picuntu for RR?
<hipboi_> i am making a dual boot factory image
<hipboi_> for the volume production units
<naobsd> personally I prefer using original distro, not someone's custom distro because
<hipboi_> because?
<naobsd> sometimes customized one may not be maintained in future
<naobsd> and
<naobsd> something may not be clear (where this file is come from???)
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<hipboi_> you are right on this two points
<naobsd> I'm trying to learn how to make ubuntu desktop from scratch
<naobsd> I'll write "how to make", not distribute "my custom distro"
<naobsd> trying recovery only update.img... ;)
<naobsd> RKUpdateBootRecovery 0,61118
<naobsd> SD Update ERROR...
<naobsd> hahaha
<naobsd> maybe I shouldn't remove misc ;)
<naobsd> [ 5.028667] mtd: partition size too small (1)
<naobsd> oops, nand.ko crashed ;)
<hipboi_> :D
<naobsd> [ 0.000000] Kernel command line: console=ttyFIQ0 init=/init initrd=0x62000000,0x00270000 mtdparts=rk29xxnand:0x00002000@0x00000000(parameter),1x00002000@0x00002000(misc),0x00010000@0x00004000(recovery),0x00014000@0x00014000(backup),-@0x00028000(root) bootver=2013-06-20#1.24 firmware_ver=4.1.1 bootmode=sdfwupdate
<naobsd> I guess I shouldn't remove some partition
<hipboi_> yes, nand will crash...
<naobsd> oh well, "1x00002000@0x00002000(misc)" 1x..?
<naobsd> anyway now I can see my ramdisk shell on screen booted from SD card
<hipboi_> sorry, need to go now
<hipboi_> catch bus home
<naobsd> :)
<naobsd> oops
<naobsd> new kernel build from latest source with latest RK changes
<naobsd> doesn't boot on RR :(
<naobsd> it boots MK802IV...
<naobsd> I did something wrong...
<naobsd> ah, it works, I just confused :(
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<Adibek_> Hi
<Adibek_> naobsd thx for Your multiboot.img :)
<Adibek_> everything working fine , but i can't boot using SDcard with root on /dev/mmcblk0p1 :( i use init file with mount /newroot as /dev/mmcblk0p1 and swith it but it stops , when I add this root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 init=/sbin/init to command line in kernel my linux is working but i have no console on HDMI
<Adibek_> i set up CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE but still no efect
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<naobsd> Adibek: currently my multiboot ramdisk use "/linuxroot" directory as root directory. if your kernel works with root=/dev/mmcblk0p1, "/" is rootfs on your SD card.
<naobsd> my multiboot behavior can be changed, it's just first version.
<naobsd> my multiboot doesn't offer fb console function, it needs kernel support
* tonikasch ciao
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