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<hramrach> Hello
<hramrach> is there some way to buy radxa using a sane payment method (!paypal && !aliexpress)
<hipboi> hramrach, what method do you want?
<hipboi> hramrach, you just need a credit card
<hipboi> hramrach, we can send a payment request from paypal
<hipboi> hramrach, and you can finish the payment without paypal account
<mnemoc> is it already on sale???
<hipboi> only a credit card
<hipboi> not on sale
<hipboi> engineering samples still
<hipboi> few left
<mnemoc> ok
<hipboi> i think the shipping time will be Dec
<hramrach> hipboi: I do not like paypal. When I noticed there are quite a few interesting shops that only accept paypal I tried to make an account but they don't allow me to pay
<hipboi> hramrach, how about bitcoin?
<hipboi> we are going to accept bitcoin too
<mnemoc> :o
<hipboi> :)
<hipboi> need to go now
<hipboi> i will check the chat log
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<hramrach> hipboi: that's nice. I don't have any at hand but I guess it will take much shorter to obtain some than it takes to obtain a working paypal account :)
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