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<naobsd> there is no fastboot mode on RR and any other Rockchip device
<ganbold_> naobsd: any news about u-boot on rockchip device?
<naobsd> ganbold: currently I'm not focusing it, I'm not sure but probably no one talked about it
<ojn> naobsd: so what mode can you run rkflashtool in?
<ojn> ah, bootloader mode, which is their proprietary fastboot-like mode. sigh.
<naobsd> I understand "fastboot" is name of specific program/protocol. RK's mask rom mode, bootloader mode, and rkflashtool are different.
<naobsd> you can force bootloader mode by pressing "recovery key" on RR
<naobsd> "recovery key" and OTG connection to PC
<ojn> Ah, I'll experiment with tying that low by default
<ojn> and using rkflashtool to boot once i've reflashed
<ojn> it's routed out on the debug connector, so that'll be easy.
<ojn> s/debug/j8/
<naobsd> if you want to flash something to RR, you can use rkflashtool with bootloader mode.
<naobsd> but rkflashtool always flashes something(you specified) into NAND, not just loading into RAM
<naobsd> fastboot can do it but rkflashtool cannot
<naobsd> there may be secret command to do it, but at least currently no one knows it ;)
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<ganbold_> naobsd: I was able to boot kernel at 0x60400000
<naobsd> ganbold: great!
<naobsd> is there any special thing?
<ganbold_> naobsd: seems no any special thing, just booted
<ganbold_> naobsd: but occasionally some compiled kernels don't show any boot messages on screen
<naobsd> just modifying KERNEL_IMG, I see :)
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