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<azonenberg> also lol i think i have five boards in the pipeline at oshpark now
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<_whitenotifier-f> [scopehal] LongJohnCoder forked the repository -
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<Degi> lol#
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<electronic_eel> as long as they don't get ideas to bond those boards together to a 20 layer abomination, I think you just win the customer of the month award there ;)
<Degi> Lol
<Degi> "Whoops we mixed up the orders, you'll need to take a box cutter to it"
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<azonenberg> What's a good name for a filter that takes in a V and I waveform and calculates instantaneous power from the product of them?
<sorear> times?
<azonenberg> So i guess that goes back to a more generic question
<azonenberg> Do we make it a special filter for power?
<azonenberg> or do we make a generic "product" filter
<azonenberg> that has to know what all kinds of units do when multiplied
<azonenberg> that seems probably more flexible, but is a user going to look for a "product" filter in the math category when they want to compute power?
<sorear> do your waveforms have physical units attached?
<azonenberg> All waveforms have y-axis units
<azonenberg> the current shunt filter is currently a multiply-vector-by-scalar filter that takes in a resistance in ohms and a waveform in volts
<azonenberg> and outputs a waveform in amps
<azonenberg> Which might almost make sense to become a generic rescaling filter, but that will require that the resistance parameter have a unit attached
<azonenberg> There's an open ticket to add units to scalar parameters to filters but it's not present yet
<azonenberg> right now only vector waveforms have units