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<azonenberg> monochroma: also jes is coming over to assemble the MEAD prototypes on weds
<azonenberg> I plan on assembling and testing the v0.9 probe today
<monochroma> :D
<monochroma> exciting
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<azonenberg> wooo new milestone for MAXWELL
<azonenberg> 2998 unrouted
<azonenberg> i got below the 3000 mark
<lain> :D
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<_whitenotifier-f> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 1 commit to master [+0/-0/±3]
<_whitenotifier-f> [starshipraider] azonenberg 393c255 - Continued layout of pod power switching/monitoring. Initial placement and ground hookups of LCD header.
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<katharina> azonenberg: I am glad to report that glscopeclient works fine on the Windows 7 machines at my workplace. We just compiled and tested it out
<Degi> Yay!
<Degi> Hmm, I think this 47 Ohm resistor has lots of inductance...
<Degi> For some reason the power amp outputs 50 W at 10 MHz and 25 W at 4 MHz
<Degi> Yup its way too cold to be 50 W
<katharina> is it a cheapo one?
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<azonenberg> Degi: wire wound?
<azonenberg> (that would make sense)
<Degi> I dunno just some standard 47 ohm lol
<azonenberg> yeah but its a multi watt resistor?
<Degi> 5 W i think
<azonenberg> almost all of those are a ceramic shell with a coil of nichrome wire inside
<azonenberg> so very high L
<Degi> Ah yes nichrome
<azonenberg> low-L power resistors are normally specialized RF loads
<Degi> I added aluminium foil around it and that reduced Z a little haha
<Degi> I've put a RF resistor for 20 bucks into my next mouser order
<azonenberg> Speaking of RF resistors i need to build the v0.9 probe
<azonenberg> was going to do it yesterday but got tired and went to sleep instead lol
<Degi> ...can I recommend you a nontoxic 450 W one
<azonenberg> lol
<Degi> Huh my arbitrary frequency generator algorithm works quite well
<azonenberg> nontoxic? is the one you're looking at BeO or something?
<azonenberg> DDS?
<Degi> For some reason the FFT is being weird tho lol
<Degi> It has AlN
<Degi> The stuff on eBay has BeO
<Degi> The FFT only shows a DC signal when I process 10000 samples, but at 10001 or something else it shows just fine
<Degi> ah windowing
<azonenberg> Is AlN that nasty?
<Degi> Not at all I thuink
<Degi> Its aluminium and nitrogen
<azonenberg> i was gonna say i thought it's pretty inert
<azonenberg> not like BeO
<Degi> Yeah thats why I said nontoxic
<Degi> Hmh I do have that 2400 W of RF transistor amplifier with BeO tho
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<azonenberg> PMK parts for the production probe run arrived to the distributor, shipping by 2-day to me
<azonenberg> should be here quite soon
<azonenberg> and i dont even have the final pcb spin ready yet lol
<azonenberg> i was expecting those to be the bottleneck, they shipped in 2 weeks instead of the 6-8 they quoted
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