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<azonenberg> So i'm watching a signalpath video featuring the R&S RTP oscilloscope. They are using a HDMI-esque connector for digital inputs
<azonenberg> anybody want to figure out what that is?
<azonenberg> Just curious, i'm planning to stick with sff8087 for the time being
<miek> it looks.. wider. i wonder whether it's the mythical HDMI type B
<azonenberg> Possible. I'm pretty happy with 8087 from handling the cable so far, although obviously i dont have a board to use it with quite yet
<azonenberg> any updates from your... was it rigol? work
<miek> this review calls them out as HDMI type B too:
<miek> i'm still not Degi :p
<azonenberg> lol
<azonenberg> i remember you were working on something
<azonenberg> also yes i'm stretched in a lot of different directions and its hard to keep straight who's doing what :p
<miek> lol, no worries. i'm not working on anything actively atm. a few todo items are digital support for the agilent driver, and i'll probably play with USB-HS some more soon (i'm expecting two more fancy active probes in the post)
<azonenberg> ah ok yeah it was the agilent driver i was thinking of
<azonenberg> i knew you were doing a scope driver
<azonenberg> Right now the USB decoder is only properly tested with FS
<azonenberg> LS has never been tested either
<azonenberg> I expect it to work but have never actually found something LS-only to test on
<azonenberg> HS will definitely need work but i will gladly accept a PR to improve it
<azonenberg> another missing feature is frame CRCs
<azonenberg> right now i pull them out of the packets but don't actually verify them
<miek> cool. yeah, i'll do a PR for HS support once the probes are in. it didn't seem to be too far off working when i played with it a few weeks ago
<azonenberg> i'm impressed given that i never actually tested or implemented it
<azonenberg> i didnt even read the 2.0 spec lol
<miek> lol
<azonenberg> so i dont know how different HS is than fast FS
<azonenberg> If you're interested i made a usb 2.x test fixture a while back, going to respin with some tweaks soon
<azonenberg> it was a passive fixture with usb B and A ports and SMA taps on D+ and D-
<azonenberg> i need to fine tune it a bit, but i can send you one of the next rev when that happens
<azonenberg> also did one for ethernet that is pretty good as is
<miek> yeah, i would be interested in that. also, i think HS decode should be possible with a single channel so i'd be curious to see how that'd work plugged into my lmh3401 dev kit
<azonenberg> ok yeah remind me in a week or so once i have the MEAD stuff shipped out to fab
<azonenberg> i also have one for HDMI that seems to work decently
<azonenberg> but all of them i think can be improved on, as they were designed before i bought sonnet so the SMA launches are not well optimized
<azonenberg> ok so after lots of tuning i'm still at -2.6 dB on null 1 at 4.4 GHz, and -1 dB on null 2 at 4.76. otherwise clean
<azonenberg> so still getting resonances
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<azonenberg> aaaand they were box resonances in the ground plane from the simulation box. Derp
<azonenberg> i'm still getting the hang of figuring out how to do proper edge launch grounding in sonnet without having better or worse ground contact than I intended
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<Degi> What if u put essential oils into solder paste / flux cored solder?
<bvernoux> I was trying Qorvo Match Calc tool
<bvernoux> it is not so user friendly ;)
<bvernoux> but it is nice to de-embedded signal ...
<bvernoux> to match an impedance it shall be done by hand so not very good ...
<bvernoux> AnTune is amazing for automatic matching for impedance
<bvernoux> but it is not free
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<bvernoux> It is amazing what we can found on site ;)
<bvernoux> like Antistatic Bags which are very cheap
<bvernoux> I bought them 10x more on Aliexpress ...
<monochroma> be careful not to get the anti-anti-static bags
<bvernoux> yes ;)
<bvernoux> but I'm more confident in LCSC than in Aliexpress ;)
<bvernoux> So far everything bought at LCSC is genuine and a lot cheaper than DigiKey, Mouser ...
<bvernoux> Normal Digikey, Mouser Import all from China ;)
<bvernoux> LCSC is directly near factory ...
<bvernoux> nice now they have some RF SMA connectors (for 1.6mm PCB) !!
<bvernoux> the price is just 10x less expensive than the less expensive one in DigiKey... ;)
<bvernoux> even if it work only to 1.5GHz it good to find cheap RF SMA connectors !!
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