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<awygle> "Huh, a Twitter thread on cool industrial images from Japan. I wonder if whitequark has seen this? *clicks, reads* ... whitequark has definitely seen this."
<qu1j0t3> haha
<qu1j0t3> usually, I discover, "Oh, whitequark RT'd this"
<awygle> Yeah I checked for that first lol
<qu1j0t3> :)
<qu1j0t3> whitequark is simply everywhere
<rqou> whoops, i just took a nap and now it's 9pm
<rqou> epic fail on the productivity front
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<qu1j0t3> whitequark: this person isn't apparently asking for help but i figured this thread is up your alley maybe? wild
<rqou> wtf
<rqou> oh double wtf there really was a class action
<pie_> against?
<rqou> eli lilly
<pie_> rqou, oh cymbalta withdrawal, i didnt see anything about a class action before
<rqou> yeah, there are random class actions all the time
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<whitequark> qu1j0t3: duloxetine checks out
<whitequark> fucking snris
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<rqou> whitequark: why are snris bad?
<whitequark> rqou: side effects
<whitequark> ssris and snris aren't very effective but they always come with side effects, sometimes with really bad, permanent side effect
<whitequark> *effects
<rqou> but doesn't the stuff you take also have severe side effects?
<whitequark> tricyclics have even more side effects and are much more toxic in overdose but at least they actually work a bit better than placebo
<whitequark> as opposed to more or less the same as placebo except in the absolute worst cases
<whitequark> well, for depression anyway
<whitequark> antidepressants have many uses besides depression
<whitequark> I'm not sure why we even call them "antidepressants", they totally suck at that
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<pie__> historical accident? <whitequark> I'm not sure why we even call them "antidepressants", they totally suck at that
<pie__> reflecting on my latest work 1) I never intended to become a programming languages nerd 2) I never intended to get into distributed systems 3)I never intended to get into microarchitecture (well ok maybe thats not quiiite true)
<pie__> now look where we are X'D
<pie__> whitequark, help I cant stop looking at more things
<awygle> I miss the days when I could do anything without a constant background of rage at how shitty everything is for mostly no good reasons
<pie__> awygle, I'm guessing that happens when you actually have to make money to feed $people? :/
<pie__> well, rather, thats when it mainly kicks in
<pie__> pressure and need to make progress on $work instead of making things less shitty?
<awygle> na I only feed myself
<awygle> there is some of that
<awygle> but mostly it's just becoming aware
<pie__> oh so its just general disillusionment then
<pie__> xD
<awygle> like I didn't know fuck all about SNRIs til just now
<awygle> and now I'm mad about them
<pie__> oh
<pie__> yeah...I cope by blocking out a lot of things :/
<awygle> but I can't say I'd rather not know, because that's just giving up. so... rage.
<pie__> you cant deal with ALL of it at once
<pie__> or something
<pie__> like I have never looked at the trump stuff at all
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<awygle> yeah for real. I also react to lack of sleep mostly with anger and I've been sleeping badly so that doesn't help
<pie__> then again that might be kind of funny
<awygle> it's not
<pie__> also blocking out hype
<rqou> ugh why am i so fucking unproductive
<rqou> awygle how do you make yourself productive?
<awygle> rqou: I had the problems you are describing lately when I was burnt out as fuck
<awygle> I recommend you clean your apartment, sleep, and then take three weeks or so of anime therapy
<rqou> lool
<rqou> not in the apartment anymore
<rqou> due to Reasons(TM)
<awygle> to more specifically answer the question I make a list every morning with like four things I want to get done that day, and that helps
<awygle> I lose a lot of productivity to analysis paralysis
<rqou> hmm that happens to me quite a bit
<rqou> but making lists has never worked for me
<awygle> (feel free to expand "every morning" to "every morning where I'm actually productive that day")
<awygle> The thing about lists is
<awygle> It's really easy to go too long
<awygle> A seven item list is paralyzing. A three item list is motivating. At least for me.
<rqou> hmm i might try that
<rqou> we should make a ##RecoveringFancySchoolAlumni channel :P
<awygle> I used to have this boss
<awygle> Who made us do a project meeting every morning
<awygle> Which was supposed to be 30m but was never less than an hour
<rqou> that's probably doing it wrong
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<awygle> And he just put up a *huge* list of *every* item we had outstanding and asked the responsible engineer if progress had been made on each item
<rqou> wtf
<rqou> that's what jira is for
<awygle> Which meant I spent the first hour of every day saying "yes" maybe once and "no, I did no work on that" ~seven times
<awygle> That is the wrong way to use lists :-P
<awygle> (I'm not sure that story is relevant but I'm still mad about it so)
<rqou> anyways, i really should clean my lab area, but it's always so annoying to try to do so
<rqou> my parents are definitely nice and annoyed though
<awygle> lol
<rqou> so awygle, any tips on actually trying to organize things for people who absolutely _suck_ at being organized? :P
<awygle> rqou: get rid of tons of shit
<rqou> but i need that shit
<awygle> you have at least 60% more shit than you need
<rqou> why?
<awygle> idk everybody does
<awygle> I got rid of two trash bags full of clothes when I moved here
<rqou> i actually don't have that many clothes
<rqou> or if i do my mom stuck it in a closet somewhere
<awygle> I still have like five boxes full of cut tape parts with like two resistors per tape that I am working myself up to trash
<rqou> i hate buying clothes
<rqou> hah
<rqou> if i have that i can't find it lol
<rqou> hashtag disorganized
<rqou> also "but what if it's a capacitor? those are expensive" :P
<awygle> beyond that, idk, I'm not great at organization either tbh. I figured out I need a table by the front door and that coffee has to go to the *left* of the stove and that's as far as I've gotten
<awygle> make sure everything has a place I guess. That's a big problem for me, stuff that doesn't live anywhere so I just move it around
<rqou> hah are you me? :P
<rqou> that's exactly me
<awygle> get shelves, boxes, hooks, etc
<awygle> I should hang my huge box of cords on hooks, I'm just now realizing. Thanks lol
<awygle> anyway I don't have any sage advice from what, two years into your future besides get rid of shit you don't need. sorry
<awygle> I'm actually reading a book about this right now, I'll let you know if it has any insight lol
<rqou> lol
<awygle> oh make sure you have swap space
<rqou> wtf how do you have the exact same problems i have
<awygle> a room that's 80% full and messy is way easier to clean than one that's 90 or 95% full
<rqou> yeah, the "lab" is 95% full
<rqou> probably doesn't help that all of my dad's crap is here too :P
<awygle> which brings us back to get rid of stuff. Or build up, if you can, with shelving or whatever
<azonenberg_work> awygle: i am going to be doing both at the new place, lol
<azonenberg_work> When we moved out of the rental we literally shoved everything we had into boxes
<azonenberg_work> there was no time to sort it out
<awygle> yeah I did a fair amount of that too, resulting in the Craigslist Pile
<azonenberg_work> We threw out a bunch of bubble wrap and moving boxes that we didn't use (since i packed stuff less carefully for the cross-town move than the cross-country move)
<azonenberg_work> and a trash bag or two of miscellaneous crap
<azonenberg_work> But otherwise, everything is still sitting in boxes
<awygle> (if anybody wants a 1.5tb hard drive or a mini atx case and psu, I'll give you a good deal)
<rqou> i'll take it
<rqou> actually no
<awygle> rqou: loooool
<azonenberg_work> once the house is habitable, I'll be cleaning a lot of stuff out
<rqou> it'll probably just end up in the "todo" pile
<awygle> "I have no space! Oo I'll take it!"
<azonenberg_work> unpack each box slowly, put things either in proper shelving/storage
<azonenberg_work> Or throw it out
<awygle> I'm so close to having my kitchen organized. It's been a constant source of stress for more than a year.
<awygle> Which is, I acknowledge, slightly insane.
<azonenberg_work> awygle: My kitchen is so disorganized and cramped
<rqou> heh the kitchen here is... a nice mini-conflict
<azonenberg_work> that I am using the stovetop as storage for paperwork
<azonenberg_work> and groceries
<azonenberg_work> (dont worry, I LOTO'd the breaker so i cant burn the house down)
<rqou> my mom and i don't really agree how the kitchen should work
<awygle> rqou: I can put an exact dollar value on what I would pay not to live with my dad, let alone both my parents. My sympathies.
<rqou> in general we do get along though
<awygle> My dad and I get along fantastically, but we both prefer living alone lol
<awygle> I lived with him for three months and we did really well and quietly celebrated when I moved out
<awygle> Okay I'm now 2.5 hours past my sleep target lol. Goodnight, good luck with your mess.
<rqou> lol
<rqou> btw awygle before you go sleep how do you feel about ##RecoveringFancySchoolAlumni? :P
<awygle> rqou: eh, I am pretty over it to the point that doesn't sound very interesting
<rqou> heh
<awygle> I think our shared issues are probably older than Berkeley :-P
<rqou> lool
<rqou> yeah probably
* awygle flashes back to leaving laundry on the floor for his entire childhood
<rqou> it's pretty "interesting" though that apparently my father now gets a ton of questions from his friends of the form "my son/daughter got into berkeley and now has problem X. did your son have that?"
<awygle> huh that is kind of interesting
<awygle> I always assumed Berkeley was a symptom lol
<rqou> oh that happens too
<pie__> rqou, ive been working on dejunking my room for months
<awygle> oh re Craigslist I also have a 48 port gigabit switch
<rqou> i have one too
<TD-Linux> I finally succeeded because I needed to make room for an air mattress
<rqou> an LB4M? :P
<pie__> i also got myself a coat hanger
<awygle> 2960G
<pie__> i putmy pants on it
<pie__> and my sweater
<pie__> and my towel
<awygle> okay goodnight lol
<pie__> as oppose dot leaving stuff on my chairs
<rqou> hmm is this kind of discussion why so many people on birbsite have locked alts?
<pie__> " stuff that doesn't live anywhere so I just move it around" figuring this out has been a large part of the reason it has taken me months "how do i categorize thing thing", also "its kind of trash,,,but its also kind of not"
<azonenberg_work> awygle: 2960G?
<azonenberg_work> I might be interested
<rqou> lol
<azonenberg_work> As a temporary way to light up all my cat5 before LATENTRED is done
<rqou> azonenberg_work: seriously, just buy an LB4M/LB6M combo
<pie__> i think i finally ran out of corners of the room ive extracted junk from, now its just a matter of doing something with the stuff sprawled everywhere <awygle> a room that's 80% full and messy is way easier to clean than one that's 90 or 95% full
<pie__> its funny when you think "oh almost do-WAIT I FOUND ANOTHER CLOSET"
<azonenberg_work> pie__: i have the opposite problem, i'm slowly building rooms out of studs and sheetrock
<azonenberg_work> But my stuff is already in the house
<azonenberg_work> i have probably 40 pieces of sheetrock in the office
<azonenberg_work> completely inaccessible because a futon, server rack, and 20 cardboard boxes are blocking it in
<pie__> hehe
<pie__> flipRoom()
<azonenberg_work> I cant move the futon until the guest room is done
<pie__> no move, only flip :P
<azonenberg_work> :p
<azonenberg_work> sadly i havent mastered mirroring IRL coordinate systems yet
<azonenberg_work> The guest room is a current project, we got the last of the sheetrock up yesterday and did tape/mud yesterday into today
<azonenberg_work> painting the ceiling tomorrow then hanging the wood paneling and installing electrical fixtures
<rqou> wait you have a "guest" room? :P
<azonenberg_work> Once that's done we can move the futon in, the floor is still ugly bare concrete but that wont be changing for a long time
<rqou> oh wait you have a wife, that's why :P :P :P
<azonenberg_work> rqou: We have to put the futon somewhere
<pie__> i have too much vertical space now that i think about it, tons of space on my walls just asking for shelves
<azonenberg_work> We have a futon because her mom insisted on having one so she could sleep when visiting
<azonenberg_work> pie__: that is a high priority goal for this house when it comes time to furnish
<azonenberg_work> make efficient use of vertical space
<azonenberg_work> i plan on having 6+ foot high cabinets on every exposed wall area in the lab and office
<azonenberg_work> Bolted to the wall so they cant tip
<azonenberg_work> (important in earthquake country)
<pie__> lol
<pie__> oh i thought it was just going to be all the junk :P
<azonenberg_work> lol
<azonenberg_work> anyway, the SAR room is another high priority
<azonenberg_work> not because i need somewhere to put my sar gear
<pie__> *azonenberg_work's shelf falls over, category 5 earthquake in california announced*
<azonenberg_work> But because the cable tray carrying power to most of the second floor runs through it
<pie__> wait you have an entire sar room?
<azonenberg_work> As soon as i get the ceiling and upper walls painted and hang the tray
<azonenberg_work> I can get more upstairs power turned on
<azonenberg_work> pie__: It's more of a "very large hallways" or mudroom
<pie__> oh
<azonenberg_work> it's maybe 80-100 square feet
<azonenberg_work> as you enter from the downstairs hallway
<azonenberg_work> you have a door left into the bathroom
<azonenberg_work> a door ahead and left to one bedroom
<azonenberg_work> a door ahead and right to another bedroom
<pie__> you should do the wallace and gromit dresser-upper-machine
<azonenberg_work> then to your right there's maybe 8 feet of open space then the door to the lab
<pie__> ok guys if we ever need to raid azonenberg_work's house see above
<azonenberg_work> Lol
<pie__> need/want :P
<azonenberg_work> This gives an idea of the size of the room
<azonenberg_work> this is almost the whole room
<pie__> looks like video game material
<azonenberg_work> it's mostly doorways, only the little space to my right is useable
<azonenberg_work> The plan is to have a wardrobe cabinet and a bunch of shelving/storage cabinets there
<azonenberg_work> then a tiny standing desk with a SBC, small monitor, mouse, keyboard, and barcode scanner
<pie__> ugh, $american_wood_houses
<azonenberg_work> for inventory tracking
<azonenberg_work> pie__: unfortunately i didnt have the budget to knock it down and build a new house out of steel truss framing with steel studs
<pie__> yeh :<
<azonenberg_work> Unreinforced masonry is out of the question in this area though, it cracks when you shake it
<azonenberg_work> Reinforced concrete is a possibility but a pain to work with from an electrical standpoint
<azonenberg_work> I would love to build a steel-frame house though
<azonenberg_work> maybe in 40 years :p
<pie__> :D
<pie__> my first thought was actually reinforced concrete >_>
<pie__> didnt know steel frame is a thing
<rqou> azonenberg_work i'm amazed your wife hasn't said to you "why can't we have a normal house with a white fence" :P
<rqou> and a pupper
<azonenberg_work> pie__: Most commercial buildings in the US that i know of
<azonenberg_work> at least high-rise construction
<pie__> i thoguht highrises are reinforced concrete
<azonenberg_work> Mix of both
<pie__> ah that makes sense xD
<azonenberg_work> AFAIK its normally a thin steel deck with reinforced concrete poured iver it
<azonenberg_work> But the deck sits on top of steel trusses
<azonenberg_work> over*
<azonenberg_work> then the trusses are on top of steel columns and beams
<pie__> oh yeah theres those classic pictures from the tops of buldings in new york or what
<azonenberg_work> In a ruggedized version of a classic 2-story residential structure i would probably have a concrete foundation
<azonenberg_work> Then steel trusses spanning the hole into the basement
<azonenberg_work> thin reinforced concrete flroo
<azonenberg_work> floor*
<azonenberg_work> Steel studs to frame the walls
<azonenberg_work> Cement board siding over the outside
<azonenberg_work> 5/8" fire-rated drywall on interior walls
<azonenberg_work> Wiring would be all armored cable in tray suspended from roof truss members above the main ceiling
<azonenberg_work> Of course, such a house would also be EXPENSIVE
<azonenberg_work> and probably very challenging to make because large-commercial-building contractors wouldnt want to do a job that tiny
<pie__> minecraft was a lie
<azonenberg_work> and residential contractors dont know how to work with anything but wood around here
<azonenberg_work> like, i dont even think the home depot sells steel studs :p
<rqou> pie__: you mean houses IRL aren't just made of cobblestone with random buildcraft/redpower/projectred objects everywhere? :P
<pie__> cant you just screw it together :P
<pie__> rqou, what do you mean i cant build my house out of obsidian
<rqou> meh, i just used cobble :P
* azonenberg_work idly wonders how much it would cost to make a house the way minecraft obsidian is done
<azonenberg_work> iow, melt down gravel in a massive furnace
<azonenberg_work> pour the resulting lava into a mold
<rqou> you mean i can't build a house by hollowing out a MFR rubber tree? :P
<azonenberg_work> then water cool until it forms a literal solid stone wall
<rqou> (don't do this btw, they're not large enough in diameter to build good "tech modpack" houses)
<rqou> azonenberg_work: apparently heating obsidian can make it no longer black
<azonenberg_work> i didnt mean literal obsidian
<azonenberg_work> i meant more like, a house made out of cast lava
<pie__> rqou, im a scrub, only did vanulla
<rqou> i used to be running a server but it broke
<pie__> wow sounds like everything ever :<
<rqou> also the modpack i liked drifted further and further away from "mainstream"
<pie__> "what sequel?"
<rqou> sequel?
<pie__> oh or do you mean noone cared anymore
<pie__> i was thinking like, crackpot mod or something :P
<rqou> no, basically what i wanted to see just seemed to not match what the major popular modpacks were doing
<rqou> last time i looked it was basically considered "legacy"
<rqou> i started out with only buildcraft+industrialcraft back in beta 1.7 ish
<rqou> eventually redpower got added
<rqou> then railcraft, forestry, mfr
<rqou> er no
<rqou> just railcraft+forestry
<rqou> so for a while i was running a pretty standard "tech" modpack of the time
<rqou> bc+ic2+railcraft+forestry
<rqou> eventually i added mfr and thermalexpansion
<rqou> i think i eventually added a giant pile of "associated" mods like extra bees
<rqou> and thaumcraft
<rqou> but i never added e.g. equivalentexchange
<rqou> or the weird magic storage+sorting mods that i felt were overpowered
<rqou> so for a brief moment i was kinda aligned with a dw20/ftb-style pack
<pie__> meh maybe i should try mods at some point
<rqou> but i stuck with that without adding too many more things
<rqou> so eventually my modpack ended up being more or less "legacy-style magi-tech"
<rqou> i haven't played since the huge internal code refactor that broke everything though
<rqou> but tl;dr i felt that the dw20/ftb-style packs were moving towards being too overpowered for my taste
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<keesj> is there a practical reason why FPGA chips are often turned 45 degrees?
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<keesj> is this to make tracing easyer? also has this "feature"
<rqou> i think it's mostly for aesthetics
<azonenberg_work> It can make fanout easier in some cases but i almost always do my layouts axially aligned
<azonenberg_work> in particular if you have a really skinny board
<azonenberg_work> say wide and low
<azonenberg_work> its hard to fan out the top/bottom of the chip
<azonenberg_work> left/right meanwhile have excess space
<azonenberg_work> rotating balances that out
<azonenberg_work> But i generally solve that by making the pcb a bit larger :p
<rqou> azonenberg_work: <-- HfO2 in homecmos? :P
<azonenberg_work> its mostly an issue in breadboard breakouts etc
<rqou> diy NC-FETs and FRAM? :P
<rqou> possible?
<azonenberg_work> i mean i had sol-gel Ta2O5
<azonenberg_work> so high-K is doable
<rqou> the point isn't high-K
<rqou> you need to somehow dope hafnia and it turns into a ferroelectric
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<azonenberg_work> oh
<azonenberg_work> my only knowledge of HfO2 is as a high-K gate dielectric
<rqou> that's what it was traditionally used for
<rqou> and then a few years ago we discovered the ferroelectric part
<rqou> and everyone got excited at the possibility of NC-FETs
<rqou> since they already know how to integrate HfO2 into the gate stack
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<pie__> I ignored most of the specific examples in the article but I think the general gist is still valid.
<pie__> I was gonna write some stuff but then I realized I'd be preaching to the choir xD
<rqou> article?
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<pie__> the source of the source of whitequark's gripe
<pie__> tl;dr: "software is still shit and we as an industry need to do something about it"
<pie__> webshit edition
<pie__> ^maybe
<pie__> is android webshit? it certainly feels like webshit xD
<pie__> maybe webshit just means shiny and disfunctional
<pie__> though i havent used any androind beyond 2.x
<pie__> ^ *for an extended perios
<pie__> period
<whitequark> android got way better since 2.x
<pie__> yeah i figured
<gruetzkopf> rqou: i always found the redpower trees sufficient for that diameter
<rqou> the mfr ones are huge but narrower
<pie__> i have sort of poked at some of the newer ones and it still just felt weird
<gruetzkopf> (which also tells you when i sunk huge amounts of time into minecraft)
<pie__> ok really im just thinking about the settings menu
<whitequark> it's... kind of weird yes
<rqou> hmm, i've had a pretty mixed experience with all phones
<whitequark> but i no longer have to suppress the desire to throw it out the window like in 2.x time
<gruetzkopf> samsung android phones are unusable with the default UI
<rqou> i used to have a nexus 6p which currently can no longer charge
<whitequark> yeah I'm talking about AOSP obviously
<whitequark> not the shitty vendor UIs
<gruetzkopf> i do have a working 5X which i'd really like a new display for
<pie__> I guess I ...just dont really do phones
<rqou> then i switched to one of huawei's own phones which seems to work ok but has the classic never getting updates
<pie__> if someone gives me a smartphone im like how do i use this i dont understand these icons
<pie__> (well ok i do it just takes forever to find what im looking for)
<whitequark> rqou: since oreo android gets updates through play store, i've heard
<whitequark> noooot sure how it works tbh?
<rqou> this is a pre-oreo phone running a custom kernel :P
<gruetzkopf> not this -O nexus 5x
<rqou> that i haven't had time to go and rebuild
<pie__> yeah i have seen hints to android now not depending on the vendor to get updates
<pie__> or rather, that was how i preferred to interpret it
<rqou> i really hate how phones are moving further and further away from the vision of "a computer in your pocket" and more and more towards limited walled gardens
<pie__> yeah
<pie__> that feels really fucking horibble
<pie__> r<->b
<pie__> stallman was right (tm)
<rqou> i also work for an ads/media company so something something glass houses
<pie__> :\
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<gruetzkopf> whitequark: re: power cables: there's a reason that i build most of them myself
<gruetzkopf> fishing out the good from the bad is more work and more expensive than simply getting C13 and schuko plugs and H07RN-F 3*2.5mm² or something
<whitequark> yes basically
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<azonenberg_work> pie__: lol
<azonenberg_work> rqou: yeah i really wish somebody would make an actual general purpose computer in a phone form factor
<azonenberg_work> that happens to actually make phone calls
<azonenberg_work> With an actual fold-out physical keyboard
<pie__> there was that one phone that proper ran linux iirc?
<gruetzkopf> the people who got the psion brand name iirc?
<parport0> azonenberg_work, did you mean: pda
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: lx95.
<whitequark> it runs DOS.
<whitequark> doesnt get more general purpose than that
<gruetzkopf> palm Vx
<gruetzkopf> with fold-out-laptop-style-board
<parport0> azonenberg_work, the tricky part is making the keyboard actually usable
<whitequark> parport0: do you have a highlight on "lx95"
<whitequark> oh nvm
<parport0> whitequark, no, i have a boring 17-hour bus trip
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: a gui os is mandatory for something that small and awkwardly shaped
<parport0> take a look at htc universal
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: it has a gui os
<azonenberg_work> because a CLI is hard to use with a tiny keyboard
<parport0> sadly all the linux images are gone
<whitequark> sort of
<whitequark> you have a cli too
<whitequark> pie__: lol
<parport0> but it shouldn't be a problem to build one since some docs are left and an ancient openembedded recipe
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<parport0> i just found out that fujitsu u820 had a sim card slot
<rqou> pie__: would still headpat and lewd :P
<rqou> also seriously wtf my circadian cycle
<pie__> maybe be careful tho
<pie__> yeah mine just gets more messed up the mroe i try to fix it :P
<pie__> i probably find this way funnier than i should
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<fseidel> pie__: nah, that's pretty darned funny
<pie__> this twitter is the opposite of sturgeons law
<fseidel> I'm a big fan of this Twitter:
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<cyrozap> azonenberg_work: This seems pretty close to what you want:
<fseidel> a friend has one of those, he really likes it
<fseidel> it's a neat little thing, I played around with it and it felt pretty solid
<cyrozap> Unfortunately, it doesn't run mainline Linux yet, FOSS 3D drivers are still being worked on, and I haven't finished reverse-engineering its cellular and WiFi modems :P
<azonenberg_work> cyrozap: interesting
<azonenberg_work> if i had the cash for an upgrade i would very likely get one
<rqou> typical asian family lunch problem: "why don't you have a boy/girlfriend yet?"
<awygle> ugh every time
<awygle> we're not even Asian
<sorear> The logic here is confusing me.
<rqou> my aunt literally said to me "hey, you should introduce somebody to <my cousin>"
* pointfree removed tinder from phone when some lady tried to techrecruit me.
<rqou> loool
<awygle> hahaha
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<rqou> awygle: so why are asian stereotypes associated with just asians if white people do it too? :P
<awygle> rqou: racism, I guess? Idj
<awygle> *idk
<rqou> woot new nilered video
<rqou> whitequark apparently you're not the only one who had trouble getting piperidine
<azonenberg_work> pointfree: looool
<azonenberg_work> I havent heard of that before
<azonenberg_work> But i am honestly not surprised
<azonenberg_work> awygle, rqou: my very-white parents met the asian stereotype of expecting perfection all the time
* azonenberg_work still remembers getting chewed out for a 4 out of 5 point grade on the AP Physics C exam
<azonenberg_work> which, mind you, was still good enough to place out of physics 1 and 2 at RPI
<rqou> lolol
<azonenberg_work> But it wasn't a perfect grade
<azonenberg_work> when I got a 22xx on the SAT i got yelled at because my 3.5 out of 6 essay score had brought down my average
<azonenberg_work> lol
<azonenberg_work> pretty sure they made me do more writing practice and take it again
<qu1j0t3> god i hope we can move past that mode of parenting
<azonenberg_work> qu1j0t3: i was homeschooled
<azonenberg_work> When i was doing math homework, there were no grades
<azonenberg_work> There was either "Good" or "This one's wrong, do it again"
<qu1j0t3> i see
<rqou> whitequark did you ever solve your "amateur-friendly route to piperidine" problem?
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<azonenberg_work> whitequark: oh, given your knowledge of bio/drugs you might get a kick out of this one
<azonenberg_work> "Why did the IT guy fail out of paramedic school?"
<azonenberg_work> "He wanted to give 12 mg of adenosine to every patient" :p