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<q3k> azonenberg_work: ... i don't get it
<azonenberg_work> q3k: adenosine is used in chemical cardioversion to treat some types of tachycardia
<azonenberg_work> in the process of resetting the heart rhythm it tends to induce momentary asystole
<azonenberg_work> So you flatline for a couple seconds then come back hopefully at a normal heart rate
<q3k> oh
<q3k> that makes sense but also kills the joke (sorry!)
<azonenberg_work> incidentally, it has the shortest half-life of any drug i'm aware of
<azonenberg_work> About ten seconds
<azonenberg_work> By ~30 seconds it's completely out of your system
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<whitequark> rqou: sooooort of?
<whitequark> i mean, i'm still actually working out the details, because i haven't done anything useful in months
<whitequark> but the general idea is to do aminoalcohol cyclization with SOCl2 to convert a linear aminoalcohol to a substituted heterocycle
<whitequark> it's one-pot and highly reliable according to that paper
<rqou> ah so that's why you were working on SOCl2
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> that whole class of compounds fucking sucks
<whitequark> i've had chlorine leaking everywhere constantly and everything smelled like SO2 for months
<whitequark> i need to do it again but like, better
<rqou> what about the niacin->pyridine->piperidine route? other than "really slow"?
<whitequark> well you probably don't want pure piperidine in the end, right?
<whitequark> it's not super useful on its own and also it's a scheduled precursor
<rqou> well _I_ don't have a "real" chem lab yet
<whitequark> also I think reduction of pyridine is kind of obnoxious too
<rqou> idk what role it was supposed to play in what nilered was doing
<whitequark> though possibly less so than synth of SOCl2
<rqou> wikipedia says it can be done in a birch-like reduction with sodium
<whitequark> oh for his purposes it isn't worth bothering with piperidine at all, it's just a solvent
<whitequark> well
<rqou> but he used triethylamine and it didn't work as well
<whitequark> yes, i've seen that
<rqou> anyways, for your uses is it basically just easier to attach all the "stuff" to the aminoalcohol first and then do the cyclization rather than making the piperidine first and then attaching all the "stuff"?
<whitequark> pretty much
<rqou> so uh, why is piperidine a controlled precursor?
<whitequark> i mean, this is the idea. it might not actually work.
<whitequark> i don't know the specific reason actually
<whitequark> i assume someone used it to make drugs. lol/
<rqou> wtf
<rqou> this is bullshit
<whitequark> but you don't need a useful rationale for scheduling a substance
<whitequark> in texas possession of glassware is illegal for peasants
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<rqou> ah ok wikipedia says "Piperidine is listed as a Table II precursor under the United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances due to its use (peaking in the 1970s) in the clandestine manufacture of PCP (1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl)piperidine, also known as angel dust, sherms, wet, etc.)."
<rqou> lolwtf
<rqou> this drug is so unpopular i don't even remember it being mentioned in our high school "don't do drugs, kids" propaganda
<whitequark> and while piperidine is hard to obtain, PCP is still easily available
<whitequark> i wonder if you could use it as a precursor to piperidine actually
<rqou> from illicit sources?
<whitequark> duh
<rqou> hey, i'm an innocent good asian kid who doesn't do drugs ok :P
<whitequark> no no you don't *do* PCP you *decompose* it
<whitequark> looks like you can just heat it and you get piperidine back
<whitequark> ... this... could actually be a viable route
* whitequark facedesks
<rqou> lol
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<pie__> buy street drugs make medicine?
<rqou> whitequark: so is PCP easily available just in "certain locales" or can i find it here in the US if someone who isn't me actually knew how to buy drugs?
<pie__> but id be worried about it being cut with stuff?
<whitequark> rqou: US is where most PCP is consumed actually according to wiki
<whitequark> so i assume yes
<whitequark> pie__: no
<rqou> wikipedia also says that the use has gone down significantly
<whitequark> just purify it like you'd do with any other chemical
<whitequark> recrystallize or something
<pie__> whitequark, if you say so
<pie__> i guess you could have general knowledge of what kind of things something could get cut with
<rqou> oh wtf every time i view the wikipedia list of controlled drugs in the US i end up facedesk-ing again
<pie__> i mean, how do you know something doesnt have similar enough properties?
<whitequark> pie__: no you dont even need that
<whitequark> first you take what you got and make pure whatever
<whitequark> hopefully pure PCP
<whitequark> then you decompose it and do a distillation
<whitequark> that tells you if it was what you were expecting or something else entirely
<whitequark> because you see it by the boiling points of products and you can easily test for cyclic amines too
<whitequark> qualitatively
<whitequark> or you can smell it
<parport0> see, you just purify *very thoroughly*
<whitequark> "It is a colorless liquid with an odor described as objectionable, and typical of amines"
<parport0> tbh knowing what it can be cut with helps
<whitequark> this is a very circuitous way to say "it smells like semen"
<rqou> oh LOL
<rqou> i remember bofh talking about that
<parport0> in my experience
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<pie__> well the question was how you get pure pcp >_>
<pie__> oh <whitequark> that tells you if it was what you were expecting or something else entirely
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> you dont actually need pure PCP, you just want pure piperidine
<whitequark> i hope
<whitequark> dont actually do PCP it's dumb
<pie__> ll
<whitequark> just use ketamine instead or something
<rqou> lol
<pie__> well you get pure piperidine with pure pcp :P
<whitequark> not really no?
<whitequark> you can just decompose it and *then* extract pure piperidine
<rqou> anyways someone who isn't me will look into this if i ever have a need for piperidine
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: re piperidine from PCP
<whitequark> for example, you could convert it to a salt, because PC isn't an alkaloid
<rqou> i assume it's much faster than converting niacin?
<whitequark> rqou: for sure
<azonenberg_work> you remember that infamous meth -> pseudoephedrine synthesis
<whitequark> and higher yield too
<azonenberg_work> i see no reason why you couldnt do it for other stuff
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: yes i knew you'll mention that paper
<whitequark> no that paper isnt practical
<whitequark> its just a stupid joke
<rqou> yeah
<rqou> no BuLi in my lab for now kthx
<azonenberg_work> it wouldnt work?
<azonenberg_work> or is just awkward
<whitequark> it would, it's just incredibly inefficient and it needs a very well-stocked lab
<whitequark> i'm pretty sure you could do it with 10% of the effort but i'm too lazy to work it out
<azonenberg_work> Could a better synthesis be done?
<whitequark> because
<whitequark> you can just use amphetamine as decongestant
<azonenberg_work> lol
<whitequark> it doesnt work any worse
<whitequark> just has a side effect of you cleaning the entire house
<azonenberg_work> So it would get you high at a therapeutic dose
<rqou> so... if someone who isn't me does eventually want to obtain piperidine, how would said someone locate a PCP dealer? :P
* rqou is very innocent and doesn't do drugs
<azonenberg_work> rqou: look for the guy eating some stranger's throat on a subway platform
<rqou> loool
<azonenberg_work> Ask him where it came from
<rqou> i thought those were currently being blamed on "bath salts"
<parport0> whitequark, what if decomposed shit the pcp was cut with ruins everything
<parport0> you really should at least do a wash
<parport0> ugh
<whitequark> parport0: well sure
<azonenberg_work> parport0: i love the story of the college chem student turned meth cook
<azonenberg_work> who got caught because his product was too good
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: wait what
<whitequark> my orgchem prof *also* had that story
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: i may have heard it from you?
<whitequark> ah possible
<azonenberg_work> the police lab realized the source of the drug had to be someone who knew how to do a proper workup
<azonenberg_work> suspicion fell on the local university
<azonenberg_work> 3x recrystallized or something :p
<whitequark> rqou: well a good way is darknet markets that use dead drops, but for some reason people don't do that in the US, according to my informal polls
<whitequark> honestly doing anything like that in a country where DEA exists is terminally dumb
<whitequark> i mean, making piperidine. or making piperidine from PCP.
<awygle> rqou: had you really never heard of pcp?
<whitequark> not doing dead drops is also terminally dumb.
* whitequark shrugs
<whitequark> america
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: well there was an incident in the sf area a few days ago
<rqou> awygle: i really never heard about it. why?
<azonenberg_work> where some criminals stole a truckload of...
<azonenberg_work> GPS TRACKING DEVICES
<awygle> whitequark: can you please give me some background on "programming socks"
<azonenberg_work> Some of which at least were turned on :p
<whitequark> yeah i've heard of that one
<azonenberg_work> Terminally dumb indeed :p
<awygle> I want there to be a reason they're pink striped thigh highs
<whitequark> awygle: there is a reason :P
<whitequark> i actually have those
<awygle> rqou: idk, "angel dust is zombies" was a super common meme when I was a kid
<rqou> maybe i'm just too sheltered
<awygle> It's referenced in the first episode of Psych, and in season 3 of Buffy, just off the top of my head
<rqou> i absorbed the "just don't do drugs" message very strongly as a kid and didn't start to question why until much later
<whitequark> i hate that name, it makes it sound like pcp is actually any good
<rqou> and then i realized that the war on drugs is teh dumb
<whitequark> which doesnt apperar true based on its binding profile
<awygle> Or no not the first episode, the comicon episode. Not that anyone cares.
<whitequark> honestly if you wanted to radically reduce drug use
<awygle> yeah pcp doesn't sound fun. I understand taking certain drugs but pcp isn't one of them
<whitequark> you should make them a mandatory topic in high school
<rqou> um, it is?
<whitequark> no not that way
<rqou> in the "mostly propaganda" way
<awygle> yeah I agree with whitequark, it's like abstinence only education
<whitequark> you need to bore everyone to death with their mechanism of action, metabolism, synthesis route, analogues...
<rqou> hey, my school at least has killed the DARE-style proven-negative-efficacy programs
<whitequark> so that people would get sick just hearing the name
<rqou> so erowid as a class?
<awygle> I think dare died when I was in like 4th grade
<whitequark> no not erowid
<whitequark> erowid tends to romanticize stuff a bit
<whitequark> you need to go full bureaucracy
<whitequark> unless you can cite three amphetamine synthesis routes from memory you fail
<rqou> lol
<awygle> Ben Stein Teaches Heroin
<rqou> but we don't even have ochem in high school
<whitequark> tell me it's not going to be effective, i DARE you.
<whitequark> yes, that makes it better.
<whitequark> you have to take ochem as a prerequisite
<rqou> uh, ochem as (indirectly) mandatory for graduation?
<whitequark> what, does that sound weirder than three amphetamine synthesis routes memorized mandatory for graduation?
<awygle> I had ochem in high school. Not in like a real way, but in a high school way.
<awygle> I had about as much ochem as I had geometry.
<whitequark> yeah I sucked at it
<rqou> it would have been awesome to have ochem but sadly no
<whitequark> was always better at inorg for some reason
<awygle> I was okay at it but it got very hand wavey
<pie__> <azonenberg_work> Terminally dumb indeed :p
<rqou> my chem teacher was one of the few people at the school i actually respected and liked
<whitequark> awygle: american ochem courses are notoriously useless
<awygle> I preferred physics. Still do for that matter
<pie__> did he know it ws full of gps though
<whitequark> awygle: like i have a book that spends the entire preface in a rant about how shitty american ochem education is
<awygle> Hahaha
<awygle> Speaking of books, if you had a pdf of a copyrighted but super old and mostly unobtainable book, how would you get it printed?
<whitequark> he is very mad about the whole "memorize everything" stuff
<whitequark> i wouldn't
<whitequark> i'd just get an A4 screen reader
<whitequark> er
<whitequark> ebook or whatever
<whitequark> costs about $700 so cheaper
<rqou> i still like to have textbooks on dead tree
<awygle> We didn't have to memorize *everything*, they taught us like, what various things were, but I was never satisfied with "so it wants its valence shells filled" etc until I took quantum in college
<rqou> then you can make some librarian very sad by dogearing the corners, writing in it, and otherwise putting in annotations
<awygle> whitequark: any particular recommendations?
<awygle> I also like being able to flip through things, it's way faster for random access
<awygle> But I'm open to ebook readers too
<whitequark> awygle: we had quantum physics in 7th grade
<rqou> O_o
<whitequark> just enough to explain chemistry
<rqou> i feel so inadequate
<awygle> whitequark:... Wow. Did you solve the shroedinger equation and everything?
<whitequark> awygle: no no, we had it qualitatively
<awygle> Oh okay
<whitequark> like hund's rule and stuff
<whitequark> but it made for a real good foundation
<awygle> We sort of did that in like, 11th? But to an unsatisfying level
<rqou> oh yeah i had that too
<rqou> it's part of the ap chem curriculum
<parport0> awygle, i had an ebook reader, tried a kindle, but prefer a 7" android tablet
<parport0> it's faster to flip pages on it
<awygle> I have a 10" android tablet and a very old Kindle, I like them both but differently
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<awygle> oh yeah we did hunds rule but didn't explain why other than "its lower energy". like I said, hand wave
<parport0> oh wait sgp621 is 8"
<awygle> Not as bad as bio tho. Bio really was "memorize everything"
<rqou> heh
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<parport0> what about hand particles
<awygle> I really enjoyed stoichiometry
<awygle> And thermo Chem or whatever it's called
<whitequark> thermodynamics?
<rqou> i in general had a lot of fun in high school chem because the teacher was actually competent
<whitequark> i only got to "real" thermodynamics, like with gibbs free energy, in uni
<awygle> I also liked that, I learned it in college from an ex soviet army guy
<whitequark> for some reason we had it in an analytical chemistry course
<awygle> We talked about Gibbs in high school but I don't totally remember why?
<whitequark> that had essentially none actual analytical chemistry
<awygle> I was thinking of like, combustion and heat released and junk. Whatever that's called.
<whitequark> i remember doing nothing and acing the course
<whitequark> and now i remember jack shit
<awygle> Enthalpy etc
<whitequark> which is sad
<whitequark> yeah that's thermodynamics
<awygle> Well, sure, but specifically in the context of chemistry
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: did i ever send you the updated version of that part?
<awygle> Rather than like "here's a Rankin cycle"
<parport0> i know some of these words
<whitequark> parport0: read the books i gave you already!
<rqou> can i haz book? :P
<whitequark> there's this enormous tome on thermodynamics
<whitequark> rqou: uh sec
<awygle> I was at pub trivia a while back and one question was if you could put diesel in an unleaded car or vice versa and I had to math it out on the table
<parport0> whitequark, i'm too HD
<parport0> like, 80HD
<azonenberg_work> awygle: gut feeling: diesel in a gas car wont combust (vapor pressure too low)
<azonenberg_work> gas in a diesel engine will ignite prematurely and cause significant vibration/overpressure that would damage the engine
<awygle> azonenberg_work: pretty much yeah
<awygle> Diesel combusts actually, just really incompletely
<awygle> Pretty much just right around the spark
<whitequark> also gas engines can do something called "dieseling"
<whitequark> which is exactly what it says on the tin
<whitequark> which is why you need a fuel cutoff valve
<whitequark> on carburetor engines anyway
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: of which part?
<awygle> azonenberg_work: do you have a copy of the black magic book?
<rqou> random: i just noticed that t-buli has "4 4 4 crossed-out-W" for its NFPA diamond
<azonenberg_work> awygle: well it wont ignite fully
<rqou> whee, it wins a prize! :P
<azonenberg_work> rqou: lol
<rqou> plz no kill ucla grad student :P
<rqou> too soon?
<whitequark> rqou: its not all that bad
<awygle> My cats are perhaps cutest when grooming each other.
<azonenberg_work> rqou: bonus points if the hydrogen in the t-buli is tritium
<azonenberg_work> so you can declare it radioactive too :D
<rqou> awygle: daww i demand pics :P
<azonenberg_work> (CT3)3CLi
<whitequark> youd never actually encounter its toxicity because it instantly ignites in air
<rqou> i wish i had a cat
<whitequark> its mostly just a fire hazard
<whitequark> i mean its a real fire hazard but honestly ether is already very bad
<rqou> how come n-BuLi only has a 3 for health/reactivity?
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<azonenberg_work> rqou:
<azonenberg_work> paneling going up in the 70s room
<rqou> wait wtf
<rqou> why so fancy?
<azonenberg_work> rqou: the original room was paneling everywhere but one wall that had old-school wallpaper on it
<rqou> i would just put white/beige paint and call it done :P
<rqou> i guess i have no class
<azonenberg_work> We decided to honor the heritage of the room
<azonenberg_work> by making it a 1970s theme
<azonenberg_work> complete with stained-glass chandelier
<azonenberg_work> and lava lamp
<azonenberg_work> Those wont be going in until much later
<rqou> will there be a webcam in front of the lava lamp? :P
<azonenberg_work> But the paneling has to go up now because the electrical fixtures have to be monuted over it
<azonenberg_work> Since it has nontrivial thickness
<azonenberg_work> And the cable tray is going through it
<azonenberg_work> (in the photo i havent yet done the cutouts in the panels where the tray goes through)
<rqou> so, will the lava lamp be used as part of an hsm? :P :P :P
<azonenberg_work> Lol, no
<azonenberg_work> /dev/urandom is good enough for me most of the time
<azonenberg_work> rqou: also re "have no class" you forget i married an artist
<azonenberg_work> Beige is not an option, anywhere
<azonenberg_work> (which i agree with 100%)
<rqou> oh, so she does more than just draw lewd porkymans? :P
<azonenberg_work> Yes, she's the interior designer for the whole renovation
<azonenberg_work> Everything i do paint/decor wise needs her signoff
<awygle> apparently reclining couches are tacky?
<azonenberg_work> (Although i have a lot more free rein in the lab etc spaces than upstairs)
<azonenberg_work> awygle: We're putting a futon in that room
<azonenberg_work> It's going to be the guest bedroom
<azonenberg_work> That futon, incidentally, is currently in the soon-to-be-office
<azonenberg_work> blocking in about 40 pieces of sheetrock that i need somewhat urgently
<awygle> I got vetoed by a *friend's* wife on a reclining couch today
<azonenberg_work> But i cant move the futon until the 70s room is done, as i have nowhere else to put it
<rqou> awygle wtf?
<azonenberg_work> The futon is also blocked in by a server rack and some other stuff that has to go in the lab
<azonenberg_work> once the lab has a floor
<awygle> rqou: well obviously I could do it anyway lol. But she strongly suggested I not.
<whitequark> azonenberg_work:
<rqou> wtf whitequark
<awygle> looool
<rqou> whitequark: does anything that is commonly done for kids actually work?
<azonenberg_work> rqou: evidence based parenting instead of old wives' tales?
<azonenberg_work> That... seems unlikely
<azonenberg_work> Starting before the kid is even conceived, if you look at how much folklore there is about how to have a boy or a girl etc :p
<rqou> i mean, if you don't care about the "moral implications" you can just go to not-China and not-India and get a sex-selective abortion
<azonenberg_work> i'm not saying its not possible
<azonenberg_work> i'm saying there is a ton of folklore about it
<whitequark> rqou: that doesnt actually guarantee
<whitequark> that you get what you want
<azonenberg_work> And it continues past there
<rqou> oh yeah huh
<rqou> well, you can pick if you'll get an XX or XY child for whatever that's worth :P
<whitequark> that still doesnt actually work
<rqou> wait why not?
<whitequark> chimeras, for example
<rqou> oh right
<whitequark> there's something incredibly amusing about people saying things like "biological sex"
<whitequark> when biology is inherently resistant to any and all categorization
<whitequark> we can't even agree on a consistent definition of "species"
<rqou> well, it works some of the time; enough that both China and India made it illegal
<whitequark> right, it doesn't actually need to be perfect in practice
<awygle> what are the odds this distupgrade works I wonder
<rqou> usually works for me
<rqou> better than updating win10 :P
<awygle> oh apparently it's been do-release-upgrade forever
<awygle> I thought that was way too fast
<awygle> also amusing that trusty is upgrading me to xenial, from whence I will presumably upgrade again to bionic
<rqou> oh is bionic out?
<rqou> my servers are still on xenial
<rqou> i really need to get proper change management
<awygle> isn't it? I thought 18.04 was bionic
<awygle> which is def out
<rqou> i have no idea
<rqou> is it the new lts?
<awygle> yeah
<rqou> random offtopic: 1/3 tbsp is pretty close to 4 nano-acre-feet :P
<rqou> freedom units ftw
<awygle> "this will take about 20 hours on a 56k modem"
<awygle> cooool good to knoooow
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<awygle> I wonder if I could just dd a bootable iso over the boot drive and then install from it or if it would fail to install over itself
<whitequark> awygle: depends on the iso
<whitequark> i think debian can do that
<whitequark> oh ubuntu
<whitequark> there's like a 80% chance it'll work
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<rqou> not sure if that's supposed to work or not
<rqou> afaik if you're doing something weird you're "supposed to" manually debootstrap it
<TD-Linux> fedora is designed to work with dd'd iso too
<whitequark> no the tricky thing here is installing over itself
<whitequark> i *think* debian uses a ram drive but i'm not 100% sure
<rqou> i haven't run a clean installation in some time
<rqou> since imho the installer is kinda garbage
<TD-Linux> ohhh over itself. yeah nvm. I recall old cds like knoppix had the ability to copy the whole thing into ram
<TD-Linux> fedora definitely doesn't
<rqou> so awygle, no catpix? :P
<rqou> awygle, whitequark: should i go adopt a cat?
<keesj> indeed quite of topic :P. I think it should not work (but.. debian does have network install where the image gets loaded into memory) .
<whitequark> rqou: sure why not
<whitequark> try to avoid sterilization though
<rqou> the problem is that i have no idea how to take care of a cat, and i need to convince my parents :P
<rqou> the house is also a cat-unfriendly disaster right now
<whitequark> rqou: you vaccinate the cat and feed it
<whitequark> that's... it
<whitequark> ok also clean cat toilet once a week or something
<rqou> shouldn't you... entertain/play with the cat?
<whitequark> well yes other than their mental needs
<whitequark> cats are very low maintenance
<whitequark> they're pretty self-sufficient physiologically
<whitequark> as for cat-unfriendly disaster
<whitequark> think about how my apartment should look
<whitequark> the cats are fine
<pie__> afaik a lot of these live iso things only load the binaries they need at any given time?
<pie__> s/afaik/ime/
<pie__> ive had media fail part way through or something and then it couldnt load any new binaries
<rqou> <-- wat i thought that cats couldn't learn this
<azonenberg_work> rqou, whitequark: so cats are smarter than dogs
<azonenberg_work> just a lot less interested in doing what you want them to do? :p
<pie__> random: miklosi is a hungarian name
<pie__> inb4 'smarter' doesnt work because intelligence is not a total ordering
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: kinda
<whitequark> i can confirm that this cat is *very* persistent and has good short-term memory
<whitequark> when i threw a mouse somewhere neither i nor she could find, she went under the bed (where i remembered she lost a mouse yesterday)
<whitequark> made mysterious sounds there for like five minutes
<whitequark> and emerged with that mouse
<whitequark> it wasn't like random, she clearly went there purposefully as she didn't spend nearly as much time anywhere else
<pie__> did whitequark _recently_ acquire a cat?
<whitequark> not exactly
<whitequark> the mother of this cat decided she's gonna live with us about two years ago
<whitequark> we gave her contraceptives but she hated them and they didn't work very well so she brought here a litter
<whitequark> she hated being pregnant and especially being a nursing mother too, and noped the fuck out the earliest moment she could
<whitequark> we kept two. gave away one and i kept the kitten that was most like the mother
<whitequark> going by behavior it's practically an identical clone
<rqou> was this the idiot kitten that got smarter by hanging out with the mother cat?
<whitequark> except, unlike the mother she wasn't abused in childhood (by indirect signs) and so she didn't grow up with like, anger and trust issues and anxiety
<whitequark> rqou: no the idiot kitten is still pretty dumb
<whitequark> it's a big fat cat now
<pie__> lol
<pie__> one of my friends has 7 variously retarded cats >_>
<pie__> something about incest
<pie__> she loves them though
<whitequark> well yeah purebred animals tend to be dumb and sick
<rqou> wait really?
<whitequark> yes
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<whitequark> just like pie said it's incest
<whitequark> which is bad because it brings out all the recessive alleles
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<whitequark> i mean, you're trying to bring out recessive alleles
<rqou> right
<whitequark> because fur color or whatever
<pie__> do they necessarily have to be recessive? :P
<whitequark> nevermind that most of them give them various disabilities
<rqou> something something habsburg jaw
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: you mean like pugs? :p
<pie__> not that that invalidates anything else you said
<whitequark> pie__: you dont need inbreeding to get dominant alleles, you can just select the kittens you want
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: i dont even have words to describe pugs
<pie__> sure i just mean desireable traits dont have to be recessive, but nevermind
<whitequark> creating pugs was an act worse than genocide
<rqou> so what about the house of habsburg?
<whitequark> the amount of suffering produced by a genocide is bounded by the population, the amount of suffering caused by existence of pugs is unbounded
<whitequark> rqou: yes
<whitequark> hemophilia too
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: i dont understand a lot of show dog breeding
<azonenberg_work> or the weird things they do with ears or tails or whatever
<azonenberg_work> like, this is clearly not how the animal naturally grows
<azonenberg_work> why is this desirable in any way?
<whitequark> its just people who lack even a minimal amount of compassion
<whitequark> im not even against industrialized farming
<whitequark> but fucking pugs
<whitequark> ugh
<azonenberg_work> even ignoring how the dog feels, what is the point?
<whitequark> well it's like bonsai
<azonenberg_work> what benefit to the owner do these things have
<whitequark> pure aesthetics
<azonenberg_work> other than everyone else magically deciding it makes sense
<whitequark> also some of it is status and money
<azonenberg_work> and is somehow desirable
<whitequark> rqou: btw teaching the cat pointing wasnt hard at all
<whitequark> what took me the most time is trying to communicate that its not the tip of my finger thats interesting
<whitequark> but the thing way in front of it
<whitequark> *just* pointing she understood instantly
<whitequark> but that she needs to trace a ray from the finger took several days and isnt super reliable still
<whitequark> im actually impressed that it works at all, given that it needs a) theory of mind b) good vision, and the common understanding is that cats dont have very good vision and rely on smell and everything
<whitequark> but it might not even be correct, or at least its not poor to the degree i assumed it to be from existing publications
<rqou> this is so much more entertaining to watch than raising human spawn :P
<whitequark> absolutely
<whitequark> im way too autistic to ever raise children but cats are better anyway
<whitequark> first, i dont need to wipe cat butts. ever.
<rqou> lol
<whitequark> look i have issues with that.
<rqou> nah you don't have to justify it. i also hate children lol
<whitequark> i find the "ordinarily" unhygienic toddlers incredibly repulsive
<whitequark> i have to leave public transit if theres a small child sometimes
<whitequark> ok i guess technically cats get diarrhea occasionally. but they dont try to eat it afterwards and get it mostly where it belongs
<whitequark> second, cats dont need me to constantly maintain their minor needs
<whitequark> third, cats are capable of highly complex planning AND better dexterity than most humans ever achieve by a six month mark
<whitequark> fourth, no one will look at me weird if i'm gonna breed cats for intelligence
<rqou> but no opposable thumbs
<whitequark> though they do appear to be the worse at motherhood the smarter they are
<whitequark> which presents a certain ethical problem
<whitequark> well
<whitequark> you can go pretty far with no opposable thumbs
<whitequark> human children dont make good use of them for a lot of time either
<whitequark> they just suck (thumbs)
<rqou> lol
<whitequark> like functionally this is similar to taking care of a human with a disability
<whitequark> say... missing thumbs
<whitequark> you just have to use accessible tech
<rqou> yeah, but that works great /s for humans already
<whitequark> yeah but you dont need to spend time figuring out how to, wipe butts
<rqou> heh
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<pie__> they dont get very far though <whitequark> human children dont make good use of them for a lot of time either
<whitequark> hm?
<pie__> do you teach a cat about pointing
<whitequark> first i poke the thing i'm pointing at with the finger
<pie__> besides telling it "look at where i am pointing and not my finger"
<whitequark> next time i hold my hand slightly further
<pie__> (disregard the tautology)
<pie__> oh
<pie__> that makes sense
<whitequark> next time even further and if the cat looks at the finger and not the thing i wave towards thing
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<pie__> s/tuatology/self-reference/
<whitequark> eventually the cat stops staring at the finger and starts staring in the direction i'm pointing
<whitequark> but i think you need a cat that actually wants to find something for this to work
<pie__> people kind of need to want to learn too
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: the trick is to think of H. Sapiens larvae as prematurely hatched
<whitequark> pie__: well you can just scream for ten years like my mother did
<whitequark> clearly works just as well
<pie__> hmmmm
<azonenberg_work> They need another year or so before they are supposed to come out and do things like move around, like most other critters do as soon as they are born
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: oh sure i grant that
<pie__> "i have a big head and little arms"
<whitequark> but this cat can move around more effectively than a human of any age
<whitequark> she can plan jumps from a door that rotates back from the force of her jump and not miss
<whitequark> whereas if i tried anything resembling that i'd break my tailbone
<rqou> if only shapeshifting into a cat was actually possible :P
<pie__> time to make a catman suit
<whitequark> her sense of balance is goddamn incredible
<whitequark> she can walk on a completely round and smooth metal tube
<whitequark> thats not even as wide as her paw
<whitequark> how the fuck is that even physically possible
<rqou> feedback loops :P
<whitequark> rqou: i challenge you to build a feedback loop 1/10 as stable
<whitequark> she can also TURN AROUND on this metal bar
<rqou> O_o
<whitequark> like she does fall from it occasionally
<whitequark> but not a lot
<rqou> damn i wish i could be a cat (temporarily at least) :P
<whitequark> she has also demonstrated that she can jump a meter upward and hang onto the uh
<whitequark> doorpost?
<pie__> seems like whitequark has a good cat
<pie__> clone it
<whitequark> pie__: well i swear parthenogenesis was involved in making of this cat
<whitequark> because of how similar she is to her mother
<whitequark> anyway im not gonna sterilize her so some day therell probably be kittens
<rqou> aren't you using contraception?
<whitequark> sure because i dont need two litters per year
<whitequark> lol
<parport0> hey the fat cat isn't stupid okay
<rqou> so pie__, whitequark: so, are we going to do DIY "rogue" cat cloning first, or ##opencatgirls first? :P
<whitequark> ok mostly just very lazy
<whitequark> rqou: you can just do commercial cat cloning you know
<pie__> effectively stpuid? :P
<rqou> wait this is available as a service?
<whitequark> theres a service and everything
<rqou> what
<whitequark> i think for rich people whose cat died
<rqou> what
<pie__> whitequark, oh you can? then again these days i guess that shouldnt quite be surprising...
<rqou> what what what
<rqou> and nobody whines about ethics?
<pie__> so
<pie__> can we say cat cloning and jsut find identical looking cats and get rich?
<whitequark> you can actually verify that easily
<rqou> this timeline is amazing
<whitequark> just sequence both
<pie__> use the money for catgirl research
<sensille> re-pet?
<whitequark> rqou: whats the ethics issues anyway
<rqou> idk lol
<whitequark> pets are legally close to property
<whitequark> >The total cost of cat cloning is $25,000, also paid in two equal installments.
<whitequark> it isnt even very expensive
<rqou> huh that's pretty "affordable"
<whitequark> it is a good price, really
<rqou> amazing
<whitequark> there's some markup but if i did commercial cat cloning id ensure i get paid well too
<rqou> so the only thing we need to work on is ##opencatgirls :P
<rqou> i heard azonenberg_work has been voluntold to help with this research? :P :P :P
<pie__> lmao what
<pie__> im stealing that word
<rqou> azonenberg_work is like the only one here with a $WIFE
<rqou> who doesn't hate human spawn
<rqou> and who is already a weeb :P
<pie__> i dont hate human spawn...i just dont know how to with them
* pie__ is parentally awkward?
<whitequark> step 1: run
<pie__> paternally awkward?
<pie__> whitequark, NO thats how they learn!
<pie__> and then you'll never get away!
<rqou> lool
<whitequark> rqou: but i wouldnt clone this cat even if money wasnt a concern
<rqou> yeah, afaik china has absolutely no ethical qualms about any of this type of technology
<pie__> >_>
<whitequark> instead id rather find a smart male cat
<pie__> the west is fucked :P
<pie__> whitequark, clone the cat till you find a smart male cat
<pie__> this is how humanity falls
<pie__> (pretty much unrelated )
<pie__> (just remembered it because clones)
<awygle> apart from the scatological reasons (which definitely factor in) I mostly don't like children because a) they're fragile as hell and b) they don't communicate well which is frustrating
<awygle> granted that both things go away eventually but it takes forever
<whitequark> you have to do a fair amount of guessing with cats too
<rqou> don't worry, azonenberg_work has already been voluntold to be the opencatgirls guinea pig :P
<whitequark> but cats at least try, they just dont have very good tools at disposal
<awygle> whitequark: yeah and also cats aren't as loud and annoying about it
<whitequark> when this cat wants to play
<whitequark> youre going to know it.
<awygle> my cat does that but he figures out when it's not playtime pretty quick and goes to find his brother
<rqou> awygle i want more catpix :P
<whitequark> she's way too bored with the other cat
<awygle> so like, 5m of nag max
<whitequark> because the other cat is just fat and lazy and wont move his ass for anything
<whitequark> most of the time
<awygle> lol yeah these are both pretty active
<awygle> they like to wrestle
<whitequark> we shouldnt have castrated him but i wasnt aware of how easy cat contraception actually is back then
<whitequark> and i thought vets actually know wtf theyre doing
<pie__> i want to say this is going to be a revolutionary didactic tool for myself but its probably not actually all that amazing
<pie__> still
<whitequark> and it wont lead to major behavioral changes other than not trying to fuck everything in sight
<awygle> these are both sterile, so idk, maybe I got lucky. I should tell dad about contraceptives tho
<whitequark> theres some aspect of luck here
<awygle> my dad's kitten is amazingly dexterous
<awygle> that thing about jumping off the moving door applies
<rqou> so many cats
<awygle> she also seems to know how to open cabinets
* rqou is jealous
<whitequark> rqou: just go to the shelter and tell them to give you the cat thats so smart that everyone returns her
<rqou> lool
<whitequark> because they feel like the intellectual minority in the company of the cat
<whitequark> im not even joking
<rqou> hmm not sure i feel ready to commit to taking care of a cat
<awygle> probably resolve your living situation first. if you just show up with a cat without talking to your parents, that won't go over well.
<rqou> loool
<awygle> my parents nearly got divorced that way several times
<rqou> over a surprise cat?
<rqou> i thought you're supposed to divorce over a surprise human :P
<pie__> why not both
<rqou> lol
<pie__> "honey, i'm I got a cat"
<rqou> or get divorced over shopping at ikea :P
<rqou> lool
<awygle> when has a pop-punk band ever put out a song called "stay together for the cats"
<awygle> (actually for my parents it was dogs)
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<keesj> pie__: I can't handle this type of moving animations horrible
<keesj> Bresenham's line algorithm.. is what I use last year to solve this problem (in the integer case) on a fpga
<gruetzkopf> both of my cats are really good at motion planning
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<whitequark> gruetzkopf: unsurprising given how important motion planning is to cats :p
<whitequark> little cnc controllers
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<pie__> heh
<gruetzkopf> the older of the two makes a lot of noise walking around
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<parport0> i hope not like a cnc
<gruetzkopf> no :D
<gruetzkopf> but louder per-step than the dogs we had
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<awygle> the fluffy one is also a Loudwalker
<awygle> idk why, he's not that heavy
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<emeb> maybe he's wearing taps on his shoes?
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<awygle> tippy-taps
<emeb> We've had some older cats whose claws don't retract well - you can hear them clicking on the tiles as they walk around.
<parport0> older cats' nails should be trimmed, ideally
<awygle> i trim both cats' nails
<awygle> although they're ~2yrs old
<parport0> i don't bother with young cats' nails
<parport0> usually they are able to sharpen them themselves
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<awygle> well one, sharp is not always what i want to optimize for :p
<awygle> and two i want them to get used to it now, basically
<awygle> i've had serious issues getting older cats who've never had their claws trimmed to tolerate it
<whitequark> shapr claws
<awygle> this scope has a 2 Gsps sample rate on its digital channels.
<whitequark> how many?
<whitequark> and what buffer size?
<keesj> on tinyfpga bx (the usb enabled one) has vccIO_0 1 at 3v3.
<awygle> 16 and 10 Msamples
<awygle> it's supposed to do this *while* also doing 20 Gsps on 4 analog channels, but i flat-out don't believe it can actually do that
<whitequark> oh
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<azonenberg_work> awygle: what scope?
* azonenberg_work drools
<awygle> azonenberg_work: i know right? it's a keysight MSOSsomething
<awygle> MSOS804A
<sorear> what's the difference between a digital channel and an analog channel
<sorear> digital is just a comparator, not ADC?
<awygle> yeah basically
<awygle> 1-bit samples
<awygle> whitequark: stop distributing curses
<whitequark> awygle: this is one of the most horrifying devices i have ever seen
<whitequark> obviously i am going to show it to everyone
<Bike> pretty much every surgical tool you're supposed to put in blood vessels weirds me out
<Bike> like those balloons
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<Bike> though there's a subtler kind of horror about there being only one trial of this thing
<awygle> this looks like what you use to remove alien larvae from Sigourney Weaver
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<azonenberg_work> "Their effectiveness and safety profile is not well established"
<azonenberg_work> Well, that's encouraging
<Bike> i suppose if i had a blockage in my vena cava i wouldn't be too picky
<whitequark> Bike: how the fuck does it work in the first place
<Bike> the filter?
<whitequark> yes
<whitequark> i can see how it would cause problems, but not fix any
<Bike> i've never heard of them before ten minutes ago, but i guess the idea is if you have a blood clot flowing around, this thing prevents it from getting to a pulmonary artery or whatever, where it would do more damage
<azonenberg_work> yeah but i'm a bit unclear on how it catches them
<azonenberg_work> the opeinings between the wires look awfully large
<whitequark> azonenberg_work: i am being told that it's spring loaded and designed to basically anchor in your vein
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<Bike> (so i guess it's not for a vena cava blockage. whoops.)
<whitequark> by biting into its walls
<Bike> nice, yep, that's what disturbs me about everything else too
<whitequark> which makes the concept even more horrifying
<Bike> i mean it's probably okay, vena cava is pretty solid
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<Bike> 2mm thick apparently
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<azonenberg_work> yeah that isnt the issue
<azonenberg_work> the issue is how does it catch small clots?
<whitequark> NO IT IS AN ISSUE
<azonenberg_work> the kind that lodge in capillaries in your lungs etc
<whitequark> i think its only supposed to catch the ones that would block an entire lung
<whitequark> because you also need anticoagulants?
<Bike> supposedly it's only used when they can't use anticoagulants, or they're not working.
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<Bike> presumably because it is a fucking metal doohickey in your vena cava
<Bike> oh god, the file info on the picture says it's used.
<Bike> the hook on the end is for when you want to pull it out through the jugular
<awygle> i _actually_ shuddered at that one
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<Bike> stent. that's the word i was forgetting.
<rqou> whitequark do i want to know why you found this in the first place?
<Bike> they kind of look cool, actually, i think. like chickenwire
<whitequark> ok stents i can see
<whitequark> stents make sense.
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<Bike> stents have more than one study concerning their effectiveness, i imagine
<Bike> there are some that release drugz too.
<awygle> stent is a very ugly word somehow
<Bike> i always imagine that it's some kind of obsolete german leg clothing
<awygle> i imagine it as like, a kink in the vein for some reason
<awygle> but really it's just an unpleasant word. like azonenberg_work's compute module project.
<Bike> no, wait, atherectomy was what i was really really thinking of.
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<Bike> kind of like a dentist drill
<Bike> "It has also been used to treat coronary artery disease, albeit ineffectively.[2]" haha.
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<awygle> "The most common access point is near the groin" geeeee thanks.
<awygle> atherectomy makes way more sense to me than angioplasty
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<Bike> i assume it has something to do with blood vessels being muscular organs rather than fixed tubes. dunno
<Bike> angioplasty i mean
<Bike> because yeah the drill is easy to understand.
<awygle> in general medicine seems quite backwards about drills
<awygle> a drill seems _severely contraindicated_ for teeth but makes total sense for arterial plaque
<azonenberg_work> whitequark: well small PEs can be just as problematic as big ones if there's a bunch
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<awygle> this but with USB PD
<prpplague> hehe
<whitequark> awygle: [teeth grinding sound] no
<awygle> fucking python.
<awygle> i wish i could give windows inside a VM their own windows in the host
<awygle> without e.g. x forwarding which doesn't work well when the host is windows
<whitequark> virtualbox does this iirc
<whitequark> possibly used to do this?
<awygle> I am actively using VirtualBox so it doesn't do it by default at least. I could easily be missing a setting.
<whitequark> you need to hit a menu item
<whitequark> "seamless mode" iirc
<awygle> oh woah
<awygle> this is... interesting
<awygle> it's like, GL_SCISSOR-ing out everything which isn't within ~20 pixels of a window
<awygle> it doesn't give me what i want which is being able to alt-tab between host and guest windows, but it's pretty cool regardless
<whitequark> awygle: it used to work better i think
<whitequark> maybe earlier windows versions?
<whitequark> it was pretty seamless
<awygle> i'd believe that, this is win 10
<whitequark> mostly just didn't work very well with a tiling WM
<whitequark> but i remember using it for xp
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<prpplague> landley: hey there
<landley> Hiya. Long time no see.
<m_w> landley, turtleboard?
<landley> I dragged Jeff on here for a Q&A on sunday.
<landley> It got derailed by the first company imploding due to VC politics and jeff needing to set up a new one with different investors.
<landley> But he's got all the IP. Except enough time has passed he doesn't want to use spartan 6 anymore, he wants to redo it with artix.
<landley> But I set up a time for Jeff to be in twitter because I suck at relaying technical messages outside my areas of expertise. :P
<m_w> I have been thinking of doing an artix
<m_w> design
<landley> My very vague understanding is they're aiming for shortly after the new year, but it's vague.
<landley> The people who know what's going on are in Japan. I haven't been there for 11 months.
<m_w> landley, you know what CAD software they are using?
<landley> I have the occasional phone call to catch up, but am on another contract this year.
<landley> No, but I know they're using a different one for the new board layout.
<landley> It's one of those "long discussion about problems with old thing, explanation of advantage of new thing, I've never heard of either and can't remember either name".
<landley> Long here being like 5 minutes. Over a month ago,.
<landley> prpplague what are you working on these days?
<m_w> well I am up for collabing on the project if they are interested
<prpplague> landley: ARM Servers
<landley> All the world's a vax, round 3.
<prpplague> landley: hehe
<landley> Round 4 if you count the IBM 360.
<landley> mainframe->minicomputer->microcomputer->smartphone.
<landley> (Also known as mainframe->mini->PC->phone.)
<landley> I think the dividing line of "smartphone, autocar, pianoforte" was probably somewhere around 2015. It's just a phone now.
<awygle> TIL you can overclock PCIe cards on some motherboards
<gruetzkopf> sure
<whitequark> awygle: i think i've heard of some people overclocking intel hda
<awygle> i guess i shouldn't be surprised
<gruetzkopf> well-designed cards only derive the link clock from REFCLK
<awygle> but i kind of am
<whitequark> with exactly the results you would expect
<awygle> whitequark: ... high definition audio? so it upshifted the pitch? why?
<whitequark> awygle: overclockers dont ask themselves why
<awygle> gruetzkopf: isn't an independent reference supposed to be supported as well?
<whitequark> thats against the spirit
<gruetzkopf> there's 3 pcie clocking models
<gruetzkopf> common refclock, via wires
<gruetzkopf> seperate refclk oscillatos, no spreadspectrum
<gruetzkopf> seperate refclocks, spreadspectrum.
<awygle> is a card supposed to support all of them, or only a subset?
<awygle> i know some high speed links come up in a default mode and negotiate this stuff
<gruetzkopf> cards usually only support the first
<gruetzkopf> the other two are only relevant for the "external cabling" fraction
<gruetzkopf> (if using cabling which doesn't distribute refclk or if doing multiroot stuff)
<awygle> how is this support conveyed?
<gruetzkopf> uuh, AFAICT dip switches are the most common method?
<awygle> ah so it's a priori knowledge?
<gruetzkopf> i mean, cards running the second two modes will run in hosts doing the first
<awygle> not signalled or anything
<gruetzkopf> not that i know of?
<gruetzkopf> pcie specs aren't public..
<awygle> yeah ok fair enough
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<gruetzkopf> my pcie knowledge is bases on dodgy screenshots, documents with watermarks and experimentation
<awygle> hm i wonder if those PCIe-over-USB3 expansion cards provide a refclk or what
<felix_> iirc the refclk is routed throught the usb2 pairs of the cable
<rqou> lol what
<felix_> for pcie in general i found this book quite helpful
<rqou> but that pair has a slightly different impedance?!
<felix_> probably close enough...
<awygle> felix_: good recommendation, thanks
<awygle> rqou: how slightly? people overestimate how big a loss you actually take from mismatch
<rqou> 90 ohm i think
<awygle> instead of 100?
<felix_> yeah, the xilybus page seems to be a rather good tl;dr
<awygle> rqou: that's a 0.024 dB loss.
<gruetzkopf> included in my knowledge
<gruetzkopf> i know how to TLP
<awygle> i really hate that cartoon on the right of the xillybus page
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* awygle is old and grumpy
<whitequark> oh yeah i hate it too
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<gruetzkopf> it's the least fun way of using dma capable buses
felix_ has joined ##openfpga
<gruetzkopf> i *like* DMAing directly into VRAM
<azonenberg_work> gruetzkopf: you know about my planned FPGA thin client VNC box right?
<azonenberg_work> RX side: TCP offload engine DMAing direct to VRAM
<gruetzkopf> anyone remember ZoomVideo ports?
<gruetzkopf> yeah you mentioned it
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<awygle> i wonder if pcie cards are allowed to pass emissions tests only if the external refclk is spread spectrum
<awygle> or if they have to meet standard with a non-spread clock too
<gruetzkopf> spreadspectrum is a thing exactly for that reason
<gruetzkopf> some mainboard allow you to turn it off
<awygle> yeah i know the what and why of spread spectrum
<awygle> just wondering about the regulatory environment
<gruetzkopf> the systems integrator has to decide if they need it
<awygle> if i were a regulator i'd require you to operate in some kind of worst case mode
<awygle> but pcie cards are sold separately? do they get to punt because they're "part of a subassembly"? that seems... generous
<gruetzkopf> yep
<awygle> so is my cheap generic NIC trying its hardest to jam my processor and flip bits in my RAM all day?
<rqou> lol probably
<sorear> I saw a roadside lightup traffic sign the other day with an FCC Class A device disclaimer stickered on the back
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<lain> awygle: I forget, are you a ham?
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<awygle> lain: technically, yes
<awygle> i almost never do anything tho
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<lain> awygle: ah ok, was going to ask if there's anything interesting in the area, I just got my license. just waiting for my callsign to hit the database
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<rqou> time to dox lain :P
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<azonenberg_work> lain: so the main interesting thing i do is join the Puget Sound Repeater Group nets
<azonenberg_work> WW7PSR, it's a 144.something repeater but i dont remember the specifics (google it)
<azonenberg_work> They have the "9 O'Clock Net": at 0900 and 2100 every day
<azonenberg_work> Just social chatter with other hams in the area
<azonenberg_work> I call in from my bike when going into the office, i get off the ferry around 0915 on the days i work in seattle
<azonenberg_work> so i catch the second half of the net
* emeb bangs away on his Zynq-based SDR system
<emeb> FPGAs + radio = fun!
<azonenberg_work> W7NPC is the club on the island, they have a 444.something repeater on the island
<azonenberg_work> emeb: I want to build an FPGA based HT at some point
<emeb> azonenberg_work: It could easily be done.
<azonenberg_work> I'd want to add some part 15 operation as well
<emeb> azonenberg_work: I've got a simple system that can do NBFM running using UP5k
<azonenberg_work> Short range ISM band operation
<azonenberg_work> but without ham restrictions, so you can do things like encrypt
<emeb> Cool. I've got an R820T2 front-end for my system that will let it RX up there.
<emeb> Don't have TX > 20MHz tho, so that would need some extra work.
<azonenberg_work> Also would probably use it as a testbed for enclosure design
<azonenberg_work> try and make it IP67
<azonenberg_work> Case would be a machined unibody of probably 316 stainless with rubber gaskets where the cover meets it
<emeb> Neat. I did a marine FM system for the dayjob a few years back using Altera stuff that was targeted at military CSR radios.
<azonenberg_work> emeb: but the main fun RF project i want to do, years down the road
<azonenberg_work> is a short range (ISM range, maybe 250 mW PEP?) AESA radar
<lain> rqou: I used a PO Box :P
<azonenberg_work> maybe 8x8 elements at 5 mW each or something
<azonenberg_work> in the 5 GHz band
<emeb> azonenberg_work: that would be a challenge
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<azonenberg_work> Just enough oomph to reach down the block and see cars passing etc
<azonenberg_work> the prototype, nearer term, would be the same architecture but audio
<azonenberg_work> say 8x8 tiny mics and speakers
<azonenberg_work> beamform annoying beeps to one corner of a room that are barely audible anywhere else, etc :p
<emeb> Cute
<azonenberg_work> I could get a lot of the algorithms prototyped there before building expensive hardware
<emeb> I remember seeing some articles about audio beamforming that was used in movie theater sound systems
<azonenberg_work> o_O thats news to me
<emeb> Don't remember where I read about it - some very early experiments (think mid 20th cen)
<awygle> this synology nas has a "pie slot"
<awygle> for a 10g nic
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