<cr1901_modern> q3k: I also took a look at fpg4fun's source files. Looks like that copyright is verbatim too ._.
<cr1901_modern> I... never knew fpga4fun wasn't public domain
<cr1901_modern> Thought maybe some other company modified it and haas used the code from that company
<balrog> Bob_Dole: IIgs accelerators from back in the day are rare and expensive πŸ˜›
<balrog> cr1901_modern: open a GitHub issue?
<cr1901_modern> balrog: Don't have the bandwidth for that fight right now
<prpplague> mmm apple IIgs, the last great apple product
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<f003brv> Oh hi
<whitequark> cr1901_modern: a block is a closure
<whitequark> that's it
<sorear> hmm, doesn't seem like there's much online for "x25519/modern crypto on 6502/65816"
<whitequark> no shit
<cr1901_modern> sorear: I can't imagine why :o
<sorear> i tend to assume my sample of humans is representative except in ways that I know it isn't
<cr1901_modern> Well, WDC somehow is still alive
<sorear> so I assume there are at least a few thousand other cr1901_modern's who have tried the same thing, and either done it or written about why it's impossible
<cr1901_modern> so they clearly have ppl willing to purchase 65xx
<sorear> and it's definitely not impossible
<cr1901_modern> sorear: No, I would assume 998 of those other cr1901_modern's got over themselves and just put a Pi between their Commodore 64 and the router
<cr1901_modern> whitequark: I'll take your word for it, could've sworn there was a subtle difference
<sorear> scalar multiplications can be done with a few thousand bits of memory (the Shor people care a lot about this number), I can do it in 1G cycles and 1kb memory with no particular effort
<cr1901_modern> 1 billion cycles on a C64 is 1000 seconds
<sorear> yes
<cr1901_modern> about 10 times longer than your logjam time :P
<sorear> getting down to 100M would require spending real time on the problem
<sorear> getting down to 10M is probably impossible
<sorear> i would -assume- that somebody, somewhere has wasted a week of their life optimising an x25519 routine for the 6502
<sorear> but i can't find evidence of this
<cr1901_modern> it might be fun to try, but it's still quite a bit of effort after that to actually access the Internet under your own power
<cr1901_modern> What _I_ would probably do is use an FPGA that understands the 65xx bus to accelerate multiplies. That bothers me much less than using a Pi.
<cr1901_modern> sorear: To be clear, I'm not against accelerators
<cr1901_modern> Even contemporaneous 65xx used "acclerators" of sorts (the 1541 was approx just as powerful as the c64 it attached to)
<cr1901_modern> I'm against accelerators that are so much more powerful than the system you're bolting it onto that you start wondering "what's the point of trying to retrofit?"
<sorear> .oO( is this problem a good shape for superfx )
<cr1901_modern> superfx is nearly as f***ed as the 65816
<cr1901_modern> err, I shouldn't say it like that.
<cr1901_modern> I love the chip; most people don't, and I understand why.
<cr1901_modern> (Not to mention, Star Fox is prob my favorite game period)
<awygle> Star fox so good
<awygle> I want a good new star fox game
<awygle> Well, the wii u one was pretty good actually
<awygle> Maybe I want an active star fox 64 mod scene, that would be cool
<cr1901_modern> I like the SNES one more :P
<awygle> I like the snes one also, but I like 64 the most
<awygle> I have never actually beaten the snes one on anything but the easiest route
<cr1901_modern> medium isn't that much worse except for Sector Y, the hard route very much tells you to go fuck yourself
<awygle> I think I did the teleport to hard and finished it that way once
<awygle> is that the laughing asteroid one? That game is weird af...
<cr1901_modern> awygle: Yes
<cr1901_modern> if you shoot the smiling asteroid, it opens up a black hole and you can warp to the hard route
<prpplague> cr1901_modern: i usually do that on friday night after i've had too many beers
<awygle> there's another warp but I can't remember it...
<cr1901_modern> awygle: You shoot one of the big asteroids in the second level of the hard route
<cr1901_modern> it releases an egg, which hatches into a bird
<awygle> ah right. what a fucking weird game lol
<cr1901_modern> you crash right into the bird and it warps you to another dimension
<cr1901_modern> with paper planes as enemies and "When The Saints Go Marching In" playing in the background
<awygle> I should play it again... I can see it from where I'm sitting...
<cr1901_modern> and the boss is a slot machine
<cr1901_modern> If you get lucky 7's, your reward is to shoot the letters THE END to make them right-side up while enemies blast you until your shields deplete
<cr1901_modern> I'm guessing Dylan Cuthbert had A LOT of fun programming this...
<prpplague> <awygle> there's another warp but I can't remember it...
<prpplague> awygle: see you have done it with too many beers as well!
* prpplague trolls
<cr1901_modern> I tend to forget that the whole point of Star Fox is "anthropomorphic animals piloting high tech spaceships" lmao
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<awygle> budabbadaduh, daduh
<cr1901_modern> The gfx... well, they're 25 years old on an underpowered system. The main reason I'm still in awe re: Star Fox is that: "These gfx shouldn't be possible. At all. How?!?!"
<fseidel> the SNES one I can't get in to, runs way too slowly
<fseidel> 64 is great though
<cr1901_modern> 20fps should be enough for anybody
<fseidel> one of the interesting things about the SNES one is that it runs wayy worse on real hardware than on emulation (excluding higan, of course)
<fseidel> higan runs it at the right framerate, but the other emulators run it wayyyy too smoothly
<fseidel> normally it runs between 6 and 12 FPS IIRC
<cr1901_modern> It runs too fast for me in emulators besides higan
<cr1901_modern> fseidel: No way it's that low, 18-20
<cr1901_modern> the sequel runs at about 28
<fseidel> I was under the impression it topped out at 15
<fseidel> (the original, not the sequel)
<cr1901_modern> Might go down to 15 at some places, but 6-12 would be utterly unplayable.
<fseidel> either way, virtua racing is my choice for "giant-ass DSP on a the cartridge" fun :-P
<fseidel> VR has a heatsink, so it must be better
<fseidel> huh, maybe SF is better than I remember if it's that high
<cr1901_modern> Never played it, but considering 68k could do really shitty 3d texture mapping without it (Toy Story), it's not as awe-inspiring to me :P
<fseidel> oh, definitely
<fseidel> the funniest thing about the superFX is that it lives on in every CPU as part of Intel's spyware engine
<fseidel> as the ARC
<cr1901_modern> AFAIK (going by memory- I don't remember where the original interview), Miyamoto was shown a demo w/ a helicopter and airplane from Argonaut (yes the same Argonaut behind the ARC ME)
<cr1901_modern> using only the SNES CPU; the frame rate was unacceptable. Argonaut said "unless you let us design our own hardware, this is as fast as it gets"
<cr1901_modern> Nintendo agreed to let Argonaut make their own chip lmao
<cr1901_modern> The SuperFX was fabbed by Sharp if memory serves
<cr1901_modern> One of the SuperFX's architect is also on Twitter. It's fun talking to him about stories about the "good/bad ol' days" of FPGAs and chips: https://twitter.com/carlngraham
<awygle> so speaking of snes, I have the impression from following byuu on Twitter that the no intro set is only so-so, is that true?
* cr1901_modern shrugs
<cr1901_modern> SF dev: https://twitter.com/dylancuthbert
<cr1901_modern> I use Retrode to dump my games
<fseidel> woah, neat
<sorear> ME isn't my domain but I beleive they started with ARC, switched to SPARC, then x86 (using the Quark core from their attempt to compete in arduino land)
<cr1901_modern> awygle: You may wish to join #snes for a better answer
<awygle> hm yeah okay
<fseidel> I hear that channel doesn't have blast processing, is that true?
<cr1901_modern> Nintendo is what Genesisn't
* awygle lurky lurky
* fseidel clutches his copy of Thunder Force IV
<fseidel> it is kind of wild just how many SNES games shipped with accelerators
<fseidel> you'd think it would have been cheaper for nintendo to ship with a higher clocked 65816 or do a 32X-style SuperFX adapter
<cr1901_modern> I never said the music wasn't good- it's better :P. But really, Star Fox is the only _game_ that really makes me think "how the f*** was this possible?"
<fseidel> cr1901_modern: on the SNES, or any platform?
<cr1901_modern> any platform, really
<cr1901_modern> you cram enough transistors onto a chip, anything's possible
<cr1901_modern> removes the magic for me
<fseidel> check out Red Zone on the sega genesis, it was programmed by a demogroup and has a brag screen before the intro
<fseidel> it has a freaking FMV intro on a 2MB cart
<cr1901_modern> so does Sonic 3d blast
<fseidel> ah yes, I forgot about sonic's jaunty scroll across a bridge
<fseidel> super turrican 2 also has some pretty lovely effects IIRC
<cr1901_modern> To be clear, Jon Burton is a _very_ talented programmer subscribe to codehut etc etc
<cr1901_modern> gamehut* damnit
<awygle> Yeah those videos are cool
<rqou> wtf is this _really_ titan? https://twitter.com/rqou_/status/1046950577060556800
<awygle> The Sega logo one is my favorite
<rqou> looks like a chinese secure element ic?
<fseidel> there's also alien soldier, which does a lot of really interesting linescroll tricks
<fseidel> nothing too crazy, but it's very pretty to look at
<fseidel> and yeah, gamehut is the man
<rqou> huh, afaict "titan security key" is a lie
<rqou> it's not built around titan
<fseidel> so it's a generic security ASIC with google branding slapped on?
<rqou> yeah as far as i can tell
<rqou> hmm wait
<rqou> wtf
<rqou> there appear to be two secure ICs
<cr1901_modern> https://twitter.com/cr1901/status/1046954672521654273 This is why I think social media is worth it sometimes
<cr1901_modern> Well stuff like this, anyway
<cr1901_modern> Of course all the friends one makes is excellent too
<sorear> someday I will have a social media presence *not* on IRC
<prpplague> cr1901_modern: hehe
<sorear> twitter is way too exposed, I don't want to say anything that can be seen by a billion people
<prpplague> cr1901_modern: IRC the second social media after BBS
<fseidel> aww man, now Dylan knows I don't like SF1 very much :-P
<cr1901_modern> sorear: It's best not to get involved, Twitter is the final stop on the social media express where all hopes and dreams go to die.
<cr1901_modern> It's a bit too late for me...
<fseidel> FB is a dumpster fire that I keep around soley for messenger since it's hard to communicate with classmates without it :'(
<cr1901_modern> fseidel: oops :P. Well, you can still like 2. They're essentially different games.
<sorear> also having a bit of weird trouble deciding what to be called. sorear is taken and i don't like it much anyway
<cr1901_modern> I mean just use your "full" name?
<cr1901_modern> or a nickname derived from it?
<fseidel> I've never actually tried 2, maybe I'll give it a shot at some point
<cr1901_modern> sorear: Yea, I looked up the "sorear" already on Twitter a while back, concluded it wasn't you
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<q3k> someone's getting scared of risc-v
<pie__> q3k, wouldnt it be smarter for arm to get in on the riscv action
<pie__> if an arm/riscv transition were to happen it sounds like the only way to not get fucked
<pie__> i mean, as far as i can think of
<q3k> you're expecting rational long-term thinking from a company? :)
<pie__> wait, but is there any way to make money off riscv other than selling hardware?
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<pie__> afaik arm is just a fabless?
<q3k> well, yeah
<q3k> just because the ISA is open, doesn't mean you can't make money off of the actual RTL
<pie__> oh hm right
<pie__> i keep forgettiing about that
<q3k> microarchitecture design (and optimization for a given process, or for FPGA family) is still value added
<pie__> arm is /usually/ a respectable entity?
<q3k> i lost some respect for them after their RISC-V FUD campaign
<pie__> yeah im asking so i can decide whether i should be rooting for them to fuck it up or not :p
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<keesj> You still have to pay when you go to silicon. what FUD campain?
<sensille> why use ARM when you can have ZipCPU?
<keesj> I don't now trustzone, mmu and stuff like that?
<keesj> linux/android?
<keesj> but I yet have to explore zipcpu
<jn__> pie__: i guess arm is still at the point of "NO, IT WON'T HAPPEN"
<pie__> itshappening.jpg
<keesj> With the chineese takeover from ARM is this not exactly what we expected (e.g. pushing growth differently from the old ARM lisencing model)
<jn__> softbank is japanese
<keesj> I see... I don't now nothing ...
<TD-Linux> fseidel, intel me switched to an x86 core instead of ARC a while back
<pie__> chinese takeover?
<pie__> oh arm got bought out?
<jn__> pie__: yes, by SoftBank
<TD-Linux> softbank is japanese unless I'm missing something
<TD-Linux> still surprised they see risc-v as such a threat. I guess it kinda started when wd switched
<pie__> wd swictched disk controllers ro riscv or something?
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<TD-Linux> yes, away from arm
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<pie__> only now realizing how ba di butchered that
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<uovo> <cr1901_modern> it releases an egg, which hatches into a bird << it releases me?
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<balrog> does anyone here know how a UEFI update capsule would be signed and how to verify said signature?
<rqou> <troll>incorrectly</troll>
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<whitequark> rqou savage
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<cyrozap> I'm looking for a paper I saw a while back: It was about some Xilinx bitstream parsing (or something), but Xilinx funded the work and at the end of the project they asked the researcher not to release the tools they wrote (or something).
<cyrozap> balrog: Check the UEFI spec? I think capsule updates are standardized.
<balrog> It’s a shit-ton of pages, lol