<kc8apf> Lustre is similar but can only do a filesystem
<kc8apf> I wanted a mix of CephFS, iSCSI volumes, and S3
<azonenberg_work> yeah all i need is filesystems for now
<azonenberg_work> and i can't see needing anything else any time soon
<azonenberg_work> Right now i'm running NFS just fine, but i dont like the protocol and i have a SPOF in the server
<kc8apf> for example, if a kubernetes job asks for storage, a Ceph volume is automatically provisioned
<kc8apf> I don't remember if Lustre does multi-master
<kc8apf> Ceph relies on a quorom model
<azonenberg_work> well i guess that is something to look into once i'm done with the initial lab buildout
<azonenberg_work> Short term my current nas is sufficient to get me up and running
<azonenberg_work> And i should probably have walls and power and a floor before i do too much more...
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<openfpga-github> [Glasgow] whitequark pushed 1 new commit to master: https://github.com/whitequark/Glasgow/commit/60cf959986bf7df92035a69de5b800376645e0a0
<openfpga-github> Glasgow/master 60cf959 whitequark: applet.jtag.pinout: also probe TRST# if pulldowns are detected....
<whitequark> ugh NFS
<travis-ci> whitequark/Glasgow#87 (master - 60cf959 : whitequark): The build has errored.
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<Bob_Dole> what's it take to make a pci host controller? can a risc-v and pci host controller fit on the ecp5 comfortably?
<Bob_Dole> pci is something I just want.
<whitequark> pci or pcie?
<Bob_Dole> pci, because a bridge chip is an option.
<Bob_Dole> pcie would be nice but a bridge chip is an option.
<Bob_Dole> (if needed at all.)
<whitequark> pci isn't really complex at all
<SolraBizna> plain old PCI is probably easier to implement from scratch than DDR4
<Bob_Dole> I thought it wasn't, thought an ice40 could implement it.
<whitequark> yeah
<whitequark> isn't it just address, data, strobes
<SolraBizna> plus a few interrupt lines and some control signals
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<Bob_Dole> but pci+risc-v+some sort of Memory Controller
<sorear> we know pcie on ecp5 is a thing bc lattice offers a core for it
<Bob_Dole> soft core yeah, I saw that
<sorear> idk if there’s a usable open pcie
<whitequark> litepcie? :P
<Bob_Dole> but I kinda want something that I have a chance in hell of getting SolraBizna to design. >.>
<Bob_Dole> and fit it all together logically.
<Bob_Dole> and I solder
<sorear> litepcie is neat
<sorear> so uhhhhhhhh
<sorear> how many person-years to an open tb endpoint
<Bob_Dole> tuberculosis?
<pie___> pci over tuberculosis
<SolraBizna> sourcing tuberculosis bacteria that are rated for operation at 33MHz is... difficult
<pie___> watchlist++
<zkms> i'm vaccinated against tuberculosis, can't say the same for thunderbolt.
<SolraBizna> the fastest I've seen were 18μHz
<SolraBizna> I'm sure Moore's Law will fix this eventually
<sorear> tb3 is extremely cursed but laptop usable Pcie on a fpga board would be fun maybe
<zkms> thats what m.2 is for ;p
<sorear> Then I’d need an external drive to boot from:p
<sorear> Also that imposes dimensional constraints
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<sorear> litepcie seems to have a lot of hardcoded 32s
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