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<Lord_Nightmare> ej5 (When he comes back): <- I'm thinking about contacting H.S. Elovitz and asking her about her work on human voice interface stuff at the NRL in the 1970s
<Lord_Nightmare> i have a feeling her work on the NRL report ( builds on Doug Mcilroy's 'speak' program for unix v3 (
<Lord_Nightmare> the way speak parses its rules required a fairly elaborate line-by-line parsing engine
<Lord_Nightmare> i believe doug took this half-finished engine from the speak project, rewrote it to be more generic and useful, and released it as 'awk'
<Lord_Nightmare> so i think speak.c is a proto-awk
<Lord_Nightmare> actually it was kernighan who did that. hmm
<Lord_Nightmare> so he may have taken mcilroy's code as influence
<andlabs> awk is an acronym that stands for aho weinberger kernighan; none of whom are mcillroy =P
<andlabs> hello I am unix history buff
<andlabs> this is the first time I heard of the speak.c thing
<andlabs> also I have/had the SNOBOL4 book
<andlabs> it is Interesting
<andlabs> for whatever reason they included a factorial program as an example program near the end
<Lord_Nightmare> andlabs you know more about awk than i do
<Lord_Nightmare> but read mcilroy's paper about speak and you can see that some of the proto-design for awk was there
<Lord_Nightmare> the actual speak.c source code is a MESS of pre-k&r c and requires some major TLC to compile let alone run
<Lord_Nightmare> it relies on multi-byte char constants packed into 36 bit words and other early C Bullshit
<Lord_Nightmare> is the speak.c recovered from unused sectors in the disk pack image
<Lord_Nightmare> note one sector was overwritten with garbage, but in the middle of the phoneme lookup table, and we know what data is supposed to be there
<Lord_Nightmare> is my best guess recovery of that missing sector, including comments which add up to the exact size of the original sector
<Lord_Nightmare> cubexyz compiled speak.c and it runs on a pdp11
<Lord_Nightmare> so that fix did work
<Lord_Nightmare> is speak.v recovered from the tape as well
<Lord_Nightmare> is speak.m re-generated from speak.v by cubexyz on his pdp11
<Lord_Nightmare> the original speak.m on the disk pack had been almost completely overwritten, but you're SUPPOSED to re-generate it from speak.v
<Lord_Nightmare> its possible someone had deletd speak.m earlier hence more was overwritten
<Lord_Nightmare> two derived versions of speak.c survived, one hacked up for the SPOUT synthesizer in 1976
<Lord_Nightmare> actually no
<andlabs> hm
<Lord_Nightmare> the MANUAL for the second one survived but not the source code
<Lord_Nightmare> second one was for the OLIVE synthesizer
<Lord_Nightmare> sadly the .c file for that one is lost
<Lord_Nightmare> the .v rules file survives though
<andlabs> if we have these raw disks, I'm still hoping the Linotron font definitions based on the Graphic System C/A/T fonts can be rediscovered someday
<Lord_Nightmare> well we have the unix v6 docs disk which these were found, its on TUHS
<Lord_Nightmare> you could also beg warren to dig in the non public source archives and see if what you want is in there
<Lord_Nightmare> tuhs has a bunch of stuff they can't make public
<Lord_Nightmare> sunos source etc
<Lord_Nightmare> because O.R.A.C.L.E. might come knocking
<andlabs> I don't know if that's gonna be there
<andlabs> these are the font files used to print the bell labs books
<andlabs> kernighan couldn't dig them out though when he tried so :/
<andlabs> v6 might be too old
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