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<andlabs> `super magic drive`
<andlabs> also remember that samples on SNES games are compressed
<andlabs> and that ROM is expensive
<andlabs> cartridge games were not usually larger than a 1.44MB floppy disk back then
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<superctr__> i think the SNES biggest memory contraint is the 64kb of audio RAM (which has to fit sound driver, samples, echo buffer, music sequences, sound effects, etc)
<superctr__> if you could use the whole cartridge for music all at once it would probably sound better
<superctr__> the BRR compression also isn't that bad by itself, the SNES also filters the samples to hell and back making them very muffled
<superctr__> Certainly it's not as "destructive" as 4kbps opus
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<cr1901_modern> andlabs: If I were to do something that's an extreme waste of time, like, hypothetically, parsing utf-8 on DOS (I swear it's hypothetical), would this library be enough for all my UTF-8 parsing needs?
<andlabs> if and only if you can get it to compile
<andlabs> I don't know what the state of C99 on MS-DOS is
<andlabs> so if not you will need ot make changes possibly
<cr1901_modern> stdint.h works, VLAs work, designated initializers _might_ work
<cr1901_modern> anything else I should care about?
<andlabs> no
<andlabs> stdint.h and type requirements are really the nly things
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