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<natarii> dragon's fury, contra hard corps, TMNT hyperstone heist, gauntlet iv, elemental master, wolfchild
<natarii> herzog zwei
<cr1901_modern> Sword of Vermilion
<natarii> one of the power rangers games is good, i think it's "the movie" one
<natarii> sunset riders, verytex, zero wing
* natarii names half of the entire game library, oops
<cr1901_modern> Basically everything that's not GEMS :P? (I'm kidding, no GEMS hate is allowed here)
<m4t> loaded it up with all of them, thanks
<natarii> haven't even touched on homebrew stuff yet ;p
<cr1901_modern> Oh right. Sub Terrania
<cr1901_modern> Anything by Jesper Kyd, basically
<m4t> natarii: did you ever consider wifi or usb remote control?
<natarii> considered, didn't implement
<natarii> when i was laying out the desktop one i decided "no wifi" and ran traces under the antenna, so enabling wifi is probably not a good idea at this point
<natarii> some simple usb (serial) control wouldn't be too hard
<cr1901_modern> NEC remote (if there's GPIO left for it)?
* m4t looks at gerber
<natarii> two spare IOs are on the bottom
<natarii> Babby's First Hardware Project. i have some regrets
<cr1901_modern> Only need one I/O (if GND, PWR, and resistor can be added as well)
<m4t> natarii: you mean unrouted on the esp32 module?
<m4t> SD2/SD3
<natarii> EX_A and EX_B pads on the bottom of the pcb
<natarii> i think they're gpio25 and 26
<m4t> ah i see them now right above the lcd header
<natarii> SD2 and SD3 are connected to the flash inside the module, so you can't really use them for anything else. it's kind of a pain actually
<cr1901_modern> Does megagrrl have an FPGA (I forget)?
<natarii> no
<natarii> esp32 only
<cr1901_modern> Well I imagine esp32 will be just fine bitbanging this, but you'll have to receive remote cmds one bit at a time
<natarii> there's actually a RMT peripheral that's meant for this kind of thing
<m4t> yeah, i think my ir transmitter in the bedroom uses that via esphome
<m4t> probably "This component is more accurate on the ESP32, since that chipset has a dedicated peripheral for sending exact signal sequences.
<natarii> might pull a sensor out of something and put some code together. i guess the trouble would be deciding on a specific remote to support, or doing the ui to let you program your own keys for the various functions
<cr1901_modern> Official megagrrl remote
<natarii> reasonable enough
<m4t> i've got an nec pretty similar to that, but it's missing the key where the play/pause button is on the adafruit one.
<natarii> maybe having it be programmable is best, and the default settings can be for the adafruit one
<racoon> oh god i forgot gauntlet iv. also i didn't mention zero wing because i feel weird about really enjoying the game for non meme reasons, even its developers think it's kinda bad
<racoon> i also really enjoy the OST of sunset riders obscure arcade only sequel mystic warriors
<racoon> it's a very wonderful game. extremely 90s in every way possible
<natarii> i remember loading up gauntlet iv thinking it would just be arcade gauntlet, and was blown away by the soundtrack (and partially because it had music at all)
<natarii> it got me hooked on megadrive tunes
<racoon> we're gonna fill my stupid attic in berlin with CRTs and other useless cute stuff, please visit when it's finished to play gauntlet, i'm really bad at it
<natarii> i'm probably no better lol
<natarii> but yes :3
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<cr1901_modern> racoon: >also i didn't mention zero wing because i feel weird about really enjoying the game for non meme reasons
<cr1901_modern> Ngl... I didn't know this was possible (for "non meme reasons"), but all the power to you. The soundtrack of the arcade version (OPL) is kickass
<racoon> Arcade version is unplayable due to flashing
<racoon> it's a nice easy hori shooter made by people who had no idea how to do horis
<cr1901_modern> what's a hori shooter? *Looks up*
<racoon> AFAIK it was literally a test for some new Toaplan employees that somehow got released
<racoon> horizontal
<cr1901_modern> Ahhh
<cr1901_modern> Yea, I unironically like this more than the Genesis version
<racoon> Toaplan hardware was all very FM and mega-drivey
<cr1901_modern> Snow Bros is the only other one I know offhand (also a good soundrack)
<cr1901_modern> OH HOLY SHIT the flashing's horrible
<racoon> yep
<cr1901_modern> It does have a neat "reverse-Galaga" idea with tractor beams tho
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<andlabs> note that the Toaplan games from that time period used OPL chips
<andlabs> I bring that up to say that PC games had no excuse =P
<andlabs> even though this song is fairly basic
<andlabs> " seems like there were a good number of arcade games whose music was vastly improved on the console ports around this era. this and Midnight Resistance are the most obvious examples that stand out to me. guess on top of the hardware catching up, the extra dev time on the ports may have allowed the composers to give the songs a once-over "
<andlabs> midnight resistance
<andlabs> okay you want a smackdown
<andlabs> er wait they'r saying the console ports are better
<andlabs> I misred
<andlabs> but yeah it's not like Zero Wing used outdated hardware in 1990 or so
<andlabs> =P
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<fseidel> IMO Toaplan's arcade games always sound better than the MD port, except for Zero Wing
<fseidel> (and V-Five/Grind Stormer's MD port gets _way_ too much hate, music wise. It's actually pretty good)
<TD-Linux> battle garegga
<fseidel> this is classic Masahiro Yuge, just not as rich as the arcade YM2151 version:
<cr1901_modern> fseidel: Funny, because I LIKE the arcade zero wing soundtrack more
<cr1901_modern> though maybe b/c I've heard the Genesis version in the meme too much
<cr1901_modern> Wiki page > List of "near universally agreed upon best FM synth soundtracks"
<cr1901_modern> there would be some level of consensus there
<cr1901_modern> (e.g. I'm not sure I know of anyone who thinks Thunder Force IV is bad)
<fseidel> cr1901_modern: some british gaming magazine from the time called TFIV's music "ear grating" or something in their review
<fseidel> so someone hates it
<cr1901_modern> They are wrong :)
<fseidel> clearly someone with horrible taste
<fseidel> yes, exactly :-)
<natarii> oh speaking of ear grating fm guitars
<natarii> battle mania daiginjou!
<fseidel> I love that BGM so much
<cr1901_modern> Oh right... that one. I like it too
<fseidel> Fumito Tamayama is pretty underrated
<fseidel> his work on DecapAttack is also top notch
<natarii> daiginjou is one of those soundtracks that really makes me wish they were longer proper ~songs~
<natarii> rather than somewhat short loops
<cr1901_modern> The guitar reminds me of a SNES sample (SpinDizzy), tbh
<natarii> same with herzog zwei
<cr1901_modern> battle mania daiginjou sounds very noisy (in a good way)
<natarii> yeah
<cr1901_modern> like it's deliberately overdriving the operators to be _just_ on the cusp of sounding like a trainwreck
<fseidel> IIRC the guitars on Hotdog Storm are pretty similar, and I think that's also Tamyama
<fseidel> they're delightfully raw and scratchy
<cr1901_modern> What a name ._.
<fseidel> (the game is a vertical shmup that only features hotdogs on the title and high score screens, what a ripoff)
<cr1901_modern> Title screen sounds like something Umemoto would do
<cr1901_modern> (see: YU-NO or EVE: Burst Error)
<cr1901_modern> That damn bass
<natarii> i've been meaning to dig deeper into OPNA stuff
<natarii> chip sounds so lovely, coming from the 2612 with its cheesy dac
<cr1901_modern> fseidel: There's also ketchup bottles on the high score screen. WHAT. IS. THIS?!
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<fseidel> this is actually YM2203 IIRC
<fseidel> sadly the game doesn't really live up to the wackiness, it's pretty bland