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<protosphere> cr1901_modern: Here's that TDSCOM disk you asked about a while back (from the s32k kit)
<cr1901_modern> Why thank you protosphere :D!
<cr1901_modern> You have done a wonderful service. Well, for me anyway
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<cr1901_modern> Foone: Something to add to your wiki? (ADF-Copy)
<Foone> already on there.
<cr1901_modern> ahh
<cr1901_modern> This is that CGA game with the stealth marketing campaign pretending it was a beta from the 80s, right?
<cr1901_modern> Kinda like Arc Symphony
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<Foone> cr1901_modern: kinda, yes.
<Foone> that one pretends to be a remake of a lost game
<Foone> with the original only existing in a partial broken copy, that was uploaded onto the internet archive
<Foone> (and has been proven to not be old)
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<cr1901_modern> Something doesn't sit right w/ me about their marketing campaign. First off, I wish they were upfront it's a marketing stunt. Second off, feels like they could've been far more elaborate w/ it.