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<cr1901_modern> ej5: I don't question your thread, but... I honestly didn't know transmission towers like that went back to the 1920s ._.
<ej5> earlier than that, they started building that line in the teens
<cr1901_modern> the shape of the tower in the 1933 image very closely resembles some near where I live
<cr1901_modern> I guess even back then transmission line tower shapes were standardized?
* cr1901_modern reads your link
<ej5> more or less
<ej5> the period from the 1880s to the 1910s were full of rapid innovation for electrical power generation and distribution
<cr1901_modern> Indeed! I just wasn't aware transmission line towers were among them (not knowing much about how power transmission was done in the good ol' days. I just figured it was more localized)
<cr1901_modern> >Construction of the Canyon Dam to impound Lake Almanor at Big Meadows began in 1910.
<cr1901_modern> So, yea... a while ago
<cr1901_modern> Wonder how old the transmission lines near me are... at least as old as me lmao
<ej5> it's amazing how much work it took to put them all in
<ej5> lots of labor back when it was relatively cheap
<ej5> amazing how the company would throw all that away by letting the lines basically decay
<cr1901_modern> $$$$$? (No excuses)
<ej5> favoring short term profits over long term profits? it seems pretty foolish from any standpoint
<cr1901_modern> Cash out before the short term profits disappear :P? More seriously, I'm not surprised. Humanity is exceptionally bad at long term goals.
<ej5> indeed
<cr1901_modern> Have YOU ever wanted to design a transmission tower? Well, now you can! :D
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<mrbeefed002288> So does anyone know about the SWP series tone generators?
<mrbeefed002288> Are they similar to GEW8?
<superctr> no idea
<superctr> only way to figure out would be to reverse engineer something that uses said chip
<mrbeefed002288> The PSR-530 uses the SWP00M
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<Lord_Nightmare> <Foone> plus I'd bet money that the RE'd source is better than the leaked source <- I've been told by someone who does reverse engineering for a living that the RE'd source is better in many ways
<Lord_Nightmare> I can tell for certain that the RE'd source is more portable
<superctr> reminds me of something
<superctr> the RE'd Super Mario 64 source vs the leaked source
<superctr> the leak had at least 80% of the code as precompiled objects
<superctr> It would be useless to use the leak to build anything other than a N64 binary
<Lord_Nightmare> maybe that's why nintendo just released sm64 for switch as a ROM running in a hacked up emulator which injects hires textures for ui elements and some other things
<Lord_Nightmare> rather than recompiling it from the source
<Lord_Nightmare> which would have allowed them to run it in widescreen aspect ratio, much more easily replace models/textures, etc
<cr1901_modern> >the leak had at least 80% of the code as precompiled objects
<cr1901_modern> Ahhh
<cr1901_modern> Anyways, this was about a year ago, but I didn't think the SM64 RE'd source was that pleasant to read.
<cr1901_modern> Lots of data structure info was available that predates the source that was more pleasant to read
<cr1901_modern> But a year is a long time
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