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<ej5> a synth chip you've never heard of before
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<andlabs> was that ever actually a thing
<andlabs> is!
<andlabs> not *was*, *IS*
<andlabs> although that 'not for new designs' makes it seem discontinued
<andlabs> ah, @mister_borogove already found that
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<Stilett0> ^^ paging Lord_Nightmare :)
<Lord_Nightmare> ?
<Lord_Nightmare> what the hell is that thing? an 8051?
<Lord_Nightmare> no, its a mask ROM 8048
<Lord_Nightmare> should be easily dumpable
<Lord_Nightmare> if we can get one
<Lord_Nightmare> compare the pinout on the product page to an mcs-48
<Lord_Nightmare> it could, i guess, be an 8041 or 8042 as well
<Lord_Nightmare> nope, pin 6 is an /INT input so its 8048 or 8049
<Lord_Nightmare> if we can obtain one its relatively easily dumped
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<andlabs> what is that in response to
<andlabs> the sound chip????
<andlabs> how would that be a mask ROM???
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