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<wens> oliv3r: have you received your A23 tablet yet?
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<rellla> yeah, he's back
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<massifr> hi, everybody, I'm looking for help with my A20-olinuxino that doesn't want to boot anymore
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<massifr> when I power it on, only the red power led lights on; the green one that flashed during boot from micro-SD never lights on any more
<massifr> today I've tried entering FEL mode: hold RECOVERY button on power on, then connected the board to my PC through the USB-OTG connector, but no device seems to appear on my linux PC
<massifr> lsusb should list the board too (Bus 001 Device 074: ID 1f3a:efe8, as stated in http://http://linux-sunxi.org/FEL), but it does not
<massifr> except for the red led, the board seems dead
<massifr> has anyone any suggestions?
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<mnemoc> moin
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<cubear> massifr: What does the serial connection say?
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<tipolosko> hi :)
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<tipolosko> is experimental/sunxi-3.10 quite usable for daily use? i'm using sunxi-3.4 but i have stability problems (maybe unrelated to kernel itself, but need to try a different one to see)
<hramrach> hello
<Wizzup> tipolosko: what kind of stability problems
<hramrach> 3.10 does not have display drivers
<hramrach> and some other random drivers
<hramrach> unless somebody merged when I was not looking, heh
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<tipolosko> well, i use my mk802 as home server, so no display attached
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<rm> kenel being the source of unstability is very unlikely
<rm> kernel*
<tipolosko> i have random freeze, from 2 hours to 2-3 days of uptime
<tipolosko> already applied a quite huge heatskink
<rm> do you use the original MK802 with an included power adapter?
<tipolosko> i think i'll have to monitor serial output
<tipolosko> but i have to solder it :)
<tipolosko> no
<tipolosko> standard atk power supply
<tipolosko> (well, mini atx)
<rm> ...mkay
<rm> just keep in mind that PSU quality is one major source of problems
<tipolosko> can cpufreq be a source of freeze?
<rm> maybe try with something different if you can
<tipolosko> wel, i know, so i'mplanning to build a better one
<tipolosko> and add some capacitor to the board
<tipolosko> i will for sure
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<tipolosko> so 3.4 is stable enough to not be a source of freeze..
<tipolosko> rm: are you the owner of romanrm.net ?
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<tipolosko> leaving, thank you for help :)
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<Net147> sometimes I get a long delay (from 15 seconds up until a couple of minutes) during shutdown before my board powers off. it happens when sending SIGKILL to remaining processes. has anyone else experienced this?
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<Superpelican> torindel: Does 3.4.79 have USB OTG (host) support?
<Superpelican> torindel: Can't get my USB keyboard to work with 3.4.79, it worked with 3.0
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<pireaa> hy
<pireaa> where i can fiind an example of kms driver?
<pireaa> and how must be implemented sunxi-kms?
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<pireaa> libv ??
<mnemoc> pireaa: libv is already implementing sunxi-kms
<pireaa> and where is source?
<pireaa> mnemoc ?
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<mnemoc> pireaa: no idea :p
<mnemoc> tried libv's github?
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<pireaa> yes' nothing there
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<Net147> what's the difference between emac and gmac drivers?
<wens> emac has no dma, bad performance
<Net147> are they interchangeable? I can use gmac driver as a compatible replacement for emac driver?
<wens> they are not interchangable _drivers_, they are completely different hardware
<Net147> I see
<wens> it just so happens that they are muxed on the same pins, and gmac supports whatever emac can use
<Net147> so what should I use for A20-OLinuXino-MICRO ?
<wens> use gmac on mainline
<wens> not sure about 3.4
<Net147> I am using sunxi-3.4
<Net147> it does have SUNXI_GMAC kernel option
<pireaa> wens gmac works with cubieboard?
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<wens> pireaa: on cubieboard2
<Net147> I don't think sunxi-3.4 has option to use (10/100) MII PHY which I would need for my board.
<wens> A10 doesn't have GMAC
<wens> Net147: maybe not :(
<Net147> there is a patch on the mailing list to add it - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/linux-sunxi/NxuM-NogniA/iitQsNT9TSMJ
<pireaa> sad
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<Net147> is someone going to merge my sunxi-3.4 patch to change the I2C speed from 200 kbit/s to 100 kbit/s?
<Net147> a bit of a mismatch between sunxi-3.4 and mainline. mainline is using 100 kbit/s standard mode I2C speed.
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<ssvb> mnemoc: ^
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<Superpelican> buZz: Is the USB OTG (host) port supposed to not work with 3.4.79?
<buZz> no clue, havent used it
<Superpelican> buZz: my USB keyboard worked with 3.0
<Superpelican> buZz: it doesn't work anymore with 3.4.79, even when the sun4i-keyboard driver is built-in
<buZz> why do you even want to use the OTG port for that
<buZz> instead of the normal host port
<Superpelican> buZz: What do you mean?
<Superpelican> buZz: OTG == host ?
<buZz> no
<Superpelican> ok
<Wizzup> buZz: It sounds like he wants the board to act as hid keyboard
<Wizzup> but maybe I am misinterpreting what he is sayin
<Superpelican> Wizzup: no
<Superpelican> I just want to temporarily use my usb keyboard with the tablet
<Superpelican> to set it up
<buZz> 'mini usb jack' = OTG port
<Superpelican> ok
<buZz> 'USB A port * 2' = host port
<Superpelican> ok
<buZz> so, do you mean the OTG port?
<Superpelican> well it's just a 'normal' USB port
<buZz> no
<Superpelican> the same as you find on laptops, desktops etc
<buZz> the OTG isnt a 'normal' USB port
<Superpelican> ok
<buZz> its a hybrid host and client port
<Superpelican> but the 'normal' host port is supposed to work?
<buZz> so you mean the 'USB A port * 2' ?
<buZz> yeah that works fine
<Superpelican> Well it doesn't work with my keyboard
<buZz> do you get an error in dmesg when you plug it in?
<Superpelican> and the light of my USB stick also stays off when I plug it in
<Superpelican> buZz: well I can't use dmesg
<buZz> yes you can
<Superpelican> because I don't have a keyboard
<buZz> you can ssh into your machine
<Superpelican> no
<buZz> no network?
<Superpelican> I first have to set up WiFi
<Superpelican> that's the problem
<Wizzup> are you sure the board starts properly
<Superpelican> The only reason I want to use the keyboard is to set up the wifi
<buZz> why not use the UART then
<Superpelican> well... ....it's a tablet
<Superpelican> And I'd rather not mess with the hardware
<buZz> ah
<buZz> good point
<Superpelican> I suck at soldering
<buZz> i need to poke my friend with a A10 tablet to gift it to me
<Superpelican> :)
<Superpelican> my hand isn't quite steady
<Superpelican> buZz: I have already been fighting hours last weekend, trying to get the tablet to automatically set up network
<Superpelican> buZz: install wireless-tools and wpa_supplicant from .debs using upstart
<Superpelican> but it still doesn't work
<buZz> needs configuration
<Superpelican> I know
<Superpelican> but it doesn't even install the .debs
<buZz> are they even the right architecture? :)
<Superpelican> I'm letting dpkg output to a file
<Superpelican> and then I open the file on my computer
<Superpelican> at least if it exists
<Superpelican> yes
<Superpelican> armhf
<Superpelican> from the linaro repo's
<Superpelican> oh no
<Superpelican> there aren't from the linaro repo's
<Superpelican> ports.ubuntu.com
<buZz> keep sure that they -match- what rootfs you have installed
<buZz> you cant willy nilly mix&match
<Superpelican> :nod:
<buZz> this isnt winderp
<Superpelican> buZz: I got them from http://ports.ubuntu.com/pool/main/w/wireless-tools/
<Superpelican> and then chose the armhf package
<buZz> are you running ubuntu?
<buZz> are you running a armhf version of ubuntu?
<Superpelican> yes
<Superpelican> buZz: I had previously installed the .debs
<Superpelican> on my previous SD card setup
<Superpelican> when I was still using my 3.0 kernel
<Superpelican> buZz: so the .debs and the rootfs are fine
<buZz> well, sorry, i dont have time for this
<Superpelican> ok
<Wizzup> htop
<Wizzup> oops.
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* Wizzup wonders why his (new) sunxi kernel for a10 cubieboard hangs after: <6>Calibrating delay loop..
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<Wizzup> I did re-create the config from scratch (well, scratch, the sunxi defconfig), and it's a newer commit than my previous kernel
<Turl> Wizzup: crappy power supply?
<Turl> you were having some random issues the other day too weren't you?
<Wizzup> Turl: different device
<Wizzup> and that was a bad usb cable
<Wizzup> which is now no longer amongst us
<Wizzup> ok, so I switched back to a previous commit - enabled the "old" mmc driver (make oldconfig), now it seems to work
bbrezillon has joined #linux-sunxi
<Wizzup> but that is not the most recent commit...
* Wizzup digs further
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<Wizzup> weird...seems to work when I went back to the most recent commit
* Wizzup dislikes it when he cannot identify the pebcak ;-)
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<wingrime> jemk: I talked with some nouveau guy, he says, that maybe best way will ever be accepted by mainline ,it's not all code in kernel, a driver that will recive {reg,value} structure for work
<wingrime> jemk: one big list wtih value pars
<wingrime> ssvb: ^^^^
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<smotocel69> wayland works great under cubieboard :D
<smotocel69> archlinuxarm
<smotocel69> :)
<Superpelican> smotocel69: great to hear :)
<Superpelican> So Wayland on sunxi is already great?
<smotocel69> Superpelican at me wayland(weston) works :) with closed binary blobs
<Superpelican> It certainly would be great, because on other devices, for example TI OMAP Wayland support still is a mess
<Superpelican> IIRC
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<smotocel69> Superpelican i don't think so
<smotocel69> you just need gles and egl libs
<smotocel69> and wayland should work
<smotocel69> Superpelian i can run wayland just with"LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libdri2.so weston"
<smotocel69> weston-smoke is slooow:))
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<Superpelican> well I know that at least at the Mer Project they're using libhybris to use Android drivers to run Wayland
<Superpelican> buZz: I'm getting wlan0: Error while getting interface flags: no such device when running ifconfig wlan0 up
<Superpelican> buZz: the 8192cu kernel module is loaded
<buZz> checked dmesg?
<Superpelican> well no
<Superpelican> I'll try
<Superpelican> buZz: Should I read through the whole dmesg log or just do | grep "wlan0" ?
<buZz> i would grep on 8192
<buZz> but scanning through might be good aswell
<Superpelican> ok
<smotocel69> Superpelican libhybris is like a loader for android binary
<smotocel69> mali libs is compiled for linux and android and i am using linux libs
<Superpelican> smotocel69: AFAIK libhybris allows you to run binaries linked against bionic in a GNU userland
<smotocel69> Superpelican :) right
<Superpelican> smotocel69: yes, but didn't the mali X11 blobs have bugs?
<smotocel69> Superpelican idk about mali, cedarX have bugs
<buZz> all code has bugs
<Superpelican> buZz: yes
<Superpelican> :)
<smotocel69> :)
<Superpelican> but serious bugs that prevented it from working correctly
<Superpelican> at least with Nemo Mobile
<jemk> wingrime: mainline provides v4l2 codec api for hardware accelerated video, so i will try to use it. i don't like the idea of inventing something new
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<jemk> wingrime: exynos, ti, coda use it, why should we invent something new
<Superpelican> jemk: And http://wandboard.org/ seem to use it too
<wingrime> jemk: I not think mainline will accept all our regsiters
<Superpelican> buZz: "[ 6.429879] usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl8192cu"
<jemk> wingrime: i wouldn't worry about the registers, more about all the header parsing
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<buZz> Superpelican: then the next couple lines
<Superpelican> buZz: Well something weird is going on
<Superpelican> buZz: "[ 7.034223] IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver
<Superpelican> [ 130.521527] init: auto-serial-console main process ended, respawning
<Superpelican> "
<Superpelican> It suddenly jumps from 7 to 130 secs
<wingrime> jemk: I suggest parsing should be in userland , kernel then recive pairs {REG,VALUE} and all required data
<buZz> "[ 6.429879] usbcore: registered new interface driver rtl8192cu" <- just says driver is loaded, -normally- you should get output of the driver aswell
<buZz> loading firmware etc
<Superpelican> buZz: Why does it jump from 7 to 130?
<Superpelican> That doesn't seem right to me
<buZz> maybe nothing happened in the mean time
<Superpelican> How likely is that?
<buZz> 6
<buZz> 6 likely
<jemk> wingrime: then kernel has to check this list to prevent userspace to do evil things, it doesn't simplify much
<buZz> [ 21.232906] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready
<buZz> [ 48.569420] RPC: Registered named UNIX socket transport module.
<buZz> [ 57.690418] ppdev: user-space parallel port driver
<buZz> [19391.484031] usb 2-2: new high-speed USB device number 4 using ehci-pci
<jemk> wingrime: i won't discuss this here again, mainline guys are the ones to discuss this with
<buZz> :)
<buZz> jumps all round
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<jemk> wingrime: others hide this complexity in firmware, is that any better?
<wingrime> jemk: indeed no
<wingrime> jemk: but you intended to send all values to kernel?
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<tipolosko> hi
<Superpelican> buZz: http://pastie.org/9112679
<wingrime> jemk: thats better decide before code
<buZz> that 'registered new interface driver' might just be a modprobe you have added?
<buZz> do you see the USB wifi if you do lsusb ?
<Superpelican> buZz: well I did lsusb > file.txt
<buZz> and ...
<Superpelican> buZz: But I only saw something like Linux Foundation root hub 2.0
<Superpelican> so some USB 2.0 port
<buZz> so its not seeing it
<Superpelican> buZz: lshw -C network also doesn't report anything
<Superpelican> but according to lsmod 8192cu is loaded
<buZz> uses the same interfaces, so yes
<Superpelican> I really don't understand
<buZz> that doesnt mean it works ;)
<Superpelican> it *worked*
<Superpelican> with my previous set up
<buZz> well good, then you can ask yourself about what you need to do to make it work
<Superpelican> buZz: I don't know
<Superpelican> I mean, if it was just something with getting connected
<Superpelican> I could try different utilities/commands
<buZz> i havent used wifi on sunxi
<Superpelican> and edit configuration files etc.
<Superpelican> but this
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<Superpelican> the driver is loaded
<Superpelican> I even copied over the firmware again from the debian package
<tipolosko> Superpelican, what's your hardware?
<Superpelican> (although I doubt it helps)
<Superpelican> it's for rtlwifi
<Superpelican> and IIRC that was the driver that I disabled
<Superpelican> tipolosko: a tablet
<Superpelican> tipolosko: http://linux-sunxi.org/Inet_1 to be specific
<Superpelican> buZz: I could try loading only the 8188eu
<Superpelican> driver
<Superpelican> but I'm pretty sure it's the 8192cu
<tipolosko> i can talk only for my mk802: i wasn't able to see internal wifi card, because it wasn't enabled in script.bin
<Superpelican> and when I had both 8192cu and 8188eu loaded it didn't work either
<buZz> 19:58:25 < tipolosko> i can talk only for my mk802: i wasn't able to see internal wifi card, because it wasn't enabled in script.bin
<buZz> aha!
<buZz> good hint
<tipolosko> btw, even without firmware, lsusb should display the device
<buZz> yeah, even without driver
<Superpelican> buZz: the script.bin should be OK
<Superpelican> the only thing I changed from the original was something related to the RAM IIRC
<buZz> should but isnt?
<Superpelican> well I'll try the original from stock android
<tipolosko> well, you can decompile it and check manually
<Superpelican> yeah but I'm not an expert
<Superpelican> so I doubt I'll be able spot something that's wrong
<tipolosko> ok, let track the problem; if the original is working, we'll check the modded one
<Superpelican> Could emac_used = 0 cause problems?
<tipolosko> the script.bin has the ability to enable-disable the power to the wifi card; so if it's powered down, you can't see it in lsusb (from my mk802 experience)
<tipolosko> mm let's check mine
<Superpelican> But it should at least show up in lshw or lsusb then, right?
<tipolosko> there are 3 usb ports
<tipolosko> no, without power is dead, so can't give usb ids
<Superpelican> tipolosko: yes, but I meant with emac_used = 0 ;)
<Superpelican> "sdio_wifi_used = 0"
<Superpelican> tipolosko: but "usb_wifi_used = 1" & "usb_wifi_usbc_num = 2"
<tipolosko> can you pastebin it?
<Superpelican> Wait, why does it say 2?
<tipolosko> (i'm searching mine)
<Superpelican> Could that mean that my tablet has both a 8188eu and a 8192cu?
<tipolosko> it's the port number where the wifi donle is soldere
<tipolosko> port number two (afaik)
<Superpelican> tipolosko: sure, IIRC I only added some DRAM info to the .fex
<Superpelican> tipolosko: But I also have the original .fex, the .fex of the stock android script.bin
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<Superpelican> tipolosko: the original: http://pastie.org/9112722
<tipolosko> well, i don't have other ideas, so hope that's is a problem in script.bin..
<Superpelican> tipolosko: and the modified: http://pastie.org/9112730
<Superpelican> tipolosko: In the meantime I'll replace the script.bin in my setup with the stock android script.bin
<tipolosko> in [usbc2] usb_host_init_state = 0
<tipolosko> change it to 1
<tipolosko> (mine is 1)
<Superpelican> tipolosko: And I can't damage the device with modding the script.bin?
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<tipolosko> Superpelican: AFAIK you can't damage the cpu itself, but don't know for other devices like lcd.
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<tipolosko> but the value i've suggested you is only related to usb controller
<tipolosko> that value can't damage anything
<Superpelican> ok
<Superpelican> the tablet is now booting with the original android script.bin
<Superpelican> doesn't seem to be working though
<Superpelican> it's saying "Waiting for network configuration"
<tipolosko> meanwhile, can you decompile the android script.bin to see the usbc values?
<tipolosko> (altough android could enable it afterwards..)
<Superpelican> tipolosko: the original script.bin that I posted on pastie.org is the decompiled android script.bin ;)
<tipolosko> d'oh! sorry :)
<Superpelican> tipolosko: I decompiled it a while ago with some sunxi-tools utility bin2fex IIRC
<tipolosko> and what about the one that was booting?
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<tipolosko> i suspect that android can enable the port when the wifi is enabled, so that's why the default is 0
<tipolosko> basically you need to decompile the one that was running before (but without wifi), alter that flag, recompile it and try
<Superpelican> tipolosko: But why did it work with my previous set up then?
<tipolosko> well, don't know; don't even know your old setup :)
<Superpelican> tipolosko: same rootfs, different (3.0 linux-sunxi kernel)
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<Superpelican> tipolosko: Had to ditch the kernel because I found out it didn't have iptables support and I'm converting the tablet into a web server for running Owncloud
<Superpelican> tipolosko: But I also redid the whole partitioning etc.
<Superpelican> So maybe I used a different script.bin
<tipolosko> could be
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<tipolosko> done the same mistake :)
<Superpelican> tipolosko: *but* I could only have used 2 kinds of script.bin's
<Superpelican> the original android one
<Superpelican> or one based on the modified .fex
<Superpelican> but both didn't have the usb option changed
<vector80> Hi everyone, I have a problem with my FT5x TP. This is the 1st time I try to run my TP over debian. Here is what happens when I insmod my kernel module: http://sprunge.us/BKGf
<vector80> Any idea ?
<buZz> i dont see -any- point in investigating why it -did- work before, if you have a clear path in front of you to -do- make it work
<Superpelican> buZz: well the point is, I don't think that "clear path" is going to work because I didn't choose it before when it did work ;)
<buZz> did you try it?
<buZz> no? then try it
<Superpelican> not yet
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<Superpelican> buZz: currently scanning through the new dmesg log with the original android script.bin
<Superpelican> tipolosko, buZz: http://pastie.org/9112764, could this be causing problems
<tipolosko> mmm no, gpio_para configures "additional" gpios
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<tipolosko> the module gpio-sunxi can't find that config in script.bin so it throws an error
<tipolosko> that's a patch to fex file (for other devices, is an example:) that enables wifi
<tipolosko> it modifies the line i've told you before
<tipolosko> "usb_host_init_state for usbc2 needs to be 1 for the wifi driver to properly auto-load. "
<tipolosko> dinner time, bye :)
<tipolosko> Superpelican: try it :D
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<Superpelican> buZz: tipolosko's idea didn't work :(
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<Superpelican> yes
<Superpelican> changed it to 1
<buZz> did you compile the script.bin after editting the script.fex?
<Superpelican> and created a new script.bin with fex2bin
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<Superpelican> deleted the old script.bin first from the sd card
<buZz> what do you see in lsusb now?
<buZz> more?
<Superpelican> nothing
<Superpelican> except the linux foundation root hub stuff
<Superpelican> lshw also nothing
<buZz> are you sure the script.bin is on the right partition?
<Superpelican> yes
<Superpelican> "/dev/sdb1"
<buZz> well, no clue, i have no sunxi device with wifi
<Superpelican> buZz: oh, just checked, I had commented out the code that creates the lshw and lsusb files
<Superpelican> will try again
<buZz> hehe
<Superpelican> buZz: wait a sec
<Superpelican> buZz: I think I was right
<buZz> cool
<buZz> i am more left
<Superpelican> buZz: I think there really is a part of the dmesg log missing
<Superpelican> buZz: while booting the tablet says: "[8.523553] EXT4-fs error .....blahblah..."
<buZz> well its the ubuntu way
<buZz> to not do anything in a normal method
<Superpelican> but everything between 7 and 130 secs is missing
<buZz> try looking at the files in /var/log/ or something
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<Superpelican> buZz: ok, at least ifconfig wlan0 up returns the same error again
<Superpelican> so I don't think it's working
<buZz> good
* buZz is gone
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<Turl> mnemoc: ping
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<jemk> su
<Turl> Password:
<jemk> :P
<JohnDoe_71Rus> ********
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<mnemoc> Turl:
<mnemoc> ssvb: thanks
<Turl> mnemoc: guy said we "can use the same code for the other domain" but I assume that means 2 certs
<Turl> I asked if we can get a single one once again
<Turl> mnemoc: but that's a no, code is only for a single wildcard cert
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<Turl> but we can use the code to claim 2 certs, he said
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<Turl> mnemoc: let me know your thoughts :)
<mnemoc> but you can only have one cert per ip
<mnemoc> regardless the number of "names" in the cert
<kz1> does the axp209 support "turn on when usb power is connected" ?
<mnemoc> .oO(wake on usb? that's fancy)o
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<mnemoc> Turl: if the free cert from the mozilla-approved CA can give all features the current cert from cacert.org gives, I welcome the switch. if not, not.
<kz1> I know the chip has wake on ACIN reg00H[0]
<vector80> cloning linux-sunxi is extremely slow ATM
<vector80> ~60kbps
<Turl> mnemoc: SNI?
<kz1> Theoretically is it possible if the usb power is connected to the same lines or is that just crazy talk?
<Turl> vector80: try cloning from gitorious
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<mnemoc> Turl: SNI = many names in one cert. not many certs in one ip
<rm> it can do both
<rm> you get different certs on romanrm.ru and romanrm.net, despite them being the same IP
<mnemoc> the x509 cert is used before knowing what Host: is required
<mnemoc> s/required/requested/
<mnemoc> .oO
<Turl> mnemoc: no, that's called SAN
<Turl> SNI is a TLS extension
<Turl> basically adding "Host: " equivalent to TLS
<Turl> old clients (like IE6 and 7 on XP) that don't support it still get a default cert
<mnemoc> $ nginx -V 2>&1 | grep SNI
<mnemoc> TLS SNI support enabled
<mnemoc> Turl: get the second cert and we can try
<Turl> mnemoc: I haven't gotten any yet
<Turl> mnemoc: you can try serving the old heartbled certs on sunxi.org if you want to experiment
<Turl> or I can just get both certs :)
<mnemoc> +1 ;-)
<mnemoc> let's experiment with the real thing. less wasted time
<Turl> mnemoc: can you make a pair of csr?
<mnemoc> same private key?
<Turl> uh, dunno
<Turl> let me follow the instructions on the site :p
<Turl> I'll tell you in a bit
<Turl> my ISP just derped routing for like half of the v4 internet
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<mrsalomao> Hi everyone, I have a problem with my cubieboard2 framerate dropping a lot due to simply moving the mouse. Anyone that could help me out?
<libv> mrsalomao: since you found this channel, you know about our wiki
<libv> mrsalomao: type xorg in its search field
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<mnemoc> Turl: /etc/nginx/sunxi_csr_${D}.pem waiting for you
<mrsalomao> Hi, libv. I've just come from that page. It was an open tab here, actually
<Turl> mnemoc: hm, I need an org address
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<mnemoc> Turl: sunxi.org is a domain alias of linux-sunxi.org on the MX
<libv> mrsalomao: if you run fbturbo, you should be using the hw cursor
<mnemoc> Turl: so you should also receive the turl at sunxi org mails
<libv> mrsalomao: then there should be no slowdown, unless something is really screwed with the disp driver
<mrsalomao> libv: Sure, that's what I did. I was using the cubiuntu IMG
<Turl> mnemoc: ok
<mrsalomao> libv: I'll try reflashing the img and playing with the default parameters. But last time, using hwmouse, moving the mouse around made my fps drop from ~350 in es2gears to ~170
<mrsalomao> hwcursor*
<Turl> mnemoc: " The Common Name you have entered does not match the Base Option.
<mnemoc> Turl: openssl req -text -noout -in /etc/nginx/sunxi_csr_sunxi_org.pem
<mnemoc> CN=$D in both
<mnemoc> and *.$D as SAN
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<Turl> mnemoc: maybe they expect a country (C=XX)
<Turl> mnemoc: ah, we're doing it backwards
<Turl> mnemoc: they want *.blah as CN and blah as SAN
<mnemoc> :\
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<mnemoc> Turl: /etc/nginx/sunxi_csr_${D}.pem updated
<Turl> mnemoc: works now
<Turl> mnemoc: /q
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<mrsalomao> Ok, flashed cubiuntu again. Same problem- moving the mouse around causes a framerate drop of about 50fps on es2gears
<mrsalomao> uploading a video to show the problem
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<mrsalomao> There you go http://youtu.be/n2-hC-vGD-w
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<mrsalomao> libv: any ideas what could be causing the behavior observed in the video?
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<ssvb> mrsalomao: "ShadowFB" is on? why?
<tomob> hi guys, I'm new to cubieboard. I have a question - how compatible are images created specifically for cubieboard 2 with cubietruck (cubieboard3). There are more images available for cubieboard 2 than cubietruck and I was just wondering if I can use them with cubietruck?
tomob is now known as blsd
<ssvb> mrsalomao: have you modified the xorg config yourself to add this option? or was it a part of the "cubiuntu" image?
<rm> blsd, should be fully compatible
<rm> may need to copy a different script.bin into the image (it's a small file that can be obtained from your CT)
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<blsd> rm: thanks, gonna try it now
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<mrsalomao> ssvb: that's part of the cubiuntu image, made by ikeeki. I didn't touch a thing. I flashed, booted, run es2gears and recorded. Zero modifications to the original image. Thanks!
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<mrsalomao> Going to do the same test using the "Qbee-X_A20" image. I'll report the results tomorrow. Later!
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