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<ronyrus> I have a real noob question. :) afaiu, when viewing a vcd produced by the simulation the changes in values are epsilon after the rising edge, but in GTKWave it looks on the edge itself.
<ronyrus> Is there a way to change it? Visually it's very confusing.
<whitequark> there isn't
<whitequark> i think all EDA tools produce this kind of waveform output when they assume zero propagation delay
<daveshah> If it did it would start to get very confusing if you were simulating something that had delays in it
<daveshah> eg Verilog delays or post PnR simulation
<ronyrus> I see. Can I supply a propagation delay for the simulation?
<ronyrus> *to the simulation
<ronyrus> as a parameter
<whitequark> nmigen always simulates with zero delay
<whitequark> if the delay was non-zero, it would also probably not match your intuition well
<whitequark> because e.g. there would be an epsilon delay every time you connect something through a comb assignment
<ronyrus> Interesting. I didn't think about it. ok :)
<whitequark> maybe there should be something like distinguishing comb and sync signals in waveform view
<whitequark> so you can see the implicit depenency
<whitequark> but i'm not sure if it would help a lot, because you still have the problem where testbench code can change something an epsilon before a clock or an epsilon after a clock
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<ronyrus> yeah, maybe for the simple case I will just time shift it in GTKWave ...
<ronyrus> right now I'm looking at something super simple, my mental problem is seeing a new value for a signal on 'this' clock, but thinking about it's being registered on the 'next' clock.
<whitequark> yes. i think everyone goes through learning this
<ronyrus> ok, just like muscle memory, will take time to adjust.
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<anuejn> whitequark: do you think, that a pr that adds typing in some places is useful?
<anuejn> e.g. making signal generic over its width
<whitequark> anuejn: that seems like a really complex PR
<anuejn> or would you rather add typing for everything at once?
<whitequark> at least to make it useful
<whitequark> right now i don't have the bandwidth to design or review something like that
<anuejn> ok, i see
<anuejn> thanks anyways
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<anuejn> whitequark: what do you think about making Module a contextmanager-like thingy to support that usecase, that i had a few days ago where i dont want to pass the module and instead have some kind of getter for the current one?
<whitequark> anuejn: i don't have any significant language changes planned for 0.3
<anuejn> okay
<whitequark> what i consider a priority now is the stream interface, nmigen-soc, improving FSMs
<whitequark> and of course cxxsim
<whitequark> in general, there should be no "current global / thread local module" at all
<whitequark> so any ergonomics improvement in that direction would have to be fully local
<whitequark> after 0.3, i'm open to considering improvements in that area; we certainly could use some
<anuejn> at the moment i cant think of any way to improve ergonomics in that area withot something like that
<anuejn> or maybe i didnt understand you right
<whitequark> without something like what?
<anuejn> some way to get some "active" module out of some kind of global scope
<whitequark> there will be no such feature
<anuejn> but lets discuss this further, when it is better suited for your timeline :)
<whitequark> at the very beginning, even before i wrote any code for nmigen, i decided against using implicit global eDSL
<whitequark> so that's not going to change
<anuejn> okay i see your point there
<whitequark> however, that doesn't mean we can't improve ergonomics
<whitequark> we just have to find out some other way
<vup> Do you think a way forward could be some way of attaching a module to signals / a signal, which then automatically gets added as a submodule to the module the signals get used in?
<whitequark> i don't think that's a particularly good design either; though it is one of the more obvious ones
<whitequark> i'm not even sure if the answer lies in extending the current module system, rather than building on top of it
<vup> yeah I am not that convinced of that idea aswell, but it is the best I could come up with
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<Degi> I think ill do a SPI for nmigen-stdio
<whitequark> that's a fairly major task
<Degi> Hm should it support all kinds of SPI, like inverted clock and data and 8/16 bit?
<tpw_rules> and 2 and 4 bit parallel spi
<tpw_rules> :D
<Degi> I think ill start with 1 bit at first, though the thing I'm targeting can use 4 bit parallel
<Degi> Hm should the SPI interface have builtin clock divisor or should that rather be done with a clockdomainrenamer?
<Sarayan> spi? serial stuff?
<Degi> Serial periperal interface
<Degi> For example reprogramming the flash from which you load gateware
<agg> a reasonably generate purpose spi would probably want quite a few knobs and dials
<Sarayan> glasgow works with nmigen by now?
<Degi> Hm at first I just wanted to do the four basic SPI modes with MISO/MOSI interface
<agg> i did a spi master for only writing spi flash devices in about 30loc
<Degi> Hm do you have a link to that?
<agg> but if you want a master/slave, generally n data bits, variable clocks...
<tpw_rules> it was kinda supposed to be general but i didn't need it so i didn't implement it :P
<tpw_rules> that site seems broken
<agg> ?
<tpw_rules> yeah in firefox it didn't load the whole paste and kept giving me the "page is slowing down your browser"
<agg> if you know you're always 8 bits of data, generating a sclk at 1/2 sync clock, always rx+tx in each transaction, it's easy to make something pretty small and simple
<agg> huh
<Degi> works for me in ff
<agg> yea same
<tpw_rules> oh, i opened it in a new tab and now it works...
<agg> i also have a more general spi master that is parameterised over 'n' bits and 'r' clock divider (power of 2), which is a little more code
<agg> and a matching spi slave that's got n data bits and is handles cdc from the spi clock domain
<Degi> Hm I think ill do a n/2 output clock where n is an integer
<agg> but in general for spi flash writing it was so simple to just write ^
<agg> probably worth doing spi master and slave as separate things
<Degi> Hm how can I get vscode to use the docstrings from the nmigen pip package?
<Degi> Oh the code just doesnt contain docstrings...
<ZirconiumX> Degi: it does
<ZirconiumX> Not everything has docstrings though
<Degi> Heh this is the first time I use VSCode tbh... (the last time was Visual Studio a few years ago on windows)
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<Degi> Why is stuff in nmigen indented with spaces instead of tabs?
<ZirconiumX> Degi: Because Python is
<Degi> I think python works with tabs too
<Degi> (at least python3)
<ZirconiumX> It does, but PEP8 (the official python style guide) says 4-space indent
<ZirconiumX> So that's what nmigen uses
<Degi> oh ok
<awygle> Whelp I suppose I should actually be productive today instead of playing 20 drafts of the new MtG set
<cr1901_modern> I stopped playing card games a while b/c interests changed. I looked into them again recently. >>
<cr1901_modern> Feels like card advantage is way too important to all of them.
<cr1901_modern> (If you want to play competitively)
<awygle> I mean yeah that's true. But it's also kind of intrinsic to the medium. This isn't really the right channel for the discussion though lol
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<tpw_rules> mmh boneless is making it hard to do weird flag shit
<awygle> aw, i can't use Consts as case patterns?
<awygle> i guess i can just unwrap them to the Python integer but still seems like that should work
<tpw_rules> how can i have multiple things per case pattern? i can do the mask thing but like i just want to say m.Case((2, 3)) or something
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<Vinalon> you can use a string with Case and use '-' as a wildcard, like `Case( '1-' )` for matching 10 and 11
<tpw_rules> but that doesn't work for m.Case((3,4))
<Vinalon> huh, good point
<Vinalon> it looks like you might be able to use Enums too
<Vinalon> at least, according to the 'Value.matches' comments in hdl/
<miek> i think you can do m.Case(3, 4)
<tpw_rules> so you can. thanks
<awygle> is there a way to mark a case unreachable?
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