alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - <daniels> avoiding X is a huge feature
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<alyssa> tomeu: Just finished code review for the patchset. I'm super thrilled to see this coming together, thank you so much!!
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<alyssa> Going to do some homework, but I guess I can be compiling a kernel in the mean time
<alyssa> Hope I have the space for it
* alyssa mumbles looking for USB-C cable
<alyssa> .......Oh, my, I feel silly
<alyssa> It was *plugged into my computer*
* alyssa blushes
<HdkR> alyssa: Do you need additional storage? :P
<alyssa> HdkR: I use a Chromebook :p
<HdkR> SO yes?
<alyssa> :P
<alyssa> Anyways, let's get this git clone started, and then my homework
<hanetzer> yeah. I need to get around to doing my own homework as well :P
<hanetzer> granted, not due til wednesday so I have time
<alyssa> Mmf
<alyssa> ("Silly slow browser, am I compiling a kernel in the background again? :/")
<alyssa> Er uh why is nouveau on the defconfig for arm?
<alyssa> (Tegra?)
<hanetzer> yep
<alyssa> I don't suppose any serious of weird justifications can get panfrost on the x86 defconfig, huh? :P
<alyssa> ("...SoFIA")
<hanetzer> heh
<alyssa> There are like two chips that contain x86+Midgard
<HdkR> alyssa: Also there are PCIe + ARM devices. So really radeon and nouveau should be in it, along with i965 when the dGPU launches
<alyssa> HdkR: Radeon is not
<alyssa> Just hoping for a reason to get Panfrost on moar devices ;P
<HdkR> Ah. Radeon really should be
<alyssa> As Lyude(?) put it, I want to be able to point to people's devices and say "gay" :P
<HdkR> GL finding a Sofia device
<HdkR> It's a dead product as far as I'm aware
<alyssa> HdkR: I would, but then there wouldn't be one left for our user :(
<HdkR> hah
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<tomeu> HdkR: oops, bitfrost was the name of a project I was involved with a long time ago...
<HdkR> :D
<tomeu> alyssa: talked with bbrezillon about perf counters, and he offered to implement that on the DRM driver
<tomeu> but he's on holidays this week
<tomeu> iiuic, he did that already for vc4
<tomeu> alyssa, robher: I think I answered all that was needed in the ml
<tomeu> need to go back to my other projects, so I probably won't be able to do anything panfrosty until friday at soonest
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<TheCycoONE> before I go out and buy anything - anyone know if usb-c alt mode display port is working on kevin/mainline?
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<mmind00> TheCycoONE: it was working on my Gru-Bob on mainline in the past (but I don't test that too regularly) - so _should_ also work on kevin
<mmind00> eballetbo in #linux-rockchip tries to have an eye on Kevin (or Gru in general), so could ask him if he has more recent experience with it :-)
<mmind00> TheCycoONE: ^^
<TheCycoONE> thanks mmind00
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<alyssa> But blobs \ o /
<alyssa> Well, blob.
<alyssa> mmind00: gru-blob
* mmind00 fears alyssa's punitive look :-)
<mmind00> other dictionary suggests "deprecating stare"
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