alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - <daniels> avoiding X is a huge feature
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<alyssa> HdkR: Incidentally I have a patch on the list for that, I think?
<alyssa> What's the ettiquette on a list for expressing that you *don't* want a patch, you know, without going on a profanity-laced rant or anything?
<HdkR> NAK plus an explanation as to why you don't want it
<hanetzer> a linus-like rant? :P
<HdkR> I didn't realize alyssa Was commenting on something Nvidia related
<alyssa> HdkR: But it's always Nvidia relaetd!
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<alyssa> Okay woah why are we recompiling 460 files all of a sudden
<alyssa> Oh, it's because apt decided to upgrade behind my back. *blinks*
<alyssa> Did I accidentally install Windows when I wasn't paying attention?
<HdkR> destroy unattended-upgrades package
<alyssa> Why on earth does early enabling of AFBC for colour buffers not work, but late enabling is fine
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<alyssa> +afbc_size = ALIGN(n_superblocks * AFBC_HEADER_SIZE, 128);
<alyssa> I.e. note to self, we're supposed to be 128-aligning the metadata_size (I guess they call it the header)
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* hanetzer winks with both eys
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<alyssa> ...How do I download patches off an ML...?
<alyssa> mutt
<ente> patch(1) strips anything before --- filename
<ente> so if you have the mails already, you can just use git apply or patch(1)?
<alyssa> _download_
<ente> if you don't, mailman sometimes has mailing list archives available in mbox format
<ente> figured because you said mutt you already have the mails, sorry
<ente> in mlmmj you can send a request for an individual mail to and it resends the message to you. might be possible with majordomo or mailman too.
<ente> actually I've been wondering myself how I can mirror mailing list archives, since gmane/ are going out of order one after another
<ente> easiest way imo: get the list archive forwarded by someone who has the entire list :)
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<ente> takes some experimenting every time ~.~
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<alyssa> tomeu: You know, I've been trying to push your patches all morning... I think this is a sign nondrm support should be dropped ASAP :P
<alyssa> Upon second thought, I'm just squashing the series.
<alyssa> tomeu: I squashed 2-8 to preserve bisectability without losing my sanity, but it's all pushed. nice!
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<ezequielg> alyssa: if patches are in patchwork, I strongly suggest you use git-pw.
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<alyssa> ezequielg: That requires a patchwork account
<alyssa> No?
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<ezequielg> it might, i guess.
<ezequielg> not too problematic. and hugely useful if you start picking patches oftenly.
<ezequielg> specially with new patchwork, which allows to pick series.
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<alyssa> Also kdJSGsjafgdashkj
<alyssa> Why is git-am such a pain
<alyssa> This is not okay
<ezequielg> pain how?
<ezequielg> i think most developers (including myself) forget to state clearly where patches apply. without a clear base, applying patches is a pain, git-am or not.
<alyssa> I don't get how to deal with conflicts
<alyssa> And now I just tried to merge and that worked but now I have a merge commit and mesa says that's strictly wrong
<alyssa> I have written 0 code today and all I managed to do is fight with git for hours
<ezequielg> git am (conflicts) then git apply --reject, you fix manually and add, and then git am --cont.
<ezequielg> painful but it is what it is
<alyssa> ?
<ezequielg> that is how you deal with conflicts: git am and then git apply --reject
<ezequielg> to get rid of a merge commit, git rebase and then deal again with the same conflicts.
<ezequielg> painful, yes, welcome to our daily world.
<alyssa> What the heck I thought I /quit'd this
<alyssa> I guess I need to wack the bouncer
<alyssa> Regardless, I will not be solving this. Somebody else can merge my patches on the mailing list. I don't want to play maintaininer; I just want to write code. That's not too much to ask for, though then again, but it is.
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