alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - <daniels> avoiding X is a huge feature
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<alyssa----> tomeu: Ugh
<alyssa----> There's a solution, but... it's a PITA and I was hoping to push it off
<alyssa----> (Namely, we have to "convert" the buffer into AFBC first. So, create a new AFBC backing, draw a textured quad across the surfacce to load the old tiled contents, do your rendering, and when that finishes free the tiled surface and use that as the new pointer)
<alyssa----> chewitt: Awesome!
<alyssa----> Lyude: I'd push off scheduling as long as possible
<alyssa----> chewitt: As for the log, I have no idea what that's about, tomeu ^^?
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<alyssa----> tomeu: FWIW, though, if you force linear (should_tile = false), gnome-shell gets a lot farther
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<alyssa----> Our viewport handling is so wrong, ack
<alyssa----> That bug is single-handedly responsible for way too many deqp failures
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<anarsoul|2> alyssa----: viewport transformation?
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<fysa> is Ubuntu cosmic w/rk3399 a good environment for testing panfrost?
<fysa> cosmic unstable
<fysa> or should I revert back to standard Armbian Bionic due to more commonality with the community?
<alyssa----> anarsoul|2: Like, how we handle glViewport()
<alyssa----> fysa: Not sure what people are using..
<fysa> is kernel 5.0 needed?
<alyssa----> Depends on which kernel driver you want
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<HdkR> How do people sanely review patches on an ML? :P
<alyssa----> HdkR: If it shows up in my inbox, I hit reply and vim pops up and I just read through / leave comments like any other mail
<alyssa----> If it doesn't show up in my inbox, I don't look at it :)
<HdkR> lol
<HdkR> I'm so used to the ability to collapse review something that this is...foreign on the review side
<alyssa----> HdkR: gitlab review is unusable for me soo
<HdkR> Yea, I just need to figure out how to sanely review in this workflow
<HdkR> I've only been on the pushing side with ML workflow :D
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<Lyude> HdkR: whatcha reviewing?
<HdkR> looking at some panfrost patches
<Lyude> ah
<HdkR> Since I can now review things! :D
<alyssa----> HdkR: Huzzah :)
<HdkR> alyssa----: btw, has Midgard 1st changed behaviour yet?
<alyssa----> HdkR: Midgard 1st gen is great, because I haven't tested it :)
<alyssa----> To use robher's choice of phrase
<HdkR> Well, mostly mean has it differed since I last poked at the XU4 :P
<HdkR> I presume you're also still using the RockPro64 device?
<HdkR> need to get a feel for where things are again since I now have time
<alyssa----> HdkR: I'm using the rockpro for panwrap and the kevin for mesa
<HdkR> Ah, alright
<alyssa----> Also, a *lot* of new ALU ops are turning up. Neato squeato.
<HdkR> :D
<HdkR> I should probably keep an XU4 "untainted" for wrapping
<alyssa----> :P
<alyssa----> HdkR: You got it backwards, I think
<HdkR> :D
<alyssa----> If it's possible to wrap on the device, it's tainted
<HdkR> sure
<HdkR> alyssa----: Also has piglit running status changed?
<alyssa----> HdkR: dEQP dEQP dEQP dEQP dEQP dEQP
<alyssa----> Piglit? What's that?
<alyssa----> dEQP is what I use :)
<alyssa----> chrisf: <3
<HdkR> lol
<alyssa----> Oh, so there are a set of ball/bany ops for uvecs too (separate from ivecs)
<alyssa----> So many new ops aaa
<Lyude> Anyone have any recommendations for guides to get started with understanding nir?
<Lyude> I understand the concept of ssa and all that, just trying to figure out where to get started with understanding how to write something with it
<alyssa----> Lyude: There's no docs, silly :P
<alyssa----> I learned what I know from reading the compilers for vc4/v3d/freedreno-ir3, and the NIR codebase itself of course