alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - <daniels> avoiding X is a huge feature
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* alyssa blinks
* ente blinks back
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* alyssa has a blinking competition with ente
* ente start blinking rather aggressively
<HdkR> Far more wholesome than a staring contest
<alyssa> HdkR: It's like a moisturizing spa treatment for your eyelids!
* ente attaches additional windshield wipers
<ente> from what I heard, people start blinking more when they get tired. Given that it's 2:38 AM over here, I'm probably outblinking you.
<ente> the windshield wipers are just for show. good night!
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<alyssa> Blaaaaargh, I miss Panfrost. Let's write some code!
<alyssa> a few minutes, apparently there are 3500 insertions since last time I pulled, mesa will take a little while to rebuild :p
<hanetzer> heh
<alyssa> Warnings? in MY driver?
<anarsoul> :)
<hanetzer> its more likely than you think /meme
<alyssa> Tough nut to crack
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<HdkR> cwabbott: Did you get my PM with tracking information btw?
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<tomeu> ok, reworked the uapi to have one atom per ioctl, and seems to be workign much better
<tomeu> it's also nice to use sync points instead of atom nr
<alyssa> Woo!
<tomeu> which we have been able to drop now :) \o/
<alyssa> tomeu: "working better" as in any of the hard demos have bug fixes?
<tomeu> -bshadow on wayland renders better
<tomeu> I think flush wasn't working correctly before
<alyssa> Yay!
<robher> hanetzer: I don't think the 'Panfrost Team' is a valid copyright holder, so I plan to change those to your name. Okay? And should I put anyone else?
<robher> standard IANAL disclaimer applies.
<hanetzer> robher: sure. and unsure about others, git log's tellings is fine by me
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<hanetzer> robher: addressed your static/panfrost_ comments :)
<robher> hanetzer: okay, I'll merge it today.
<hanetzer> I'll look into some more useful bits to add
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<hanetzer> robher: actually don't merge... for some reason I'm getting odd-ish build errors
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<hanetzer> unknown type name panfrost_device
<robher> hanetzer: static functions get inlined. Maybe that causes a problem with tracepoints.
<hanetzer> hrm. doesn't appear to be a problem for dwc3's tracepoints
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<hanetzer> got it. static inline
<hanetzer> ah no, I'm just dumbs
<Lyude> 499 unread work emails :(
<hanetzer> wtf...
<belgin> Lyude, i just delete all of them if that happens lol
<belgin> if they're important, someone will scream
<Lyude> unfortunately such strategies don't work at my job :(
<HdkR> Sounds like a good time
<hanetzer> got it.
<Lyude> also yay panfrost kernel driver
<hanetzer> yep
<hanetzer> ok, should be in working order now :)
<chewitt> what repo(s) do I need to plunder to have a crack with the new driver?
<robher> chewitt: panfrost/linux panfrost-5.0-rc4 and tomeu/mesa mainline-driver
<chewitt> thanks
<robher> chewitt: It may all be broken ATM
<chewitt> only one way to find out tho :)
<robher> chewitt: tomeu said he pushed UABI changes but they don't appear to be there. If it's still all the older version you'll be fine. Otherwise, mesa won't build.
<robher> Let's just say things are a moving target.
<hanetzer> no may about it, deffo broke af :D
<HdkR> Oh no, broken anisotropic filtering
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<alyssa> HdkR: I'm pretty sure midgard can't do anisotropic filtering (in hw) :P
<alyssa> HdkR: ....Bifrost can do it??
<HdkR> Looks like it
<alyssa> Fascinating
<HdkR> Not sure if it supports 16x
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