alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - <daniels> avoiding X is a huge feature
<hanetzer> alyssa_: you can do it internally with mtd-utils iirc
<alyssa_> hanetzer: I'm listening :p
<hanetzer> forget the exact program and invocation, but I did it that way. dd if=/dev/mtd0 of=bios.img ; do the gbb stuff, then lemme see if I can remember
<hanetzer> think it was something like flash_eraseall -j /dev/mtd0 && flashcp bios.img /dev/mtd0
<alyssa_> ....Yeah I don't want a brick... ;P
<hanetzer> heh, which is why you copy bios.img away first :)
<alyssa_> hanetzer: Oh, right, so I can reflash it with my nonexistent flash equipment
<hanetzer> ch341a_spi device, $5usd shipped from amazon :P
<alyssa_> Look, I maintain if a general purpose free software solution is inaccessible to my nontechnical grandmother or to my nontechnical close friends, it's of limited utility anyway..
<alyssa_> For many purposes, I'm non-technical... there's a specific sliver of the stack I focus on, and the rest I expect to just work (to paraphrase Torvalds)
<alyssa_> Disassembling a laptop to use external flashing equipment is WAY out of my comfort zone, _and there is zero reason it should be to the contrary_
<hanetzer> fair enough. I mess with everything tho :P
<alyssa_> If that's a prerequisite to using a laptop with free software, free software _has already failed_ on that device. Luckily it's not that bad, but..
<hanetzer> honestly, 'disassembling' is really unfair kevin. 8 screws, phillips.
<hanetzer> unfair to*
<hanetzer> like, its not some massive hp laptop with like 28 screws just to get at the mobo :P
<alyssa_> 8 > 0
<alyssa_> So as far as user friendliness goes, the laptop's still screwed
<hanetzer> fair enough, but its hella easier on the kevin than speedy, thats for sure. granted, I keep damned near all my hardware in various states of disassembly :P
<alyssa_> Technical expertise in any particular area _cannot_ be the price to freedom, or invariably we're in the chains.
<hanetzer> \o/
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<chewitt> @alyssa_ speaking of the technically inexperienced (me and my users) .. any chance you can look at the Kodi default screensavers?
<chewitt> currently if the default savers start (black and dim) the GUI is dead and needs a restart to fix
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<narmstrong> So on RK3399, afbc is limited to 2560x1600 ? So you can’t render full 4k using afbc ?
<narmstrong> (I need to check this kind of limitation on S912...)
<urjaman> hanetzer: i think speedy is also 8 screws and you can lift the keyboard-containing-plate up? (just counted :P) ... tho 2 of them are under those pads so... relative.
<urjaman> oh well and clips tho... i already half-forgot things...
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<alyssa_> narmstrong: 2560 limit horizontally. The public spec for rk3399 says 1600 is a verical limit, but krh says that shouldn't actually matter. But no, no 4K
<alyssa_> ....unless you rotate your monitor! ;)
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<narmstrong> alyssa_: it's kind of a solution
<alyssa_> narmstrong: :P
<alyssa_> What's your interest in RK anyway? :P
* alyssa_ thought narmstrong did Amlogic stuff
<chewitt> RK, Allwinner and Amlogic have a lot of common IP in several key areas
<chewitt> and similarly dismal availability of documentation
<alyssa_> Touche
<alyssa_> cwabbott: hanetzer: HdkR: Lyude: tomeu: robher: So, I'm going to preface this by saying my emotions are a little wacky right now, but I just want to let y'all know how grateful I am to have you as co-contributors on Panfrost. There are a lot of grumbly FOSS projects out there, but you care bears make playing with Panfrost super fun and.... well, a year and a half ago people would've laughed at the idea of proper upstream support for mo
<alyssa_> dern Mali's, and yet here we are thanks to each one of your work. Thank you for the continued amazing contributions and for being awesome friends/people. I know "thank you" doesn't get said nearly enough in the free software community, let alone in the world at large, but y'all deserve it. You :clap: are :clap: amazing~
<alyssa_> daniels: ....and thank you for talking me down out of *more than one* "Rawr I'm quitting open sourcez forever!!!" melt down ;)
<narmstrong> alyssa_: your RK AFBC implement will help me, thx :-) even if the HW is different, the DRM glue will serve me as a valuable example !
<alyssa_> narmstrong: Shh you're ruining the moment ;P
<daniels> alyssa_: np, thankyou for creating the project in the first place & subsequently failing to quit forever :)
<Lyude> alyssa_: and thank you for all of the work you've put into this :)
<alyssa_> <3
<HdkR> alyssa_: Same emotional response back to you. You're doing good work :)
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<hanetzer> alyssa_: no prob, for what little I've done towards it, I'm mostly grateful you got the ball rolling :P
<hanetzer> I mean, all I've written is some hwinit stubs which were mostly rearranged bits from the arm driver in proper kernel style, plus the tracing bit :P
<hanetzer> and even if you do quit forever, thanks for putting the code in view of the public so it can't vanish with you :D
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<urjaman> lol, super supportive and stuff :D
<urjaman> anyways thank you all for being here (even tho i havent really gotten the energy to get into coding this), this is a good place to be
<urjaman> meanwhile, i'm figuring out dithering on an RK3066 ... ("maybe just try upstreaming this one little patch, cant be that hard he thought"...)
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<alyssa_> urjaman: Dithering on RK3288 wasn't enough of an excercise as it was? :P
<urjaman> i mean apparently the driver needs to support all the chips :P (and someone just added RK3066 so that wasnt in the 4.20 i was using as my base (yeah i was lazy))
<alyssa_> urjaman: Mmblep
<urjaman> anyhows, doesnt seem like too hard, rk3066 just doesnt have the allegro/frc selector bit so i figure it's better to make the code not warn about unsupported bits ...
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<Lyude> HdkR: you don't have any bf work pending for upstream mesa atm correct?
<alyssa_> Lyude: I think all the bi stuff is downstream right now
<HdkR> Lyude: Correct, it's just sitting in my branch atm
<alyssa_> I left the `bifrost/` folder out when merging upstream since there was just too much code to deal with and I didn't want to also add the burden of code I couldn't even test
<Lyude> HdkR: btw, mind linking me to your branch?
<alyssa_> Now that we're settled in, I'd be happy to take well-written patches to add back that stuff
<Lyude> HdkR: cool
<HdkR> Been a month since I've touched it sadly
<Lyude> HdkR: any idea if this was originally based off upstream mesa after we merged panfrost, or was it downstream panfrost?
<HdkR> Downstream
<HdkR> Could probably rebase it with little trouble
<Lyude> alright, guess first place to start would be rebasing yeah
<alyssa_> Please do.
<alyssa_> Lyude: My advice? Don't rebase, just copy the bifrost/ dir to a fresh upstream mesa
<HdkR> I was thinking more just cherry-picking
<HdkR> :P
<Lyude> alyssa_: yeah don't worry, merging very difficult to merge things in git is kind of half of my dayjob :p
<alyssa_> Lyude: I mean, noted for future reference, but
<alyssa_> When you send upstream bifrost stuff in the first place, I'm going to want it all squashed to one or two commits.
<Lyude> alyssa_: of course
<alyssa_> So you can probably save yourself a spike in blood pressure by just squashing it now :P
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