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<alyssa----> I feel like my school spirit is at an all time high!
<alyssa----> ~RB
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<bbrezillon> alyssa----: Hi
<bbrezillon> are you using to dump the counter vals?
<alyssa----> bbrezillon: I am using that to dump it, and no, I'm not sure of the block layout; I'm not convinced it's right
<alyssa----> bbrezillon: Look into the source code for gator (I think?)
<bbrezillon> alyssa----: ok
<bbrezillon> looks like we only have 1 MMU block
<bbrezillon> and 4 shader blocks
<bbrezillon> alyssa----: was trying to dump the counters as they were dumped with the non-drm driver
<bbrezillon> and that layout didn't match my version
<alyssa----> bbrezillon: It's different for every rev of the hardware and it's not exactly discoverable either. The gator source code handles it with some hard-to-follow heuristics. Maybe we can normalize it a bit, but that's still probably a userspace task (don't want to lug around all that complexity in the kernel for maintenance reasons)
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<bbrezillon> alyssa----: the layout can be extracted from the GPU features/caps regs
<bbrezillon> I just followed what mali kbase does
<alyssa----> bbrezillon: *can*, it's just inconvenient :P
<bbrezillon> not sure what you mean
<bbrezillon> you'll anyway need to do that from userspace based on the same set of info, right?
<alyssa----> Yeah
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<bbrezillon> alyssa----, tomeu, robher: I'm still debugging it, but given what alyssa---- said, maybe it's worth having a look at the code early on
<bbrezillon> I did abstract quite a few things to make userspace's life easier
<bbrezillon> figuring out counter names is still left to userspace, but the driver provides a map of valid counters and block instances (see the GET_PERFCNT_LAYOUT ioctl)
* alyssa---- will look when she gets a chance
<robher> bbrezillon: LGTM other than my few nits. Though I am wondering why GPU perf counters aren't wired into existing kernel perf counter infrastructure (perf).
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<bbrezillon> robher: good question
<bbrezillon> I don't know
<bbrezillon> maybe because it's then hard to enable them on a per-GPU-job basis
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<robher> bbrezillon: right, that's what I suspect too.
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<alyssa----> bbrezillon: "+/* Copyright 2019 Panfrost Team */"
<alyssa----> Panfrost Team is not a legal entity; this should just be "Collabora" or "Boris Brezillon" (depending if this was a work project or not)
<alyssa----> As I think robher has commented before
<alyssa----> "panfrost_perfcnt_job_ctx_eq" memcmp?
<alyssa----> Only did a preliminary readthrough but looks great! :)
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<Lyude> alyssa----: are you sure about that?
<Lyude> I'm pretty sure that should be fine, nouveau writes their copyrights the same way
<Lyude> oops, sorry, I missed the robher part
* robher is not a lawyer...
<Lyude> alyssa----: yeah, I do spot some older nouveau files that just have (C) The Nouveau Project
<Lyude> in mesa's src
* alyssa---- shrugs
<alyssa----> I like giving credit where credit is due anywya
<Lyude> alyssa----: that's why I usually include an Authors: list below
<Lyude> but this is all nitpick :P
<Lyude> whatever works
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<daniels> yeah, the legal entity for our work is Collabora Ltd.
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<alyssa----> bbrezillon: ^ There you go then