alyssa changed the topic of #panfrost to: Panfrost - FLOSS Mali Midgard & Bifrost - - Logs - <daniels> avoiding X is a huge feature
<alyssa----> Got texture.format.* up to 36/36 passing :D
<alyssa----> Patches on the list :)
<anarsoul> alyssa----: nice
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<alyssa----> Why doesn't my Wifi want to work today
<anarsoul> what chip is it?
<alyssa----> RTL something usb
<alyssa----> Very slow today
<alyssa----> Not good
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<anarsoul> alyssa----: have you had any issues with depth/stencil as render target?
<anarsoul> I'm having weird issue on utgard :(
<anarsoul> horse and shadow are supposed to be static, and horse is, but shadow is flickering
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<alyssa----> anarsoul: That won't load, direct link?
<anarsoul> alyssa----: hm, it loads for me even in incognito mode in chromium... do you have javascript disabled?
<daniels> the only Chromebook which can't load Google Photos :P
<anarsoul> alyssa----: forgot to mention, I'm working on lima, so just wondering if you had any issues with d/s rt in panfrost :)
<alyssa----> anarsoul: I do have JS disabled :p
<alyssa----> daniels: Hey that's my boyfriend you're ragging on :V
<alyssa----> anarsoul: I know :)
<alyssa----> To answer your question -- no, d/s rt hasn't been any worse than any other RT
<alyssa----> Mostly just a lot of bookkeeping
<alyssa----> E.g. I had an issue with 3/4 of the shadow being cut off, turned out I messed up the glViewport() context switch
<alyssa----> (The shadow is rendered at 4x the resolution [2x in each direction])
<narmstrong> tomeu: good news, it still work (with the same first DATA_INVALID_FAULT...) with runtime pm !
<narmstrong> hmm, getting back mesa master to see, i may have used the wrong mesa origin
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<narmstrong> still working with Mesa 19.1.0-devel (git-a757daf8f0)
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<HdkR> Nice. Panfrost at Linaro Connect in Bangkok :D
<alyssa----> HdkR: Bwa?
<alyssa----> Collabora?
* alyssa---- <3 Collabora
<alyssa----> Yup
<alyssa----> robher: tomeu: Best of luck! <3
<anarsoul> alyssa----: hint: they have Canadian office :)
<alyssa----> anarsoul: Collabora is, like, my third favourite thing about Montreal! ;P
<alyssa----> #1 and #2 have to be McGill and the bagels.. :P
<alyssa----> ("In which order?" "Hush")
<alyssa----> Timezones are weird.
<anarsoul> why?
<alyssa----> Think about it! :p
<anarsoul> I always keep it in mind, for example it's 22:58 in Minsk
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