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<alyssa----> robher: tomeu: By the way, are we still aiming for 5.2?
<anarsoul> isn't it a bit late assuming 5.1 window is closed?
<Lyude> yeah
<Lyude> better to wait for 5.2 at this point
<alyssa----> Lyude: That's what I said...?
<Lyude> Oh
<Lyude> I think we both misread your post at the same time
<Lyude> what a coincidence
<alyssa----> tomeu: robher: Nothing on the TODO list looks like a blocker, I think
<robher> alyssa----: there is the question of doing GPU VA space management in userspace instead.
<alyssa----> robher: :/
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<alyssa----> Time to look into cubemaps, I think
<alyssa----> At least enough so we go from "crash" to "fail" :P
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<alyssa----> Oh, this is some interesting lowering
<alyssa----> Well, an opt I guess
<alyssa----> TL;DR "hard to compute constants" can be moved out of a fragment shader and into an intermediate shader stage and fed in as a uniform
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<tomeu> cubemaps!
<tomeu> robher, alyssa----: will look at that in a few days
<tomeu> at the very least, to have a better idea of how the UAPI would look like
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<tomeu> alyssa----: so, the problem with -brefract on weston (and possibly any other scene) is that glmark2 tries to run there at a much higher rate than 60fps
<tomeu> and the DRM backend isn't blocking after every job as the non-drm does
<tomeu> instead, it returns a fence that gallium can choose to wait on or not
<tomeu> what gallium doesn't know is that jobs share scrap buffers
<tomeu> so it doesn't wait before a new render starts, and panfrost overwrites data that current jobs depended on
<tomeu> if I actually wait for rendering to finish in force_flush_fragment, stuff looks fine
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<chewitt> @alyssa---- you posted this patch to the list but I didn't see it get merged
<chewitt> after mesa changes merged last night things are quite fluid in the Kodi GUI now
<chewitt> still some mem leakage over time
<chewitt> no change to the dim/black screensavers refusing to run
<chewitt> i've switched my test codebase to the drm driver now :)
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<alyssa----> tomeu: You say it like "if I actually wait for rendering to finish in force_flush_fragment" is a hack, but what do you think "Force flush" implied? ;P
<alyssa----> chewitt: Yeah, that patch is a major hack. The real solution will take a lot more thinking (to avoid the performance disaster associated with that patch) but other items are higher-prio... so this way you can merge the patch for Kodi and have those bugs fixed, and I can continue to get reliable perf numbers? :P
<alyssa----> Might have to revisit it soon for dEQP, though
<alyssa----> Happy to hear the rendering glitches fixed themselves. Not really sure what the culprit was, since I was fixing a lot of rather obscure stuff, but hey :P
<tomeu> alyssa----: yeah, that was just to explain what was going on
<alyssa----> :+1:
<Lyude> tomeu: btw, curious: will panfrost's kernel driver have SAME_VA and such like kbase?
<tomeu> Lyude: I think it's not clear atm, robher is taking care of all the MM stuff
<alyssa----> there's discussion on the list rn about this
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<robher> Lyude: For my own education, why do you care or want that?
<Lyude> robher: I'm honestly just curious
<Lyude> since you guys had been talking about doing VAs in userspace earlier
<robher> Lyude: I'm just trying to gauge whether we really need to support it from the start.
<Lyude> hh
<Lyude> *ahh
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