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* HdkR quickly explains thread shuffling to someone
<lyudess> HdkR: ?
<lyudess> nick Lyude
<lyudess> ....
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<HdkR> :D
<HdkR> Dolphin is gaining an optimization to reduce atomic memory operations on the GPU using thread data shuffling. Had to explain how it works to a semi-nontechnical person
<Lyude> ahh
<HdkR> Dropping to 1/32nd the atomic memory operations per warp is a good thing
<alyssa> HdkR: What's the problem with atomics?
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<HdkR> alyssa: Memory operations are slow. Atomic memory operations are slower
<alyssa> HdkR: Touche.
<HdkR> 128 atomic operations per warp over a 4k image ends up being very slow
<HdkR> (per Nvidia warp anyway. 4 ops/thread)
<alyssa> Fun!
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<alyssa> Yeah, so all of dEQP hangs on this one annoying uh
<alyssa> dEQP-GLES2.functional.shaders.functions.control_flow.return_in_loop.if_vertex
<alyssa> This will be "fun" to debug
<HdkR> ooo, a return in a loop
<alyssa> HdkR: It's understandable that that breaks us
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<alyssa> But it's still going to be a pain to debug given it literally locks up the system and I need to reboot
<HdkR> ow
<chewitt> @alyssa the cubemaps commits eliminate that hacky "if (/*effective_address & 0x3F*/1) {" patch, correct?
<alyssa> chewitt: Uh I forget what I pushed
<alyssa> Maybe?
<alyssa> chewitt: Oh, yeah, guess it does.
<chewitt> I don't see any graphical issues as before, so looks like it :)
<chewitt> so, thanks!
<chewitt> (one less patch to maintain)
<chewitt> there's still a memleak somewhere (or somewheres) but it's a slow one that's not too intrusive
<alyssa> chewitt: Definitely somewheres
<alyssa> I'm not known for my magnificent manual memory management skills :P
<alyssa> ("_M_s?" "Mais oui!")
<chewitt> speaking of memory skills .. please remember to look at the black/dim screensavers at some point
<chewitt> (and sorry to nag)
<chewitt> one of the extra/add-on screensavers (screensaver.shadertoy) works, but not the two built-in defaults
<alyssa> Debugging app issues is.. annoying
<alyssa> It'll come up on dEQP eventually, probably
<alyssa> And without knowing what area of the driver to look at..
<alyssa> (It's not obvious from the code what it's doing different)
<alyssa> I guess I could maybe apitrace
<chewitt> not sure if that helps or not..
<alyssa> chewitt: That's not doing any actual GL
<chewitt> i'm realising that too .. (even with my level of c++ knowledge)
<chewitt> it results in some jagged lines that radiate from the bottom-left of screen
<alyssa> I know, I can repro..
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<alyssa> Argh, it's not saving the trace
<HdkR> GL or ES? Same behaviour on both?
<alyssa> ES
<alyssa> Got the trace
<HdkR> VAO + indexed draw it seems
<alyssa> I can cleanly reproduce from apitrace
<alyssa> chewitt: This might be your lucky day, I happen to be in an excellent mood rn and apitrace is doing promising things :P
<HdkR> woo
<chewitt> fingers crossed then :)
<alyssa> Not too tightly, I hope :)
* alyssa should maybe not be blowing through her bw like this..
<HdkR> I have a Radeon 7. All the BW in the world
<HdkR> :P
<alyssa> Bwah?
<alyssa> ...It occurs to me I could have compressed this trace
<alyssa> So replaying between the Panfrost machine and llvmpipe, it's definitely, like, a real bug
<alyssa> (Not something wacky with Kodi)
<chewitt> makes a change :)
<alyssa> Can't tell if that's supposed to be literal or motivational
<alyssa> Regardless I'm running the dEQP draw.* tests, let's see --- oh this is interesting
<alyssa> Here are some very very very very real bugs indeed.
<alyssa> Oh groan
<alyssa> Boohoo
<alyssa> chewitt: 10c this is your bug?
<alyssa> or at least it's *a* bug, and worst case I just fix a bunch of tests and we're no worse off :P
<chewitt> kodi is frequently buggy .. lots of old code
<chewitt> although I think we finally exorcised the last remainders of original xbox code now
<chewitt> so I already won if it's not a kodi bug and i'm talking to the right folks :)
<alyssa> chewitt: Pish-posh :P
<chewitt> nagging the right person *is* at least half the maintainer role
<alyssa> Fair
<alyssa> chewitt: Comr to think of it, the bug does look like an indexed draw issue, so this is very promising
<HdkR> Indexed draw bugs will be hit heavily in higher GL/ES versions
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<alyssa> chewitt: Anyway, I fixed a bunch of stuff in dEQP-GLES2.functional.draw.* (which tests indexed draws among other things)
<alyssa> And I'm not saying I fixed it, but I can no longer reproduce the Kodi issue ;P
<alyssa> chewitt: Anyway, rebuild your image.
<alyssa> Merry Christmas.
<alyssa> (Pushed straight to mesa master, since I'm feeling risque :P)
<HdkR> hah
<alyssa> HdkR: I mean, I'm allowed to afaik :P
<alyssa> (For purely Panfrost-internal code)
<HdkR> yep yep. not an issue
<alyssa> Still feels spooky
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<alyssa> Does anybody have a map? Anybody maybe happen to know how the hell to do this? I don't know if you can tell but this is me just pretending to know!
<alyssa> I'm making this up as I go!
<alyssa> Speaking of, functional.draw.* is at 99.0%
<alyssa> We're missing a single test out of 101
<HdkR> ooo
<alyssa> Up next will have to be the fbo section
<alyssa> But, oof, we're doing so poorly there
<alyssa> I guess that's all the more reason to work there
<chewitt> woohoo! .. confirmed working :)
<alyssa> chewitt: <3
<chewitt> only 32-bit userspace and memleaks to do (from an LE/Kodi perspective) now :)
<chewitt> i'm expecting those to take a while
<alyssa> Indeed
* alyssa tries to bang out RGB565 support
<alyssa> For FBOs
<alyssa> My notes are vague here..
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<alyssa> Ohhh, alright
<alyssa> It's not "nr_channels", it's "bytes per pixel"
<alyssa> Hence 2 for RGB565 (Not 3)
<alyssa> .Maybe
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<alyssa> tomeu: robher: What are the outstanding issues for the initial merge upstream (since 5.2 deadline is looming)? and how can I help?
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<hanetzer> so with the (panfrost) kmod as it is right now, is it actually 'usable' ?
<alyssa> hanetzer: I believe so, but I need to test a newer versio
* alyssa builds
<alyssa> Yeah, all the regressions I had seen have been resolved nicely.
<alyssa> Amazing work you two :)
<alyssa> Uhhh sway is messed up but that might be my fault
<alyssa> --Yeah, that's probably from last night's bad code
<alyssa> Opening a GLX client from sway nested in Weston causes a hang
<alyssa> TODO: R10G10B10A2 rendering support
<alyssa> tomeu: If you want, I might be willing to drop non-DRM support as soon as I get your ack.. :)
<alyssa> I am getting random stalls in places that I don't remember seeing with kbase
<alyssa> All in favour of dropping kbase, say "yay". All opposed, "neigh".
<urjaman> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<chewitt> yay
<narmstrong> \•yAy•/
<hanetzer> wewt
<alyssa> Aside: I wonder why WebGL doesn't work
<hanetzer> so a system install of mesa with the panfrost drivers built and the panfrost.ko module loaded should be 'usable' at the very least, if slightly buggy?
<hanetzer> when does it ever?
<hanetzer> ran into a web assembly ffmpeg the other day
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<alyssa> hanetzer: Usable for 'what'? :)
<HdkR> webassembly ffmpeg? Sounds like the worst
<HdkR> Although a video processing UI in a web interface sounds decent :P
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<hanetzer> alyssa: displaying a simple DE :P
<alyssa> hanetzer: Which DE?
<hanetzer> idk. mate, xfce. i3, sway.
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<alyssa> Sway is fine
<alyssa> X11 is broken so not the first three, unless they have Wayland ports now
<alyssa> hanetzer: See topic.
<hanetzer> haha
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<urjaman> features, bugs, two sides of the coin :P
<alyssa> chewitt: narmstrong: urjaman: HdkR: :)
<HdkR> :i
<HdkR> :o
* urjaman should get on that list i guess .... *sigh*
<hanetzer> alyssa: so, regarding /topic, what's the feel on pure wayland then?
<alyssa> hanetzer: Weston and Sway work well
<alyssa> G-S has severe issues still but they're getting smaller, I think
<hanetzer> as in actual hardware rendering? Schweet
<hanetzer> what is G-S, gnome-shell?
<alyssa> Yeah
<alyssa> gnome does some silly stuff we don't support yet
<anarsoul> like what?
<anarsoul> (just curious :))
<hanetzer> its gnome. all their stuff is silly :P
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<narmstrong> alyssa: savage !
<alyssa> narmstrong: ?
<narmstrong> alyssa: the patch :-)
<alyssa> Ah
<narmstrong> Now we need to get the driver upstream !
<alyssa> narmstrong: I'm trying to help!
<chewitt> what's the latest word on lima?
<narmstrong> Lima will be applied tomorrow to drm-misc-next
<alyssa> Nice !
<chewitt> :D
<chewitt> i'd like to start un-complicating some stuff .. and that will help
<alyssa> narmstrong: ...Ta ponctuation m'influence :v
<alyssa> chewitt: Pardon my French.
<narmstrong> alyssa: ah ah désolé mauvaise habitude !
<chewitt> votre Français est fantastique mademoiselle
<alyssa> narmstrong: :P
<alyssa> chewitt: *rougissant* J'utilise Wiktionary pour la majorité des mots.. :P
<alyssa> Mais merci beaucoup :)
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<alyssa> chewitt: Oh, sweet! With last night's bugfixes, the remaining issues I had seen with Kodi rendering are gone
<alyssa> I.e. Kodi is now usable for me on RK3399+Panfrost
<alyssa> It's noticably a little slow, I admit
<alyssa> But that's probably just a bit of optimization away
<alyssa> Memory usage actually seems reasonable??
<alyssa> Nice job, whoever 's-been-working-on-Panfrost-userspace!
* alyssa pats self on back
<alyssa> :P
<chewitt> things have come a long way in the last month
<chewitt> it's still a little slow sometimes
<alyssa> So they have
<alyssa> And so it is..
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