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<Regenaxer> freemint, I see. Thanks! Seems that Makefile must be changef for Solaris.
<Regenaxer> tankf33der, did you build 'gate' under Solaris?
<tankf33der> never, i will try then
<Regenaxer> Thanks!
<Regenaxer> What is -lnsl ?
<Regenaxer> ie ?
<Regenaxer> Seems also in Debian, but I never heard of
<Regenaxer> Ah, freemint, did you use target SunOS ?
<Regenaxer> it has -lnsl and
<Regenaxer> -lsocket
<aw-> hi all
<Regenaxer> Hi aw-
<aw-> freemint: i have a "blog" engine in picolisp, very basic
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<tankf33der> Regenaxer: he run it without makefile
<tankf33der> gcc -o ../bin/ssl ssl.c -lssl -lcrypto
<tankf33der> checked, so:
<tankf33der> its broken
<tankf33der> on solaris and everywhere except linux i think
<tankf33der> it was always out of my control.
<Regenaxer> Hmm, why did he compile without Makefile then?
<Regenaxer> Anyway, thanks!
<tankf33der> hpux and aix too
<yunfan> tankf33der: you still use solaris?
<tankf33der> yea.
<tankf33der> zoo.
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<Nistur> mornin'
<Regenaxer> Hi Nistur
<beneroth> Morning Nistur, Morning Regenaxer :)
<Nistur> Hello :)
<Regenaxer> Hi beneroth
<Nistur> tangentially on topic. I've been working (slowly) at home at getting my Atari STE set up as a dev machine (I have some... "plans")... and I'm now pretty much there. What this means is I may start holing myself away in the attic and typing furiously in m68k assembler... I somewhere still have the 'mac' distribution you linked me to, Regenaxer, and I think we talked about this, there wasn't a huge amount
<Nistur> of mac specific code in that... I may see if I can port that to Atari ST/STE :P
<Nistur> Whether I'm successful will hinge largely on what other things in "life" distract me. Unfortunately there are many :(
<beneroth> interesting project. but what is the goal of it?
<beneroth> is this not in conflict with your game engine project?
<Nistur> beneroth: porting pil or the ST dev in general?
<beneroth> ST dev ^^
<beneroth> porting pil is good. but I guess the ST is not used for anything anymore except cool demoscene stuff?
<Nistur> The ST dev is actually only a stepping stone to what I _actually_ want to do :P
<beneroth> are you sure that it is so and not just a good excuse so that it fits together? :P
<Nistur> and it's not in conflict with the game engine stuff really... I am purposefully not doing any programming on that because if I do, the project will burn out and I won't go anywhere. I want to try to get the business/finance stuff sorted first... and yes this might fight for time with what I need to do with that, but if I'm not in the mood to write business stuff, then forcing myself to do it will not
<beneroth> It's a trap I try not to walk in myself.
<Nistur> help matters.
<beneroth> not sure if I succeed :D
<beneroth> ok
<beneroth> so as a relaxant. sounds rational.
<Nistur> and yes, my ACTUAL goal is to try to create a VR homebrew game for the Atari Jaguar
<Nistur> but in order to do that, I need to reverse engineer how the VR prototype headsets work
<beneroth> interesting. how many jaguars are still around?
<Nistur> and to do that, I need to disassemble the Missile Command 3D game, which is the only released game with VR code in it
<beneroth> ah no this is the hobby, not the business project, eh
<beneroth> wow
<beneroth> :D
<Nistur> but I have no experience with m68k, or the crazy custom silicon in the jaguar
<Nistur> so I want to try to make a small homebrew (non-VR) game first, to get comfortable with it
<beneroth> why not go one step further and build your own console hardware too? :P
<Nistur> but the emulator is crap, because it's a not particularly popular console
<Nistur> the original dev stuff is on ST, and I own an I figured, why not :P
<beneroth> it looks cool. I never had heard of it.
<beneroth> hehe
<Nistur> so yes, being able to dev on the Jaguar is only the first step :P
<Nistur> s/Jaguar/STE/
<Nistur> it's been a long process, as I had some back-and-forthing with the ROMs for it
<Nistur> the dev tools don't work on the stock ROM, I needed an upgrade
<Nistur> which didn't work originally
<Nistur> but now my 1040 STE is upgraded to a 4160 STE, it has TOS 2.06, and I have dev tools set up for it
<Nistur> I'm hoping to get a wireless serial connection set up at some point, so that I can transfer data onto it easily
<Regenaxer> Cool Nistur, though I mostly forgot about the m68k details too ;)
<Regenaxer> pil was also quite different back then, more close to mini iirc
<Nistur> but the point from my side of things is not REALLY to have pil running on it, which would be cool, but rather to have an existing bit of code in m68k that I can hack around with
<Nistur> to learn
<Nistur> if I can get pil working, that would be awesome :)
<Nistur> as has been pointed out, ST isn't really used for much these days, so it's not the most practical of things but *shrug*
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<beneroth> the skill you learn will be practical and useful
<beneroth> reverse engineering and debugging habits are not so easy to achieve
<beneroth> bbl
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<Regenaxer> tankf33der: Are there any known issues with picolisp on Centos?
<tankf33der> no
<tankf33der> all should be fine
<Regenaxer> Thanks
<tankf33der> i mean centos 7
<Regenaxer> It is a customer's server. How can I find out the version?
<beneroth> cat /etc/centos-release
<beneroth> hostnamectl
<Regenaxer> Looks good: CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804 (Core)
<Regenaxer> yes, hostnamectl too
<Regenaxer> thx
<tankf33der> Regenaxer: ok, should be like any modern linux distr, like debian.
<Regenaxer> perfect
<Regenaxer> There is no "picolisp" package it seems, so I'll install from the *.s sources
<beneroth> CentOS = RedHat community variant
<Regenaxer> ok
<Regenaxer> uses 'yum'
<beneroth> yes, rpm based.
<beneroth> RedHat distro you only get when you pay RedHat support, afaik. CentOS is the free version of it, kinda,
<beneroth> sometimes server hosters (private cloud whatever) only offer centos linux
<Regenaxer> Ok, np
<tankf33der> should be straightforward.
<tankf33der> :)
<Regenaxer> hehe
<beneroth> I'm so happy for having you in the community, tankf33der :)
<Regenaxer> Indeed, me too!
<tankf33der> \o/
<Regenaxer> ☺
<Regenaxer> Hmm, making ssl gives "openssl/pem.h: No such file or directory"
<Regenaxer> Is this a known issue?
<Regenaxer> I've installed libssl-dev
<Regenaxer> ah
<Regenaxer> no
<Regenaxer> "No package libssl-dev available." :(
<beneroth> "Those package names look like they come from the Debian/Ubuntu universe. CentOS/RHEL/Fedora has its own, different package naming convention. You need to figure out the equivalent CentOS packages and install them."
<beneroth> Regenaxer, apparently you should install ""openssl-devel"
<beneroth> you can also try $ yum list '*ssl*' to search for packages
<Regenaxer> ah, ok
<beneroth> apparently a debian package manager vs. RPM packaging difference
<Regenaxer> yep
<beneroth> (btw. RPM is a pretty weird and somewhat bloated format)
<beneroth> (debian package format ftw)
<Regenaxer> hmm, No package libssl-devel available
<beneroth> openssl-devel
<beneroth> not libssl-devel
<Regenaxer> ah :)
<beneroth> maybe there is also libressl-devel :D
<Regenaxer> openssl-devel installed
<Regenaxer> cool, ssl built :)
<Regenaxer> Now just libncurses5 is missing
<Regenaxer> The old ncurses mess!
<beneroth> well it has "curses" in the name :D
<beneroth> can you find it with "yum list '*ncurses*' ?
<Regenaxer> yeah, lots :)
<Regenaxer> Not sure which one to get vip running
<Regenaxer> oops
<Regenaxer> Vip already runs ;)
<beneroth> you could it the javascript dev style way: install them all! (not recommended)
<beneroth> oh?
<Regenaxer> Nothing needed to install
<beneroth> haha nice :)
<Regenaxer> :)
<Regenaxer> Good Centos!
<beneroth> I have not much experience with Centos. though I don't have anything negative heard/to say about it.
<beneroth> (beside them using rpm=
<beneroth> )
<Regenaxer> good
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<beneroth> [off-topic] Google+ (the social network) is now officially dead. After private data of 500'000 user were accessible by third parties in March (which they did not disclose). "The WSJ quoted an internal Google memo that said doing so would draw "immediate regulatory interest"." Google went to the dark side. It's like 90s-Microsoft.
<beneroth> (Microsoft currently plays mostly fair & nice, because they're not dominant any more and are in great need to attract developers. But let's not forget Nokia, that wasn't so long ago)
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