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<azonenberg> Ok so i've been busy doing lab organization/cabinetry upgrades etc the last couple of days. No new hardware, although some of the diffprobe stuff should be here any day now
<azonenberg> and the AKL-PT2 clips are expected to come sunday
<azonenberg> david.lenfesty: how goes the active probe interface stuff?
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<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> probably going to finish final schematic tweaks tonight, finish all the footprint associations and do the checklist.
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> I've started a vivado project and wrote a constraints file, minus the timing constraints. Mostly need to properly define the USB state machine then I can get going there.
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> I can use your antikernel cores for like 80% of the work which is convenient :p
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> planning on doing a simple register interface for SPI and just exposing a simplified UART peripheral over that same interface, so all the protocol stuff can be handled by the MCU
<azonenberg> Great. and yeah i want the fpga to basically just be glue
<azonenberg> Let me know if you need anything on my end
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> I should be pretty good. this is a fairly constrained project
<azonenberg> Yeah that was the idea. I prefer to delegate work that is relatively self contained
<azonenberg> IMO the best kind of teamwork involves splitting up the problem into well defined chunks that can be handled by one person with minimal interaction with, or dependency on, other team members
<azonenberg> Because that avoids getting communication bound or creating bottlenecks where one person is waiting for another's results
<azonenberg> obviously this isn't always possible
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> tell me about it.
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> leading student clubs with new people is fun
<d1b2> <david.lenfesty> see: dwarf fortress wiki fun
<azonenberg> lol