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<d1b2> <mubes> Archery is similar to target shooting in that the supply of equipment is more limited, but there again there are fewer buyers so the bargaining position tends to be stronger.
<d1b2> <mubes> I'm with hardcrash on the power tools though....some are plain either use them in a way that results in stuff getting spat in your face, or hold them in an unnatural manner that increases the chance of them biting you.
<d1b2> <mubes> Browse through this place and you'll find solutions to problems you didn't even know you'd got;
<Bird|otherbox> azonenberg: it's interesting that ambi controls aren't more common, because you'd think that they'd benefit righties too whenever they have to shoot off the other shoulder
<Bird|otherbox> at least, on the rifle front
<azonenberg> As far as archery, actually, I hold the bow in my left hand and draw with my right
<azonenberg> at least that's how i did it when i was in the scouts, it's been ages since i've touched one
<azonenberg> Also, back to on topic - status update, AKL-AD1 components and stencil arrived today
<azonenberg> Boards are expected to ship the end of next week
<azonenberg> As you've probably seen the picoscope driver is coming along nicely
<azonenberg> So far i'm loving the thing, if they made one in the bandwidth/sample rate class that i need in a primary scope i'd switch in a heartbeat
<azonenberg> Their software is awkward but i dont really care about that :p
<azonenberg> I've decided that however far I can push this design is going to be it, I'm going to fine tune power and respin the board one more time with the actual usb control interface etc
<azonenberg> But the AKL-AD1 will remain a single amplifier device
<azonenberg> I've designated the next-generation amplifier using the ADL5580 plus a TBD low-band amp, split by some kind of diplexer arrangement, to be the AKL-AD2
<azonenberg> So far i've done some early simulations but nothing definite
<azonenberg> My best sims to date have given good result in the low band and the high band but have had significant attenuation in the crossover region
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