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<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] azonenberg closed pull request #4: Active Probe Host Prototype -
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] azonenberg pushed 10 commits to master [+43/-7/±33]
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] davidlenfesty 0f409e9 - Basic progress on active probe host side
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] davidlenfesty 7573663 - active-host-test: Finished schematic May have made mistakes, will need a review.
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] davidlenfesty c3da260 - active-host-test: went through layout checklist, last minute tidy-ups
<_whitenotifier> [starshipraider] ... and 7 more commits.
<azonenberg> david.lenfesty: merged
<azonenberg> TiltMeSenpai: any updates on the probe side? have you had time to work on it at all?
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<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> I really need to get my shit together there, it's likely better if someone else picks up handling the probe side
<azonenberg> So you're bailing on it for now? Ok
<azonenberg> Anybody else interested in working on that then? :p
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> yeah sorry
<d1b2> <TiltMeSenpai> I've tried sitting down and knocking it out a couple times but it hasn't worked out
<Bird|ghosted> yeah, I need to sit down over the course of this upcoming year and clean up some of my old half-baked stuff
<azonenberg> Not a problem, thanks for letting us know so we don't wait forever on you
<azonenberg> That goes for anybody else too - if we've discussed you working on something and you can't make it happen, that's totally fine
<azonenberg> As long as you tell the channel so we can assign the work to somebody else
<azonenberg> david.lenfesty: so i guess the question is, do you want to take on the probe side too and do the whole probe interface project?
<azonenberg> or is that too much for your available spare time?
<azonenberg> Differential probe amplifier board (AKL-AD1) is at the last-mile fedex warehouse now
<azonenberg> officially tracking says ETA tuesday but probably coming tomorrow
<azonenberg> i have components and stencil already, plus some SMA to SMPM cables so i can feed it test inputs before the tip board comes
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