ChanServ changed the topic of ##yamahasynths to: Channel dedicated to questions and discussion of Yamaha FM Synthesizer internals and corresponding REing. Discussion of synthesis methods similar to the Yamaha line of chips, Sound Blasters + clones, PCM chips like RF5C68, and CD theory of operation are also on-topic. Channel logs:
<Lord_Nightmare> Foone: AFAIK all CO and CO+explosive gas detectors in the USA are required by UL regulations since 2009 to have a 5-10 year electronic 'countdown' and refuse to work or constantly alarm after that countdown has expired, see
<Lord_Nightmare> I've had several alarms hit that countdown and had to replace them
<Lord_Nightmare> they use PIC mask microcontrollers and store the current count presumably in EEPROM
<Lord_Nightmare> i actually saved all the "dead" ones, if you want to tear them down
<tpw_rules> do you think that's justified?
<tpw_rules> oh i see you are replying to twitter
<Lord_Nightmare> the CO sensors are moisture sensitive and become less sensitive over time, or so i gather
<tpw_rules> that's what i understood too
<Lord_Nightmare> I also have a really old pre-2009 CO sensor device with no countdown, which is probably non-sensitive
<tpw_rules> (surely they are not required to have a countdown, just a mechanism to alert the user and stop working then the ability is compromised?)
<tpw_rules> s/then/when/
<cr1901_modern> Clearly what they should be doing is having the detector beep if there's _no_ problems:
<Lord_Nightmare> we had one detector here activate due to a failed heat exchanger filling a zone with exhaust, which was good
<Lord_Nightmare> and the one near the laundry room didn't activate but would definitely detect CO from the leaking dryer vent hose, which i eventually replaced, then when that didn't completely fix it, sealed it with flue tape
<Lord_Nightmare> and that did the trick
<Lord_Nightmare> note: the 3m 'flue tape' isn't actually rated for more than about 450F, so using it on a dryer vent hose is a little sketchy but probably ok. using it on an air heater chimney pipe is a very very bad idea.
<Lord_Nightmare> since that can get ~450f, hency why it has to be held up with metal straps and not touch anything made of wood
<cr1901_modern> >very very bad idea.
<cr1901_modern> Do I want to know?
<Lord_Nightmare> it could catch fire. i don't want to try it.
<cr1901_modern> Oh, I thought you did
<Lord_Nightmare> haven't tried it yet. if i do try it it will be on a scrap section of flue pipe, outside over a bonfire sort of deal
<Lord_Nightmare> i doubt i will try that anytime soon though
<ejs__> couple of years ago i had the CO alarm go off at 3am (why is it always 3am when that stuff happens?)
<ejs__> fire dept came out and checked it with their far more sensitive gear. it was a false alarm, a bunch of dust got inside and triggered it
<whitequark> ejs__: something about batteries having a lower voltage at night due to temperature variation?
<ejs__> that sounds plausible, batteries are very temperature sensitive devices
<Lord_Nightmare> i don't think the fire dept got called even during the "big" co leak. i just ran into the room with my breath held, disabled the thermostat to kill the heater, ran back to the clean air part of the house, took a breath, ran back in and opened all the windows, then left the section of the house to air out for about 2 hours
<Lord_Nightmare> there was no heat for about a month until the heater was replaced
<Lord_Nightmare> in that part of the house. the rest of the house had heat. we had an electric space heater running in the part of that house zone (an addition which had been added to the house in the 80s) to keep pipes from freezing
<Lord_Nightmare> until it was replace
<Lord_Nightmare> whats weird is i don't think that heater was even the original heater from the 80s... i need to ask the previous owners who installed it
<Lord_Nightmare> there were some big construction WTFs on that section of the house
<Lord_Nightmare> the windows in he main room have no roof above the margins and rot from the top down, which has done extensive damage to one wall, and will require some major work to repair, which we're discussing doing this year
<Lord_Nightmare> it might require part of the wall to be rebuilt
<Lord_Nightmare> and the hill the addition is built on was not properly graded and the drainage done is a hackjob, also something probably to fix this year
<Lord_Nightmare> no *central* heat for a month, the space heater was there.
<Lord_Nightmare> (sorry for off topic)
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<cr1901_modern> I'm not sure I really understand this, but I'll be watching with interest
<superctr_> yeah I was linked this as well
<superctr_> it might be a good idea to register a nickname on libera regardless
<KitsuWhooa> I've already moved my channel there fwiw
<Sarayan> yeah, we're gonna move too
<cr1901_modern> I will look into registering a channel there
<KitsuWhooa> can provide relay services if needed
<cr1901_modern> (This is not how I wanted to spend my morning)
<cr1901_modern> KitsuWhooa: I would appreciate that, but... how would that work?
<KitsuWhooa> bot on both networks moving messages back and forth
<KitsuWhooa> I'm only doing that on my channel during the transition period. Once things settle down, I'll probably get rid of it
<cr1901_modern> Certainly fair... I'll need help transitioning/nudging people to update their bookmarks
<cr1901_modern> uhh, grammar fail, but you know what I mean lol
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<cr1901_modern> is down?
<superctr_> i doubt it, since i'm connected right now
<superctr_> try port 6697
<superctr_> SSL
<KitsuWhooa> they're probably getting ddosed
<cr1901_modern> Neither 6697 or 6667 are working for me
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<sorear> i'm ostensibly connected but haven't gotten messages in 10 minutes including from services
<cr1901_modern> Okay ping isn't working, so it's definitely me
<superctr_> hm
<superctr_> seems like it went down
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<sorear> looks like dns has been pulled
<cr1901_modern> This is going to be a disaster...
<KitsuWhooa> it'll probably take a while, as they just have tons of people all join and try to register at once
<KitsuWhooa> but it's back now
<cr1901_modern> I still can't ping it
<KitsuWhooa> I think they might not respond to icmp
<cr1901_modern> Netcatting port 6667 doesn't work either
<KitsuWhooa> it died agian
<KitsuWhooa> again
<Nerionaya> oh jeez I forgot this channel was on freenode lol
<cr1901_modern> I registered ##yamahasynths at
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<KitsuWhooa> ping
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> pong
<andlabs> sigh
<andlabs> so much awful shit is happening in the world that other awful shit just gets washed away
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <__sen> ahh, I was sitting in #yamahasynths, didn't realize the ## convention was getting used here too.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> First sentence
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Creating Channels | Libera Chat
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> No chance I remembered how to do it
<NiGHTS> [libera] ctr ( has joined ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i can finally use my old nickname :P
cr1901_modern changed the topic of ##yamahasynths to: Channel dedicated to questions and discussion of Yamaha FM Synthesizer internals and corresponding REing. Discussion of synthesis methods similar to the Yamaha line of chips, Sound Blasters + clones, PCM chips like RF5C68, and CD theory of operation are also on-topic. Transitioning to, same name. Channel logs:
<NiGHTS> [libera] <__sen> I went to register my normal nickname and it had been registered 5 minutes prior, so I'll stick with the underscores like I use on freenode I guess.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> ouch :(
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <ejs> \o/
<andlabs> I wonder if there should be a code of conduct, or if codes of conduct are passe now
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <tpw_rules> test
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i'm not a fan of codes of conduct, i have seen them being used to stab people in the back too often. I think having a simple set of rules based on common sense is the way to go
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: /msg chanserv flags ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> you can do that on freenode, then copy paste here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> Although I suppose that is a code of conduct too :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Oh I already have ops, thanks :D. I just don't remember basically anything else
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> isn't it the contributor covenant or whatever that people just refer to as "code of conduct"
<Nerionaya> ugh now I need to remember my bouncer's password
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: I assumed you wanted to give us ops here too, but fair enough :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Yea, contributor covenant is what I would use
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> I remember the one that banned virtual hugs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: Where do I type your name to give you ops?
<andlabs> if you get
<andlabs> -NickServ-Sending email failed, sorry! Registration aborted.
<andlabs> that's because there's an invalid character in the password you ask for
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: IIRC /msg chanserv flags ##yamahasynths Tasos +o
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Did it work?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> andlabs, it just takes a while
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I had to try a few times
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Welcome to the party ejs :D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i think services are under heavy load due to the massive amount of people registering lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode +o KitsuWhooa on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: yup, thanks
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode -o KitsuWhooa on ##yamahasynths
<__sen> andlabs: I also got that 6 times before it worked, I think it's just load related. (same password every time)
<cr1901_modern> balrog: I'll add your ops when you're awake
<cr1901_modern> and have an account
<NiGHTS> [libera] andlabs (~pietro@ has joined ##yamahasynths
<andlabs> huh ok
<andlabs> I thought it was password related
<andlabs> because when I changed the password I used it worked
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> probably got lucky
<andlabs> now to just hope there's a code of conduct and that the channels on the new server are run differently from the ones on the old one
<andlabs> the other channels, I mean
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] Lofty ( has joined ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> ahhh, I see this remains the same
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> They really are under high load, lol
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> wat
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> andlabs,
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Network policies | Libera Chat
<NiGHTS> [libera] Nerionaya ( has joined ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> Oh good
<NiGHTS> [libera] * Lofty waves to Nerionaya
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<sorear> KitsuWhooa: your bot will not be long for this world if it forwards netsplits ungrouped
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> YEah uh
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> oh becauseo f not putting the password in my client
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> done
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I'll try to figure that out
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<cr1901_modern> sorear: Can you elaborate :P? I assume spam or something, but
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> There we go, I guess I'll keep the freenode setting around for a bit in case something happens and then delete it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> There's an anti flood, so I could enable that
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> ideally I'd just silence the part/joins
<sorear> cr1901_modern: may or may not get autokilled but will definitely be rather useless if it tries to post 92 joins/parts in quick succession
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> lol the channel list is rate limited and the rate limit is > 5 minutes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> that's very useful thanks guys
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> who the hell uses a channel list nowadays?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> spambots
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i always used to delist channels that i operated
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I do sometimes :p
<cr1901_modern> sorear: That is true, but that's only twice as bad as what we have now, right?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> And that is probably why I had +s enabled
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> now that I think about it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %config list
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> #:relaySelfMessages, #:relayjoins, #:relaykicks, #:relaymodes, #:relaynicks, #:relayparts, #:relayquits, #:relaytopics, and #:userIgnored
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> maybe don't relay joins and quits
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I guess I can silence joins and quits if you want
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %config
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Global: True; ##yamahasynths @ libera: True
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> probably someone who wants to know what's already on here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> >_>
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> <_<
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> if they want to know, they should join :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %config False
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %config False
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %config False
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I think that'll do it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I did see ##furry is one of the top membered channels right now so
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> we're off to a good start I guess
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> lmao
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> unless, again, this is the bad side of the furry community
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> i'm guessing someone forgot to +p/+s that
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> why?
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> was thinking /whois exposure but that may not apply anymore
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> iirc by default here you only see channels on people's whois if you share them
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> that's how it was on freenode, so I assume they did the same here
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> right now, my current plan is to not set +s and just see what happens. In practice, when Freenode got really bad spam I set the room to registered users only. So "+s" didn't help.
<NiGHTS> [libera] * cr1901 doesn't remember what letter is used to set "registered users only"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> c?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> or r
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> #mame-dev is cnrt
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> it's "r". Whoops
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> it was many years ago since I last had an IRC channel lol. I think it depends on the IRCd
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> Unreal used to have +R to force registered users only, I think
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> +q $~a is occasionally useful
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> since most users are lurkers and I don't really care about unregistered lurking
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> What I did was something similar, but had my bot +v people after a while so they could speak
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> and only ops would get to see the spam, and the bot being an op, would kick those people :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> er
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> kick the spambots
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> hurray for DX7! <3 <3 <3
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Indeed :D. Welcome to the channel
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> heya
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> (Maybe -s is paying off already?)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i just saw it on a /list
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> and i happen to be a synth nerd :)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Works for me :D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i'm thinking about buying the reface dx actually
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I am in principle, interested in hooking up a YM2151 or YM2612 to my APK mini, but that's a long term project.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I was offered a DX7 in 2013 for a discount. I was an idiot and passed on that offer
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i had a DX back in the day
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i only have the Arturia now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> the Arturia version*
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> (Also, just as a "warning", I don't enforce on-topic. So it definitely can and will veer into "anything remotely retro")
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> what about minimoog?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> or ... Roland jupiters?? <3
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> "There are interesting times ahead, collaborating with our colleagues from OFTC we will switch to a new, tailored ircd called solanum."
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I had a Reface DX and then sold it for some reason, so now the only Reface I have is the very off-topic YC lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> oh so oftc and the True freenode staff aren't opposed =p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Stefania: Mellotron is prob the vintage synth I'm most interested in
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> But Moog + Gershon Kingsley = <3
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> yesss those are wonderful sounding
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Dropbox - Photo 02-04-2021, 13 56 41.jpg - Simplify your life
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> needless to say, i like to play minor chords with reverb in dark basement ;D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Nice setup... for now, I have APK mini and ENOTENOUGHMONEY
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> thanks :) i can't get over how epic it looks in here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i play guitar and bass too, those are behind me
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I don't have any refaces yet
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> but I do have a handful of roland boutiques
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i just want the dx
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> D-05, SH-01A, JP-03, and TB-03
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i'm not interested in the boutiques because they're micro-usb and those ports always break :( gr
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> the JP-03 is missing and I'm worrying now because I forget when I put batteries in it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I should probably take the batteries out of the others >_>
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> oh no! that's the best one too
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i have a Jupiter patch loaded up in my DAW right now ... playing Journey on it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I'd have the whole collection by now but I got distracted with vintage computers and vintage computer music software <_<
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> hi
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I do have vintage yamaha hardware though
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Ngl, this is the highest amount of activity I've seen in months lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Shame about the circumstances, but glad to meet new faces
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> a TX-7 (like a DX-7 but with no voice ROM and no keyboard)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> sweet!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> a FB-01
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> a TG-55
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> and now a DX-100 too, which I'm going to be hooking up to a logic probe
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I've been in the process of reverse engineering the DX100 firmware to figure out two things
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> is it just me or is identd checking broken on everyone's ident is ~?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> 1) what are the weird extra registers in the custom YM2151 derivative?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> my ident is always ~ and i'm too lazy and don't care to fix it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> 2) how do you convert from VCED/VMEM voices to raw registers anyway
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I thought they weren't extra, they were scrambled as an obfuscation
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> hmm no, its working now. oddly the server doesn't seem to ping ident immediately on connect
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> <s>we could potentially vastly improve the quality of ivdeo game soundtracks by using actual professional FM voices =P</s>
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> no, they're extra
<Lord_Nightmare> test from old network
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> one register was moved to make room for htem but there is noe quivalent on the regular YM2151
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> it has to do with the modulation wheel
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> that's all I can figure out for now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i feel like i don't want to deal with troubleshooting issues of an old synth, but maybe if people like me don't buy them then nobody will fix and love them? it's hard to say
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I first set my aim way too high by trying to write a DX100 simulator for MSX (because the SFG-05 has the same chip)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> then I decided to just make it on desktop
<cr1901_modern> The old network will remain up until I've migrated enough people. Gonna make an effort to migrate everyone
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I should probably just write values to the registers directly from MSX-BASIC and see what happens
<cr1901_modern> (Which is impractical, but I'll try anyway)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> sweet
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> that'll be easier :D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> sfg-05?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> and I'll probably wind up writing a MAME driver for the DX100 next
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> so the YM2151 was first released by Yamaha as part of their own entry into the burgeoning world of `computer music design`
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> as part of something called the SFG-01, a peripheral for their line of MSXs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> (and other MSXs with an extra adapter)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> apparnetly this predated even the DX21/DX27
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> which makes no sense to me but whatever
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> the built-in software kinda sucked -- it had piss poor MIDI support among other things -- so they improved it as the SFG-05
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Siiigh
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> time to pop into #libera to see if the zlines are about to begin
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> oh boy
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> oh fun
<NiGHTS> [libera] ericsagnes (~ericsagne@ has been kicked from ##yamahasynths by cr1901 (ericsagnes)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> can you set mode +s
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> and +Q
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> block all unregged users
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> or however thats done
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> no wait they're flooding there too lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> if I can remember
<NiGHTS> [libera] cr1901 (~William@ set mode +s on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> yeah that won't help
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> give me a bit
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I'll sort it out
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> what the fuck is this
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> is this just some trolls or has the crown prince of korea decided to hire some spambots
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> +r didn't do anything
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> voice everyone and set +m
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> yeah
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode +o KitsuWhooa on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +mz on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: maybe deop temporarily so you don't see the spam
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +o NiGHTS on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %mp add "(?i)THIS CHANNEL HAS MOVED TO IRC.FREENODE.NET" kickme
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +vvv __sen andlabs ctr on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +vvvv buu ejs Lord_Nightmare Lofty on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +vvvv kehvo Nerionaya Sarayan Stefania on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode -o cr1901 on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> [11:29:29] -amdj-We are currently in the process of mitigating channel abuse; network-wide spam bots. In the meantime, you can set your channels +R (registered users only) or +zq $~a (quiets unregistered users).
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +vvv cr1901 sorear Ultrasauce on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> oh it's +R here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> No, it's not :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> [11:30:16] -amdj-Correction to my previous statement: the channel mode is +r, not +R.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: Thank you
<cr1901_modern> I apologize for the spam
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> It was only a matter of time before the bots arrived
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> why is the kick rule not working
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> unicode bs?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> doesn't look like it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %mp list
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %mp remove --id 1
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %mp add "(?i)this channel.*freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> An error has occurred and has been logged. Check the logs for more information.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %mp add "(?i)this channel.*" kickme
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Nyyeeeesss!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I think the bot isn't seeing the messages
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> one way to find out I guess
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( has been kicked from ##yamahasynths by NiGHTS (KitsuWhooa)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> lmao
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> rip KitsuWhooa
<NiGHTS> [libera] * Lofty pets KitsuWhooa
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Uhhh, I guess there's no way around that, really?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> if spammers aren't voiced, they can't send msgs.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> So they can't be kicked
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> It's +z
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> So they go to chanops
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> i.e. the bot (and KitsuWhooa)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Who isn't actually +v
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I wasn't kidding about being a shit mod
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> I guess it's a good opportunity to test if it works with unvoiced people, anyway
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I hope NiGHTS can reop people or this channel is now stuck in anarchy mode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> cr1901: I don't think anybody was asking you to be the greatest mod in existence
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> set channel mode +r ?
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode +o KitsuWhooa on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Or that happens
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode +o cr1901 on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Our very own corner of EFnet
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> so much for the anarchist commune
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> yup
<NiGHTS> [libera] lel (~lel@ has been kicked from ##yamahasynths by KitsuWhooa (lel)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> It seems like it's just stealing usernames from Freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> ctr: i think the same thing every time i see those containers hahah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> glad somebody else does too
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> likewise
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> :p
Sarayan has left ##yamahasynths [##yamahasynths]
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I guess in hopes that banning the names will make it harder for people to move over
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I really want to avoid +r
<Xyz39808> cr1901_modern, you fool! you had a chance to fix the name to remove the double pound!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> but if we have to, oh well
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> you can still fix the name
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> add more number signs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> ##############yamahasynths
<cr1901_modern> Xyz39808: Channel policies are the same as Freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> double ## indicates an "offtopic" channel, i.e. not related to a single piece of OSS
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> so I think it's not a mistake
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> cr1901: actually no, that got changed
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> but if has the same rules about channel names must match a project or have ## then you can't
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> as freenode did
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> doesn't seem like mistake to me
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901>
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> maybe it's not necessary anymore, but it's also not a bad thing
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Channel registration | Libera Chat
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> some old channels were grandfathered in on freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> >Channels that begin with two # characters are informal channels.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> Yeah, there'd need to be a project named ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i understood ## to mean not a project channel
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> er
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> hey if we want an anarchist commune we need to set up our own irc server Nerionaya =p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Oops...
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> ah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Well, too late now :(
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> its not too late
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it's not
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> is this channel on topic enoguh to be an "on topic" channel
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> no
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> on topic means an OSS project
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> the ## is correct
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> well... the freenode channel used to go into all kinds of topic
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> ok. i can camp the other channel though
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> There is no single project this revolved around
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> like RE of old computers in general
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> even if they didn't even contain a yamaha chip
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Also it's funny to me how the liberachat twitter account is restricted :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +v Xyz_39808 on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I think "##" is appropriate
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I bet the liberachat twitter got mass reported
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: (I saw the +v) How was Xyz_39808 speaking before you added the +v?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> holy shit the flood in #libera
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> since there seems to be an army of trolls
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> this reminds me of freenode a few years ago
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> ...Do I wanna see?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> that logo of the twitter account also looks like a weed leaf, just saying
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> one of the people in uhhh
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> the list of resignations
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: through the bot on freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> had this very colorful phrase to describe the person that's doing this
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> Lofty: constant joins and parts
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> tons of them
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> scrolling past
Nerionaya has joined ##yamahasynths
Nerionaya has quit [Client Quit]
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> "As it is now known, the freenode IRC network has been taken over by a Trumpian wannabe korean royalty bitcoins millionaire."
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> glad i saw this channel before it went +s again :) you guys seem nice
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I honestly don't think +s did much
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> this was apparently difficult to parse for another group I'm in
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it's a bit too late now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Stefania: "you seem nice, I hate to kill you" - Inigo Montoya
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> they didn't realize "wannabe korean royalty" was a semantic unit and thought it was gratuitously racist
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> ;D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> and it's like no, he is literally claiming the throne of korea lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs>
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i think the original word for that is "pretender"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> House of Yi - Wikipedia
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> yeah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: I'm an idiot
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> nah, you're not
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> and yeah that description is a bit run-on
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> I didn't see the original source material so idk if he's a pretender or someone openly planning a coup
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I thought "korean royalty bitcoins" was the semantic unit
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> which wound't suprrise me
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> there's a bitcoin for goddamn everything
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> (not like those coins go anywhere but still)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> a few years ago i liked crypto. now i hate it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> network takeover by a trumper makes sense, freenode was very liberal, and being able to build up a list of passwords with which to hack social media, spread right wing disinformation, is well worth the price paid for the network
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> it's a huge waste of resources
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> we have 4 crypto mines
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: Thanks :D. And also, thank you for your help this morning. This was not news I wanted to wake up to, and was stressful for me
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> mining rigs sorry
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> once Andrew Lee re-establishes the Korean Empire the new crown jewels will be NFTs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> You've made it not-stressful
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> Yeah, I know the feeling very well. No worries
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> well good luck
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> my creds are unique
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> and destroying a well estableshed open source network is icing on the cake
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> open source is the enemy of unchecked capitalism
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> end-stage capitalism
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> Lord_Nightmare: you think it was liberal?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> well, it was neutral, there were people from all sorts there
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i saw a diversity of political views on it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> yeah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> a bit late but Lofty, and anyone else curious,
<tpw_rules> then why didn't any of this get done 3 years ago
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> but it wasn't a right wing cesspit like rizon and parts of efnet
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> because people didn't realize the extent of the takeover until recently
<cr1901_modern> tpw_rules: Possibly to take ppl by surprise?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> yeah the whole thing is weird
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> it sounds like they decided to take more direct control just now
<cr1901_modern> The person who sold Freenode is locked on Twitter
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> for some reason
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i guess i should warn you that my politics are generally centre-right
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> that, and the new person hasn't tried taking it over with legal action before
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> and once the new cage was discovered, people immediately began to try to escape it, so andrew lee electrified the bars
<cr1901_modern> I assume that's new
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> i'm generally in support of absolute monarchy so I guess I should've stayed on freenode
<tpw_rules> there's this, but it was posted late 2018 according to
<NiGHTS> Let's take IRC Further
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> that's like MAGA but for IRC
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Stefania: General consensus of the channel is "capitalism bad" :P
<tpw_rules> i mean it just seems to be generic capitalism nonsense
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> "take irc further"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i don't like to discuss politics on open forums, but I'll say I don't like either "wing"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> capitalism isn't ALL bad, but it needs to be held firmly in check with laws to ensure good behavior
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i'm very capitalist
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> Yeah, I avoid discussing politics as well
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> and those laws currently either don't exist, are too weak, or are defanged
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> fair enough
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> I've not quite decided where my political views are, but it hovers between demsoc and ancom :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I'm not even joking. Though the extent of what I will say publicly is "what we have is not working... fix it! I don't care how".
<NiGHTS> [libera] * sorear vaguely grumpy about how the modern left has redefined "capitalism" to mean "everything wrong with modern resource allocation"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> well, the free market isn't free, it has to be minimally regulated to allow it to thrive
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> capitalism is a result of human nature. It's a pest that you can't get rid of.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I will say: Transphobia, queerphobia, etc, is instant ban. Probably half the room is queer.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> Napoleon Bonaparte is a more legitimate French monarch than the house of Bourbon, who are Protestant usurpers
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> doesn't capitalism basically means allowing people to spend money as a medium of exchange for resources as the core tenet of an economy?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> note: liberal is not a true opposite of conservative
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> it's a little difficult to wrap your head around because conservative capitalists have spent the better part of the past 100+ years fooling everyone into thinking otherwise
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I've never had a problem w/ this while the channel is on Freenode, so I guess I never had to voice that those are "insta-bans"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lord_Nightmare> its not, "liberal" used to have a different meaning until it became a curse to be uttered by the right wing parties
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> but I'll at least say it now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I mean it'd be weird to somehow work that into a discussion of vintage synths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> but bigots are weird sometimes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i have my opinions about that, but i'm not a hateful person
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> look let's make ancom 80s synthwave
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> like chumbawumba but mixed with the human league
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> maybe then we canp wprqgijtpoejbpifjal;jkfsa *melts into a pile of political silicon goop*
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> human league! <3 <3 <3
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> (I am not that far to the left, btw)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> well, if your only frame of reference is American politics then i won't make any sense at all
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> my politics only make sense in context of the rest of the world
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> okay I have a meeting in less than an hour, brb
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> in short i think USA politics are crazy and stupid and don't make any sense
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> USA has a fucked definition of left and right, so extreme that they're nonsensical
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> basically yes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> everything is extreme in USA
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> actually
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> first
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> they act like everything is a movie
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> US people are mostly saner than that, but their media is not interested
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> what's left wing in the US is right wing in europe
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> ^this
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> Nerionaya cr1901 wait is libera:6697 also broadcasting on http?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Idk... 6697 is the TLS port
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> well, even right wing is left wing in Europe
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> the head of the meson product doesn't want to move to libera until they set up webchat
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> so if it already has that then I should inform them
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> USA doesn't make any sense
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> andlabs: Jussi?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> the politics are insane
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> andlabs: I don't think it does yet. I couldn't find anything
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I'm also interested in a webchat
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> then wait what was Nerionaya talking about
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> it's just insanity, down is up, up is down, left is right
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> Well, not that insane, but what they build on is... not really acceptable on the other side of the pond
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> > I mean it'd be weird to somehow work that into a discussion of vintage synths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> andlabs are you asking about my tweet earlier
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> ohh, nevermind
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> that was not related to the IRC network
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Just World Hypothesis runs rampant in US
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> yes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> very much that insane and more
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> but why did you try to open that port with firefox
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> or did you expect firefox to open your IRC client
<Xyz39808> oh I never knew it was a network rule to name it weird like that
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> When your basic axioms are that poor people are choosing to be poor, that private is good and public is bad, that everything that makes money is moral by definition, and that people are resources first and humans maybe second, then it kinda makes sense
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> Xyz_39808: yes freenode was intended for Official Channels
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> that's all insanity and nonsense
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> Actual people are saner, but politics aren't
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> andlabs I was opening a port with Firefox on a site that was broadcasting HTTP on a non-standard port
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> Sarayan: don't forget that men are greater than women and that white is greater than black
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> Nerionaya: oh lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> andlabs: Ooooh, you're talking about my image on Twitter
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> that's why I tweeted about that
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> No, in retrospect that wasn't gonna work
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> god firefox is getting worse and worse :rolleyes:
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> cr1901: yes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> But I thought the error returned was amusing
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> brb now though
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i very reluctantly installed brave recently
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> andlabs: a lot of othering in general. Community good, others bad
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> oh also
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> *firefox is getting worse and worth but the alternatives are unacceptable
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> let me guess, "this address is restricted"?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> I really want to support alternatives to the webkit monopoly, but it's hard when Firefox is having huge memory leaks and CPU usage
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> or whatever they named it now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> Sarayan: it's a bit more sinister than that in my opinion
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I stopped short because I didn't want to go too overboard politically but
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> "mena re greater than women because women will destroy our wealth"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> they're too emotional, blablabla
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> reminder that the witch hunts and also the spanish inquisition though that's a separate timeline path were created to create capitalism SPECIFICALLY to oppress owmen
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> nobody chooses to be poor, nationalisation and centralised markets are bad, everything that encourages competition in the market and innovates to make money is good, and i'm generally family first and work second
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> (let's hope this video is still up)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Witchcraft, Gender, & Marxism | Philosophy Tube - YouTube
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> there, maybe that gives you a tiny window into my politics :)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> (it is)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> and once that project succeeded they changed it to non-white people
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> okay I'm going to miss this meeting if I don't get ready now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> the inquisition was done because muslims that invaded Spain were kidnapping and raping women and forcing them to convert to Islam
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> if they didn't they were murdered
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> „white” is a colour not a race
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> more US insanity
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i disagree with all of you :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> anyway, let's talk about something else
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> seriously people will get mad arguing about this
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> (This channel doesn't have a "no politics" rule)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> i hope you consider making one
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I don't think it needs to be a rule, but at the same time, it's probably not a good idea to talk politics
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> *a written rule
<Xyz39808> " <Nerionaya> I mean it'd be weird to somehow work that into a discussion of vintage synths" walter/wendy carlos. easy. lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> yeah I could argue about the Spanish Inquisition but I'm not sure what good doing arguing over a long-dead political institution's motivations is going to do
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I'm not wording this well, but: A blanket ban in practice means protecting those with views that meaningfully harm other members
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> and driving them away
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> them == "other members"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> But it's not like we'd want transphobes/queerphobes around anyway, so that particular ban is okay I think
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> wouldn't the best way to prevent harm simply be that they don't express those views that cause harm then
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I want to filter the transphobes/queerphobes/racists early
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> see I was thinking it'd be specifically weird to bring up queer *phobia*, not that queer people had no role in history of synths
<Xyz39808> oh I'm all of those things, I just doing voice it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i disagree with LGBT, i don't hate them and i don't fear them, is that reasonable and fair?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> alight caught up on logs, time to jump over here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> i don't want to cause any friction or make anyone feel persecuted, so if it's a problem i don't mind parting ways now
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> I'd say keep it up at least until the weekend. Some people are ultra busy and don't read the backlog until they have some good free time
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Stefania: I don't think you're going to make many friends here if you disagree with LGBT I'm afraid
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Stefania: Phrasing this as best as I can, I think you should do that.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> does knowing that I'm a transgender lesbian hurt your ability to have discussions with me on unrelated topics? if so then you should probably leave, if not then idk what "disagree with" means
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> "disagree with LGBT" is a very strange way of putting it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> why not? i disagree with my husband, we vote differently even ... but we still love each other
<NiGHTS> [libera] <__sen> sorear: not everyone's first language is english :)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> indeed
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> Nerionaya: no, it doesn't hurt my ability to have a conversation with you at all
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode +v Ruxnor on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Ruxnor: Something that never happened on Freenode ._.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> oh hey KitsuWhooa ^^
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Ah, Ruxnor's here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> That's my cue to leave
<NiGHTS> [libera] Lofty ( has left ##yamahasynths (Leaving)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> it's means that the words -phobia imply a lot of actions and imply a lot of intent, when the label is so freely disbursed to anyone with a bar set much lower than that
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> welp
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> shrug
<NiGHTS> [libera] * KitsuWhooa sighs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> sigh
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> phobia is a greek word, it means fear of something
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> yeah I was on freenode's too
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> transphobia = afraid of trans people
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> more than that, it means an active hate
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> some people have been trying to push "transmisia" but I'm not sure it's actually better
<NiGHTS> [libera] KitsuWhooa ( set mode -m on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> hate the sin, not the sinner
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> mis means hate
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> f.ex. misogyny
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> anyway, if it hasn't been a problem previously, I doubt it'll really become a problem now or in the future
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> phobia means fear
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> very VERY different
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> I think, whether or not you agree with their lifestyle, you should at least respect them and treat them as human beings
<NiGHTS> [libera] <ctr> Like your neighbor
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> our political views don't really have an effect on our ability to talk about old hardware
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> Xyz_39808: hate the sin not the sinner is exactly it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> In practice, "disagree with LGBT" will make my friends uncomfortable, and I don't honestly believe it's possible to fully separate technical and personal views. I think you should part.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> ctr: of course, that's precisely what i do
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> And honestly, I'm not sure how comfortable I am having ppl who "disagree with LGBT" or "hate the sin" in the room
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> I mean, you could kick them, since you're an op
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> no, that's okay, i'm willing to leave on my own
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Stefania> cheers :)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> There really is no difference between "strongly suggesting" and kick
<NiGHTS> [libera] Stefania (~Stefania@2604:a880:cad:d0::d29:5001) has left ##yamahasynths (WeeChat 2.8)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> Many such cases!
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> I guess I too should leave since I will never call a man a woman?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Xyz_39808: It's best if you leave I'm afraid
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %deop
<NiGHTS> [libera] NiGHTS ( set mode -o KitsuWhooa on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Xyz_39808> I was willing to coexist. It seems the other aisle was not
<NiGHTS> [libera] Xyz_39808 ( has left ##yamahasynths (Leaving)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> thank you Xyz for explaining why you aren't someone who would be pleasant to talk to as you depart, that way I won't have to worry about missing you
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ultrasauce> wew
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> uh
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Sarayan> wtf is "disagree with LGBT" supposed to mean. Do they disagree with rain too?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> too extreme? sorry
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ultrasauce> imagine thinking being 'willing to coexist' and affording basic dignity to your peers were not the same thing
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Why do you think you can offer basic dignity when you're only "willing to coexist"?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Do I need +v still?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> no
<gewt> so we're on libera now? what channel?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <gewt> [NickServ] Sending email failed, sorry! Registration aborted.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <gewt> well that's fun
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Lofty> Just keep trying
<NiGHTS> [libera] <gewt> there we go
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> back
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> my scsi2sds arrived
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> :sunglasses: I guess?????
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Yea you missed... yea...
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> still need ot get the adapters for my amiga 2000 before I can use it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Look at your scrollback, but let's move on
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> those ar ecurrently....... stranded in san diego
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> cr1901: ok
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> yes that conversation went out of control
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> san diego you say
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> yes, why? =P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I mean san diego was a pretty nice city the last time I went
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> I guess the adapters are just having a pleasant vacation
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I already made that joke about the genesis game that was stranded in anaheim for a few days
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> the thing with this that amuses me is that yesterday the SCSI2SDs were in san francisco
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> so they shipped across the country fast
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> and some ifixit stuff that's also here was in santa barbara
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<NiGHTS> [libera] madeline is now known as gewt
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<cr1901_modern> emeb: Guessing you know about the Freenode BS? :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] __sen is now known as SarahEmm
<NiGHTS> [libera] SarahEmm is now known as __sen
<NiGHTS> [libera] <__sen> gewt: thanks for reminding me to register alternate nick too :)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <gewt> happy to help :D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <gewt> :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> cr1901_backup, cr1901_backup2, cr1901_stop_disconnecting_me
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> Copy of cr1901_backup (4)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> snrk
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> unrelated: here's a hard drive that appears to have been made out of whatever they make chalkboards out of
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Hard Drive SCSI Quantum ProDrive 80S 980-80-9402 Apple 80909123104 FOR PARTS | eBay
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Nerionaya> clearly for the education market
<NiGHTS> [libera] <sorear> (rip, cr1901 vs cr1901_modern)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> [13:40:14] <+__sen>gewt: thanks for reminding me to register alternate nick too :)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> I was actually going to get a picture of Madeline
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> but then I got distracted and apparnetly there was a Madeline video game
<NiGHTS> [libera] <andlabs> okay then
<emeb> cr1901_modern: yeah - read some backstory on that a few days ago.
<emeb> then just heard about the mass exodus this morning.
<emeb> was expecting to come here and find it all borked up, but I guess things haven't gotten that far yet.
<cr1901_modern> We have a relay for now. The same channel is already set up on libera
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <balrog> is there a point of continuing to publicly log this channel?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <balrog> I kinda don't think so
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I do use the log to refer to old messages, so I'd like to keep it up
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode +o balrog on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] ChanServ ( set mode -v kehvo on ##yamahasynths
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> We discussed this a bit earlier # vs ##, and I wasn't sure if it fits
<NiGHTS> [libera] balrog ( set mode +b Xyz_39808!*@* on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] Xyz_39808 ( has been kicked from ##yamahasynths by cr1901 (Xyz_39808)
<whitequark> cr1901_modern: so what's up with logging
<whitequark> going to set up a logger for libera most likely
<NiGHTS> [libera] <balrog> so a while ago Wohali complained about public logging being a bad idea and leaving over it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> FWIW, wohali and I are still friends/on good terms. I respect her decision, and we discussed as a channel whether to keep logs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> consensus was that they were useful
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> and I still refer to them frequently
<NiGHTS> [libera] <balrog> Ah. I'm mainly wondering if it's a good idea/time to re-evaluate that decision, consider whether logs should not be public, etc
<NiGHTS> [libera] <balrog> (since I know that the logger supports private logging)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <balrog> If y'all feel that it isn't a good time to re-evaluate, or just want to keep it as-is, that's fine
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> balrog: I privmsg'd more context. I would LOVE to have her back, but it's her decision
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Hmm, the bot stopped showing join/part msgs on the Freenode side
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it shows parts, just not joins or quits
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I disabled it because someone complained it'd be spammy
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> (and rightfully so)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I guess complain isn't the best way to ptu it
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> *put
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: Would NiGHTS be usable as a bot in another chatroom (I know a few projects that could use a relay)?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> But I'm not gonna volunteer you :P
<ValleyBell> I'll be switching IRC servers later. (too tired right now)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: I don't see why not
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> if any of them already have a limnoria instance running, you can just load the RelayNext plugin
<cr1901_modern> ValleyBell: Looking forward to it :)
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: Ooooh I see. The ident said it was software by [your name]. I thought it was totally custom :P
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> Oh, nah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %version
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> The current (running) version of this Limnoria is 2021.05.07, running on Python 3.6.9 (default, Jan 26 2021, 15:33:00) [GCC 8.4.0]. The newest versions available online are 2021.04.11 (in master), 2021.05.17 (in testing).
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> actually, that's not the command that tells you what it is, but oh well
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> %deop cr1901
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Hmm...
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> you probably need an account on the bot
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> ahhh
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> you can either do /msg chanserv deop ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> or /mode ##yamahasynths -o cr1901
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> or I can %deop cr1901%
<NiGHTS> [libera] NiGHTS ( set mode -o cr1901 on ##yamahasynths
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Ahhh lol nice
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Matrix bridge is in progress, according to what I read on Fedi
<NiGHTS> [libera] * andlabs idly pets Nerionaya and whitequark
<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark> hi andlabs
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: Did you register your limnoria bot under your email?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I actually haven't registered it at all
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I should
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> why? :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Oh, I'm trying to create a relay bot for a channel that requires registration
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> naturally I'm failing
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Oh. There's a manual
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> Identifying the bot to services — Limnoria's documentation
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> Yeah, there's really good documentation
<tpw_rules> i remember supybot...
<NiGHTS> [libera] gewt is now known as madeline
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<NiGHTS> [libera] b4 is now known as madeline
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I don't recognize the syntax "owner ircquote nickserv register mypassword"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I guess I need to switch my nick to the bot name
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> you're suppoesd to PM ircquote ... to the bot
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> so that the bot sends that command for you
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> if you don't have ircquote you need to %load owner
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %list owner
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> announce, defaultcapability, defaultplugin, disable, enable, flush, ircquote, load, logmark, quit, reload, reloadlocale, rename, unload, unrename, and upkeep
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa>'s probably loaded by default as that's where load is too
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Should the email be my real email?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> (stupid question)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it needs to be an email that libera can email the verification code to
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> or freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> My email it is
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> then you send the verification command through ircquote too
cr1901_modern is now known as cr1901
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Error: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Even when I set up an owner password and I'm sure I typed it properly
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> hrm
<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark> cr1901: set up, whether you want it to log this channels is up to you
<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark> (all of you making decisions here, i mean)
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I would still like to log... balrog?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> KitsuWhooa: I can't get the bot to recognize the password I typed in. I don't have the bandwidth for this so I'm taking a break
cr1901 is now known as cr1901_modern
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> okay
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> cr1901: I assume you ran the wizard to first set up the bot?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Yes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I typed in a password, twice.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> then it should be a matter of /msg bot identify username password
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it's almost 1am, so I'll probably be disappearing soon
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> "user identify cr1901 [password]" is what I put in
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I'll try "identify cr1901 [password]"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it's the same thing
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> user just specifies the plugin
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I guess make sure the username is correct
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Maybe that was it... it didn't like my username
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> even after I switched nicks
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> iirc if you just do identify password then it uses your current nick
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> might be wrong though. I just have keepassxc set to autotype the command :p
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I'm not getting an email when I do "owner ircquote nickserve register [password] [email]"
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> nickserv
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> I think you're confusing your account on the bot (with the identify command) with the nickserv identify command
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> which would be ircquote identify
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> anything you put after ircquote will be sent as if you were manually doing that command if you were the bot
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I so how do I msg nickserv then?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> b/c "/msg" is a client thing
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> privmsg?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> %help ircquote
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> (ircquote <string to be sent to the server>) -- Sends the raw string given to the server.
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> ...yeah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> hold on
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Update: Someone else is setting up a limnoria bot and has the same problem lmao
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> if you send "whoami" does the bot recognise you?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> yes
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> are you trying to register the bot to libera?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> if so you probably just need to try a few times
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> it's probably nickserv saying "failed to send email" or whatever
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> no trying to register to freenode
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> ah
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> well, let me register the bot here
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> I tried like 5 times and the last time it let me lol
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Wait... does IRC only allow you to register one username per email address?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> no
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> without the group command
<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> you can group them
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> yeah, you probably need to group them
<NiGHTS> [libera] * cr1901 can't IRC
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> you can log in to your account with nickserv through the bot and then do nickserv group
cr1901_modern is now known as dfrelay
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Last q... how do I list which nicks are grouped to me?
<NiGHTS> [libera] <KitsuWhooa> /msg nickserv info
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I have cr1901_286 on Freenode... it's been so long I don't remember if that was a GROUP or id I did that manually
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <Ruxnor> hi honey :P
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Okay I remember now... my actual nick on Freenode is cr1901. I created the nick "cr1901_modern" to distinguish it from my joke account "cr1901_286"- i.e. "I'm actually using a modern computer, what a concept".
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> But looks like I never actually went and grouped cr1901_286 :P
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> whitequark: logging is fine
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark>
<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark> er,
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> ##yamahasynths on 2021-05-19 — irc logs at
<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark> now it's logged twice :D
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> Okay, finally got all that sorted out
<NiGHTS> [libera] <whitequark> cr1901: oh, looks like you missed my message. set up
<NiGHTS> [libera] <NiGHTS> ##yamahasynths on 2021-05-19 — irc logs at
<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> whitequark: Excellent, tyvm for your help
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<NiGHTS> [libera] <cr1901> I am going to keep confusing myself, aren't I?
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