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<TRS-80> second
<TRS-80> damn
<TRS-80> lol
<TRS-80> Let the record show this was my doing! :D
<lanefu> that feels like a big accomplishment for some reason
<lanefu> yeah thanks for doing the hardpart
<lanefu> TRS-80: are you ideaologically opposed to google sheets?
<TRS-80> I must confess it was easy. Just emailed whitequark. I feel like a fraud now. lol
<TRS-80> Of course! :)
<TRS-80> ALSO IMPORTANT NOTE: Freenode guidelines require that the topic mention that the channel is logged.
<TRS-80> Until we gain control of channel, this will have to suffice. I dunno, emailing whitequark about that now.
<JackFrost> TRS-80: Well not the topic, eg all the Ubuntu channels set an entry message.
<Tonymac32> nice. I have USB3 on Rock64 up again, new driver. Checking to make sure the RK3399 guests in Rockchip64 didn't suffer
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<TRS-80> Wow that was quick
<lanefu> 2nd log for 2nd log time
<TRS-80> Ha! I beat you this time. :p
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<IgorPec> TRS-80: what to do with this guy https://forum.armbian.com/profile/9738-alexey
<count-doku> I'd just remove the one in Boards specific bug, and edit the one in Common Issues with Note, why the other post got removed (eg it is not board specific bug but general question)
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<IgorPec> ok, let's wait for moderators to do that :)
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<IgorPec> count-doku: were we talk about RFC armbian-config and nand-sata-install to be able to run it with a parameter?
<TRS-80> IgorPec: Well I would start out moving to Common Issues as I don't imagine there is some specific problem with A20 but rather more likely some firewall issue or something, can always move it back later if further diagnosis proves that to be the case. Also I would probably be more gentle than you in reminding not to multi-post same issue. :)
<TRS-80> Is that about right?
<TRS-80> Oh yeas and merge or delete the second one.
<TRS-80> And I didn't look at count-doku reply until just now. :)
<IgorPec> yes. its a textbook example of unwanted behaviour
<TRS-80> s/merger/merged
<count-doku> yes Igor that was us
<IgorPec> TRS-80: Great :) I would never come up with so much care :)
<IgorPec> count-doku: since I started to deal with autotests, this would come up handy
<IgorPec> like switching kernels via armbian-config
<TRS-80> I just came across https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9841-why-my-content-need-to-be-approved-by-a-moderator it appears OP edited their post later to add spam, in this case I think I should edit OP, delete all spam content (the whole post) and replace with a note explaining my actions? Only question remaining, should I also ban? My inclination is no, they could be using internet cafe or something. Maybe do
<TRS-80> warning on user instead? I want to have some record for other mods to see, short of banning.
<IgorPec> just remove the whole thread, its meaningless
<count-doku> This is what you are talking about, right? https://github.com/armbian/build/issues/1735
<IgorPec> and flag user as spammer ... they are getting creative I must adming
<TRS-80> Well, one new person just today searched and found it, and now there is a reason given, if any others search in future for same they can find it?
<TRS-80> I think it's like playing Whack-A-Mole, I am sure that is not their real IP?
<IgorPec> yes, but there is little we can do more
<IgorPec> I think we are attached to the common database, spamer caought in the system gets blocked everywhere
<count-doku> IP banning is useless, if they are malicious they can change it easily. Worst case some legit user gets blocked because dynamic ips.
<IgorPec> yes, we don't use IP ban. flag as spammer is good enough, which makas a permanent user ban
<IgorPec> count-doku: nand-sata-install is one, while armbian-config is for us perhaps more interesting
<IgorPec> at least idea shell be explored, perhaps its trivial?
<count-doku> I see. I will have a look at both and _might_ try to add some options to jump directly to menu entries.
<TRS-80> Being not able to log on to Freenode (or other places at times) from either VPN or Tor, I personally am hesitant to ban certain IPs. The guilty party is never harmed anyway IMO, only others who try to connect from same IP. They sound like they are in SE Asia where my understanding internet cafes are popular. Why I would put warning on their account not ban the IP address. Maybe there is some other way to set
<TRS-80> their account requiring moderation. They only ever made 1 post anyway.
<count-doku> Btw. because you write it alot, I think it is 'shall' @igor :)
<IgorPec> hehe
<IgorPec> i keep mixing this up. autocorrection doesn't seem to work here
<count-doku> Sorry I ignored the first few times - but your latest forum post where full of it :p
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<IgorPec> it's one of those which i never know how its right and correct :)
<count-doku> Just remember "You shall use the shell, Luke!"
<IgorPec> i also remembered my friends phone number like 35 years ago ... 328. He said: " 3 x 2 is 8" :)
<IgorPec> zshell is good shell :)
<count-doku> Does nand-sata-install really not allow to put BOOT & ROOT on SATA?
<IgorPec> probably not
<IgorPec> not sure
<count-doku> does not seem like it.
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<TRS-80> Does the OS have SELinux enabled in restriction mode?
<TRS-80> My guess is no?
<IgorPec> selinux might be enabled, but we don't use it
<TRS-80> Sorry, I am not sure what that means?
<count-doku> TRS-80: I'd just stop responding. Wait a few days, now that there is a real question maybe someone will test it on their board.
<IgorPec> kernel support was broken for some time and somebody said its ok now
<TRS-80> count-doku: I am writing post saying that I cannot help further, but thought I would try to at least answer that part of it
<count-doku> Igor, back to command line options for armbian-config / nand-sata-install. I think it is doable and mostly a boring time-consuming part. Not really difficult as it is already structured in functions, so you basically "just" have to jump to the right functions depending on the option given.
<count-doku> It's just a "Fleißarbeit" (I don't know the english word)
<IgorPec> Du kanst mit mir auch in Deutch sprechen :)
<IgorPec> aber bitte nutzhen sie keine ausorderung worten
<TRS-80> I think https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12332-pinebook-pro/?tab=comments#comment-93475 is another Common Issue but not 100% sure?
<count-doku> Lass uns ruhig bei Englisch bleiben :)
<IgorPec> Yes, here I will just make more mistakes
<TRS-80> Sorry dumb questions, but look at the time invested as "teaching a man to fish" which should pay dividends once I get fully up to speed :)
<lanefu> we can just teach to you buy fish
<IgorPec> yes, its common issue. Its known (to me) Ubuntu bug.
<count-doku> But lanefu, how much is the fish?
<TRS-80> Thanks IgorPec
<lanefu> it depends.. negotiation is the lesson
<IgorPec> TRS-80: Do you see RED number https://forum.armbian.com/forum/36-board-doesnt-start/
<IgorPec> in the post "Pine64 H64 does not boot .."
<count-doku> IgorPec: How sophisticated would you want the command options to be? Is something like "./armbian-config --network --setip 192.168.178/24 gw" ok?
<IgorPec> i think that should do ... yes
<count-doku> Ok I will look into it somewhere around the weekend.
<IgorPec> great! I will probably be around, so we can share something
<TRS-80> IgorPec: No, that shows as blue to me, but I am using dark theme on FF (Dark Backgrount and Light Text Addon). If I disable it, it still shows up as green triangle. Oddly, this did not show up in my notifications, as queued posts usually do, how come?
<IgorPec> I am not sure it works properly. Check picture
<IgorPec> its a triangle 0/1
<TRS-80> Well I deleted the post. But before I did, yes I saw the triangle. But it was not red. And I received no other notification like I usually do with posts needing moderation.
<count-doku> I'll be off for the day. Good evening, afternoon, morning or whatever.
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<IgorPec> ok, i also have to go ... later
<TRS-80> IgorPec: I just noticed other window. Clicked Accept, but it failed.
<IgorPec> ok, no problem
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<IgorPec> be back later ...
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<TRS-80> Just wanted to let everyone know, I had a bit of back and forth emails with whitequark, I offered to send him few dollars for his trouble, we ended up settling on a board recommendation for his use case :D
<lanefu> TRS-80: nice negotiation
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<TRS-80> Oh I would be happy to give him few dollars, out of my own pocket to support the project. But it was logistical problem, neither of us want to use PayPal because real names, and I haven't set up bitcoin stuff yet.
<TRS-80> Evening, Vanitarium! :)
<lanefu> TRS-80: i love your principles man
<vanitarium_> high TRS-80…
<vanitarium_> I meant hi…
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<TRS-80> Hey vanitarium_, what you do on your own time outside Armbian is your own business... XD
<vanitarium_> I enjoy my retirement… ;)
<vanitarium_> are you telling me to mind my own business TRS-80?? :O
<vanitarium_> TRS-80:You seem to live in Armbian sites yourself,eh?
<TRS-80> vanitarium_: no I was making (possibly inappropriate) joke about getting high XD
<TRS-80> vanitarium_: All jokes aside, that's why I reached out to you. I think retired guy with time on his hands will be a valuable asset to the project! :)
<TRS-80> I have some extra time presently, but that is not always going to be the case...
<vanitarium_> TRS-80: ha ha good one due to a typo. The difficulty is finding my way round the forum: it’s one of the most difficult to navigate I have seen!
<TRS-80> It took me a long time to figure out that there is actually a method to the madness. I think it's helpful to look at it from Dev perspective of what is, and is not part of Armbian project and then it starts to make sense.
<vanitarium_> TRS-80: I find the mixture of Armbian (software issues) and hardware trickery for multiple SBCs very hard to follow logically…but that may just be my age factor O:)
<TRS-80> It's not just you, buddy, if it makes you feel any better. I have been lurking/reading here for literally years and I still struggle, myself...
<lanefu> vanitarium_: it's a tricky reality
<lanefu> unifying like 150 bespoke SBCs
<vanitarium_> I am very impressed by Armbian itself: it is a great OS for ARM cpus and really deserves the title of ‘universal’ but the forum makes it look a bit more overwhelming than what it looks and feels on my SBC…
<TRS-80> vanitarium_: As a new Mod, you recently experienced your first brush with "the complexity that exists on the near side of simplicity" prior to which you only (as a user) enjoyed "the simplicity on the far side of that complexity"
<TRS-80> One of my favorite quotes involves not giving a fig about the latter...
<lanefu> yeah there's a lot of layers to it... there's the overall build system..the shell scripts that put thigngs together. There's the boot-loader layer with u-boot that can be distinct. there's the kernel and keeping up with patching and tweaks, and there's the device tree layer which is hte hardware enablement kind of in between u-boot adn the kernel,.. and then there's the armbian-tools which are jsut kind
<lanefu> of value-add stuff to teh user experience
<lanefu> armbian is a distro and a build platform
<vanitarium_> lanefu: maybe the project will have to force the SBC designers to adapt more to Armbian in the future and give back to the project for offering their SBC a ready cooked OS… 8) .But that is a job for the Armbian Gods, I presume…
<lanefu> there's kind of a few factors there... 1 there are some small relationships with some of the SBC vendors, the othr thing is a lot of the SOCs finally caught up to good mainline maturity.. and then I feel liek another thing that will simplify will be u-boot with uefi to simplify the boot / installer
<vanitarium_> OK guys. My sleeping time has arrived in this dark northern region. I will be seeing (talking) to you a bit more soon. A wee bye from Scotland…to TRS-80 and lanefu… :)
<vanitarium_> I miss UEFI…
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<TRS-80> lanefu: I'm sure you can guess that I support getting out the pitchforks and going after Allwinner, etc... I went looking for status of any license enforcement activity by FSF the other day and was disappointed to find nothing. Maybe that is not the right place, perhaps Conservancy does this work...
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<lanefu> TRS-80: i'd love to see the pitchforks, but the strength copyright law in chinese boarders is not strong enough to sway
<lanefu> its more abiding by honor code than anything
<lanefu> or coming up with a financial reason to participate appropraitely
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<TRS-80> I think there are lots of ways to bring pressure, but they would only hurt the sellers here and us peasants mostly I think, unfortunately
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<lanefu> likely the case
<lanefu> what SBCS are you using primarily
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