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<lanefu> Since it's already 2020-01-25 in Europe I'll probably go ahead and cut the real RC branch before I goto bed
<lanefu> once the new RC images are built we can send announcement to the community to ask for help testing
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* TRS-80 cracks open a cold one
* lanefu chugs some ovaltine
<lanefu> mods -- I posted a hidden draft asking for help testing our RC1 release.. i'll unhide once images are up and we're ready
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<TRS-80> lanefu: I figured you must be waiting for something, because the announcement itself looked good to me :)
* TRS-80 goes to fridge for second beer
<TRS-80> lanefu: You want one? :D
<lanefu> lol im good thanks
<TRS-80> cheers
<TRS-80> Oh I just noticed a lapse in logging for almost 3 min there (nothing was said anyway)
<TRS-80> and 3 more min earlier
<lanefu> yeah whitequark is afraid of me
<TRS-80> Not sure if srs
<lanefu> lol only kidding
<lanefu> i strongly doubt she knows who i am
<TRS-80> You think she?
<lanefu> says so on her twitter profile
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<TRS-80> oh I had no idea
<TRS-80> But only emailed few times
* TRS-80 assumed someone's gender
<TRS-80> :o
<TRS-80> Wow https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/armbian.html was /definitely/ not available when I installed openHAB!
<lanefu> oh thats some great recognition
<TRS-80> I found it here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12650-install-openhab-on-armbian/ so I think Igor wrote it
<TRS-80> Been delving into sub-forums I haven't before (currently: Research)
<TRS-80> I am also looking at armbian-config for only like the second (maybe third) time
<TRS-80> I don't like wizards (in general) but Igor keeps calling for help with it
<TRS-80> Yeah I guess this must be for people who shun the command line, I don't really see the point otherwise
<lanefu> the roots of armbian were to make an easy package for setting up a homeserver on an odroid
<lanefu> and yeah armbian-config emulates some of the spirit of raspi-config to make it a little more palatable for newbs :)
<TRS-80> I thought Cubietruck? That is what I learned from presentation Igor did at BalCCon2K17 which can be seen here: https://www.armbian.com/authors/
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<keesj> Hi, guys .. I am still wondering about the best platform for running armbian. I have a couple of devices (few lime a10 that are not longer supported and a NanoPi-NEO-Plus2 that is also not supported and I want .. piece of mind for my next board
<keesj> at the same time I would not mind trying a recent rootfs and possibly mainline kernel on the a10 lime
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<lanefu> keesj: Orange Pis and Odroids are probably a safe bet...... a lot of times its more to do with the SoC that loses support
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<lykt> Speaking of A10 lime it might still be possible to run Fedora on it
<lykt> All my A10 and A20 devices ended up in basement collecting dust though
<lykt> H3, H5, H6 ones are well supported these days, are also faster and cheaper
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<keesj> I think... If I upgrade the kernel.. why not keep it for a little longer
<keesj> but it also appears there is a lot of choice today (a little to much)
<TRS-80> keesj: What do you mean by "a little too much"?
<TRS-80> in boards? or kernels? or...? :)
<keesj> different boards indeed
<TRS-80> keesj: Yes, seems like endless choices. I have been reading on this stuff for years, and still feel I know only some fraction of what is out there.
<TRS-80> I keep having some idea for a collaboratively edited "
<TRS-80> oops
<TRS-80> ... "recommend me a board" flowchart
<TRS-80> using something like draw.io
<TRS-80> I didn't realize until now that draw.io website software, their desktop client, and main underlying library are all Apache-2.0 licensed. Neat! :)
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<lanefu> TRS-80: oh that awesome i didn't know that
<archetech> reading the docs on building armbian is vagrant required ?
<TRS-80> more looking into draw.io: dark theme (check), lots of symbols (check), appears super easy to use (check), you can also save to local device, GitHub, and some other options
<TRS-80> I been looking for something for long time for flowcharting and simple diagrams just to quickly iterate some idea some times before starting to code, or to clarify some process, but never found a tool I liked. Usually too high learning curve got in the way of ideas flowing. But I think I finaly found suitable tool here with draw.io. Much excite!
<lanefu> archetech: vagrant is not required... a Ubuntu 18.04 VM is the simplest way
<archetech> lanefu: ok got that
<lanefu> and just run the build tools within that
* TRS-80 has also lately been studying qemu, kvm, etc.
<lanefu> TRS-80: i got KVM running on an orangepi once.. it was cool
<lanefu> its funny because the arm VM can use a standard ARM distro installer because it has a virtual UEFI
<archetech> lanefu: what's a good dir location to build images ?
<archetech> home/me/build?
<lanefu> archetech: thats basically how i do it
<lanefu> make sure that volume has a decent amount of room
<lanefu> build/cache can get quite large
<archetech> 30GB
<lanefu> i actually end up mounting build/cache and build output to another volue because my home partition is small
<lanefu> that should be fine
<archetech> do u add any vars to bash?
<archetech> like flags etc
<lanefu> nope `sudo ./compile.sh` is usually sufficient
<archetech> great ty
<lanefu> once you get used to the system you can pass options to skip menus
<archetech> off I go for the rock64
<lanefu> woohoo
<archetech> latest everything build
<archetech> want mainline kern mainly
<archetech> ls
<archetech> glad I ran this first ima version back sudo cat /etc/os-release
<lanefu> oh running 16.04?
<archetech> 18.03
<archetech> doc says use 18.04
<lanefu> whats the full version
<archetech> PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS"
<archetech> VERSION_ID="18.04"
<archetech> ty
<archetech> didnt see that
<lanefu> :) thats what i thought
<lanefu> you're good to go
<lanefu> FYI on your rock64 with existing armbian, you should be able to switch to mainline using `armbian-config`
<archetech> was just reading the docs inthe dir for that reason ty
* archetech noob alert
<lanefu> haha
<lanefu> well for the record building your own is fun
<lanefu> but not the shortest path
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<archetech> as I said ive built linux fr scratch already but now I need a kernel for it so ill buid a full armbian first
<archetech> get aquainted
<archetech> how long does it take to build an image ona I5-3470 w/ 2 cores?
<archetech> approx
<lanefu> hmmm trying to remember
<lanefu> first time its gonna have to download all the tools and rootfs... so your intenet connection will impact it
<lanefu> i'll ballpark 60-90 minutes for you
<lanefu> i have a 40 thread xeon server i build on so.. its been a while since i ran on something lighter
<archetech> ok what I thought too sudo ./compile.sh says no option selected
<archetech> lol 40 threads sheesh
<lanefu> i used to do datacenter stuff so sometimes you get hooked up
<archetech> if I go hog wild on this building I have a 16 thread ryzen
<lanefu> that'll probably smoke my xeon
<lanefu> single thead performance is even slightly better on my i7-2600
<lanefu> which is omy old build box
<archetech> na its a 12 thread r5-1600 cheapo build
<lanefu> can you link me to a screenshot of your error message
<archetech> I can paste it
<lanefu> snipboard.io is pretty good
<archetech> ix.io
<lanefu> yeah pastbin works too
<lanefu> etc
<archetech> http://ix.io/28ls
<lanefu> `apt install dialog`
<lanefu> there's a depdency or 2 that it kind of assumes you have
<lanefu> it installs most others
<archetech> ok got a 2 choice menu now looks ok
<archetech> changed my mind building the current-kernel
<archetech> less time
<archetech> hope this dont build 32 bit
<lanefu> if its a 64bit board it'll build 64
<lanefu> we dont support 64bit kernel w/ 32bit userspace
<archetech> good
<lanefu> that shows what its building from
<archetech> ty need to check if it uses mali vs panfrost
<lanefu> panfrost
<archetech> gah ctl c
<lanefu> so if you customize the kernel options
<lanefu> you can allow for mali
<lanefu> you'll still have to do jump through all the hoops to install the blobs etc afterwards
<lanefu> actually leme doublecheck it may allow both,
<archetech> ok thats what im here to learn
<lanefu> regardless mali won't be bundled, only the hook the kernel to allow the blob
<archetech> right thats ok
<lanefu> so yeah if you choose the customize kernel config during the menus you'll get the `make menuconfig` style menu
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<lanefu> so if you succeed and get all of that.. look for JMCC's multimedia script on the forums
<lanefu> and then bang your head against the wall for a few days
<lanefu> the hardware acceleration stuff is just a huge PITA
<archetech> ya but thats where the chanllenge lies accelerated plasma kde
<archetech> challenge
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<lanefu> archetech: its doable.. share your success for sure
<archetech> I will
<archetech> got it on manjaro but it isnt right
<archetech> hoping #lima devs can set me up w/ a mesa config that wont blow up qt5 5.14
<archetech> for egl/gles2
<archetech> really all there is to it
<archetech> then that can be used for pinephone etc im sure bshah fr plasma has some insight too
<lanefu> oo yeah that'd be sweet
<archetech> that phone should be useable pretty soon
<archetech> on plasmamobile
<archetech> it runs but no calls
<lanefu> they should have made the pine tablet first
<archetech> yeah pine has made mistakes guess its just business
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<lanefu> i gotta give pine respect.... they really turned things around and do pretty good work
<lanefu> the pine64 made me never want to touch anything by them, but they pressed on
<lanefu> full disclosure i dont have any pine stuff
<archetech> r64 is my first board was cheap to get feet wet
<lanefu> TRS-80: maybe we need a "protesters square" subforum for people to bitch and moan about how oppressive we are
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<archetech> this is puling in 8 toolchains so far
<lanefu> yeah its a big download
<archetech> every time I choose a diff config it will do this?
<lanefu> currently its not optimized so it pulls all possible toolchains for the boards
<lanefu> nope, it'll have what it needs
<lanefu> and will just pull updates
<archetech> ic
<archetech> I read theres 13 total
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<archetech> ran out of space
<lanefu> doh
<lanefu> sorry i should have check my volume first :P
<lanefu> 14G of toolchains,
<archetech> The I/O cache encountered an error while updating data in medium "ahci-0-0" (rc=VERR_DISK_FULL).
<archetech> still got 15 gb free
<archetech> vm locks up on that error
<lanefu> are you sure /home isnt a special volume?
<archetech> nope one big /
<archetech> seeing what happened during vm creation
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<archetech> goog says enable host cache i/o
<lanefu> what hypervisor are you using
<archetech> vbox on arch
<lanefu> cool
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<TRS-80> XD
<IgorPec> hej
<IgorPec> what's going on? :)
<TRS-80> Oh same guy from other day, balbes closed his topic, I flagged it if you want the quick summary (info and our discussion under flag)
<TRS-80> I have sent the guy a PM asking him to calm down
<lanefu> hey IgorPec
<TRS-80> I been using Flags as a way for Moderators to discuss, mentor, maybe ask for higher up advice, plan on writing a forum topic on it soon
<IgorPec> lanefu: build still in progress
<TRS-80> but seems to be working well so far as a tool
<lanefu> IgorPec: cool.
<IgorPec> TRS-80: are flags still actual? I have seen them, but had no time to react
<lanefu> hopefully i'll be pointing the official build repo to my jenkins later this evening
<IgorPec> great!
<lanefu> i may need to do some return code wrangling.. i think the build sometikmes passes if a compile fails :P
<IgorPec> hehe
<TRS-80> IgorPec: No, don't worry. That is what I hope to formalize in a process where (so far I am thinking like) New Report (Flag) = still require attention by someone (maybe higher up); In Progress (triangle)(forgot what it's called) = only being left there for teaching
<TRS-80> idea is quickly let you guys look for things where we need your guidance (Flag) vs just discussing ourselves (Triangle) and then closed of course
<lanefu> its been helpful..
<TRS-80> I was thinking better there than pollute IRC or forums, subject material readily at hand, besides not everyone on IRC either
<IgorPec> what is with this guy TooMuchCensorshipRequired
<IgorPec> ?
<TRS-80> what we were talking / joking about above
<TRS-80> same guy I had run in the other day, he changed his name from ForumNameRequired or something
<IgorPec> aha. we don't have many of such characters around
<TRS-80> he is new I think
<TRS-80> discussion here in Flag: https://forum.armbian.com/modcp/reports/70/
<lanefu> i figure if we just let him cry until he gets tired he'll stop
<lanefu> (if we ignore him)
<IgorPec> yes, IMO better
<TRS-80> as I mentioned flag (maybe continue discussion there) remains the question whether we think balbes rightly closed the topic or not (I think maybe not, but that is his "area")
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<TRS-80> OK if we are leaving this guy be for now, I need to go switch my router to new ISP...
<TRS-80> bbl
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<lanefu> IgorPec: what should I be doing to specify a custom config file for build.... this isn't it :)
<lanefu> ./compile.sh CONFIG=../ci-testing-tools/config-jenkins-kernel.conf BOARD=${ARMBIAN_BOARD} BRANCH=${ARMBIAN_BRANCH}
<IgorPec> huh
<lanefu> instead of using userpatch/config-example.conf
<lanefu> *userpatches
<IgorPec> if you want to use certain config it has to be in the userpatches
<IgorPec> do we support this?
<IgorPec> to be outside
<lanefu> ...thats what i wanst sure about
<IgorPec> it looks we don't
<lanefu> okay.. i'll symlink into it for now
<IgorPec> yes, that should do
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<IgorPec> great, so it works!
<lanefu> yeah.. i think it works enough that i can add it toour repo
<lanefu> at a minimum we can see the job output on a PR which ishandy
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<kalin> Hi!
<lanefu> hi kalin
<kalin> what happened with HDMI audio drivers from olimex for older A10, A20 and A33 chips?
<kalin> they sended patches to mainline before few weeks
<kalin> do i start digging my old lime2 A20 to use it as multimedia player?
<lanefu> sorry I dont know much about those boards
<kalin> olimex provided OpenELEC image with working HDMI audio, but it useless for me
<lanefu> yeah a lot of vendor images aren't very flexible
<lanefu> ..but all the Media acceleration stuff is just hard in general
<lanefu> whats uselss about their OpenElec
<kalin> i need firefox, torrent client and samba in general
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<archetech> that wasnt fun had to delete a vm to make room and reinstall vbox
<archetech> now I know how much room all the t-chains take
<kalin> can i find somewere all new features in last armbian release for lime 2 boards?
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<archetech> error ATF file not found
<archetech> how do I clean the failed last build
<lanefu> what part do you want to clean
<archetech> yup =sources
<lanefu> so you're probalby okay by default
<archetech> its rollin
<archetech> look a free speed boost ;p
<archetech> RK3328-enable-1512mhz-opp.patch
<archetech> I assume all the rk3399 patches work for 3328
<archetech> chose rock64 config but getting lots of stuff for other boards
<archetech> is it normal for it to stop and give me a menuconfig screen?
<lanefu> did you do KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes ?
<lanefu> are you takling about kernel config?
<archetech> no
<archetech> just compile CLEAN=
<archetech> W/E IT WAS
<lanefu> so yeah menu will pop up for any configuration for the build it needs.. not sure which screen you're looking at tho
<archetech> same as make menuconfig
<lanefu> you have any accidently chose configure kernel earlier
<archetech> glad it did theres a ton of stuff I dont want idk why these arm configs have so much enabled
<archetech> I dont recall but I like it
<lanefu> archetech: generally we enable most things that people want to use
<lanefu> but the beauty of armbian is you can supply your own config :)
<archetech> conversely its nice to work from a base that was done by someone with more knowledge
<archetech> usually