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<Tonymac32> nacelle I make no declarations either way
<Tonymac32> SMS alert for washing machine sounds awesome. I'm not cutting into my washing machine though
<lanefu> Tonymac32: SonsoffS31 (power monitoring)
<lanefu> *Sonoff
<Tonymac32> ahhh duh
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<Tonymac32> ...not getting to login on Le Potato with 5.4 RC1
<nacelle> thats because armbian runs on computers, not root vegetables
* nacelle is super helpful
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<willmore> Wow, I missed a lot of channel drama. Glad to see we've got ops finally--and that I'm not one.
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<lanefu> doh it should have built a rockchip board.. i'll hvae ot check on my test script
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<aXl> Hi, my install has the package "armbian-firmware" installed at version
<aXl> Since a few days/weeks, the packageis no longer available on the APT repository
<aXl> I couldn't find a reference in the documentation/forum about its removal
<aXl> Should i install the regular linux-formware packages from Debian now? Or will the armbian-firmware package return?
<aXl> On buster, btw
<lanefu> aXl: not sure why package is missing..please post your question on forum with an armbian-monitor -u attached
<lanefu> you'll get an answer faster
<lanefu> it may have ot do with some RC images being pushed.. still working on our process
<lanefu> didy ou try and apt clean apt update first
<aXl> freshly update, yes
<lanefu> going to disable my PR testing.. have debugging to do
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<Werner__> OPi One and ZeroPlus added to RC-1 testing sheet
<IgorPec> nice. i was trying to fix exotical udoo but not working .. yet
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<archetech> tryin to fig out this bionic armbian boot system-methodolgy
<archetech> mount gives wrg fs type for all partitions 1-5
<archetech> fdisk says they are type linux
<archetech> whats in them is this explained anywhere?
<archetech> wanna know why my compile.sh built kernel failed
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<lanefu> archetech: curious why you have 5 partitions... you shouldn't.... can you show me?
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<archetech> ok next time I boot it
<archetech> I have 7 total
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<TRS-80> new day, new ONT... now we will see if connection is stable...
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<archetech> lanefu: heres fdisk http://ix.io/28wT
<lanefu> archetech: so isn't /dev/sda the volume of your ubuntu build host?
<archetech> no paste is just the usb hdd
<lanefu> okay.. what is hte purpose of hte USB HD?
<lanefu> and wahts that have to do with ./compile.sh
<archetech> what I boot armbian bioic of of
<archetech> bionic
<lanefu> how did you install armbian to the USB?
<archetech> same way one does a sdcard
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<xgpt> hey y'all, is there a guide on how to do a *headless* setup for wifi? no ethernet required? i.e. the raspbian method where you just plunk in a SSID & password in a wpa_supplicant.conf file in /boot? Something like that for armbian/
<archetech> let me explain the kernel build I made I tested on a sdcard install of bionic
<xgpt> **??
<archetech> the question of why all these partitons is a sep general question but its related
<archetech> I didnt try to upgrade this usb build
<lanefu> so those partitions make no sense
<lanefu> armbian doesnt do those
<lanefu> did you use etcher to put armbian on the usb?
<IgorPec> i hope it still works, don't use that
<archetech> ok ill try a reinstall to this usb drive see if it does all these partitions again
<lanefu> archetech: are you using etcher or dd?
<archetech> dd
<lanefu> i have a feeling you did like dd ot a partition instead of the disk
<lanefu> use etcher
<lanefu> since tahst what we say to use
<archetech> ok
<xgpt> IgorPec: Thanks friend! I tried all the googles and I couldn't find it quickly in "https://docs.armbian.com/User-Guide_Getting-Started/", perhaps someone should consider adding it to those otherwise very well-written docs?
<IgorPec> you are welcome to write it to the manual if it still works
<xgpt> IgorPec: how would I learn how to contribute to the manual? I'm pretty well versed in markdown/other similar markups and can figure it out, but my biggest barrier to contributing edits to these FOSS docs is not knowing how to do it, like do I just contribute it as "patches" to github there? I'd actually really love to start contributing to documentation and love Armbian enough to help out there if anyone
<xgpt> could help me get started. I've noticed a ton of slightly out of date references in that manual (references to stretch vs. buster, which could be updated or just straight up just left to say "current" Debian)
<lanefu> xgpt: all you have to do is just edit hte markdown file and send a PR https://github.com/armbian/documentation
<IgorPec> There is Edit button, markdown is text with few extras
<xgpt> so I just fork the repo, edit it in my local, and then submit it as a push request?
<xgpt> neat.
<IgorPec> yes
<xgpt> I'm absolute crap when it comes to being a programmer, I was super proud when I managed to finally learned how to compile some things from github, and I'm not a UI/UX person, but I do work in OT and understand how people go through using the things they use in their days and how to write good docs. I'll keep in touch with any questions I've got on stuff to edit! Thanks for the quick responses!
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<archetech> about 5 posts down ab1jx mentions ayufans 7 partitions being normal
<archetech> for the rock vs the pi
<lanefu> hmm interesting
<archetech> my sdcard install is 1or 2 partitions
<archetech> nand-sata-install script doesnt have the option for straight usb boot either has to use an sdcard to boot first
<TRS-80> later
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<lanefu> ah okay.. yeah i've never done usb boot
<IgorPec> straight usb boot for which board?
<archetech> cuz nobody Ive seen has been able to do it
<archetech> rock64
<IgorPec> if you have SPI bootloader just burn image to USB and you are done
<archetech> yes it was easy witht hat ayufan tool
<archetech> the tool preps the spi and it sees the uboot on the usb hdd
<archetech> so no its not that simple as installing to usb
<archetech> 2 parts
<archetech> that thread is full of fail but so many want this
<IgorPec> we don't have resources to maintain more important stuff
<archetech> hmm I think this is super important given the sdcard fail rate and all thatgoes with using them
<archetech> and the speed perf gain is huge
<IgorPec> write down, waiting time is around 2-3 years
<IgorPec> if this is important to you, do something about, we would, but have no options. It's not an urgent issue. Its just comodity
<lanefu> ...aka we like Pull Requests
<lanefu> and community testing
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<archetech> would a forum post how to be acceptable I dont edit wiki's
<archetech> 1 solve the using sdcard to boot/run on done 2 get a mainline kernel built using the vbox build sytem done 3 build an board image easy to do now
<archetech> comments like do something about it ooook
<IgorPec> forum is a black hole, it will be lost
<archetech> lane got me there ill give after I get enough info to know what im doing
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