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<mtlsw> hi
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<eziukas> Hi
<eziukas> I'm trying to add rbd kernel module to armbian by building custom armbian image
<eziukas> in the utility I select to modify kernel modules before building the image, but I can't find the rbd module - were in the menu should I look?
<TRS-80> Hi eziukas
<TRS-80> Hang around a bit and I'm sure you will get an answer (I don't know the answer).
<TRS-80> s/I'm sure you will/you might
<TRS-80> ;)
<archetech> dont see a link for rock64 for rc image The download site is already configured for the RC1 images as the default download.
<eziukas> TRS-80 thanks, hanging :)
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* TRS-80 continues studying at the scrolls of ancient wisdom (re: qemu)
<eziukas> is it posible to get somehow latest ernel build, like a nightly or something?
<eziukas> because from this: https://github.com/odinuge/armbian/commit/8bf3ca6818376b7e8bb299226fdc114ea6cd5e57 it appears that module was enabled 28 days ago in git
<archetech> eziukas: have you setup the vbox build system per docs?
<eziukas> so I guesst I just need a pretty fresh build of the kernel
<eziukas> archetech yes and it works fine
<eziukas> just don't know to to find the module I need in the module selection dialog
<archetech> start the build and have it stop at the menuconfig screen?
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<eziukas> yes I have, tried looking under filesystems
<eziukas> but only found ceph, could not find rbd
<sarnold> btw make menuconfig should have a search feature, try hitting /
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<eziukas> sarnold - thank you so much! so saved the night! :)
<sarnold> yay :)
<eziukas> 2:30 AM where I live :D
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<eziukas> hmm, so now that the custom kernel has been built, should I just install all the debs produced by the tool?
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<veremitz> hey, my NanoPC running Armbian is very noisy in syslog with cfg80211 info messages .. is there a way I can stop debug info being generated? I can't see anything o the kernel commandline, so I guess it'll be an override
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<sarnold> veremitz: dmesg -n can probably do that; you may lose other messages as a side effect
<veremitz> mm ok ty
<veremitz> trying to trap an OOM building gcc :/
<sarnold> (you can probably also do it via the 'debug' kernel command line parameter, take a look at 'debug' in bootparam(7))
<lanefu> eziukas: yaeh you'll want to dpkg -i all the debs
<lanefu> skip source unless you _really_ want it
<TRS-80> speaking of kernal build sources, can anyone speak as to health of torrent swarm?
<lanefu> whats torrent swarm
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 my torrents are down, I need to revive
<lanefu> oh yeah..
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<lanefu> i need a clearner way to get the list so i can use my native torrnt stuf on my synology
<Tonymac32> I use a NEO Station. Since I only have 20 Mb up it doesn't matter much
<Tonymac32> ...I think it's 20 up. I should double check, they keep poking at it
<Tonymac32> yep 20
<Tonymac32> should review available plans. Last time I did I got over twice as fast for $5 less per month...
<TRS-80> I have 500/500 FTTP connection now, gigabit switch, and router arriving soon that can handle that, so yeah, so soon I want to help with torrents.
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: We only pay like $50/mo
<TRS-80> for that
<TRS-80> I think Frontier doing deal now.
<TRS-80> (maybe not in your area of course)
<Tonymac32> I have dual-link DSL with dedicated line to the gateway, so mine is always 100/20 and the ping is really low. But the cable ones are starting to look better
<Tonymac32> looks like they have a 300 Mbps one now
<Tonymac32> Too far to get fiber
<Tonymac32> so no Gbps
<lanefu> i got the gigabits
<Tonymac32> pop.density is waaayyyyy too low here for that
<Tonymac32> they would never pay off the initial investment
<TRS-80> bull shit, telcos were given millions in subsidies, grants, etc. to build out high speed internet and simply never did it
<sarnold> that 3mbps dsl is "high speed broadband"
<TRS-80> since 1996 Tellecommunications Act
<Tonymac32> ...except it would cost billions
<TRS-80> probably billions
<Tonymac32> sarnold I had 28.8 kbps when I was younger... 3mbps was sweet. Now it's 100 Mbps, but they offer more for the same money so I usually upgrade due to that
<sarnold> Tonymac32: hehe, yeah; crazy how things change, right? I started with a 2400 bps modem; when my university had a T1 line it felt *crazy* *fast*.. today I've got gigabit and still want more...
<TRS-80> > when 54K US Robotics modems were hot shit
<sarnold> those were so cool.
<Tonymac32> yep
<Tonymac32> "I was on the Armbian IRC, but it was nothing but old people talking about ancient artifact technology"
<lanefu> truth
<lanefu> I ran a BBS
<lanefu> 14.4kbps
<Tonymac32> I don't even know what modem was in the machine I used to dial into my uncle's BBS
<Tonymac32> Tandy 1000
<Tonymac32> All I know is that I have major nostalgia for orange phosphor and text based games
<lanefu> you can still play tw2002 via telnet
<Tonymac32> this individual shaped my gaming childhood: https://twitter.com/rtsoft
<Tonymac32> Legend of the Red Dragon was a lot of fun
<lanefu> yep loved lord
<lanefu> woohooo pr tester works again
<Tonymac32> there were servers for it until a couple years ago, unfortunately a lot of people had reduced it to an equation due to state of the art random number generation... :P
<TRS-80> "you had better turn on some light or you are likely to be eaten by a grue"
<sarnold> lanefu: hah, last time I played tw2002 I had fun for a few days, and then managed to send a probe into a sector with someone who knew wtf they were doing .. *boom* destroyed six seconds later
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: Yeah but what fun is that? Boo! :/
<lanefu> yeah i hate players that do that to newbs
<lanefu> when i ran a tw2002 server i put in a few planets loaded with treasures
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 exactly. My brother is up for that kind of thing (think rain man), but I prefer casual enjoyment
<Tonymac32> We had the game Planets: TEOS from Seth as well
<lanefu> ooo i never played that
<TRS-80> > mfw the first actual casualty that hit home for me was my Pine* product
<TRS-80> Tonymac32: You have your PinePhone already?
<Tonymac32> TRS-80 I haven't ordered one, I'm taking a bit of a wait and see
<Tonymac32> This V-raptor edge PC has me curious, who knows if it will A) be any good and B) be affordable
<lanefu> anybody want to fix my crappy code? https://github.com/armbian/ci-testing-tools/issues/1
<Tonymac32> Also still not getting any answers out of crowd supply concerning the export controls number for my board
<lanefu> Tonymac32: forreal? they're just ghosting you?
<Tonymac32> it's been 20 days
<lanefu> not cool.
<TRS-80> Wasn't it just Chinese New Year when Coronavirus hit?
<TRS-80> right before, I mean?
<lanefu> yeah something like that
<lanefu> worst holiday ever
<lanefu> im torn about whether or not to setup irc on my phone
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<TRS-80> lanefumobiles: There is a way to associate your mobile to your main nick so it auths with same priveleges
<TRS-80> Been a while since I did it though. Something with registering at Freenode IIRC.
<TRS-80> maybe nickserv
<lanefumobiles> Thats cool. This is temporary. Im gonna rig up that weechat repeater since there's an android client
<TRS-80> for weechat?
* TRS-80 goes off searching F-Droid
<TRS-80> Well_Ill_be_damned.jpg
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<Werner__> Good morning people
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<JackFrost> G'morning.
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<IgorPec> good morning
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<TRS-80> Good morning! :)
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<count-doku> Hi
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<lanefu> man lots of netsplits
<archetech> what BRANCH= do I use to get the rc image for rock64?
<lanefu> archetech: v20.02-rc1
<lanefu> oh
<lanefu> sorry
<lanefu> BRANCH is misleading
<lanefu> because thast actually in the scope of kernel
<lanefu> BRANCH=current
<lanefu> is what you want
<lanefu> if you want to build from v20.02-rc1 you'd need to check that out branch, then add FORCE_CHECKOUT=no.... otherwise armbian builder will default to force checking out master of armbian builder
<archetech> using current just built this linux-image-current-rockchip64_19.11.9_arm64.deb
<archetech> not what I wanted
<lanefu> before you build do a git checkout v20.02-rc1
<lanefu> and with your ./compile.sh command add FORCE_CHECKOUT=no
<archetech> you're talking dev code there whats a reg user do
<lanefu> standby
<archetech> git checkout ?
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<archetech> a known good compile options line would be nice
<lanefu> archetech: nah thats too easy
<archetech> heh i'm willing to learn git stuff
<lanefu> what was your last "repeat build options" output
<lanefu> i'm makin you a quick doc
<archetech> ./compile.sh BOARD=rock64 BRANCH=current RELEASE=buster BUILD_MINIMAL=yes BUILD_DESKTOP=no KERNEL_ONLY=no KERNEL_CONFIGURE=yes
<lanefu> archetech: yes learn git.. you're more than just a user if you're building kernels
<archetech> alright looks good
<archetech> will that clear/clean my prev build or I need another option?
<lanefu> FYI in the armbian-config tool... there's a setting under "system" (I think) called "freeze kernel" you'll probably want to do that so apt-get upgrade doesn't accidently clobber your kenrel build
<lanefu> it should clean up the source code checkouts appropriately
<lanefu> "should" lol
<archetech> heh why I asked is there a way to kee some of ehats built
<archetech> keep
<archetech> so the doc will preserve the prev kernel build?
<lanefu> don't understand your last question
<archetech> to save time or do I manuall y save it
<archetech> or I should not save anything and let it build another kernel
<archetech> right but your doc dont take that option into consideration why I ask
<lanefu> usaully i build clean since often its newer kernel checkouts, or patches
<lanefu> but if i was just experimenting with the same kernel, but differnet kernel configs, i'd probably use a different CLEAN_LEVEL that doesn't wipe out sources
<archetech> ok let me ask it this way what will happen to the last build output if I use the .configure line in the doc?
<archetech> ie no CLEAN_LEVEL
<lanefu> default is to clean our kernel adn u-boot, and produced .debs
<lanefu> so your old build will be gone
<archetech> roger that
<lanefu> after this pass
<archetech> off I go
<lanefu> if you want to just experiment iwth kernel configs fasetr.. then you could do CLEAN_LEVEL=debs
<lanefu> i just wouldnt this time since we're building from a different branch of armbian
<lanefu> archetech: if you're interesting in learning git, you could practice using it to contribute to our docs https://github.com/armbian/documentation "{
<lanefu> :P
<lanefu> okay hope that works for ya.. back to focusing on ${dayjob}
<archetech> k
<archetech> I now have a /build/build dir
<archetech> crap so back out one dir before doing git ok
<lanefu> ha sorry ou probably didnt need ot do git clone again
<lanefu> since you already had
<lanefu> i was just doing a from scratch example
<archetech> tomubu@ubu18-arm:~/build$ git branch -vva
<archetech> * master 1f95a00 [origin/master] [ rockchip64 ] clean out disabled patch
<archetech> remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master
<archetech> remotes/origin/master 1f95a00 [ rockchip64 ] clean out disabled patch
<archetech> git checkout v20.02-rc1
<archetech> error: pathspec 'v20.02-rc1' did not match any file(s) known to git.
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<archetech> i can just rm -rf the whole inside of /build right?
<archetech> the use your doc
<archetech> then
<lanefu> archetech: yeah sounds like a clean plan
<archetech> so will it create a build dir inside the default build dir?
<lanefu> yeah git clone always creates a subfolder of whatever you're cloning
<archetech> makes sense now
<archetech> after this build if it boots I can give feedback I know tonymac already did his rk3328
<lanefu> awesome
<archetech> gotta do something about all these TC downloads every time
<archetech> horrendous
<archetech> rm musta cleaned em out
<lanefu> doh.. yeah.. otherwise they'll remain in teh cache/ folder
<archetech> so next time I rm leave that there
<lanefu> yeah.. and most likely you wont need to RM next time
<archetech> true as I get more knowledge
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<xecuter> hmmmm how i can crontab "unbound" service?
<xecuter> it is not load automatically after reboot
<lanefu> what's unbound... and why do you want to cron it?
<xecuter> it is for my pihole
<xecuter> recursive DNS
<xecuter> i check that this feature is deactive after reboot. i could give u a tutorial, there you could take a look. but it is in german:)
<lanefu> tldr you want to assure a service is running on boot right
<lanefu> not really cron
<lanefu> ?
<xecuter> ja
<xecuter> but i do not know better word as like as crontab
<xecuter> something for starting this service
<xecuter> if i see in the tutorial, it should be no prob and perhaps automatical start... or they never rebooting!:D
<xecuter> i think the keywords and config u will understanding
<lanefu> okay.. so you probably want to make a systemd configuration https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/systemd
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<xecuter> systemctl mask ?
<lanefu> how are you starting unbound manually
<xecuter> # sudo systemctl restart unbound
<lanefu> okay then all you need to do is sudo systemctl enable unbound
<lanefu> and i think that will cover you
<xecuter> Created symlink ....
<xecuter> than i have to reboot. now
<xecuter> ty and see u soon! :)
<lanefu> glad to help
<xecuter> puhhh nothing happend. all ok and the test works fine: dig sigok.verteiltesysteme.net @ -p 5353
<lanefu> ...so it worked or no?
<xecuter> yes, all fine :)
<xecuter> i should message the owner of the post this small information?
<lanefu> yeah sounds like a good suggestion for them
<xecuter> done :)
<lanefu> Werner__: i really like all the info in the armbian-commits channel. its pretty cool
<lanefu> i'm also glad its in its own channel
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<archetech> only thing I can boot fr armbian is the orig 4.4 bionic I started with all burned with DD
<archetech> tried my builds and ones in repo
<archetech> got no serial out cable cant give exact reasons
<archetech> theres no var/log/journal ? sysd should have that
<lanefu> archetech: are you getting a u-boot output from serial console?
<lanefu> if not, its probably not booting at all
<archetech> got no serial out cable cant give exact reasons
<lanefu> yeah.. so if you have zero serial... not even at hte begining.. then something about how hte bootloader is on the disk amiss
<sarnold> archetech: systemd-journald will write to /var/log/journal/ if it exists, but will not create it itself if it doesn't already exist
<archetech> usually I could look into the sysd journal that would give some thing
<lanefu> so its like not booting period
<sarnold> archetech: see the systemd-journald manpage for the full details, I jus tknow that this is a thing :)
<archetech> ok
<archetech> there one hint
<archetech> I suspect that like other distros theres so much stuff in an image for the whole family of rockchip boards
<archetech> I know that is how a distro has to do it
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<archetech> ill try buster server 5.4 from dload page
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<Coraxyn> Morning
<IgorPec> its evning :)
<Coraxyn> Oh, roght
<Coraxyn> Right
<Coraxyn> Getting some Orange board in couple weeks
<Coraxyn> Is 1gig board ok for dev work?
<IgorPec> it depends what you are planning to do. for fun, anyone is good
<IgorPec> which orangpi do you plan?
<Coraxyn> This is from boss. 2 PC? maybe
<Coraxyn> Knowin him, whatever is cheap
<Coraxyn> Doing deamon in FPC
<IgorPec> pc is good
<Coraxyn> Nothing major. Prototype is about 5k lines
<Coraxyn> Production about twice this
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