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<TRS-80> gn
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<Tonymac32> so libdrm updates breaking our stuff
<lanefu> okay so that a critical bug
<lanefu> i wonder if JMCC can help
<Tonymac32> so far I think it's only on Mali4xx hardware
<Tonymac32> I did not see this happen on Tinker
<Tonymac32> zhangn1985 would be our best bet I would guess
<Tonymac32> I don't remember the forum tag, that's github
<Tonymac32> xorg itself is still 1.19, the warning I got was that with 1.20 we would need to change the xorg.conf
<Tonymac32> mesa 19.0.8 -> 19.2.1
<Tonymac32> Lima was merged into 19.1
<Tonymac32> ok
<lanefu> processing
<lanefu> ...
<Tonymac32> OK, so our mainline kernels all include the Lima mali driver
<Tonymac32> mesa lib has not been trying to use it
<Tonymac32> now it probably is
<Tonymac32> but, how to deal with that...
<lanefu> okay so previously lima was just kind of there not being used.... mesa wanst leveraging it
<lanefu> but now mesa is?
<lanefu> are we building our own mesa package?
<Tonymac32> not that I know of
<lanefu> oh this is ubuntu maintianed packages
<lanefu> i'm looking at hte thread you shared
<lanefu> Tinker uses 7xx?
<Tonymac32> yep
<lanefu> i guess my immediate thought is to freeze those packages to the older ones for the impacted boards
<Tonymac32> that's 75% of our supported stuff, allwinner, S905(x), rk3328
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<lanefu> i wonder what debian is shipping
<lanefu> now
<Tonymac32> hmmmmmmm
<Tonymac32> 1.20
<Tonymac32> bionic is 1.19
<Tonymac32> let me build a debian image
<Tonymac32> While that's going I'll play with my Giant Board
<Tonymac32> lol wait
<Tonymac32> so in November, the October 23rd release was "way too old"?
<lanefu> lol
<Tonymac32> I see panfrost isn't causing issues "yet"
<lanefu> im so lazy i need an IPKVM for testing SBCs
<lanefu> spitballing solution paths here:
<lanefu> * blacklist lima kernel module
<lanefu> * add apt policy to use older mesa
<lanefu> * get crazy and build our own newer packages
<lanefu> given we're freezing in less than a week...
<Tonymac32> well, some more testing on exactly what it is will be needed. We have what changed, but that's only a start
<lanefu> yeah of course
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<Tonymac32> tada!
<Tonymac32> there is no solution
<Tonymac32> kill lima
<lanefu> blerg
<lanefu> so just use wayland and everything is fine, right?
<lanefu> :p
<JackFrost> Except you can't use Xfce there, so wayland isn't usable. :>
<lanefu> right is it gtk you need or gnome?
<lanefu> librecomputers images wer using wayland with mate
<lanefu> Tonymac32: doesnt this merge resolve it?
<lanefu> ima/ppir: add control flow support added in 19.3.0
<lanefu> *lima/ppir
<lanefu> and looks like ubuntu 20.04 has new mesa
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<IgorPec> ugly hack to solve mesa is by uploading those packages to our repository and by changing their version number by hand
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<TRS-80> gm
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<TRS-80> rra: pull the string tighter on your tin-can-telephone internet connection :D
<JackFrost> That's not actually quit/reconnect, just join/part.
<TRS-80> JackFrost: it's an ongoing joke, other day was probably dozens of notices in a row. Poor guy. lol
<TRS-80> But I take your point.
<IgorPec> is rra a person or a bot?
<rra> who knows IgorPec? anyway I'm joined via an xmpp bridge on my university computer. I'll rejoin via a proper IRC bouncer!
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<Werner__> I was wondering for days about that behavior ^^
<IgorPec> i have no idea what to do?
<Werner__> There is nothing you could do, issue on his side.
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<Werner__> But you could something for me :D
<IgorPec> shoot :)
<Werner__> If you want commits to armbian/build pushed to #armbian-commits irc channel.
<Werner__> If so, you'll need to create a webhook in the repo to an address I would provide you then
<IgorPec> aha, uf, but that might also looks like rra :)
<Werner__> What do you mean?
<TRS-80> I think he means spammy
<Werner__> That is why I created a seperate channel especially for this purpose. It is moderated so the bot only can send messages to it. It is just to idle in an maybe get notified if someone pushes something
<Werner__> *and
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<IgorPec> which channel?
<Werner__> #armbian-commits
<Werner__> Let me send a demonstration real quick
<IgorPec> i see, it works, now the question is if we want to use it
<IgorPec> its "we" decision
<Werner__> As many things in this world it is a nice-to-have. It is setup and ready to use. We do not lose anything if we use it and the github repository is not affected security-related through webhooks as this hook pushes data to another server and does not receive data as far as I understood.
<IgorPec> I mean we can set it to this chaneel at once if you mean that?
<IgorPec> this = armbian-commits
<Werner__> I am not sure what you mean. The bot itself is ready and operational and currently receives data though the webhook I created in my fork of armbian/build.
<IgorPec> I mean we can attach this bot to the origin if messages goes to the armbian-commits channel
<Werner__> Yes they will be sent to #armbian-commits, not here.
<IgorPec> ok, then we can do that
<IgorPec> just tell me how
<Werner__> Looking good so far.
Werner__ changed the topic of #armbian to: armbian - Linux for ARM development boards | | Github: | Commits: #armbian-commits | This channel is logged ->
<lanefu> once i move my PR testing integration to the main repo, I can sedn that to armbian-commits as well
<Werner__> Sure thing
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<lanefu> Oooo i used /buffer merge in weechat so ican see the #armbian and #armbian-commits in the same window
<Werner__> Nice :)
<lanefu> man i'm glad you all decided to reactive irc.. i feel like i'm back to my nerd roots
<IgorPec> lanefu: do we know which package and versions we need?
<TRS-80> lanefu: Nice trick.
<Werner__> True story. I feel relegated too
<IgorPec> "i feel twenty years yunger" :)
<IgorPec> actually more.
<Werner__> Haha. Not exactly that, though it was at least 15 years the last time I used IRC.
* TRS-80 been waiting for you guys in here for months
<TRS-80> :)
<Werner__> Good patience :P
<TRS-80> quite a lot of others, too...
<IgorPec> yeah. but we used IRC few years ago for while, here and there
<TRS-80> It's good to see it being used. Cozy in here. :)
<TRS-80> Werner__: Where to get help on Chanserv? Like /msg ChanServ help or something?
<Werner__> Yes, very simple
<Werner__> Same for nickserv
<TRS-80> OK it came up in main freenode buffer, I did not see it at first, thanks
<TRS-80> lol Werner__ you beat me to it, I was just thinking to make an Announcement post :D
<Werner__> That was not intentionally xD
<TRS-80> great minds think alike :D
<solderfumes> Wow, talk about being late to the party, did this channel just become official? That's so cool.
<Werner__> Yes, just a few days ago
<solderfumes> Werner__: does the IRC channel list me a moderator?
<Werner__> Currently not. U mean moderator in forums? lanefu needs to tell me who is moderator since I do not know ^^
<IgorPec> lanefu: I added and will add more stuff to Jira 20.02 release
<solderfumes> For some reason on this side of the matrix bridge it shows that I'm a mod.
<solderfumes> it's been confusing me for months now.
<Werner__> What exactly do you mean with "mod"? In IRC there are only 3 types of roles in a channel: op, voice and causal
<solderfumes> yes, I meant +op
<solderfumes> but I connect over a matrix bridge
<Werner__> Ah okay. No you are not listed as operator here
<lanefu> IgorPec: year we have hte package names.. somebody has it in a post, and we can also get them by looking at releases on launchpad
<IgorPec> as i understand the problem is in bionic only?
<IgorPec> are those packages a part of precached system? I just refresh it yestartday.
<IgorPec> which means it could be a little more complicated issue.
<lanefu> IgorPec: i was wondering the same thing... probalby the desktop image
<IgorPec> i can recreate the caches if this is needed, but we have to solve this first by either pinning or my uglier way
<lanefu> I don't think the fix will be too painfull I can help with it this evening if none else picks it up
<lanefu> dayjob time which means the K-word
<lanefu> IgorPec: BTW I did create this issue last night
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<_5kft_> hello :-)
<Werner__> Hi
<archetech> hi
<_5kft_> Werner thanks so much for setting this up!
<Werner__> Glad I could contribute in another way to the project :)
* archetech crashes the armbian irc old timer fest
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<TRS-80> lanefu: IgorPec What do you guys think about creating new sub-forum under Armbian Project Administration for Moderators? Can remain public as you like, but right now I have one large thread about advice growing unwielry, I would like to split into several smaller topics like re: TV Boxes forum etc. to be more organized, and have a place (new subforum) to put all those topics. Also it will only be of interest
<TRS-80> to Mods where the general admin forum is for everyone.
<TRS-80> s/unwielry/unwieldy
<Werner__> I don't know about forums but on IRC I can create private staff channels any time =)
<lanefu> I dunno... do you think that's hyper-optimized? is that a good use case for labels/tags?
<TRS-80> lanefu: It could be, which is why I asked. But to me, someone looking in General Admin subforum could be regular user and have no need of seeing all the Moderation discussion threads, hence the thought for a new subforum instead of tags. Not to hide them (they would still be public) but just to keep them separate, as who else but Mods would be interested?
<TRS-80> Tags to me are for organizing things which could belong to any number of different categories, at the same time, which is not the case here
<Werner__> Btw. lanefu is this intended that I can see the project administration forums as well since my profile states I am regular member?
<TRS-80> Werner__: yes regular members can see it, I even posted in there as regular member before
<TRS-80> Nothing I suggest is to hide anything or make secret club apart from users as Igor likes to say we are all just members but rather simply for organization
<lanefu> Werner__: yeah its intended to be sesen for transparency
<lanefu> we have a privte subformum that we've finally managed to stop using for project decision making now that we have a bit of structure in place
<Werner__> Well then did I never take notice about that forums before...probably due to lack of activity ^^
<lanefu> yeah we just kinda started using it
<lanefu> ....we just got to that level of maturity :)
<TRS-80> Yes prior to recent influx or new Mods and activity, it was pretty dead. I think only my 1 post in there before about donating in a better way. But I think even that forum relatively recent. Having said all that, I still see Moderation as a distint sub-area of overall project Admin and therefore think it should be subforum
<TRS-80> I just reported a post but I don't see a notification. Maybe because I was the one who reported it?
<lanefu> TRS-80: yeah i see it as reported
<lanefu> and the notification
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<lanefu> TRS-80: "I would split this off, but not sure where " do you mean that single post.. or the whole 3 post thread?
<TRS-80> I was referring to that single post
<TRS-80> didn't notice the OP being off topic, but it could be
<TRS-80> also
<lanefu> sooo did the guy self-moderate? because I only see like a brief relevant response to OP
<TRS-80> possibly. Also soerenderfor found the report and added his comment. Neat!
<TRS-80> I think this can be helpful tool in such cases.
<lanefu> maybe there's somethignim not seeing
<TRS-80> yes looks like it now
<lanefu> i'd leave that post where it is
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<TRS-80> yes see his coment, he self moderated
<TRS-80> was different before
<IgorPec> good morning - I need a nap :) - well i am against opening more forums. There is actually an ongoing idea to merge "Common issues" into "Peer to peer". They are both covering the same are.
<IgorPec> There are other methodes of organising stuff which we don't use
<IgorPec> and we just re-open IRC channel + making efforts to keep forum in a better shape
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<TRS-80> OK I will tag my posts with [Moderation] for the time being
<TRS-80> I mean, those ones I am re-organizing
<IgorPec> we can define ready made prefixes and tags. We use them, but they were done once by the way and never really modified or taken care
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<TRS-80> Hey soerenderfor! Welcome! :_
<TRS-80> s/:_/:)
<soerenderfor> Hi, Thanks ;-)
<Werner__> Hi
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<TRS-80> OK I managed to split the one big "Moderation" thread into a few more manageable ones, tagging all with [Moderation]:
<TRS-80> time for sandwhich :)
<lanefu> yay
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<TRS-80> lanefu: yay for sandwhich? Or? XD
<lanefu> TRS-80: sandwhich && moderation splits
<lanefu> i'm equally enthused for both
<nacelle> ugh, Sandwich, not which
<nacelle> not a which statement you execute on silicon (that would be a sand which?)
<nacelle> now I want a sandwich :(
<sarnold> mm sandwich
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<TRS-80> >sand which
<TRS-80> XD
<TRS-80> >which statement in silicone
<TRS-80> MySides.jpg
* nacelle "borrows" your cornbread
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<lanefu> nacelle: sorry I insatlled bandwhich recently so i'm re-programmed
<soerenderfor> Healthy food like sandwich, is called "keyhole" food in Denmark.
<soerenderfor> :DD
<soerenderfor> It must be a drunk person that came up with that, it is for sure
<lanefu> man i was gonna reverse something i said in irc.. but it was durring a netsplit so whitequark didnt get it :(
<lanefu> *reference
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<lanefu> Sweet I saw your fix IgorPec
<IgorPec> also tested
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<lanefu> Vanitarium: FYI We smoothed things over with NewDisplayNameRequired yesterday.. don't need to re-scold, so I hid your response
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<TRS-80> Vanitarium lanefu I went ahead and hid all the remaining posts of his and mine from that thread too, just to clean up
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