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<vpeter> So, anyone with any tip how to debug memory usage on kodi to prevent OOM?
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<jokke> vpeter: "doesn't work" isn't much information
<vpeter> kodi doesn't even start.
<jokke> what happens instead?
<jokke> where do you start it from?
<jokke> ssh?
<vpeter> console yes. Kodi starts but it stops after few seconds. GUI doesn't display.
<jokke> console != ssh
<jokke> so what do you see when hdmi is connected?
<jokke> before you try running valgrind
<vpeter> ssh console :)
<jokke> okay and hdmi shows what now?
<vpeter> Like valgrind --leak-check=full /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin &> /storage/valgrind.log
<vpeter> No, nothing shown.
<jokke> ok then try this: DISPLAY=:0 valgrind --leak-check=full /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin &> /storage/valgrind.log
<vpeter> And it is not real device but using Virtual in VMware.
<jokke> uhm
<jokke> well
<vpeter> But that doesn't matter.
<jokke> ok
<jokke> yeah shouldn't matter
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<vpeter> Seems kodi started but no gui and it stops.
<jokke> can you start it without valgrind
<jokke> ?
<jokke> hmm is libreelec maybe running wayland?
<vpeter> Yes, without valgrind starts just fine.
<vpeter> No, xorg.
<jokke> ok
<jokke> ok try export DISPLAY=0.0
<jokke> and then running valgrind
<vpeter> Nope, same problem.
<vpeter> It starts and soon ends without gui.
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<zhasha> vpeter: you're going to have to start xorg first you know
<zhasha> that would probably be something along the lines of systemctl start xorg.service
<vpeter> In case you missed: kodi starts fine without valgrind. So everything else is in order.
<zhasha> I see
<zhasha> where does kodi exit?
<vpeter> Looks like kodi works different way when started with and without valgrind.
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<vpeter> No idea where.
<zhasha> kodi spews quite a bit of logging info
<vpeter> I just see "ERROR: Unable to create GUI. Exiting"
<vpeter> Ah, let me check log file.
<trn> Are the Rpi3 vs. Rpi4 images different? Just wondering the proper way to update from a 3 to 4 once I receive it.
<vpeter> Now I see: no display is found.
<zhasha> trn: I think you'll have to put the new image file in ~/.update and reboot it on the rpi3, which will install the new image and reboot. The reboot will then fail and the image should then work on the rpi4
<zhasha> vpeter: the kodi.service unit file says Environment=DISPLAY=:0.0
<trn> zhasha: Thanks - yes, I was thinking that was what I was going to try first.
<trn> I'll export everything via the backup first and can reimport it if need be, of course. I'll see once it comes in - I probably have a bit of a wait anyway.
<vpeter> Nope, nothing helps.
<zhasha> do you have strace by any chance?
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<vpeter> strace with valgrind?
<vpeter> From what I see kodi crashes with "Process terminating with default action of signal 11 (SIGSEGV): dumping core".
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<Mierdi> hello
<Mierdi> How are the s905x2 with LE?
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<chewitt> Mierdi .. working quite nicely depending on your media requirements
<chewitt> some gaps in mainline kernel support, but not large ones
<Mierdi> Currently, what is the device that you recommend me to use libreelec?
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<chewitt> things that work "out of box" are most X96max boxes (with Gigabit), the VIM3, Odroid N2, Ugoos AM6
<Mierdi> thanks
<Mierdi> One doubt, I have also seen that he was working with the beelink gt-king (s922). Was there any progress? Out of curiosity more than anything
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<chewitt> gt-king appears to have a fussy bootloader
<chewitt> I made some test images but the only users with the box have no clue about attaching a uart cable to capture the u-boot logs
<chewitt> and Beelink are useless at responding to comments, and I'm not around (at home) for them to ship a sample to
<chewitt> and i'm supposed to be on vacation, so further investigation is not high on my to-do list
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<Mierdi> ok thank and enjoy the holidays
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<chewitt> np :)
<chewitt> I always prefer boards over boxes .. so N2 or VIM3 would be my recommendation
<chewitt> or taking things in a different direction, an RPi4
<Mierdi> The truth is that the khadas vim 3 looks very good
<chewitt> wifi doesn't work (without out-of-tree drivers) and BT appears to have gone MIA in the 5.2 kernel bump
<vpeter> It is to small :-)
<chewitt> but apart from that it's a nice board
<chewitt> it would be nicer if Khadas made a case that doesn't look like a kids transformer toy
<chewitt> and I'd prefer a full-size heatsink, although it's not essential if LE is the only use
<Mierdi> One doubt, and this new amlogic is true that supports 8k30? As they say in other forums
<chewitt> full-size = blades across the full width instead of reserving 50% for the fan
<Mierdi> by decoding by hardware I say
<chewitt> there's no mention of 8k support in any official documentation, but it can render some low bitrate 8k sample videos
<chewitt> it tends to lock-up after playing them .. both on mainline and 4.9 kernels
<chewitt> i'm overdue a chat with amlogic so i'll ask them
<chewitt> but it wouldn't surprise me if this is accidental support and thus not tested and not going to be reliable
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<chewitt> and since 8k content is still a long way off.. not something to really worry about
<Mierdi> ok, is that I had seen it on a fork of libreelec (kernel 4.9). That they had achieved that the beelink reproduced it even with some failures.
<chewitt> the ability to play 8k content on a 4k panel is not really 8k playback :)
<chewitt> nobody has 8k panels
<Mierdi> I already found it really curious, that an amlogic s922 or a311d, for its price moved the 8k.
<chewitt> none of the capabilities are box dependent .. it's all about the SoC
<chewitt> s805x, which is a 1080p chip, can render 4k30
<chewitt> although I haven't found time to test it
<Mierdi> The truth is that these chipset seem very curious for the price they have. The pity is that it does not have a big scene like other plates like the RPI4
<Mierdi> and also the little support of the manufacturers and amlogic in linux.
<chewitt> Amlogic are quite supportive compared to other vendors
<chewitt> but they're all shades of grey
<chewitt> afk
<vpeter> GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!!
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<Mierdi> Perfect for a box of 60$ xD
<The_Coolest> There are 8K TVs
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<The_Coolest> And people have them, so stating that "no one has 8K panels" is incorrect. Even though not many have them.
<The_Coolest> I agree that 8K playback may not be relevent today. It's nice to know that it's a possibility that's there.
<Mierdi> Taking advantage of the fact that you are here the_coolest, I hope not to bother you will support the VFD of S905x2?
<The_Coolest> I don't see a reason for it not to work as is, just needs the correct config
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