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<wens> mediatek related stuff has a mailing list now
<libv> as i said, allwinner needs linux-sunxi :)
<plaes> yeah.. it's nice to see patches actually authored by @mediatek.com
<wens> plaes: as i heard, they're hiring new people to mainline stuff
<plaes> what's wrong with the old ones?
<plaes> the ones who actually built the current SDKs...
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<plaes> hrm.. even rockchip guys upstream
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<wens> plaes: overworked :p
<wens> the old ones get the product out the door
<wens> maybe a few of them moved over to mainlining though
<plaes> yeah.. though I wish they saw that small dent in the A10/A20 sales made by Olimex and co
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<plaes> leviathanch: o/
<plaes> the allwinner part
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<plaes> leviathancn: o/ ?
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<libv> it's totally gratuitous what i will do now, but it will be funny :)
<Turl> libv: as long as you don't bring petrol barrels to the list ;)
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<libv> oh, i am ignoring simosx, just exercising my rights instead :)
<Turl> uhm
<Froolap> does it work yet?
<WarheadsSE> Froolap: does.. what work yet?
<Froolap> I'm not picky, I'm just tired of stuff that don't work.
<NiteHawk> :D
<Froolap> I hook up my pc and my banana to a kvm, works great, switch out the monitor for a large tv. unsupported mode.....
<Froolap> Hook up the pc to the tv vga port, great, hook up the banana to the tc vga port and no work, but hook up the banana to the tv hdmi port, works...... until the out of range makes the tv smoke.
<Froolap> I like special effects on tv but watching the tv spark and smoke isn't entertaining.
<WarheadsSE> mkay. Well. no comment on the Banana's quality ..
<mripard_> Froolap: and you reported these issues where exactly?
<Froolap> That's just one of many examples of "I'm tired of things that don't work".
<Froolap> Oh, for the banana, I was trying very hard to give the video out working on it by going through the wiki here.... never did get it working....
<Froolap> so yeah, I documented my questions here..... the answer I got is "just for you".
<Froolap> so the banana I pretty much gave up on.
<Froolap> so does anything else just work?
<Froolap> what about video over usb?
<mripard_> no, nothing works. We spend our evening and weekends making very sure that nothing works.
<mripard_> we're quite commited to that actually
<Froolap> Good.. Glad to hear it. At least now I know why it doesn't work. :)
<NiteHawk> we even do continuous integration of things that don't work...
<Froolap> and here I thought it was the tv's fault.
<Froolap> might not be sending edid that the kvm understands, though the kvm doed edid keepalive for non active computers.
<Froolap> and for some reason, upgrading kvirc has broken my ability to click on a url in chat and have it open my browser.
<oliv3r> for some reason, i can do ext4list mmc 0 perfectly fine before doing ext4load, extload gives ext4fs devread errors and then the mmc is kaput
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<Froolap> heh, fuynny that.... thanks
<Froolap> I was using a samsung tv
<Froolap> no smoke yet..... just not working as expected.
<Froolap> I was considering replacing the tv over this, but it's getting hard to find a 40 ince tv that still has vga port.
<Froolap> ince = inch
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<Turl> Froolap: why vga?
<mripard_> Turl: because analog souds wayyyy better :)
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<Turl> mripard_: CVBS all the way then ;)
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<oliv3r> maybe his tv's lack HDMI!
<oliv3r> i wonder if anybody knows how to get rid of systemd's very annoying 'time has been changed' message from the console
<oliv3r> can't even log in to fix it
<mripard_> oliv3r: get rid of systemd?
<Turl> mripard_++
<oliv3r> lol
<oliv3r> but i'd have to log in to uninstall it first ;)
<oliv3r> i did a debian upgrade from wheezy to jessie where i suddenly got systemd
<oliv3r> and after reboot i get that :(
<oliv3r> and at first i thought it was due to the lack of rtc battery, but that should still stand after the reboot
<oliv3r> Turl: yeah i found that, but i'd have to get into the system to edit the loglevel first :)
<oliv3r> (i've booted from sd card now)
<oliv3r> as i'm having my rootfs on a sata drive
<oliv3r> but it's a really stupid default imo
<Turl> oliv3r: can't you control it via cmdline by any chance?
<oliv3r> that's what i was wondering
<oliv3r> but so far, i only find similar/same messages
<oliv3r> but silencing systemd helps :)
<oliv3r> i can now log in
<Turl> systemd.log_level=debug
<Turl> or whatever level
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<oliv3r> ah that's not a bad idea
<oliv3r> well i perma-changed it in the .conf :D
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<oliv3r> and after logging in, setting the time proper once, it seems its okay now
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* T0mW thinks that systemd is someone's cruel joke
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<gaara> Hi all, does a sun7i/android driver exist for eGalax touch screen ?
<Montjoie> with gentoo, no systemd:)
<plaes> gaara: all the info about known touchscreens so far is here: http://linux-sunxi.org/Touchscreen
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<gaara> EETI/eGalax is not in the list, no other way to try?
<plaes> well, then your device is missing wiki page
<plaes> you should start here: http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_howto
<gaara> yes, I think so.. I have tried to build the Kernel with egalax_ts but it doesn't work (with insmod)
<plaes> what device?
<gaara> http://www.eeti.com.tw/index2.html and the download page don't have sun7i driver
<plaes> sun7i is arm
<gaara> ah? a little hope !
<plaes> though, you should still create a wiki page for your device
<gaara> I'm on Orange Pi board, A20
<gaara> ok I will create it
<plaes> oh.. ok
<plaes> this driver is supported in mainline though
<plaes> via generic usbtouchscreen driver
<gaara> Yes I have tried, but I can't calibrate it (I tried tslib)
<gaara> and tslib has no source or patch for A20, just A10
<gaara> 2 weeks I'm looking for a solution :p
<plaes> A20 is basically the same as A10
<gaara> ok, I will try again with usbtouchscreen.ko
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<jero> ssvb: do you have an idea what could cause the fbturbo driver not being able to open G2D ? g2d driver is here, devices are here, permissions are ok, kernel has r3p0 mali driver..
<jero> on A10
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<ssvb> jelly: do you have any logs or test programs to confirm the problem?
<plaes> busybox, again :)
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<ssvb> atsampson: your 648mhz dram test results are quite interesting, could it be something like http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_%28cyclone%29 ? :)
<Vanfanel> ssvb: sorry but I can't create a second scaled layer re-using the main sunxi_disp_t* data. I've also tried modifying the layer_reserve so I get a new layer ID for the same fb, and layer_show function to accept this new layer's layer_id. Ultimately, I can even do ioctl(disp->fd_disp, DISP_CMD_LAYER_OPEN, &tmp) with no errors at all, but the second layer is not visible...
<Vanfanel> ssvb: so, is it possible to have a second layer with the same fb_id and fd_disp??
<ssvb> Vanfanel: the other layers should be available, as long as they are not already allocated by something else
<Vanfanel> ssvb: they ARE available, since even sunxi_layer_change_work_mode2(disp, layer2_id, DISP_LAYER_WORK_MODE_SCALER) returns 0
<Vanfanel> I only need a second scaled layer to be in the background..
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: then it could be probably a problem with the stacking order
<ssvb> Vanfanel: what exactly do you want to get?
<Vanfanel> ssvb: I need a second layer to hide the console, which is visible in the background
<Vanfanel> ssvb: any other solution to blank the background behind the main layer is welcome, of course
<Vanfanel> because maybe it's not the most optimal way to do it
<ssvb> hmm, layers usually exist to show something, not hide it
<jero> ssvb: here is my log http://pastebin.com/uG82mbRy
<Vanfanel> ssvb: so if you have any other idea on how to blank the console behind the main layer, it would be great
<ssvb> Vanfanel: how is this console implemented?
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<Vanfanel> ssvb: it's the usual tty console on the framebuffer
<Vanfanel> ssvb: the layer is over it but my layer does NOT hide it completely because the layer keeps the game's aspect ratio
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<ssvb> maybe just erase the pixel data in the framebuffer and disable cursor? you don't need an extra layer for this
<Vanfanel> ssvb: great, let's say I erase the pixel data. ok, but then I have my double buffer in the fb memory, remember?
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<Vanfanel> ssvb: because the main layer needs them to be in fb memory to read from them, as you know :)
<ssvb> Vanfanel: the framebuffer has an offscreen area too
<ssvb> jero: what about /dev/disp ?
<jero> ssvb: sorry, I forgot it. Also I noticed the disp_ump was not loaded, added it, but nothing different
<ssvb> jero: what kind of kernel is that?
<NiteHawk> we even do continuous integration of things that don't work...
<NiteHawk> oops
<NiteHawk> sorry, mistell :(
<jero> ssvb: this is the sunxi-3.4 branch
<ssvb> jero: "uname -a" ?
<jero> ssvb: the uname -a is on the pastebin, it's Linux jero 3.4.103.sun4i #1 Wed Mar 4 21:17:23 EST 2015 armv7l GNU/Linux
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<ssvb> jero: oh, you are right, sorry
<jero> it's the top of the linux-sunxi.git sunxi-3.4 branch
<ssvb> jero: still it is not quite clear why it fails to work
<jero> ssvb: I tried adding logging to the code but got no success. it fails when it tries to open /dev/g2d and return a context from there, but I don't know for sure why
<jero> ssvb: do you have non-driver version of this code in a tool by chance ?
<ssvb> jero: using the standard defconfig or a custom one?
<ssvb> jero: for example, g2d is not available on a13, but this does not prevent the hardware cursor or other features from working
<jero> ssvb: no, I have differences from the defconfig
<jero> would a diff help?
<ssvb> jero: maybe try a default config to see if it makes any difference?
<jero> ssvb: is it sun4i_defconfig ?
<ssvb> jero: the default config is much better tested for sure
<ssvb> yes, sun4i_defconfig is correct for a10
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<Turl> jero: any chance you're being bit by selinux or such?
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<gaara> A20 is ARM or ARMhf ?
<Turl> gaara: it's both (if you meant armel vs armhf)
<atsampson> ssvb: either that or it's just taunting me ;-)
<gaara> yes, because I have a driver with both version.. Thanks
<atsampson> the specific error it detected is pretty weird (wrote 0xa7a7a7a7, read 0xa700a7a6)
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<WarheadsSE> gaara: it's all a matter of hard-float vs soft-float userland. Not the SoC.
<linkmauve1> jero, run your program under strace to see which error it receives when it tries to open that file.
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<gaara> WarheadsSE Ok, so both should work on Banana/Orange Pi ?
<WarheadsSE> Depends on your userland.
<WarheadsSE> you can't safely mix and match those.
<gaara> Android LeMaker
<Turl> gaara: if you have an armhf distro then armhf one will work, and if you have an armel distro then the armel one will work
<WarheadsSE> gaara: pretend I never touch either of those boards, or android
<gaara> ah ok, i will see then
<gaara> thanks for your reponses
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<jero> Turl: no chance, I have SECURITY_SELINUX [=n]
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<jero> ssvb: it's not a very common board (awsom a10) so I'm wondering what could be the hardware configuration impacts if any; will try the defconfig first
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<ssvb> jero: the board type should not make any difference in this case
<jero> ssvb: the fex config can't have an impact on g2d ?
<ssvb> jelly: it may have some impact indeed
<ssvb> ^ ops, s/jelly/jero
<jero> i went through a lot of fex issues already
<jero> :)
<libv> jero: an awsom a10 page was once started, but contained nothing useful, so it was removed
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<jero> is there a way to start Xorg with strace to trace driver module operations ?
<jero> libv: it was me, I didnt have time to finish it
<jero> still working on getting it up
<libv> jero: we have since created a pretty thorough guide to doing so
<jero> libv: yeah that's what killed my initial motivation :)
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<jero> will do for sure once the basics are up on my side (gfx)
<jero> libv: would lima support running something like chromium (needs glx) on a sunxi-3.4 kernel ?
<libv> no, not yet
<libv> and about your previous statement, i have heard that tons of times before :(
<jero> libv: which one, the process step being too high for an initial page, or the "will do later" one ?
<libv> "will do later"
<libv> the process step is all about reading a bit.
<jero> ah :) yeah you're right
<libv> and people clearly do not like to read.
<libv> it's amazing.
<libv> people either complain about it being too much text
<libv> or... they complain about the guide not being complete
<Turl> jero: what about all the other selinuxy things? apparmor and such
<libv> or they state "i will do so later" while that page clearly states to do this from the start so that no valuable data or information is lost
<jero> Turl: no, everything security is disabled in my current config
<Turl> jero: is your X running as root?
<jero> turl: currently yes
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<Turl> jero: can you ls -lad /dev ?
<jero> Turl: drwxr-xr-x 12 root root
<jero> Turl: from what I got, fbturbo open /dev/g2d, it's somewhere between open and the returning of the context that it fails
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<Turl> jero: it's odd that it fails to open disp too
<Turl> jero: anything out of the ordinary on /proc/cmdline ?
<Turl> maybe 0-sized reservations?
<jero> Turl: here's my updated Xorg.log after loading disp_ump: http://pastebin.com/JqaUgQzQ
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<egrain> how can i find out which banana pi i have? v1412 or v2.0? it offers me two linux images to download.
<jero> Turl: no, nothing on cmdline besides root and console
<Turl> jero: can you paste dmesg?
<jero> Turl: dmesg at http://pastebin.com/1TuxaKZ3
<Vanfanel> ssvb: ok, got to blit into the offscreen area, but fbdev console blanking is giving me a small problem: let's say I simply want to put a pixel into the framebuffer's phisical address. I would do: *((uint32_t*)( disp->framebuffer_paddr + 0)) = 0xFF000000;
<Vanfanel> ssvb: but I get a segfault there.
<ssvb> Vanfanel: you can't directly write to the physical addresses from the userland
<ssvb> Vanfanel: you the pointer, which is returned by mmap
<Vanfanel> ssvb: after disp = sunxi_disp_init("/dev/fb0", NULL) I should have the phisical address in disp->framebuffer_paddr
<ssvb> s/you/use
<ssvb> Vanfanel: the physical addresses are only used by the g2d and the display controller hardware, but the cpu uses virtual addresses
<ssvb> Vanfanel: because the CPU memory accesses go through the MMU
<jero> Turl: hmm, funnily enough, I got a trace, I can see the opening of /dev/disp, but not of
<jero> Turl: I think i have a trail
<Turl> ssvb: does that kernel log look ok to you? should stuff be using CMA?
<ssvb> Turl: he does not use the standard defconfig
<Vanfanel> ssvb: understood. Using disp->framebuffer_addr, the mmapped address, seems to work
<jero> Turl: here's a trace of the surroundings of my problem . http://pastebin.com/7XuLs65Y
<ssvb> jero: would it be difficult to try sun4i_defconfig?
<jero> ssvb: nope, let me check
<ssvb> jero: GIGASET_REDIR?
<jero> ssvb: some strace interpretation based on public ioctl values?
<jero> ssvb: I would guess it's FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_0 or FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_1
<jero> that returns -1
<Turl> ssvb: it's FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_0
<jero> 0 is fb0 and 1 fb1 ?
<leviathanch> plaes: yes, I've seen the email
<jero> Turl: but it makes sense, because the following is open(/dev/g2d) and I never get there
<Turl> looks like that check is failing
<Turl> sounds like your fex is buggy
<Turl> jero: can you paste it?
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<jero> Turl: yep hold on
Night-Shade has joined #linux-sunxi
<jero> Turl: fex file at http://pastebin.com/HFapFdPZ
vinnes has joined #linux-sunxi
<jero> Turl: it's an lcd panel.. if that matters
<jero> on bus lcd1
<ssvb> jero: maybe 'disp_mode' should be set to 0
<Turl> ssvb: but if he is using screen1..
<Turl> jero: try setting it to 4
<ssvb> Turl: how is screen1 supposed to be used?
<jero> ok hold on, i'll try the defconfig kernel first
<Turl> jero: I don't think the defconfig is going to make any difference at this point
<jero> ah
<ssvb> Turl: I thought that we only had to deal with /dev/fb0 and optionally also /dev/fb1
<Turl> ssvb: I assume you need to use screen 1 if you connect things to the second output?
<Turl> I may be wrong though, libv would be the one to ask
<Turl> the ioctl check looks rather fishy in either case, setting it to something else is kind of a workaround
<oliv3r> anybody know what the latest status is of a sunxi kms driver?
<oliv3r> or framebuffer?
<oliv3r> i guess we have simple framebuffer atm?
<Turl> totally offtopic, but gitorious got bought by gitlab and is shutting down, we should move the mirrors before the end of may
<jero> ah\
<Turl> oliv3r: we have simplefb indeed
<Turl> mnemoc: ^
<vishnup> leviathanch: regarding support for A33 to mainline u-boot, without LIBDRAM source code released under GPL, it's very difficult to get this code accepted in mainline uboot
<Turl> gitlab doesn't like linux git repos though, it 500 errors on them, there's a bug filled for it
<vishnup> leviathanch: I've created the issue at https://github.com/allwinner-zh/bootloader/issues/5
<vishnup> Could you please help to get LIBDRAM code released under GPL by allwinner guys?
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<leviathanch> vishnup: did the engineer of the SDRAM controller react by now?
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<ssvb> jero: you can try to swap FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_0 and FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_1 in https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo/blob/master/src/sunxi_disp.c#L138
<leviathanch> vishnup: because they do not have an excuse to not answering anymore, it's not holliday anymore
<oliv3r> Turl: so gitorious is dead?
<oliv3r> Turl: well mnemoc just has to disable to automatic push
<vishnup> leviathanch: no, he did not respond.
<oliv3r> Turl: if the data is 'gone' in may, nothing lost
<oliv3r> Turl: it's a shame to be fair though
<Turl> oliv3r: it will be after may
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<Turl> oliv3r: gitlab is OS too so not much lost
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<oliv3r> Turl: ah ok so we just switch over then :)
<Turl> oliv3r: except it's a bit buggy and linux repos don't quite work
deffrag_ is now known as deffrag
<oliv3r> they have to fix it by may :p
<leviathanch> vishnup: damnit
<Turl> yeah, I hope they do
<oliv3r> anything exciting and new i missed in the last few weeks?
<oliv3r> i've been running 4.0.0-rc2 which seems to be working quite well
<ssvb> leviathanch: can you talk with the allwinner dram guy yourself?
<oliv3r> just need your patches so i can get audio working :) (tested audio with 3.4)
<leviathanch> ssvb: that's what I'm going to do just now
<leviathanch> ssvb: yes
<oliv3r> 'allwinner dram guy'?
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<Turl> oliv3r: :)
<ssvb> leviathanch: is he the same person, who is listed in the nand code copyright header now - https://github.com/allwinner-zh/bootloader/commit/d69002b119dadf6a7aef340ee16701225553ef8f ?
<oliv3r> Turl: when is your stuf expected to get merged?
<Turl> oliv3r: what hw are you using these days?
<ssvb> oliv3r: was it a girl? or what do you mean? :)
<oliv3r> ssvb: huh what do I mean?
<oliv3r> :)
<Turl> oliv3r: when it's ready, dunno :p I hope DMA will be merged during the next merge window
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<leviathanch> ssvb: 莅斌 (libin)... so I think so...
<leviathanch> ssvb: flord is his europen mingzi
<Turl> jero: any luck with that fex change?
<jero> Turl: one moment my finger slipped and I had to rebuild everything :)
<Turl> oops :P
<leviathanch> uhh name
<leviathanch> ssvb: dui, flord
<leviathanch> ssvb: that's him
<jero> Turl: should I test the fex change or ssvb's recommendation to swap the two devices in fbturbo ?
<jero> first
<oliv3r> so leviathanch you have direct AW contacts?
<Turl> jero: either, for ssvb's you'll need to rebuild fbturbo
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<jero> are they equivalent at the end ?
<Turl> but it should work too and maybe help get a long term fix :)
<Turl> the fex one is probably more of a workaround than anything
<ssvb> jero: that's what we want to know :)
<jero> ok hold :)
<vishnup> leviathanch: I've again replied to same mail
<vishnup> Please explain him the situation in plain chinese :)
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<jero> can my disp driver not working have an impact on EGL/GLES ?
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<leviathanch> vishnup: I'm on it :)
<leviathanch> ^^
<oliv3r> ssvb: btw, did i see correctly we no longer have to set the memory size? it gets autodetected
<leviathanch> vishnup: actually I'm writing two emails chinese-english and chinese-german in parallel right now
<vishnup> :D
<leviathanch> vishnup: one for my new language learning partner here in CH and one about sunxi ^^
<ssvb> oliv3r: yes
<leviathanch> vishnup: a lot of Chinese. keeping up like this and I will turn into a proficient speaker sooner or later :D
<oliv3r> ssvb: awesome :)
<oliv3r> leviathanch: but are you going to meet with aw engineers face2face? or just sending an email and hope you get a response?
<vishnup> leviathanch: great, Once you're done with chinese; come to India, We've 122 major languages spoken here ;)
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<leviathanch> oliv3r: right now, I'm not in China anymore since I do not have a work permit for over there yet, it's still pendent
<leviathanch> so I can only skype with him
<leviathanch> ah, dinner, btw
* leviathanch afk, eating
<jero> Turl: ssvb: Enabled G2D acceleration. that's when swapping 0 and 1 indexes in fbturbo
<jero> hehe
<ssvb> jero: ok, I guess I just need to add a code to probe both FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_0 and FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_1 and use whatever does not fail :)
<jero> ssvb: any fex change to test ?
<oliv3r> leviathanch: ah so you have 'skype f2f' contact, interesting, what's your relation with AW?
<ssvb> jero: now I wonder, what would happen if you swapped the [lcd0] and [lcd1] sections in fex and set 'disp_mode' to 0
<jero> ssvb: while returning to the original fbturbo driver ?
<ssvb> jero: yes
<jero> ssvb: so you confirm I switch lcd1 used to off, lcd0 used to on, same settings, and switch the disp_mode
<oliv3r> what's the max resolution we can do on lcd0?
<ssvb> jero: basically, I wonder if it is a software or a hardware thing with this config (everyone else seems to be using lcd0 so far)
<ssvb> oliv3r: leviathanch is David :)
<oliv3r> ssvb: i've missed a LOT the last year :(
<oliv3r> but i caught up a little @fosdem :)
<oliv3r> ohhhhh mmc-david :)
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<jero> ssvb: swapped lcd0/1, restored original fbturbo driver, I get a broken lcd (greyish garbage) and disp not working again
<jero> ssvp: (alsp swapped disp_mode)
<ssvb> jero: hmm, maybe also swap the rest of fb0/fb1 settings in fex?
<jero> ssvb: swapped the whole section
<ssvb> I mean, there are some settings prefixed with 'fb0_*' and 'fb1_*'
<jero> oh
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<oliv3r> leviathanch: maybe before getting in touch with AW, do a list somewhere what's on your agenda, so people can get reminded what is, and more importantly, is not yet talked about
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<leviathanch> oliv3r: yes, I'm the mmc-dave :)
<leviathanch> oliv3r: my relationship with Allwinner is, I was there, having dinner with their core developers and I even was at the wedding of one of their team members
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<leviathanch> the Allwinner engineers and I are friends now ^^
<Turl> leviathanch: is that common in chinese culture?
<leviathanch> Turl: to invite a total stranger to their wedding party?
<leviathanch> no, you usually only invite actual friends ;-)
<Turl> leviathanch: yeah :)
<Turl> :p
<leviathanch> I've read a lot of books about Chinese culture
<leviathanch> so I'm sure they ment it serious when they said "友人"
<leviathanch> I'm not just a business contact, we chat with each other and email
<leviathanch> and I do sell products for them here in Switzerland as long as I don't have my work permit for China
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<jero> ssvb: swapping fb0/lcd0 fb1/lcd1 does not seem to help,
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<ssvb> jero: ok, thanks for testing this
<jero> ssvb: i keep that "dead-like" screen
<jero> ssvb: i'll add a patch to my local fbturbo package by the time it's fixed upstream
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<ssvb> jero: better submit a patch upstream :)
<jero> ssvb: yay!
<jero> what's the ml ?
<ssvb> jelly: the github issue tracker
<ssvb> oops again
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<jero> that makes me feel like jellow
<jelly> damn that tab key
<jero> :)
<ssvb> yep, autocomplete fail ...
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<jero> ssvb: should we try them both, in order, then fail if both return an error ?
<ssvb> yes, that's the plan
<jero> anything risky here?
<ssvb> maybe keep the current code (ctx->fb_id == 0 ? FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_0 : FBIOGET_LAYER_HDL_1) and just add a fallback check if it fails
<ssvb> jero: it would be interesting if you could also test dual-monitor support
<ssvb> if you also have a hdmi connector
<jero> oh no, I don't have that
<ssvb> ok
<jero> ssvb: does that sound better ? http://pastebin.com/Rb5tRxXg
<ssvb> jero: yes, at least this should be guaranteed not to introduce any regressions
<jero> ssvb: i'll send you a PR
<ssvb> jero: ok, thanks
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<jero> ssvb: can you review my commit msg please, i'm not very familiar with the problem. http://pastebin.com/XW3ZZmYs
<ssvb> jero: it's not quite G2D, but more like disp layers functionality (for example, for XV video overlay)
<ssvb> also please add a signed-off-by tag, and it will be perfect
<jero> yep it's included
<jero> you have new mail
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<jero> thank you guys, I owe you a big one :)
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<ssvb> jero: thanks, pushed
<ssvb> jero: there is also one more potential issue though - https://github.com/ssvb/xf86-video-fbturbo/pull/34
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<ssvb> "/dev/dri/card0" vs. "/dev/dri/card1" for mali
<jero> does that impact the previous patch ?
<ssvb> not directly, but that's one more place in the code that may need to be fixed too
<jero> ah
<jero> I have a question for you
<ssvb> yes?
<jero> what is required to have an app like chromium (a regular GLX app) run on my setup ? I can't get it find GL support
<ssvb> the glx support is not provided by the mali binary drivers
<jero> would mesa work ?
<ssvb> but there is a glshim wrapper - https://github.com/lunixbochs/glshim
<endlezzz> guys
<jero> oh
<jero> what does that provide ?
<ssvb> glshim provides emulation of OpenGL 1.x on top of OpenGL ES 1.1
<ssvb> it does not always work correctly though
<jero> would I still require the Mali drivers in their x11 flavour ?
<endlezzz> is there a list of devices capable of just connecting microphone (integrated soundcard) or how much get stuff complicated when using external soundcard?
<ssvb> jero: you can use either framebuffer or x11 mali drivers with glshim, it should not matter
<ssvb> jero: mesa works, but it does rendering in software
<jero> can the framebuffer Mali GLES driver operate even when fbturbo is running ?
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<ssvb> yes, it can
<jero> so in this case it will just render in the X11 window where the gl scene happens?
<jero> ok
<ssvb> no, the framebuffer use is not properly synchronized between x11 and the framebuffer mali driver
<ssvb> I just mean that it will successfully render something on screen, but you will see x11 and mali sometimes corrupting each other's output
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<ssvb> the x11 mali driver is approximately 20% slower than the framebuffer mali driver if it has enough framebuffer memory reserved
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<ssvb> otherwise it uses a fallback copy path and is much slower
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<jero> what are the distros running e.g. on cubieboard using to get chromium running ?
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<jero> is it glshim?
<jero> or just mesa
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<ssvb> jero: does chromium strictly need gl?
<jero> ssvb: I couldn't find a way not needing it :)
<jero> same thing for Qt's embedded chromium class (QtWebEngine)
<ssvb> well, there is webgl :)
<ssvb> and I think that I got it running in firefox with the mali binary drivers a long time ago
<ssvb> in fact I had webgl working on ARM with a custom build of Firefox from sources
<ssvb> but somehow it did not work when built as a gentoo package
<Turl> endlezzz: those cheap usb soundcards usually just work on linux
<jero> hmm
<jero> thanks ssvb :) i'll give it a try
<Turl> heh, they cost under 1$ on aliexpress with free shipping. I thought they were more expensive
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<mzki> endlezzz: i've successfully used a native instruments audio 4 dj 4 in 4 out usb audio interface with a cubieboard without any special effort
<mzki> might not qualify as cheap but anyway it's an example of stuff working fine
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<endlezzz> mzki: it s important to be power efficient
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<mzki> endlezzz: well not sure how much a usb device would affect that
<mzki> i know at least the cubieboard has an analog audio input
<mzki> i've used it as a line in, might need additional analog circuitry to connect a mic, don't have much experience there
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<mzki> ssvb: i'd be happy to test dual-monitor support
<mzki> i've got and lvds laptop panel and a hdmi out on a cubie, don't know if these can be used as two separate outputs
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<ssvb> mzki: http://linux-sunxi.org/DualMonitorSupport already works, but jero just has a bit unusual setup on his hardware and it was interesting to know if it could handle lcd+hdmi
<ssvb> mzki: if you manage to get the lvds panel working, then it should be able to work together with hdmi
<mzki> ssvb: ah ok
<mzki> ultimately i'd like to have lcd0 and lcd1 working at the same time, two ~4.3 inch lcds
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<endlezzz> mzki: hm... mayble i ll look around and buy something with onboard microphone... but i just like the rasperry pi compatibility thru all the projects... :/ dunno
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