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<Blakegriplingph> Hey guys
<Blakegriplingph> Just wondering about something in relation to a touchscreen I'm using.
<Blakegriplingph> It's a GSL1680, or at least a variant of it. I managed to dump the firmware off it from a working gslX680.ko, but it's a hex dump and not a C header.
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<Blakegriplingph> Hey there. :)
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<StevenWang> Hello, Master. Which is the best 2-d graphic technology to implement imange moving,scaling and blt-function with hardware acceleration?
<StevenWang> suported by A31 or A20 Soc in Linux platform.
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<leviathanch> wens: maybe you can write to the engineer of the DRAM controller and suggest to him that he configures the registers for it correctly within the mainline u-boot?
<leviathanch> wens: as far as I understodd he has issues with any other language than Mandarin
<leviathanch> *understood
<leviathanch> wens: and I think your Chinese is a lot better than mine ^^
<wens> i don't follow
<wens> for which SoC?
<wens> leviathanch: also i sent out a80 prcm drivers today
<wens> leviathanch: could you ping anyone related @ aw? the patches are on linux-arm-kernel
<leviathanch> wens: 杰文 just returned from Chinese hollidays this week
<leviathanch> wens: many of the engineers still are at their families and not available
<leviathanch> wens: you would need to ask Flord (on Mandarin) for informations about the DRAM controller
<leviathanch> or most preferrable just ask him to just configure the registers himself
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<leviathanch> they are afraid of RockChip copying their chip design so they are very sensitive about the A80 DRAM interface
<leviathanch> and I see a real threat with Rockchip too, so the best solution would be to let Flord do the work in mainline himself
<leviathanch> which would be sensitive to the design issue
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<leviathanch> wens: I've seen your patches
<wens> i'm not working on u-boot though
<leviathanch> okey
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<leviathanch> it's more like: you can write Mandarin :)
<leviathanch> wens: better than I do ^^
<wens> you should shoot off an email to all related parties first, it's less confusing
<leviathanch> wens: ah, ok
<wens> who is 杰文?
<leviathanch> wens: a friend at Allwinner
<leviathanch> Martin is his European name
<leviathanch> he does Software-Engineering there
<leviathanch> and helped me out when talking to the folks there, because my Chinese is still bad
<leviathanch> :(
<leviathanch> anyway
<leviathanch> he wants to improve his English and I wanna learn to talk Chinese
<leviathanch> so we are Skyping a lot
<wens> I see
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<leviathanch> at the moment the office in Zhuhai is still half deserted because it has been Chinese new year
<wens> see, throwing a name out without context is a bit confusing :p
<leviathanch> ^^
<leviathanch> sorry
<leviathanch> 对不起! ^^
<leviathanch> wens: my vocab and spelling is very limited and flord has issues with English
<leviathanch> wens: but we came to the conclusion that he could do the coding work himself at the part
<leviathanch> *party
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<plaes> hrm.. should we expect that people who are able to send email to linux-sunxi to read man pages?
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<Blakegriplingph> plaes: You're not referring to me, are you?
<plaes> I am.. :)
<Blakegriplingph> lol
<Blakegriplingph> bear with me though, I'm kinda' new to this
<Blakegriplingph> saw it
<plaes> well? :)
<Blakegriplingph> I'll give it a try
<Blakegriplingph> been mucking around with the SDK lately, and at most I get a working but half-arsed kernel
<Blakegriplingph> RTC ain't persistent, funky colours show up at spots, and then this gslx problem
<Blakegriplingph> but, to sum it all up...
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<Blakegriplingph> Plaes: I tried out the xxd thing you mentioned earlier
<Blakegriplingph> xxd -i foo.fw hexdump.h
<Blakegriplingph> where foo is the firmware and hexdump.h is the resultant file
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<pirea_> ssvb my cubieboard with linux sunxi is slow when playing 1080p videos
<plaes> blakegriplingph: you need to redirect the output to file like this: command > output
<Blakegriplingph> care to share an example?
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<NiteHawk> blakegriplingph: your command should probably be something like "xxd -i foo.fw > foo_fw.h"
<Blakegriplingph> I see
<Blakegriplingph> will the resultant .h work on the source files?
<NiteHawk> the resultant .h is simply a "wrapper" around the binary data, suitable for easy inclusion into _your_ specific source
<Blakegriplingph> Just paste it in and go?
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<plaes> nope
<Blakegriplingph> I mean, in the GSL1680 wiki page, the example firmware chunks take the form of this:
<Blakegriplingph> {0x00,0xa5a5ffc0},
<Blakegriplingph> and so on
<NiteHawk> have a look at the .h file - it's self-explaining (or there's really not much to explain)
<Blakegriplingph> the one in the SDK or the one I made?
<plaes> nope, see linux-sunxi wiki
<Blakegriplingph> I know dude, I know
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<Blakegriplingph> I think I could manually write and translate the xxd'd dump into the gsl1680 header, but that would be herculean
<Blakegriplingph> The reason why I asked is that I couldn't seem to find any firmware configs that match those from mine
<ssvb> pirea_: do you have any additional details about the configuration of your system and the log output from mplayer or mpv?
<ssvb> pirea_: if you have a slideshow, then most likely the hardware decoding is not getting activated
<Blakegriplingph> OT, but I've read in the chat logs that one of you guys is learning chinese
<Blakegriplingph> Sure is a real pain to do so, I assume? Japanese is one thing, but learning most of the glyphs is why I ragequitted.
<adj_> I hope I didn't missed it in the docs, but what's the bandwidth of a1x and a20 GPIO?
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<pirea_> ssvb cubeiboard, archlinux-arm, sunxi kernel, mplayer default config for sunxi driver
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<ssvb> pirea_: what kind of default config? I have no idea about how archlinux-arm works
<mripard_> adj_: what do you mean?
<adj_> how many bits per second I can read from a GPIO pin
<pirea_> ssvb hmmm
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<pirea_> ssvb config for mplayer
<mripard_> adj_: I don't know then. We can toggle GPIOs at around 5MHz, so it will probably be in the same order of magnitude.
<adj_> mripard_, thanks for the info
<pirea_> ssvb and i am playing videos with mplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffh264vdpau, [filename] (VDPAU_OSD=1, VDPAU_DRIVER=sunxi)
<adj_> i will benchmark reading it
<ssvb> pirea_: is mplayer in archlinux-arm compiled with vdpau support? Do you actually have the output log messages from mplayer?
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<pirea_> ssvb, yes, is compiled with vdpau support
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<ssvb> pirea: does this mean that it works perfectly fine for you? if not, then please pastebin some logs
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<NiteHawk> adj_: do you have to 'bitbang' the GPIOs? the bandwith / actual throughput on SPI might be higher
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<quitte> Hi. I have got two different jlink clones. How can I know if swd is supposed to work as a transport?#
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<quitte> http://openocd.sourceforge.net/doc/html/Debug-Adapter-Configuration.html says "It currently supports JTAG and SWD transports" However adding -c "transport select swd" results in "Info : only one transport option; autoselect 'jtag'"
<libv> lemaker asks for our help?
<libv> i thought they only wanted to rip us off?
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<NetForHack> Hi. Whi linux-sunxi doesn`t build uImage ?
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<libv> NetForHack: ah.
<libv> NetForHack: first, run through out new device howto
<libv> and get your device documented
<libv> you will then be guided through building a kernel
<NetForHack> make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- uImage modules
<NetForHack> dont work
<NetForHack> says something about mkimage
<mripard_> on what kernel?
<NetForHack> linux-sunxi 3.4
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<mripard_> do you have mkimage installed?
<NetForHack> nope, in that guide nothing about it
<libv> NetForHack: how did you build uboot?
<NetForHack> libv: mamake CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-
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<mripard_> NetForHack: what guide?
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<mripard_> how is that related to the kernel?
<NetForHack> i entered here to ask that
<NetForHack> ow
<NetForHack> my mistake
<NetForHack> sorry about that
<mripard_> install u-boot-tools if you're on ubuntu
<NetForHack> yep i saw now
<libv> my rpmfoo is rusty, so this took a while: uboot-tools on suse
<libv> hence me asking how he installed uboot
<libv> he must've skipped that
<adj_> NiteHawk, I need to send data from a board made myself to olinuxino, I'm trying to investigate the fastest way without using a usb chip
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<libv> NetForHack: what are you trying to achieve with only building the kernel and not building uboot?
<NetForHack> libv: i`ve build it yesterday
<pirea> ssvb look
<libv> without mkimage?
<libv> using which guide?
<NetForHack> libv: forgot, install u-boot-tools and succesfully compiled
<adj_> NiteHawk,I own olinuxino a10s, a13 and Lime (a20), so I can use the best option from them
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<ssvb> pirea: try to disable audio (iirc, that would be "-nosound" option) and run without VDPAU_OSD=1 as a test
<ssvb> pirea: that's some 6 channel audio track there, and it could be quite slow to handle if the audio decoder is not NEON optimized
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<ssvb> pirea: you can also use 'perf top' to profile the cpu usage
<ssvb> pirea: just to see if there is anything unusual pegging your cpu
<wens> Turl: dma driver!
leviathancn has joined #linux-sunxi
<ssvb> pirea: also maybe check some known video samples from http://linux-sunxi.org/CedarX/VideoRenderingChart just to see if everything is set up correctly before trying anything more complex
<pirea_> ssvb is not smooth but is better
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<ssvb> pirea: there are quite a number of other tests which could help to pinpoint the root cause, you can try to reduce the display resolution to see if it helps and also check the known video samples
<ssvb> pirea: if there is something wrong specifically with this particular file, then maybe you could ping jemk
<pirea_> ssvb i have something to do but i'll be back
<ssvb> ok
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<pirea_> ssvb btw scaler mode is enabled
<pirea_> and i have uboot 01.2015
<pirea_> and sunxi_ve_mem****=128
<NetForHack> what i need install for do "cp /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /mnt/usr/bin/" ?
<NetForHack> qemu package don`t include it
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<atsampson> NetForHack: it's the qemu-user-static package on Debian
<ssvb> pirea_: in your case the risk factors are: your mkv file (it may be somewhat special), the archlinux distribution (very few people are using it afaik, and it is mostly untested) and the 1080p display resolution to some extent (potential memory bandwidth issues)
<ssvb> pirea: try to remove some of these risk factors just to see if everything else works
<NetForHack> atsampson: what about ubuntu ?
<NetForHack> ow
<NetForHack> the same
<NetForHack> obvilious
<libv> NetForHack: what device are you working on?
<NetForHack> libv: dat shitty a10s mk802 clone
<libv> NetForHack: why don't you start working through the new device howto first?
<NetForHack> becuse i dont have stock andoid
<libv> but you have almost all of the other information right there
<NetForHack> i flash image from the internet that works bad
<pirea> ssvb resolution of my display is 720p, movie is 180p
<libv> i tracked down someone with the exact same device
<pirea> 1080p*
<libv> NetForHack: he probably is bored with the device today
<libv> so i really doubt he will work through the new device howto
<libv> but if someone has gone and done all of the other work of the new device howto, and created a proper device page, he might be more easily coerced
<NetForHack> libv: i`ve seen some guy in mailing list, i emalied him for nand backup or just fex
<libv> NetForHack: give him a reason to do so
<NetForHack> btw chroot /mnt give me "Bus error"
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<libv> ...
<libv> NetForHack: http://linux-sunxi.org/New_Device_howto#.22I_don.27t_care_about_any_of_this.2C_make_my_device_work..22
<NetForHack> libv: i dont have fex from my devise , i`ve use semitime g2 one
<libv> NetForHack: and?
<NetForHack> so, i need patch what ?
<libv> NetForHack: how does that stop you from filling in the other 90% of a device page?
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<NetForHack> libv: i need working device first
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<libv> no.
<libv> NetForHack: read the new device howto.
<libv> it was explicitely written with the purpose of bringing up a new device while also documenting a device
<libv> a process that goes hand in hand
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<libv> NetForHack: do you know how often i have had this exact discussion?
<NetForHack> libv: it`s already have wiki page ...
gianMOD has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> no, it does not\
<libv> st-mk802-v3.1 does not have a wiki page.
<libv> st in this case would be semitime
<libv> stop coming up with excuses not to do real work
<libv> the path you are on now is not going to lead to anything much
<libv> you just seem to be spewing random questions while working towards a goal that has little opportunity to work
<NetForHack> libv: latter, now i need install rootfs and test if device work`s
<libv> NetForHack: then do not come to us for answers.
<libv> before you have done as much as you can on the ndh, you are telling us all here that you are just going to waste our time
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<NetForHack> libv: i wrote dat page after make shure that i have an working device, what sense wrote about a brick ?
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<libv> if you have done the device page properly, you will have proven that you are capable of doing the basics, and that we here are not having our time horribly wasted
<libv> NetForHack: i told you before
<libv> NetForHack: if you can go to this other guy with an almost complete device page, he is much more likely to spend a few minutes to get you that fex
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<libv> a device page without a fex is not a waste
whitesn has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> someone else might come along and pick things up
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<libv> why do i have to keep on repeating this when this sort of thing has been written up in the wiki?
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<Turl> wens: hm?
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<wens> Turl: how's it coming?
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<Turl> wens: I need to rebase on -rc1 and resend for the most part
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<Turl> ls
<Turl> ugh
<plaes> nope
<lioka> nope~
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<Vanfanel> hi. Is there a way to copy data from a ram buffer to the framebuffer without using these SLOW memcpy() calls??
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<libv> Vanfanel: do not privmsg these things.
gianMOD has joined #linux-sunxi
<Vanfanel> libv: sorry, I didn't know it wasn't a bad idea to ask. Is it better to ask in the channel, then?
<libv> Vanfanel: first off, do you think i am allknowing?
<Vanfanel> libv: no, I don't think so, but I seem to recall you know a lot about G2D
<libv> Vanfanel: so where would be a better place to ask?
<Vanfanel> libv: I don't know a better place than this channel to ask about specific sunxi G2D implementation
<Vanfanel> but if there is a better place, please tell me
<libv> so why didn't you do so from the start?
<libv> your question here is later than your privmsg, and it contains less information.
<libv> you had a question about sunxi g2d and memcpy
<libv> so you should come ask here
gzamboni has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> the one with the experience there is ssvb, but don't try to privmsg him either.
<libv> ssvb will answer here when he has time.
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<Vanfanel> libv: ok, ok, sorry again. I won't private message you again.
akaizen has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> at least not with "help me on $topic_that_has_a_much_better_target"
<Vanfanel> libv: by target you mean "the person I ask to"?
<libv> no.
<libv> you seem to have missed the point of the last 10 minutes.
<Vanfanel> look, I don't want to annoy anybody, really. I am really sorry for having pm-ed you
<libv> learn how to make best use of the different mediums.
<Turl> Vanfanel: messaging random people with random questions is bad etiquette, just keep that in mind
<libv> in this case, it was just extremely bad judgement, even ignoring the fact that it was bad etiquette
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<libv> it was a sunxi question, so #linux-sunxi has a much higher probability of getting an answer
<Vanfanel> ok, I understand. I won't make the same mistake again, really
<libv> what's more, if the question was more specialized, and thus the audience should've been much wider, the mailinglist was the place where an answer would've had the highest chance.
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<Turl> libv: changing topics, thoughts? https://www.khronos.org/vulkan
<libv> nothing solid is known yet
<libv> but it is a reaction to mantle
<libv> let's see how much traction it really gets
<libv> and yes, GL is not always a super fit and it could be optimized
<libv> but vulkan/mantle are going to mean that applications will be a lot less portable
<libv> already portability is an issue with gles1/2/3
<libv> these things will make it much much worse
<libv> replacing the hw is always possible
<libv> rewriting a 5y old application is not
<libv> amd threw down the gauntlet with mantle, solely because it could as it owns the console market at this point
<libv> ibm powerpc owned the console market in the previous generation
<Turl> libv: but assuming everything is standarized to SPIR-V as they claim, wouldn't it Just Work? (barring runtime bugs?)
<libv> Turl: an ir is a lower level representation for shaders
<libv> Turl: state management is also a big factor
<libv> Turl: remember, lima was proactively split, by me, into two different subprojects
<libv> command stream and shader
<libv> spir-v covers the shader bit
<libv> vulkan covers the command stream/driver bits
<libv> mesa has several different IRs
<libv> and now a new one will be added into the mix
<libv> that is, if it gains traction at all
<libv> then there is the issue of what will happen with subsequent hw generations
<libv> vulkan is probably a good match for current gles3/gl4 hw
<libv> but what's next?
<Turl> Initial specs and implementations expected this year
<Turl> Will work on any platform that supports OpenGL ES 3.1 and up
<Turl> that's what the site says
<libv> that's very limited
<libv> why can it not work on gles2 hw?
<MY123> libv, Probably 3d text
<MY123> *ures
<libv> MY123: wrong
<libv> MY123: uniforms buffers
<MY123> libv, only as extension on GLES2
<libv> uniform buffers are the reason
<libv> at least the main reason i can spot from the limited information available
<MY123> libv: They should be HW supported
<libv> mali has bits of memory for uniform storage and can do uniform buffers
<Turl> 3.1 is adreno 4xx right?
<MY123> libv: At least on Mali and VideoCore
<MY123> (2nd gen)
<libv> other gles2 era hw might have this too, others might just have this embedded in the command stream
<libv> but even then, they could be generated
<libv> err, emulated
<libv> doesn't make things faster, but could make things compatibke
<libv> so i am amazed that they made this gles3.1 hw only
<MY123> libv: Does Mali400 fully support 3D texture support?
<libv> they could've made it a slight bit more generic and made 3d textures an extension
<libv> for which a driver could query
<libv> that would've severely helped getting traction
<libv> which is what this game is all about now
<MY123> libv, Can you run geometry shaders on the Mali400?
<MY123> (or it's a VC3/4 nice ahead of time feature?)
<libv> i am not entirely sure yet what geometry shaders are, i am not fully versed on the difference between them and vertex shaders yet
<libv> you cannot with the binary driver, you could perhaps do so with an open source shader compiler
<libv> i do not know the details of what a geometry shader needs over a vertex shader
<linkmauve1> MY123, AFAIK no, there is no dedicated geometry units on the Mali400.
<libv> geometry units?
<linkmauve1> libv, it can emit vertices.
<linkmauve1> That’s the main difference.
<libv> linkmauve1: how is that different from a fragment shader?
<libv> err vertex
<libv> mali takes some data in some memory, does some calculations on it, then sticks that data in some other memory
<linkmauve1> A vertex shader transforms an input vertex into an output vertex, suitable for fragment shader consumption.
<linkmauve1> A geometry shader can emit more than one vertex.
<libv> then the tiler kicks in
<libv> apart from the running of the vertex shader command stream being synced with the tiler command stream on mali400, it could very well be that the architecture can be coerced into doing it
<linkmauve1> libv, wait, it’s not vertices the geometry shader emits, but primitives.
<linkmauve1> It can take a point as input and emit a ten-vertices triangle-strip for example.
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<linkmauve1> Or a triangle and emit five lines.
<linkmauve1> Or any combinaison.
<libv> ok
<linkmauve1> And the geometry shader is executed after the vertex shader stage, in the pipeline.
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<libv> anyway, all of this is pretty preliminary
<libv> no details are known
<libv> mantle has traction with game engines as all the consoles benefit from it
<MY123> libv: except the XBox One
<libv> khronos is "a standard" from a consortium
<MY123> (locked to DirectX)
<MY123> libv, you need to pay fees to pass the certification
<libv> MY123: the internet is not clear on that
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<libv> what i see from that is that the console market doesn't care about mantle
<libv> so it is per definition dead
<MY123> libv: Yeah, as the console HW is already outdated
<libv> which could be both a good and a bad thing for vulkan
<MY123> (at the time it was released)
<libv> wait and see.
<MY123> libv: I would like nVidia releasing true Maxwell docs...
<MY123> but that may be just a dream
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<MY123> libv, There will be Vulkan on the VideoCore V
<MY123> (apparently, that will be published soon)
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<ssvb> MY123: are there any devices with VideoCore V?
leviathanch has joined #linux-sunxi
<MY123> ssvb, only in the Broadcom labs currently
<ssvb> so why should we care/speculate about it now?
<MY123> ssvb: As it will probably be in a future product
<ssvb> Vanfanel: you probably don't want to do redundant copies in the first place, regardless whether they are done by the CPU or G2D
domidumont has joined #linux-sunxi
<Vanfanel> ssvb: I don't understand I am making redundant copies. I need to memcpy from a ram buffer to framebuffer, because the g2d blitting function requires both src and dst to be in the same buffer, according to the function docs
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: if you need the best performance, then your buffers should be all in the framebuffer (or some other physically contiguous chunk of memory)
<Vanfanel> ssvb: if you look at int sunxi_g2d_blt() in http://paste.debian.net/159488/, you will remember what I mean
<ssvb> Vanfanel: then you just setup a hardware layer to make it visible on screen
<ssvb> Vanfanel: instead of copying stuff around, you only need to re-configure layers
<Vanfanel> do you mean reconfigure buffers, right?
<Vanfanel> as in "have all the buffers in contiguous chunk of memory"
<Vanfanel> I am already using a layer
<ssvb> both the g2d and the display engine can only work with physically contiguous memory
<Vanfanel> can the layer read from ram then?? no need to memcpy() anything into framebuffer??
<ssvb> everything is in ram (including the framebuffer)
<Vanfanel> ssvb: yes, that's physically true, of course, but sunxi_layer_set_rgb_input_buffer() seems to need things to be in the framebuffer
<ssvb> that's just a software implementation, tailored for some specific purpose
<ssvb> you can't make assumptions about the hardware capabilities by just looking at this code
<Vanfanel> ssvb: yes, of course, but this code is what I have until now :P
<ssvb> implement a better code :-)
<Vanfanel> so it's possible to implement something similar to sunxi_layer_set_rgb_input_buffer() so the layer reads from a normal ram buffer, right?
<ssvb> please define what is "normal ram buffer"
<Vanfanel> I mean, it would require to call the same ioctl() that sunxi_layer_set_rgb_input_buffer() calls in the end, with different parameters, right?
<Vanfanel> ssvb: normal ram buffer = a buffer in memory that has not been memcpy-ed to the framebuffer
<ssvb> that's still ambiguous
<Vanfanel> hmm, a simple malloc-ed void*
<Vanfanel> can the layer be reading from there?
<ssvb> malloc-ed buffer will not work, because it is not physically contiguous
<ssvb> it may consist of a lot of 4k pages, scattered all around the physical ram
<Vanfanel> ssvb: let's say it's "static uint16_t video_out[256 * 240]": will that work?
<Vanfanel> reading from video_out I mean
<ssvb> you need to specifically allocate physically contiguous buffers with the help of the kernel driver
<ssvb> which may either use static reservation or cma
<Vanfanel> so in the end I need to use memcpy, because I can't decide what the app draws into
<ssvb> and you also need to deal with cache coherency if you want to access the same buffer with the cpu, the g2d accelerator and the display engine
<ssvb> yes, if the application only provides you with a malloc-ed buffer, then you have no choice
<Vanfanel> those things are way above my head, really. I don't even know what cache coherency means :D
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<Vanfanel> what I receive is that "static uint16_t video_out[256 * 240]" thing really. Not a malloc-ed buffer, sorry.
<Vanfanel> memcpy() is necessary then?
<ssvb> maybe try to fix this application to implement a custom allocator for memory buffers?
<ssvb> btw, uint16_t video_out[256 * 240] is very small
<ssvb> you should not have any significant performance problems even doing memcpy
<Vanfanel> I do. Tried removing memcpy() and I get some extra fps...
<Vanfanel> not that I see a thing on screen of course :D
<ssvb> how much extra fps?
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<ssvb> and the g2d copy is not free either, it runs at approximately the same speed as memcpy, but does not peg the cpu core
<Vanfanel> I get rock-solid snes emulation without memcpy(), where I get ~57FPS with it. So, like rock-solid 60FPS vs 57FPS which causes audio to go broken.
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<ssvb> you could estimate the potential g2d "acceleration" effect by doing a dummy copy of the same size
<ssvb> and if you use dual-core a20, then you can do memcpy in a separate thread too
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<Vanfanel> ssvb: yes, I am using a dual-core A20 and tried to do memcpy in a different thread, but I found it impossible to implement after trying: let's say a second game loop (because we don't block on memcpy call because it's in another thread) writes into the origin buffer while we are doing the memcpy: we will get part of a frame and part of the next frame. tearing-like effects.
<Vanfanel> Of course I have a double-buffer mechanism but it's not use: if the game writes to the origin buffer while memcpy being done, artifacts are logically showing up.
<Vanfanel> memcpy must be done synchronously with the game thread
<ssvb> this is normally solved by triple buffering
<ssvb> if you are doing the copy synchronously, then g2d is not going to help at all
<ssvb> it will only make the cpu go idle during the copy, but will not improve fps
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<Vanfanel> g2d? what part of g2d? hardware blitting DOES help here
<Vanfanel> as does scaling
<ssvb> how much does the hardware blitting help?
<Vanfanel> the problem is that the game always writes to the same buffer, the one I receive
<ssvb> yes, scaling is slow in software, so accelerating it with g2d or using scaled layers makes sense
<Vanfanel> I haven't done exact time measurements but it's way faster than software blitting for sure
<ssvb> just do the measurements and come back
<Vanfanel> ok, but really, what's taking CPU time here is memcpy()
<ssvb> the faith based approach does not work for optimization
<Vanfanel> it's not faith: if I remove the memcpy() call I get rock-solid 60FPS
<ssvb> would you prefer to have the CPU doing nothing instead?
<Vanfanel> I can see and hear it
<Vanfanel> I would prefer the CPU not block in the memcpy and go instead
<Vanfanel> I mean, doing something like memcpy() just way faster
<ssvb> don't just remove memcpy, but replace it with a dummy g2d blit between two locations in the framebuffer
<ssvb> and you will get your potential accelerated performance numbers
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<Vanfanel> on the Pi there's this write_data videocore, which is fast as lighting, sorry for the comparision
<Vanfanel> ok
<ssvb> how fast is this "write_data videocore" in terms of MB/s? because "fast as lighting" smells like a faith based approach again
<ssvb> anyway, I have a very strong dejavu feeling
<ssvb> I think that we have had exactly the same irc discussion earlier, but I need to check the logs
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<Vanfanel> ssvb: quite possible, I've been trying to speed up things on this Cubie2 for quite a long time
<Vanfanel> ssvb: you are right, g2d blit between framebuffer regions is as slow as memcpy...
<Vanfanel> thought it was done in hardware somehow, using a DMA or whatever
<ssvb> it is done in hardware
<ssvb> but there is no magic involved, something still needs to move bits in the DRAM and it takes time
<Vanfanel> anyway, if I want hardware-scaled graphics via the layer, I need to use the memcpy
<Vanfanel> and the blitting is necessary too
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: the recipe for fixing all of these performance problems is triple buffering (with the buffers either in the framebuffer or in some other physically contiguous memory area) and the use of scaled layers
<ssvb> Vanfanel: you don't even seem to need g2d at all
<Vanfanel> ssvb: yes, but for that, the app should be triple-buffering. Instead, it's writing over the same buffer over and over. I can do triple-buffering "externally" and not block on vsync waiting, moving vsync wait to another thread, but memcpy() is a different story: it has to be done in the main game thread OR the game will overwrite it's buffer during memcopy() and that causes tearing, I have already tried
<Vanfanel> I DO use external triple buffering with a queueing mechanism, to avoid blocking on vsync waiting
<Vanfanel> but for memcpy() that can not be done
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<linkmauve1> Am I right in that KVM isn’t available on A10, but is on A20?
<ssvb> Vanfanel: if the application can't implement triple buffering (it sometimes reads back from the buffer or performs partial updates), then this means exactly one memcpy per frame for you
<ssvb> Vanfanel: and no g2d or other overhead
<linkmauve1> And in this case, which option do I hate to emulate another ARM machine with the least possible overhead in the CPU emulation? I already take care of everything else.
<Vanfanel> ssvb: I still need to do the blitting, be it g2d or my software implementation, because when you memcopy the frame from source to framebuffer, it's copied with all lines one after another. If I don't "construct" the frame, what the scaled layer shows is garbage.
<ssvb> Vanfanel: yes, one memcpy per scanline in this case, which is not very much different
<ssvb> Vanfanel: however, are you sure that you set up stride for the scaled layer correctly?
<ssvb> Vanfanel: if you do, then a single memcpy per frame should be still usable
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<Vanfanel> ssvb: yes. The problem is that some emulation cores in RetroArch (which is what I'm trying to improve) don't produce packed frames: there is stuff or simply black pixels between each scan line
<Vanfanel> so it's scanline_starting_addr = prev_scanline + total_pitch, being the total pitch different from the visible pitch
<ssvb> Vanfanel: so what? this should be supported
<ssvb> Vanfanel: unless you want to skip copying these extra gaps for performance reasons
<Vanfanel> it's supported, but blitting (ie, taking ONLY the needed pitch of each line) is needed as far as I understand...
<Vanfanel> ssvb: also, I need 16-to-32 bpp conversion, which g2d blitting func does
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: in this case you can use pixman 16-to-32 bpp conversion and still avoid g2d overhead
<Vanfanel> ssvb: do you have an example on that? I don't know what pixman is
<ssvb> Vanfanel: http://pixman.org/
<Vanfanel> ok
<ssvb> as for the example, the documentation is lacking unfortunately
<Vanfanel> oh, great
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<Vanfanel> ok
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<cooper> I'm completely stoked because I managed to get 4.0-rc1 going on one of my Nanos, but I've got this tiny little snag.
<cooper> From the bootup log:
<cooper> [ 4.937266] EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p2): Filesystem with huge files cannot be mounted RDWR without CONFIG_LBDAF
<ssvb> Vanfanel: well, not exactly this one though, because conversion between formats needs 'pixman_image_composite32' instead of 'pixman_blt'
<cooper> Now, the device it's talking about is my 16 GB SD card.
<ssvb> Vanfanel: I can update this demo program to add benchmarks for 16->32 and 32->16 bpp conversion
<cooper> So, why complain about this? The largest file on the system is under 4 GB.
<cooper> In fact, under 1 GB.
<cooper> But I currently have a read-only mounted filesystem.
<Vanfanel> ssvb: no, don't do anything for me, really. I'm about to give up on this whole Allwinner stuff. It's too much for me.
<Vanfanel> ssvb: I really thank you for your help, but this is crazy...
<ssvb> Vanfanel: how much fps do you get with the Raspberry Pi?
<atsampson> cooper: I think it's a filesystem feature thing (i.e. it might not have huge files, but it does have the huge_file option turned on)
<cooper> Hrmm...
<atsampson> cooper: does "tune2fs -O ^huge_file /dev/whatever" help?
<atsampson> (I'm not sure if that's actually a feature you *can* turn off...)
<atsampson> alternatively, is there some reason not to turn on CONFIG_LBDAF in your kernel config?
<Vanfanel> ssvb: The original Pi is not comparable, but with, let's say, the Odroid U3, I get rock solid 60FPS even in the most demanding Super-FX games
<Vanfanel> ssvb: I don't have a Pi2 yet, it's coming next week
<cooper> atsampson: Trying a wee bit too hard to deactivate stuff I'm "obviously not going to use".
<cooper> atsampson: Famous last words, I'm sure. :)
<atsampson> cooper: given that huge_file is in the default ext4 options, I think that's probably an option too far to turn off ;-)
<cooper> atsampson: Okay, thanks, I'll reboot to the old kernel, rebuild with the feature enabled and try again. Still, *VERY* pleased. Basically everything that matters to me on this system aside from that one thing works.
<ssvb> Vanfanel: how so? didn't you mention that Pi was "fast as lighting"?
<Vanfanel> ssvb: the vc_write_data() function is.
<ssvb> Vanfanel: as for the Pi2, it should be roughly the same as Allwinner A20 for the single-threaded performance
<atsampson> cooper: you should at least be able to build pretty quickly if you've still got the built kernel tree sitting around...
<cooper> I do.
<Vanfanel> ssvb: yeah, but with vc_dispmanx_write_data() function, performance will be a lot better.
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: you still have not provided the MB/s numbers for it, so we can't be sure ;-)
<Vanfanel> and it has an VCOS thread for vsync callback, and many more nice things :P
<ssvb> Vanfanel: I can believe that everything just performs a lot worse when compared with this vc_dispmanx_write_data() function there, so on a relative scale this function does not look like an obvious bottleneck
<Vanfanel> not to mention dispmanx API is braindead easy once you know it. G2D is proving hard and strange...
<Vanfanel> anyway, I got similar performance to the GLES2-based renderer in RetroArch using G2D on the Cubie2, so that should suffice to me as a personal "adventure"
<Vanfanel> same performance with no binary blobs involved is good
<ssvb> Vanfanel: you don't really need to use G2D in your code (doing this wastes performance), and the dispmanx counterpart on sunxi hardware are disp layers
<Vanfanel> ssvb: dispmanx gives me hardware blitting, since write_data accepts random pitches so blitting and uploading is done with a simple, single call
<Vanfanel> no need to memcpy(), no need to manual blitting
<ssvb> Vanfanel: I doubt about it actually doing hardware blitting if you are using malloc buffers
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: you can still use pixman instead of "memcpy + g2d 16bpp->32bpp blit", and this should be faster
<ssvb> Vanfanel: yes, it is not integrated as part of a convenient API on allwinner hardware, but still very much doable
<Vanfanel> ssvb: with no docs and no examples? It's too much for an aficionado, really. We need good APIs like dispmanx :(
<libv> Vanfanel: who do you expect to do the work?
<ssvb> Vanfanel: didn't you say that you don't want an example?
<Vanfanel> Allwinned I suppose. Broadcom did the job with dispmanx.
<Vanfanel> Allwiner, sorry
<Vanfanel> agh
<Vanfanel> Allwinner
<libv> Vanfanel: complaining in here then doesn't help
<ssvb> Vanfanel: you are free to write an online petition :-)
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<Vanfanel> yes, yes, sorry, I'm not complainig! I was just discussing with ssvb about how I feel about all this.
Renard has joined #linux-sunxi
<Vanfanel> you guys have been very helpful, really
<Vanfanel> and patient too
<ssvb> libv: oh, very cool, now I don't need to do u-boot mainlining for the Forfun Q88DB tablet :-)
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* ssvb likes when the work is getting done by the others
petr has joined #linux-sunxi
<libv> :)
<libv> damn, i should've sent you the other a10 tablet then :p
<libv> oh, a13, since it is a q8
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<libv> ssvb: we do need to keep better tabs on people posting things to u-boot
<libv> could it be that uboot requires those urls?
<libv> if so, we better make sure that they actually exist and that people spend a few hours creating the device pages
<ssvb> u-boot does not require these linux-sunxi wiki urls, but looks like I had just started a new fashion when mainlining u-boot support for the msi primo tablets :)
<libv> ok, well done then :)
<libv> how does uboot ensure long term maintainance without such a thing?
<libv> not at all probably
<libv> if so, they are going to have a massive problem on their hands at some point
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<Vanfanel> ssvb: ok, been thinking about this in the shower. I'm going to try the 1-memcpy + pixmam 16-32bpp route. Can you provide the pixman example you were going to provide earlier?
<Vanfanel> I can't simply think "I can not do it", I have to try
<ssvb> Vanfanel: that would be a single pixman call without memcpy, because this is the whole point
<Vanfanel> ssvb: what about the layer needing the pixel array to be in framebuffer? For that, I need a memcpy...
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<ssvb> Vanfanel: pixman can move pixels from the malloc buffer to the framebuffer and also do the 16bpp -> 32bpp conversion on the fly using NEON
petr has joined #linux-sunxi
<Vanfanel> ssvb: ok, ok. Mind you I already have tried a NEON memcpy implemention and it's not much faster..
<ssvb> Vanfanel: it is memory bandwidth limited just like memcpy and g2d
<Vanfanel> but ok, give me a call example on the function that does all that, and I will try to use that instead of memcpy + g2d blitting
<Vanfanel> oh, ok
<ssvb> you can get better performance because you don't need to move pixels twice (once with memcpy and one more time with g2d)
<ssvb> ok :)
<Vanfanel> oh, ok. pixman_blt() is the man, maybe?
<Vanfanel> you pointed me to this earlier
<ssvb> well, it will return FALSE if you call this function with different bpp for the source and destination
<ssvb> a bit different function is needed
<Vanfanel> wait, what about setting my video mode to 16bpp? that way it would be 16bpp->16bpp
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<Vanfanel> will the scaler work with a 16bpp pixel array?
<ssvb> no, the scaled layer needs 32bpp
<Vanfanel> I mean, the layer using the 16bpp as source
<Vanfanel> agh :D
<Vanfanel> then 16bpp to 32bpp is needed
<ssvb> that's why we need the 16bpp to 32bpp conversion in the first place
<ssvb> yep
<Vanfanel> so there's no pixman function ready to use, is there?
<Turl> Vanfanel: out of curiosity, have you disabled cpu scaling?
<Vanfanel> Turl: where? on the software I'm trying to improve?
<Turl> Vanfanel: on the cpu (ie, using performance governor or disabling cpufreq altogether)
<Vanfanel> ahhh!! CPU freq scaling!
<Vanfanel> Turl: yes, I'm using the performance governor, full 1.2 GHz or the like
<Vanfanel> the board doesn't get very hot so it's ok
<ssvb> Vanfanel: this board can't really run reliable at 1.2GHz
<Vanfanel> ssvb: has been running well for 1 year now, sometimes it's been 24/7 as a server for weeks :D
<Vanfanel> ssvb: so ok, no numbers, but mine hasn't got in flames yet
<Vanfanel> ssvb: < Vanfanel> so there's no pixman function ready to use, is there? (sorry for repeating, I am not sure you read it)
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<cooper> atsampson: It's still building - guess that particular option ends up hitting close to everything. Would've called it a night by now, but forgot to start this from a screen session so can't disconnect/reconnect. :-/
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<atsampson> cooper: you could always Ctrl-C it then restart the build in screen...
<atsampson> if you don't change the config again it shouldn't need to rebuild much of what it's already built
<atsampson> (alternatively, you could spend the time setting up a cross-build environment which would go much faster ;-)
<cooper> atsampson: Never liked the concept of cross-compiling. Guess I'm sadomasochistic like that.
<cooper> Restarting the build from a screen session would certainly work... Might try that.
<atsampson> I became much more enthusiastic about cross-compiling after getting an 8-core PC ;-)
<atsampson> it's pretty painless for the kernel and u-boot; it's more awkward for applications, though
<cooper> Meh. This A20 built u-boot in a few minutes.
<cooper> Doing other stuff while the machine chugs away at the code is fine in my book. I'm sure things are different when you do this repeatedly and in close succession.
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<cooper> Yup. Build continues where I cut it off. Excellent!
<atsampson> I've been playing with DRAM controller settings on the pcDuino3 Nano lately (http://stuff.offog.org/tpr3.html), so I've been compiling u-boot a lot...
<Turl> cooper: compare that to sub-6s build times when crosscompiling :)
<atsampson> it takes about the same time to compile as it does for me to move the SD card from the board to the PC, which is handy ;-)
<cooper> atsampson: What's the goal you're going for?
<Turl> cooper: the slowest systems are nice for https://xkcd.com/303/ though :)
<cooper> Turl: LOL! Definately.
<cooper> atsampson: Working with 2 Nanos myself.
<atsampson> cooper: well, initially I was just curious as to why they'd downclocked it from 480MHz to 408MHz in the upstream config just before release...
<atsampson> but I've currently got a test running at 648MHz which is looking fairly encouraging
<cooper> atsampson: Had some issues with random memory corruption a while back. Since the memtester and the cpuburn program both work flawlessly for long runs I don't think the hardware is at fault so I'm hoping this kernel might improve things a bit.
<atsampson> the stock impedence settings aren't great, and the stock delays are about the worst possible choice...
<cooper> Ah! It's done.
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<cooper> How should I read those memory tables? At the moment that's just a big chunk of hex and colors to me.
<atsampson> the documentation for it is here: http://linux-sunxi.org/DDR_Calibration
<atsampson> basically, it's trying a whole load of different delay settings, and indicating which ones work and which cause memory errors or crashes
<atsampson> mid-green (short test OK) and dark green (long test OK) are good; anything else is bad
<cooper> Nice. Thanks for that. Something to read through tomorrow.
<atsampson> ssvb's examples on the wiki are nicer than mine (or at least better-organised)...
<atsampson> I suspect in the morning I'll be looking at adjusting timing for individual lanes, looking at the 648MHz results
<cooper> Calling it quits for tonight. Alarm will be going off again in under 6 hours so I better make the most of it. Set the Nano to rebuild all of gentoo with multiple threads, which used to be a surefire way of causing the corruption problem. First few packages installed without a hitch, so here's hoping. I'll let you know tomorrow at which point I'll probably pester you about those memory settings some. :-)
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<cooper> Thanks for the friendly support, folks. It's greatly appreciated!
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<ssvb> atsampson: the 648MHz test looks very promising
<atsampson> ssvb: slip lane 2 left a bit and lane 0 right a bit and I suspect it'd look even better...
<ssvb> atsampson: in my tests, per-lane delay adjustments did not have any significant impact, but maybe your hardware is different
<ssvb> atsampson: it is also rather important to have high MBUS clock speed - http://linux-sunxi.org/A10_DRAM_Controller_Performance
<ssvb> so it need to be increased to at least 400MHz
<ssvb> and the MBUS clock speed is sensitive to DCDC3 voltage
<ssvb> before experimenting with per-lane delays, it may make sense to try adjusting ZQ at high clock speeds to confirm that 0x1a is really the best option, or find something even better
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<Blakegriplingph> @turl - Same goes for rendering 3D scenes :P
<Blakegriplingph> put a dozen lights on it, some complex meshes and whatnot, and you now have the perfect excuse to do whatever you want
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