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<lurchi_> mru: some people want to do network boot
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<wens> jernej: lima has a clean branch on top of the latest kernel release
<wens> and it looks like the lima driver is properly reviewed, but waiting on a prior patch to add the mali tiling format (waiting on clarification from ARM corp. people)
<anarsoul|2> I believe this patch is independent from rest of the driver
<wens> that is even better
<wens> mripard: any comments on the USB bug report I sent?
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<mripard> wens: it makes sense to me
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<hanni76> hi, anyone knows how to physically connect MIPI DSI panel to BananaPi M2 (A31s chip) ? I can find only RGB or LVDS connector description, but A31s datasheet says it supports MIPI DSI too..
<hanni76> The pinctrl also describes only lcd0 and lvds0/1
<beeble> my datasheet only says hdmi/lvds/rgb
<beeble> also i know that it does not have dsi
<hanni76> A31 datasheet ?
<hanni76> or bananaPi?
<beeble> a31s datasheet
<hanni76> your datasheet is incomplete then..
<hanni76> there is a section about MIPI DSI controller
<hanni76> my datasheet is named A31 user manual, version 1.1 , 2013/06/30
<hanni76> chapter 7.5 MIPI DSI
<beeble> a31 and a31s (you notice the difference?)
<beeble> a31s is a different bonding
<hanni76> they are the same, basically
<beeble> yes
<beeble> but less pins :)
<hanni76> The A31s is the same die as the A31 in a different package. In terms of hardware specification and functionality they are identical.
<hanni76> no less.. same pin count
<beeble> i would say 460 is less then 609
<beeble> but you seem to know better
<beeble> so have fun connecting it
<KotCzarny> he pasted text from the wiki page
<hanni76> lol
<KotCzarny> not his opinion
<hanni76> can't be different number of pins
<hanni76> how is that possible if they are declared 100% hardware compatible ?
<beeble> they arent?
<hanni76> for this reason is only A31 manual is available, because they are the same
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<KotCzarny> anyway, having pins on soc is one thing, having them routed at all on board is the whole different story
<beeble> as said, have fun connecting to the ip block if it's not bonded out
<hanni76> I agree with that
<hanni76> banana pi doesn't probably use MIPI DSI pins
<hanni76> but it would be pretty much logical if they were multiplexed with lvds or rgb pins
<KotCzarny> read in spec where they should be and check? (assuming multifuntion pins)
<hanni76> look at this
<beeble> still not available on the a31s package
<hanni76> according to this datasheet in the chapter 5.2 they are not multiplexed at all
<hanni76> looks like a joke
<KotCzarny> no? PDX pins have 2 functions
<hanni76> should be 3
<KotCzarny> why?
<hanni76> lcd, lvds, dsi ?
<hanni76> I can see pin description for MIPI DSI and CSI connections
<hanni76> I mean physical pins
<hanni76> but there is no multiplexed pins for MIPI DSI
<hanni76> CSI is multiplexed on PEx pins
<hanni76> ok, either Allwinner sucks to document it or it sucks to implement it
<hanni76> well. no. this is bananapi. MIPI DSI has dedicated pins, there is just no connector mounted for it
<hanni76> ok, question is closed
<AneoX_> does A30 have working MIPI ?
<hanni76> what is A30 ?
<AneoX_> sorry, A33
<hanni76> A33 and R16 of course have MIPI DSI
<AneoX_> thx
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<libv> hanni76: fosdem uses the bpi m1 with an lcd display
<libv> it is rgb
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<libv> hanni76: have you looked at the schematic?
<libv> we are developing a hdmi in board for fosdem
<libv> and we are re-using the 3.5" lcds of which we have 110
<KotCzarny> bpi-m1 is A20 based, and i would guess completely different design
<libv> i actually have the m1 and an lcd and a camera in front of me right now
<libv> and i have been spending a lot of time looking at schematics
<libv> we will be moving to the a20-lime2, as that is going to give us full rgb input
<Mangy_Dog> am i right to assume that none of the orange or banana pi boards with HDMI have HDCP? So cant be used on any of the main streaming services?
<libv> since i just got 2.54mm to fpc-40 adapters today
<libv> Mangy_Dog: it's fosdem
<KotCzarny> hdcp is there i think
<libv> we do not use hdcp
<libv> neither from the camera, nor from the speakers laptop
<libv> if the speaker for some reason needs hdcp, he's... buffered?
<libv> hanni76: lcd connector is rgb
<libv> for m2
<libv> no lvds, and definitely not mipi-dsi
<Mangy_Dog> h2+ h3 doesnt have rgb dpi out
<Mangy_Dog> i sadly discoverd :p
<libv> m2 is fully compatible with m1
<libv> Mangy_Dog: all those standards are a right old mess
<Mangy_Dog> rgb dpi is pretty simple :p
<libv> and there's obscure chips for most conversions
<libv> but they usually come with no datasheets
<libv> or at least no user manual
<libv> we have solved that already
<Mangy_Dog> well no manual no...
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<Mangy_Dog> but most of the chips do have datasheets
<Mangy_Dog> how accurate they are is anyones guess
<Mangy_Dog> but they have them
<libv> but we now are discussing how to handle the hdmi licensing issue
<lurchi_> libv: just use one of the 15€ hdmi splitters inbetween, strips HDCP ...
<libv> lurchi_: that's the current setup
<libv> and it is hell.
<Mangy_Dog> i only asked as i might turn one of these boards into a better streaming box than the amazon fire stick i have
<libv> we have 60 of those boxes
<Mangy_Dog> its pretty slow single core version
<Mangy_Dog> lurchi strips hdcp without killing the image?
<lurchi_> yes
<Mangy_Dog> heh
<libv> we will move to hdmi-in boards, which will allow us to control the edid block to force speakers to use a specific resolution
<libv> then we can use the onboard h264 encoder and scaling and whatnot to do everything we need
<libv> in a tiny package that only requires 5V
<libv> and which only costs 100eur or so per pop
<libv> we intend to have 100 of them
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<libv> speaker video boxes now have a hdmi-scaler (Which is IR controlled, through the headphone socket of the bpi), then the signal is put through an active hdmi splitter, one for the projector, one for the hw h264 encoder
<libv> the h264 encoder usb protocol has been REed, so the data gets copied from there, and then stored on an ssd, and then sent out over the network
<libv> we have 28 of those boxes
<libv> then we have 28 camera boxes, which do not have a scaler or splitter
<libv> hw h264 encoder is a black box which costs 700eur new
<libv> and the whole thing is a nightmare to control
<libv> we have most of what we need on board of the a20
<libv> and plenty of memory bandwidth
<libv> and bus bandwidth
<Mangy_Dog> i am kinda suprised that the DSI and CSI ports arent cross compatable... IE the IOs configured within the chip... Or even have the DSI work as rgb DPI... MIght need to have a interface IO reoganisation board so power and backlight stuff goes in the right pins, but just kinda suprised the chips couldnt be configured in software to run those ports
<libv> Mangy_Dog: the gpios can often be reconfigured
<libv> but i would have to look at the a31 datasheet
<Mangy_Dog> in the case of h2 and h3 they cant
<Mangy_Dog> well not configured to run dpi
<libv> the best advice i can give hanni76 is to just use an rgb panel
<libv> Mangy_Dog: right
<libv> i spent ages looking through the different chips and the conflicting information
<libv> i also have a realtek device with a built in switch and hdmi-in
<libv> it has all the hw we could possibly want
<Mangy_Dog> i bet though some one with enough linux and driver programming skill could get a dsi port to output DPI at full 60fps
<libv> but there is a non-existent community for that
<libv> and that has us limited to linux-sunxi
<libv> rockchip also has piss poor support
<libv> and that has proper mipi csi
<libv> a20 has "csi
<libv> "
<libv> cmos sensor interface.
<libv> which is parallel
<libv> Mangy_Dog: what is your usecase?
<libv> ah, streaming box
<Mangy_Dog> oh im going to be building a handheld retro gaming thingy
<libv> then a20 is more than good enough
<Mangy_Dog> originally i was going to run the display direct off DPI
<Mangy_Dog> but now thats pretty unlikely so going to have to design a hdmi decoder board to fit within it
<libv> what does h2/h3 bring you that a20 does not have?
<Mangy_Dog> the chip itself wasnt important
<Mangy_Dog> i mena i wanted quadcore and speed....
<libv> then grab yourself a a20 lime2
<Mangy_Dog> but it was the size of the board that mattered
<libv> and go from there
<libv> full oshw
<libv> and tiny
<libv> olimex has you covered
<libv> and since it is oshw, you are free to redesign as you please
<Mangy_Dog> its a nice board but thats not tiny at all :D
<libv> but it has all the features you want
<Mangy_Dog> i rather not build the whole board from scratch
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<Mangy_Dog> im already doing pcb work for the controler and usb interface stuff... and hdmi decoder.... but building sbc from scratch might be a little beyowned my skillset
<libv> you have very specific form factor requirements
<Mangy_Dog> true
<Mangy_Dog> and yes if i could build it all into 1 pcb
<Mangy_Dog> great
<libv> so why not just start with the lime2, abuse its bazillion io ports
<Mangy_Dog> but designing a sbc is too much for me
<libv> for the first prototype
<Mangy_Dog> no need
<Mangy_Dog> ill use the orange pi zero 2 thingy
<Mangy_Dog> its small
<Mangy_Dog> simple enough
<Mangy_Dog> just have to do the hdmi interface
<Mangy_Dog> which adds about 6 quid to the cost
<libv> but this is where routing becomes important
<libv> the length of the traces and their coupling is important
<Mangy_Dog> yeah
<Mangy_Dog> 2 things
<libv> hdmi is pretty finicky already
<Mangy_Dog> going to keep them short
<Mangy_Dog> but also going to have a set of pair rules
<libv> if you're going down that path, you might as well start with a lime2, and cut away bits that you do not need and add bits that you do need
<libv> like sata or ethernet
<libv> and a nand
<Mangy_Dog> but like i said i cant build a sbc
<Mangy_Dog> there are just too many unknown parts and componants on that
<libv> but you can design a mipi-dsi to hdmi board?
<Mangy_Dog> well yes
<Mangy_Dog> actually no
<libv> have you looked at all the data available for the lime?
<Mangy_Dog> hdmi to dpi
<libv> it is full oshw
<Mangy_Dog> but thats only because i found oshw schematics i can basically copy and tweak
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<libv> and you do not need a hdmi to dpi converter
<Mangy_Dog> oh and then theres the whole thing about the chips being bga
<libv> tfp410 is already a mess
<Mangy_Dog> fekk soldering that
<Mangy_Dog> iw as going to use a tfp410
<libv> then why not pay olimex to create a few boards for you?
<libv> i ahve the adafruit module 30cms away from this keyboard
<Mangy_Dog> yeah its based on adas board
<Mangy_Dog> but theres a huge amount of wasted space
<libv> create as in actually fabricate
<Mangy_Dog> and i need th tweak the backlight values to match the lcd i have in mind
<Mangy_Dog> oh
<Mangy_Dog> the a20 is only dual core
<Mangy_Dog> and only 1ghz
<libv> have you looked up the values at which the h3 actually clocks?
<libv> not what bpi or opi tells you
<Mangy_Dog> i think it was eigher 1.2 or 1.4ghz
<Mangy_Dog> but quad
<Mangy_Dog> 1.3ghz
<Mangy_Dog> according to the wiki
<Mangy_Dog> the h3
<libv> you know what, i tried to tell you that it will be less work, both on the hw and the software side of things to cut down a lime2 design than to design a hdmi to parallel rgb board _and_ dealing with other h2/h3 issues, than it is to just use the lime2 for prototyping and then redesigning/cutting it down, and then having olimex fabricate a batch
<Mangy_Dog> im also planning to put some kind of heat sink on them too
<libv> but have it your way
<Mangy_Dog> theres also that the omex isnt cheap
<libv> to me it sounds like you will only be cutting down on board features of the lime2
<libv> Mangy_Dog: how much is your time worth?
<libv> how many hdmi->dpi prototype boards will you make?
<Mangy_Dog> 300 a day usually when im on a job :p
<Mangy_Dog> hopefulyl 1 design...
<libv> you know that that is never going to happen
<Mangy_Dog> true
<Mangy_Dog> but can always hope
<libv> for fosdem we have a long time electronics engineer who will do the design and the prototypes
<Mangy_Dog> besides making this one design would be far cheaper than doing multiple designs with omex
<libv> and then when we are happy, olimex will do 100 devices
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<libv> Mangy_Dog: but you would not need to add to a lime2 board
<libv> and you could have all you need, in the wrong formfactor and too many connectors/parts, right away
<Mangy_Dog> no i would have to remove from it... it would need stripping down to make it small enough
<Mangy_Dog> but even then it will cost a bomb
<Mangy_Dog> compaired to what i have planned
<libv> deleting things is always easy
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<libv> nah, olimex is not that expensive
<libv> but, have it your way
<libv> time will tell
<arc_phasor> olinuxino a33 vs banana pi m2m?
<arc_phasor> i just got back
<libv> Mangy_Dog: have you looked at china handheld consoles on aliexpress?
<Mangy_Dog> funnily yes
<Mangy_Dog> theyre all shit
<Mangy_Dog> but gave me some ideas
<libv> well, have at it
<Mangy_Dog> the original plan was to built it into the fake vita clone thing i got off ali
<Mangy_Dog> but i think in the end im just going to fabricate the entire chassie
<Mangy_Dog> from scratch
<libv> all we are doing is taking a hdmi-in and exposing vga and lcd0 and several line-in/out on several different connectors
<libv> and our timeline is to have boards produced in october
<libv> and even that is going to take some doing
<libv> and we have an actual daytime-job electronics guy, and myself, paulk, and perhaps even plaes (o/) on board
<libv> and then the three core fosdem organizers who also deal with video
<libv> and it _still_ is going to take some doing
<Mangy_Dog> what im going to be building is a lot simpler than that though... i have a bunch of buttons and a couple of analogue sticks that are wired to a stm32 running usb composite, wired USB direct to the USB pins of the orangepi that i have... on that same board will be the audio amp chip, lipo charger and boost circuits and the tfp410, with its circuit heavily based on the adafuite board...
<Mangy_Dog> but with reworked backlight output...
<libv> and all of that is integrated?
<Mangy_Dog> that would be on one board... or possiblly on a spluit 2 boards not sure yet
<Mangy_Dog> the orange pi will be plugged into that
<libv> allwinner chips tend to have a keypad controller
<Mangy_Dog> i still have some details to work out but yes thats pretty much it
<libv> and analog controllers can be adcs connected to i2c/spi
<Mangy_Dog> yeah i did consider going through the gpio
<Mangy_Dog> and using a adc chip through serial
<Mangy_Dog> but
<Mangy_Dog> its a pain in the arse to get gpi based controllers working in retropi based stuff
<Mangy_Dog> the adc will be near on impossible
<Mangy_Dog> having it all done though the stm makes the OS see it as a actual HID
<Mangy_Dog> its easier... at the loss of a little power efficiancy
<libv> and a very complicated set of boards.
<Mangy_Dog> and about a quids worth of cost
<Mangy_Dog> the stm32 is a piss simple board
<libv> which will need several revisions to get right
<libv> (why do i keep getting dragged into this?)
<Mangy_Dog> its an ic, crystel and a few capacitors mainly
<hanni76> libv: I checked schematic and data sheets too. MIPI DSI is present in A31 soc but bananapi M2 doesn't have a connector onboard. MIPI DSI pins aren't multiplexed with anything else, according to datasheet
<Mangy_Dog> i dont need to consider the power reguation there... as ill be runnig 5 and 3v rails from the boost circuits
<libv> hanni76: yeah
<libv> hanni76: why mipi-dsi? what sort of bandwidth requirements do you have?
<hanni76> libv: have some panels here
<hanni76> libv: i can use rgb of course
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<wens> libv: you're going to run the PoC cedrus encoder?
<libv> wens: depends on when we get there
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<libv> paulk hopes to work on the encoding for fosdem
<libv> "worst" case scenario, yes
<libv> but that still puts us lightyears ahead of other solutions :)
<wens> indeed
<MoeIcenowy> oh it has been a long time since seeing libv for the last time
<libv> MoeIcenowy: :)))
<libv> fosdem is already running mainline on the bpis
<libv> and paulk added support to mainline for the 3.5" lcd
<wens> any chance you make extras to sell to organizers of other events?
<libv> after the hw had lingered on my desk for 10 months, paulk was tapped
<libv> wens: no
<libv> wens: unless we end up getting a hdmi license
<libv> it will be full oshw, so people can source their own adv7611s
<libv> but
<wens> ah, yeah, legal requirements :/
<libv> the fosdem guys were at fossasia last weekend
<libv> with 4 of the current video boxes
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<libv> and most of the open source events in bulgaria are also run with the fosdem setup
<libv> as one of the main fosdem video guys also organizes those things
<libv> we will need 100 for ourselves
<libv> 2 per devroom puts us at up to 70
<libv> and then we need spares in every building
<libv> and there will be the eventual dead device
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<buZz> did that videosetup of fosdem even work?
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<libv> buZz: yeah
<buZz> the -one- talk on fosdem i wanted to see had a broken videorecorder
<libv> has been working since 2014
<libv> on 27 livestreams
<libv> with only minor hiccups
<libv> buZz: which talk was that?
<buZz> the OpenHMD one
<libv> hrm, not sure where j.1.104 is, and i do tend to know my way around the campus
<wens> libv: you mentioned going to lime2 gives you full rgb input, I'm not sure how that works?
<wens> libv: the CSI input is only 8 bits wide on the SoC
<libv> wens: csi1 has all pins available when we use the lcd_pwr to another gpio line
<libv> heh, paulk did not go to the replicant meetup
<libv> paulk-leonov: or did you?
<wens> libv: oh, I see them, muxed with LCD
<wens> * LCD1 on PH pins
<libv> yeah
<libv> wens: our path to here is one of the core organizers complaining about the lcds being bpi-m1 specific, and me pointing out the tfp410 module
<libv> this complaint came while we were rewiring the boxes in early december
<libv> and while i was testing a new batch of lcds with paulks fixes
<libv> then in january, a trivial brainwave, why not use the tfp for input and get rid of all the crap
<libv> the tfp is not well suited for this
<libv> but the adv is
<libv> and paulk and i manned a devroom all weekend, tsvetan was around as well
<libv> and then on monday morning after the event me and egbert and his buddy uwe had our usual "we got thrown out of the hotel, but still have a few hours to kill" brunch
<libv> and uwe just happens to develop prototype boards for a living for physics projects at darmstadt university
<libv> and then the team was complete :)
<libv> which meant that we had to do
<libv> it
<libv> so uwe is off doing his thing, i should go adapt code to fuse in all sorts of things in a way that suits the main video guys' requirements
<libv> and paulk will hopefully get to fix the encoder in time
<libv> i should be at a customer project on site soon, but that means endless amounts of time in a hotel, but this stuff is mighty portable
<libv> (like with lima, i was constantly travelling with a telechips tablet in my backpack and throwing stuff over over adb)
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<wens> fyi the vga over tvdac stuff doesn't work on mainline yet
<libv> yeah, i expected this bit to be overlooked
<libv> thanks for confirming
<wens> I had some ideas about how it should be done, but nothing concrete
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<libv> not sure whether i handled this in the bitrotted sunxi drm driver that wrote in 2013
<libv> wens: feel free to write things up in an email or the wiki, and we can take it from there
<libv> i am waiting for solderable vga connectors
<wens> IMO the troublesome part is going to be how to describe which DAC output drives which signal
<libv> and tsvetan has provided enough cables with his donated lime2s for me to make it happen
<libv> wens: is that not what devicetree is for? ;p
<libv> what are you thinking?
<wens> libv: yeah it is, but I don't think the graph bindings were for something so ... detailed :p
<libv> well, we will have to go fix it now
<wens> we have 8 dacs, but 4 output ports on the SoC, and somehow 3 of them go to the VGA port (along with the sync lines from TCON)
<wens> ah, sorry, 4 dacs
<libv> not somehow, this can be set
<libv> right
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<libv> disclaimer: i have not looked at this in detail, and i have not really done any devicetree stuff since i added simplefb to uboot
<libv> but we should work backwards, have a dac section, and then list the dacs, and define which tve line is tied to it
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<libv> i really do not know how vga is currently handled with the current sunxi driver
<wens> you mean in 3.4?
<libv> mainline
<wens> there is no vga support :)
<libv> ah.
<libv> at least that means that there is definitely no tv encoder support, so i can gloss over that ;p
<wens> there's the minimal stuff for sun5i composite out (on the CHIP)
<libv> (which is how keithp maimed my ideas for modesetting back in 2006)
<libv> heh
<libv> the chip
<wens> that covers one dac.
<libv> i am going to have to say it, i knew it/i said so
<libv> do we have a device page for that already?
<libv> wens: ok
<libv> let me stick my head into the kernel source
<wens> libv: drivers/gpu/drm/sun4i/sun4i_tv.c is what you're after
<libv> wens: that's barely a device page
<libv> sun5i.dtsi has something, but of course nothing for dac definition
<libv> ok, so i know what i should be careful not to break
<libv> thanks :)
<libv> and really, no vga on mainline, that's a surprise
<wens> I suppose display wasn't really a priority, not without accelerated graphics and video
<libv> heh
<wens> anyway, I'll try to put my ideas into an actual DT
<libv> cool
<libv> thanks
<libv> do not forget that tvec, two tcon lines, and the i2c bus need to be formed into a vga connector
<libv> which should be defined in devicetree
<libv> then a dac section can wire up the dacs to specific tvec lines
<libv> actually, vga should be described as tcon0/1 as that implies the tvec and where to take syncs
<libv> so it needs two entries only, tcon, and i2c
<wens> the graph has to go all the way out, so tcon-> tve ->vga connector. i2c would be tacked onto the vga using a phandle reference
<libv> hrm
<libv> ok
<libv> so a vga connector has to describe a tvec, which dacs are rgb, and which i2c bus is used
<libv> and we would need to do some manual checking so that dacs do not clash
<libv> h/vsync is implied from the tvec selected
<libv> i just checked, the driver i showed at fosdem 2014 has these things hardcoded
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<libv> buZz: did j.1.106 even have video set up?
<libv> buZz: we have a rather acute shortage of video boxes atm
<libv> and some rooms were added very late in the game, too late for the video guys to catch up
<libv> so boxes were not broken there, it was probably not provisioned
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<davidebeatrici> Hello! I have an Allwinner H3 box with Android 4.4.2. It's almost identical to the Beelink X2, except for the fact that it has a NAND instead of an eMMC and two USB ports instead of one. Even the firmware is the same: `Homlet4.4.4-qin2-v1.0release`.
<davidebeatrici> I wrote the latest Armbian image to an SD Card, inserted it into the device and powered it on. Armbian booted up without any issues and the only thing I had to do was to enable `usbhost2` and `usbhost3` through `armbian-config`, so that both USB ports and the Wi-Fi card are functional.
<davidebeatrici> The first issue I found was that the NAND is inaccessible, but I read on the wiki and the forums that it is to be expected. Not a big problem because the SD card seems to perform very well.
<davidebeatrici> The second issue I found is that there seem to be serious problems with the graphics driver: aside from both Chromium and Firefox crashing immediately as soon as their window appear, the animations are "laggy" too.
<davidebeatrici> `glxgears` and `es2gears` run fine, however the framerate seems to be very low: oscillating between ~60 and ~80 FPS.
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<davidebeatrici> I realized later that Lima, the work-in-progress open-source driver, is being used. According to, the binary driver can be installed by following the instructions available at
<davidebeatrici> I successfully compiled the kernel module, after switching to the Nightly repository ( `mali` seems to load successfully at boot and according to `dmesg` it's loaded into Lima.
<davidebeatrici> My question is: what libraries from should I use? I installed the desktop environment through `armbian-config`.
<davidebeatrici> `fbdev`, `wayland`, `x11_dma_buf` or `x11_ump`?
<libv> davidebeatrici: i would expect that to be documented on the wiki, but i can imagine it isn't
<libv> davidebeatrici: please figure out what gaps there are on the linux-sunxi wiki, and fill in those gaps so others can also benefit from your findings and contribute there as well
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<davidebeatrici> libv: I will documentate the proper steps to install the binary driver, once I manage to get it to work properly.
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