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<asdf28> can someone explain to me why commits from linus torvalds appear on the sunxi-next branch on github linux-sunxi?
<asdf28> i am confused
<asdf28> when i choose a tag like 5.8 on the linux-sunxi github, do i just get the mainline kernel?
<asdf28> what i'm trying to do is, download sunxi-next around the date linux 5.8 was released
<KotCzarny> i strongly suspect you should just rewind the git branch you are using
<asdf28> no, i'm not using git
<asdf28> i just need to download the source and compile it
<KotCzarny> but linux-sunxi is?
<asdf28> i am not very familiar with git
<KotCzarny> you are checking out git
<KotCzarny> git checkout 'master@{1979-02-26 18:30:00}'
<KotCzarny> or something
<asdf28> what i'm trying to do is, see if a bug that appears in mainline 5.8 might have been fixed in sunxi-next
<asdf28> so i selected the "5.8" tag on sunxi-next
<KotCzarny> anyway, git keeps all changes
<asdf28> but when i do that, is that just the mainline kernel source?
<KotCzarny> so you can get to some point in history
<asdf28> because there is a commit from torvalds on 20th july that does not appear when i browse the sunxi-next commits by date
<asdf28> that is confusing to me
<asdf28> i think i do not fully understand the difference between tags and branches
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<bauen1> asdf28: the 5.8 tag is (quite likely) the same 5.8 tag from torvalds linux repo
<bauen1> asdf28: what you probably want is the sunxi-next branch
<asdf28> yes i want it
<asdf28> i do not actually get code from sunxi-next?
<asdf28> just from the torvalds repo?
<bauen1> if you have a bit of time, familiarise you with the basic concepts of git, it's really useful
<bauen1> but basically yes
<asdf28> you mean it's just the mainline source?
<bauen1> yes
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<asdf28> so i need to browse the sunxi-next commits and go to the date around when mainline 5.8 was released, that would be the right approach?
<asdf28> to get the kernel 5.8 source with sunxi-next additions
<diego71> asdf28: branch moves at every commit, and is the most recent version of that branch
<diego71> tag sticks to a particular version
<asdf28> yes, that i do understand
<asdf28> but i do not understand why tags are not linked to a branch
<diego71> they don't need to, they are linked a commit, and implicitly to a branch
<diego71> *linked to
<asdf28> when there are several branches, like sunxi-3.4 and sunxi-next, and i select a tag like 5.8, i cannot tell it to select the sunxi-next branch
<asdf28> so i have no idea what branch's code this tag is based on
<diego71> usually tag are on the master branch. Branch usually are created for new developments that will be merged on the master branch
<bauen1> branches and tags are both refs (references) to a commit
<asdf28> but isn't the master branch sunxi-3.4?
<bauen1> ^ someone with access to the repo should probably change that to sunxi-next
<asdf28> so a tag of 5.8 can surely not be based on sunxi 3.4, that is confusing
<bauen1> a git repo is basically a big collection of commits, each commit has some code change, some info (author, description), and a parent
<bauen1> basically commits form a chain, e.g. a-b-c-d-e-f-g
<asdf28> when i see a commit from torvalds on linux-sunxi, does that mean he actually committed to it? or is that just some... reference to the mainline repository? i am confused by that
<bauen1> but there could be multiple chains, e.g. a-b-c-D and a-b-c-F
<bauen1> he actually committed it
<asdf28> oh, okay
<asdf28> that's helpful at least
<diego71> asdf28: because on linux-sunxi the main branch is called sunxi-next instead of master
<diego71> <- you can see that sunxi-next is the active branch
<asdf28> diego71: so the tag of 5.8 is based on the sunxi-next branch?
<bauen1> now sunxi-next is actually based on some other branch (probably linux-next from torvalds tree), so you end up having a-b-c-d-e, where 5.8 points to c and a-b-c are commits from mainline, and d-e are commits based on that
<bauen1> asdf28: the other way around
<asdf28> oh
<bauen1> sunxi-next is based on linux-next which is based on 5.8, before the next release torvalds will merge some (or all) commits from sunxi-next into linux-next, then designate the commit where linux-next is currently as 5.9
<diego71> tag is linked to a fixed commit in the history
<bauen1> tags and branches are the same (references), but branches "move"
<bauen1> asdf28: github has this nice "network view" that could make this a bit easier to understand
<bauen1> but doesn't really seem to load for me :/
<asdf28> what i do not understand is that the commit by torvalds where he updated the version to 5.8
<asdf28> it does not appear in the commit history of sunxi-next
<asdf28> when i browse to the date where it happened
<asdf28> wait, it does. my bad
<asdf28> i did not enter the date correctly
<asdf28> sorry for wasting everyone's time, i should do a bit of reading first
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<bauen1> smaeul: thanks a lot, i'll look into updating the toc0 library to also sign the load address to prevent this
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<KotCzarny> jak w kazdym uogolnieniu
<KotCzarny> ale jednak w pewien sposob jest metoda na 'lepiej'
<KotCzarny> to jakis zewnetrzny
<KotCzarny> erm, wrong chan, sorry!
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<hramrach> asdf28: if you want 5.8+fixes get 5.9. If you want the current sunxi development (ie 5.9 + fixes) get sunxi-next
<hramrach> bauen1: sunxi-next is based on master. linux-next is some random merge of development branches so depending on the detup may or may not include the changes from current sunxi-next
<mripard> linux-next contains everything that is in sunxi-next
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<asdf28> thanks
<asdf28> 5.8 is the only kernel that i got working on my banana pi
<asdf28> 5.7 and 5.9 fail to boot after three lines of text, the last is "debugfs: directory 1c22c00.codec with parent 'sun4i-codec' already present"
<mripard> there's no reason for it though, it would be great if you could bisect why it stopped working at one point
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<asdf28> yes i feel that it should work, something else is probably not working correctly
<asdf28> i'll try to narrow it down to a specific commit if i'm able to
<wens> mripard: my guess it that the different component types all got converted to "components" which then had the same format for the debugfs directory name
<mripard> wens: yeah, but it shouldn't prevent the board from booting entirely?
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<bauen1> asdf28: git-bisect can help you to narrow it down
<asdf28> thanks
<bauen1> also reduce the amount of things compiled into your kernel, both to reduce the number of (unrelated) components that could cause failure and to speed up compilation
<bauen1> if you end up doing git-bisect properly you will have to compile the kernel a few times
<montjoie> asdf28: which bananapi version ?
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<asdf28> montjoie: it's a banana pi m1
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<wens> mripard: it shouldn't
<asdf28> [ 1.396431] debugfs: Directory '1c22c00.codec' with parent 'sun4i-codec' already present! [ 1.406556] sun4i-codec 1c22c00.codec: Codec <-> 1c22c00.codec mapping ok
<asdf28> this happens when it boots
<wens> just ignore it. it's not fatal
<asdf28> with the non working kernels, it stops before the second message
<gediz0x539> a little of topic but, anyone had a chance driving display using internal frame buffer of DEBE?
<wens> asdf28: try enabling a lot more debug messages, such as the driver core ones
<montjoie> bisecting boot will be the fast path, but that 5.7 KO 5.8 OK 5.9 KO seems strange
<mripard> asdf28: chances are it's something else, can you paste all the logs
<asdf28> 5.1 doesn't work, 5.4 does, 5.7 doesn't, 5.8 works, 5.9 doesn't
<asdf28> it's really funny
<asdf28> i will try with a vanilla config file
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<asdf28> mripard: how do i do that when it doesn't finish booting?
<asdf28> all i can do is look at the screen
<mripard> you don't have an UART connected to it ?
<mripard> if not, then yeah there's no obvious way to do that
<asdf28> no, sorry
<asdf28> *googles uart*
<asdf28> wens: how can i do that? enabling debug messages? some of the drivers have an option to be compiled in debug mode but can you set it globally somewhere?
<bauen1> 'debugfs: Directory '1c22c00.codec' with parent 'sun4i-codec' already present' might indicate some video / audio driver error ?
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<asdf28> bauen1: yes i think it's the audio driver
<bauen1> you could try a 5.9 without the audio driver compiled in
<asdf28> that's a good idea, i will compile it again with the driver disabled
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<asdf28> and with a default config
<asdf28> now comes the big moment, writing sd image...
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<Pinchiukas> Please somebody tell me how the hell do I reset my Ditter U20!
<buZz> press the reset button
<buZz> oh allwinner a20 device
<buZz> just ssh in and type 'sudo reboot'
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<Pinchiukas> I don't remember the password. The defaults don't work. Also, it doesn't seem it has a reset button. :/
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<asdf28> is the sunxi_defconfig that comes with the kernel actually meant to work out of the box?
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<asdf28> i could not get it to boot, it said 'unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)'
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<[TheBug]> did you specify the root device correctly? Is it actually being seen in uboot prior to boot?
<[TheBug]> sounds like you may need to update config to tell it the correct location for the rootfs volume or for some reason whatever device it is is lacking a driver or not being picked up by uboot would be my guess
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<asdf28> [TheBug]: it was booting before, the only thing i changed was the kernel config
<asdf28> but there are some options from the working config that are now missing in the defconfig
<asdf28> i was just wondering if you could use the defconfig without further modifications to boot the system
<montjoie> asdf28: the sunxi_defconfig should be sufficient to boot
<montjoie> if you plan to do lot of test try tftp
<asdf28> tftp? does that mean network boot?
<asdf28> can these boards boot off LAN?
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<montjoie> asdf28: all sunxi can
<montjoie> (nearly all, I see you opi3)
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<asdf28> that's interesting, i didn't know that
<montjoie> when dev/testing, remove sdcard, put on cardread, mount write umount, remove from cardreader reput card is VERY annoying
<karlp> what's wrong with opi3?
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<montjoie> no network in uboot
<karlp> there's nothing stopping it though right? just uboot doesn't have a driver (yet) ?
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<montjoie> some regulator for PHY probably is missing
<megi> u-boot has driver
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<montjoie> megi: thanks for the PR link
<montjoie> anyway, I have some USB net dongle for bypassing that
<megi> :)
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<montjoie> Appart opi3, only the sun8i-a83t-allwinner-h8homlet-v2 does nto have network, but since it remains only a few in the world, it is not worth the work
<montjoie> anyway it is resurected and booting!
<asdf28> yes i'm writing and removing the sd card every time
<asdf28> and what's even worse, my card reader broke, and i have to write it using my phone
<asdf28> i did that maybe 30 times today
<asdf28> thanks, that's very helpful
<montjoie> it will save your time (and card reader)
<montjoie> feel the heat of the net!
<asdf28> oh... i have no serial console
<asdf28> i have to look up what that is
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<montjoie> you can hardcode tftp commands in boot.cmd
<montjoie> but a serial is very helpfull
<montjoie> if you are stingy like me, you find some on aliexpress for a very few €
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<hramrach> There is use for the high quality FTDI ones - they can do 1.8V. Other than that the very cheap ones work equally well for most puposes
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<montjoie> except the very cheap does not have serialID, which is very helpfull when you have lot of devices
<montjoie> for having a serialID, I found some FTDI at 5€ in my memory
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<hramrach> yes, these do not look very unique: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
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<karlp> those are the ids of the strings, not the strings.
<karlp> (almost defintiely)
<karlp> montjoie: cp210x ships with 000001 as the serial by default, but you can just send a ctrl req to set your own serial and save in eeprom:
<karlp> ch34x and pl230x are not really meaningfully cheaper, so I just use the cp210x modules
<karlp> yeah, mine is just something I did while figuring out some wireshark stuff
<karlp> I mean, silabs has a java cross platform tool that does it as well, (and more)
<hramrach> yes, these do not look very unique: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumb:qer=3
<hramrach> yes, these do not look very unique: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumb:qer=3
<karlp> is ~1€ for 3.3v, is is unnder 3€ for selectable voltages too.
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<hramrach> but the shipping is 3.5€
<karlp> well, you can find a different store.
<hramrach> I actually did not find a store that ships 1.8V serial adaptors when I Searched for them
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