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<somlo> mithro: in litex
<mithro> lm32 has been used more for bare metal
<mithro> mor1kx has been used more for Linux
<somlo> mithro: I just need to test some register read/write functions on both little and big endian, so I think for a proof of concept bare metal is enough... I'll go with the first one for which I find an easy to download and install toolchain... :)
<mithro> somlo: Well, we have toolchains for both in litex-buildenv / conda / etc
<somlo> mithro: cool, thanks! so it is down to flipping a coin, then :)
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<scanakci> finally realized the issue. help command works fine. crcbios() causes trap in BP, which requires some debugging
<scanakci> _florent: I would like to run a program that I load into main memory (to show that we can use LITEDRAM). In simulation, how can I load the program?. You mentioned that --with-sdram should be my next step after BIOS. What exactly does it do?
<scanakci> _florent_:
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<mithro> scanakci: somlo might be able to help -- he was working on Rocket support in LiteX which is also a 64bit RISC-V
<_florent_> scanakci: --with-sdram add LiteDRAM + a SDRAM to the SOC (using a DFI SDRAM model)
<_florent_> scanakci: this will also enable the memtest in the bios
<_florent_> so you can test that to verify that LiteDRAM is working correctly with your SoC
<_florent_> you can then use mr/mw command to do some tests on the SDRAM (should be at 0x4000000 if you still have the same mem_map)
<_florent_> afterthat, if you want to load and run software from the SDRAM, you can use the TFTP: --with-sdram --with-ethernet
<_florent_> this will try to get a boot.bin file on and then run it
<_florent_> you can find a simple firmware example here:
<tpb> Title: chubby75/firmware at master · enjoy-digital/chubby75 · GitHub (at
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<scanakci> _florent_: thank you
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