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<scanakci> fixed the issue. BIOS works on FPGA now.
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<somlo> scanakci: nice!
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<Finde> nice one scanakci
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<futarisIRCcloud> - French guy doing a serial analyser FPGA project
<acathla> Problem with twitter is that if you don't understand you'll have to find an old twit that, may be, explains what's the project about...
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<scanakci> thank you @somlo @Finde
<_florent_> great work @scanakci, i'll give it a try soon. Do you still have things left to do? I could do a review of the current PR if everything is implemented
<scanakci> thanks @_florent_. There are still things to do. I will let you know once it is in good to shape (probably after Christmas)
<scanakci> *good shape
<_florent_> futarisIRCcloud: i discussed with fjullien at Orconf this year, he was working on PCIe interposer, i was also interested in that and proposed some help with the gateware, which seem to have motivate him. We are exchanging on that and he should send me some hardware soon.
<_florent_> scanakci: ok thanks
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<scanakci> Did anyone compile Litex BIOS using march=rv64ia and mabi=lp64? Currently, M extionsion is not supported and causes traps in Blackparrot. However, I got linker error (undefined reference) if I use march=rv64ia due to some functions (e.g. __clzdi2) used in "../software/compiler_rt/lib/builtins/udivmoddi4.c"
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