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<_florent_> futarisIRCcloud: nice, now the next step would be to boot the kernel from the SD-Card with LiteX's bios (i'll try to prototype it)
<mithro> _florent_: Any idea what is up with needing the sram at address 0 on the ice40?
<_florent_> mithro: is it that sram needs to be at address 0 or that something (even if not used) needs to be mapped at 0?
<mithro> _florent_: It seems to be something like that
<mithro> _florent_: Still working to debug a bit
<mithro> _florent_: We definitely have a non-zero cpu reset address
<_florent_> mithro: is it really related to ice40? or is it also happening on others devices that have the BIOS in SPI flash?
<rvense> _florent_: don't think we know, it came up when i tried to get the hx8k evb board going
<_florent_> mithro, rvense: i just tried to reproduce the issue with lxsim, mapping the rom to 0x2000000 instead of 0x00000000, but it's working fine (so with nothing mapped to 0x00000000)
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<mithro> _florent_: Will try and a more reproducible result
<xobs> mithro: the UARTStub is just a bunch of CSRs that don't actually do anything: https://github.com/enjoy-digital/litex/blob/master/litex/soc/cores/uart.py#L226-L243
<tpb> Title: litex/uart.py at master · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at github.com)
<xobs> I suppose you could wrap it in a UARTMutliplexer, but your idea is kind of my idea behind the Messible https://github.com/betrusted-io/betrusted-soc/blob/master/gateware/messible.py
<tpb> Title: betrusted-soc/messible.py at master · betrusted-io/betrusted-soc · GitHub (at github.com)
<mithro> xobs: I was sure there was a version of the UART which was just two FIFOs for buffering -- _florent_ am I imagining things?
<rvense> um, so right now it looks like vexriscv is just ignoring jump instructions
<rvense> i'm guessing there's something we're overlooking..
<xobs> rvense: Is it executing from SPI?
<rvense> yeah
<xobs> rvense: Do you have the base.py available anywhere?
<xobs> Maybe your SPI Flash isn't the correct endianness?
<tpb> Title: foboot/foboot-bitstream.py at master · im-tomu/foboot · GitHub (at github.com)
<rvense> i don't know that, no
<xobs> Add `endianness="little"` to it, if you're using aVex
<rvense> facedesk
<xobs> That one took me a while to figure out, too.
<rvense> it's still not working right though
<xobs> What's your spiflash_read_dummy_bits set to? Try `6` or `4`.
<rvense> it's set to 8
<rvense> changing it seems to break things even more
<xobs> rvense: I added some example of how to use the wishbone bridge to debug at https://github.com/xobs/wishbone-utils/#debugging-using-the-bridge
<tpb> Title: GitHub - xobs/wishbone-utils: Utilities for working with a Wishbone bridge (at github.com)
<_florent_> mithro, xobs: the default UART is composed of: CSRs + Tx/Rx FIFO + Tx/Rx RS232 PHY, but the PHY can be replaced by something else or just removed).
<tpb> Title: talks/oshw-linux-36c3.pdf at master · pdp7/talks · GitHub (at github.com)
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