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<DocScrutinizer05> hmm, seems Gemalto doesn't offer any "dataplan" by themselves, neither do they refer to any providers which would offer such worldwide connectivity "data plan"
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<DocScrutinizer05> we got a little candy for you ;-)
<DocScrutinizer05> (ETA in a few minutes)
<DocScrutinizer05> first version that still lacks a bit of love with postproduction, like declicking, leader with URLs etc
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<EndZ> DocScrutinizer05: still 404
<DocScrutinizer05> sorry, we're working on it :-)
<DocScrutinizer05> just a symlink missing
<EndZ> ^^
<EndZ> but Neo404 is quite a nice idea for a 404.
<DocScrutinizer05> hehe, courtesy dos1
<DocScrutinizer05> (duply) TotalDestinationSizeChange 1656380276 (1.54 GB) Errors 0
<DocScrutinizer05> oops
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<hellekin> DocScrutinizer05: maybe converting the mkv into a Webm file would save some bandwidth. BTW, on this topic, offering a torrent would help as well
<DocScrutinizer05> no it obviously doesn't
<DocScrutinizer05> both are identical size
<hellekin> really? Color me surprised :)
<DocScrutinizer05> nfc about torrents
<DocScrutinizer05> not gping to set up such stuff on that server
<Humpelst1lzchen> someone should torrent it
<DocScrutinizer05> folks, it's a pre-release!
<Humpelst1lzchen> or put it on youtube
<DocScrutinizer05> while the .mkv asked me what to use to open it, so I selected VLC and it worked just fine, the webm opens embedded in konqueror and I had to go to desparate measures (kill kget and all kio slaves) to recover from the frozen browser and the zombie download
<DocScrutinizer05> Humpelst1lzchen: we won't put pre-releases on youtube!
<DocScrutinizer05> please be patient, once we finished post-production, we will re-render it to low bandwidth and provide a lowres stream
<DocScrutinizer05> just please allow for processing the material on high resolution and sharing previews to you
<DocScrutinizer05> if you're worried about your bandwidth, stay tuned and recheck in a few days
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<DocScrutinizer05> on a sidenote: the .webm is supposed to have slightly better (louder) audio
<Humpelst1lzchen> DocScrutinizer05: actually was more worried about bandwidth
<DocScrutinizer05> nah, we're absolutely fine :-D
<DocScrutinizer05> we got a 1Gbit backbone that actually does 1Gb
<DocScrutinizer05> and our data volume threshold is like 10^3 times what we currently use
<DocScrutinizer05> and worst case we could still offload to another server
<Humpelst1lzchen> still the server seems to be slow on when downloading the vid
<DocScrutinizer05> hmm dunno why
<DocScrutinizer05> anyway it's still fast enough for me to stream it
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<Sicelo> quick q: would not N800/810 body have been better?
<Sicelo> Neo800 ;)
<DocScrutinizer05> yes, if only a) we could get them and b) they actually were phones with antenna etc
<DocScrutinizer05> also N810 had no decent main camera
<Sicelo> aha. i get you
<DocScrutinizer05> when we wait a little bit longer, we can't get N900 anymore. N810 are basically already pure unobtainium
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<Sicelo> makese sense
<Sicelo> my typing is bad today ..
<DocScrutinizer05> almost as bad as my average typing ;)
<Sicelo> with modem being monitored as shown in the video, are we *sure* we will see all it is doing?
<DocScrutinizer05> yes
<DocScrutinizer05> occasionally we might not be able to tell what it is exactly that the modem is doing, but it can't do anything without us noticing
<DocScrutinizer05> ooh, btw it seems our modemchipset is compatible to
<DocScrutinizer05> so we get all that, plus our own hw based security on top
<DocScrutinizer05> in particular our modem chipset - being a Qualcom - should provide the data needed for Qualcomm DIAG
<DocScrutinizer05> unless Gemalto *completely* messed up the firmware they received from Qulacom
<DocScrutinizer05> snoopsnitch detects a lot of OTA attacks like silent SMS and IMSI catchers, but it 100% relies on modem not being compromised to actually report truthfully what's going on via DIAG. Our hw monitoring otoh is completely independant of the modem and can detect when the modem tries to spoof DIAG to trick snoopsnitch
<DocScrutinizer05> so snoopsnitch DIAG and our monitoring hw are complementary
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<Pali> welcome, "su" is deprecated by new systemd "machinectl shell" command
<Pali> reason is because su is broken
<Pali> (= does not work with dbus and other systemd/lennartware stuff)
<DocScrutinizer05> this guy starts to *REALLY* annoy me
<Pali> you can try to look into bugzilla about bugs for su & systemd
<Pali> they were not able to fix logind/cgroup/etc... bugs
<Pali> so marked su as broken
<DocScrutinizer05> idiots
<Pali> and created new systemd tool...
<Pali> i was told that new NetworkManager does not work without systemd
<Pali> that on Debian 8 WIFI does not work
<DocScrutinizer05> when will somebody with a louad voice tell then to go STFU and get lost in a dark corner of an abandoned place
<Pali> and another new feature of systemd: support for private-zone DHCP options
<Pali> funny is that systemd without cgroups compiled kernel does not boot
<DocScrutinizer05> maybe we should join the systemd cabal and add even more bullshit (though I doubt we could get as creative in inventing such as Poettering and friends are)
<Pali> so you are not able to compile kernel as you want... you need to enable specific options otherwise system is unbootable
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