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<zignig> awygle: Had a look at the stream stuff , looks interesting. I am going to mess around tonight and try some tests.
<zignig> I do observe that your nmigen-stdio does not appear to have had the uart pushed to it ;)
<awygle> it's on a branch, isn't it?
<awygle> the uart branch?
<awygle> ... nope
<awygle> sec lol
<awygle> k pushed
<zignig> ;)
<awygle> i created the remote and then pushed... without committing first
<zignig> BORK! , done _that_ too many times.... ;)
* zignig would rather not be working today... there is too much interesting FPGA stuff to investigate.
<zignig> ok there, will test tonight, today is going to be way to busy.
* zignig is testing some batteries. 3MWh to charge and discharge.
<awygle> agreed
<awygle> FPGA good, work bad
<awygle> money bad, but also necessary :shrug: whatchagonnado
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* zignig is investigating awygle's constructs.
<zignig> now that the mini-humans are asleep.
* zignig has managed to half graft a stream onto boneless-v3, brain fading...
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<awygle> awesome, do let me know how they're treating you
<vup> is FHDLTestCase from nmigen.test.utils considered part of the official nmigen api, or internal? esp. assertFormal is quite useful...
<awygle> i'm not whitequark but if it's in the glob import thing it's probably public
<awygle> (and it is)
<vup> thanks, good to know
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